New Catergory: Obamas Death Hitlist kinda like Clintons list

Post Freedom Fighters Penal Addresses, their stories and travails contact information. As long as our Feddies are acting like criminals and jailing good people, this board will EXIST
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New Catergory: Obamas Death Hitlist kinda like Clintons list

Post#1 » Tue Jan 18, 2011 9:52 am

I believe that this is just another hit by Obamas Death squad that is currently operating illegally, but under his orders. We will be posting often to this list, because it is just now getting going at a good clip.

Murdered ex-Pentagon official, John Wheeler, ‘confused’ on video before death: cops
Posted on January 7, 2011 by pjwalker911| Leave a comment

A confused John Wheeler was seen in surveillance video released by policy on Wednesday.

Wheeler’s military career included writing a manual on chemical weapons, a fact that spawned numerous conspiracy theories on the Internet.

NY Daily News | Jan 5, 2011

BY Helen Kennedy

The probe into how a former Pentagon official ended up in a Delaware landfill took a strange, sad turn Wednesday when video surfaced of him stumbling around in a daze days before he died.

Dressed in a dark suit with no tie or overcoat, carrying his left shoe in his right hand, John Wheeler looked lost and confused as he wandered in a Wilmington parking garage on Dec. 29.

Police said they have other surveillance video showing him inside a historic Wilmington building that houses the headquarters of chemical giant DuPont on the evening of Dec. 30, hours before he was found dead.

The state medical examiner says Wheeler, 66, was murdered.

Police won’t say how.

Detectives trying to nail down his final hours found several witnesses in Wilmington – six miles from his home in New Castle, Del. – who saw or spoke to him.

Most mistook the distinguished graduate of West Point, Harvard and Yale, who had a house in Delaware and a luxury condo in Harlem, for a homeless person.
“I thought, “Something is wrong here. The man is lost,’” said Wilmington parking garage attendant Kathleen Boyer, who spoke to a disheveled Wheeler two days before his body fell out of a garbage truck on New Year’s Eve.

He told Boyer he’d been robbed, was staying at a downtown hotel and was looking for his Hertz rental car.

Wheeler’s own car was parked in his monthly spot in a garage a few blocks away, police said. His comfortable home sat empty in nearby New Castle.

“He looked like he was tired. His eyes was very red. We didn’t smell no alcohol,” Boyer told WTXF-TV in Philadelphia. “I thought the man had [dementia] or something.”

Boyer said she offered him money, but he wouldn’t take it, saying he only wanted directions to Front St., a main drag in town that he should have been familiar with.

Wheeler worked in the federal government for decades and was best known as the man who got the Vietnam Veterans Memorial built in Washington.

His wife, Katherine Klyce, runs a Cambodian textile company out of their Manhattan apartment.

Klyce was out of town when her husband went missing. A neighbor reported hearing a TV blaring loudly for days straight inside the empty New Castle home.

Wheeler’s military career included writing a manual on chemical weapons, a fact that spawned numerous conspiracy theories on the Internet.

Wheeler last spoke to his lawyer, Bayard Marin, on Dec. 27. Marin said he seemed fine.

The following day, Wheeler took Amtrak to Wilmington from his consulting job at a defense firm outside Washington, cops said.

That night, some rodent-control smoke bombs were tossed into the unfinished home of a neighbor whom Wheeler is suing.

Wheeler seems to have spent the next two days wandering. In the Wilmington garage video obtained by the Associated Press, he appears very erratic.

Police said Wheeler was in the historic Nemours Building as late as 8:30 p.m. Thursday.

His body apparently ended up in nearby Newark, Del., sometime before 4 a.m. Friday, when the trash truck he was found in began making pickups.

The body was discovered at 10 a.m. Friday when the truck dumped its contents at a Wilmington landfill.

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