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Weed, Pot, Green… Marijuana

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Prohibition was a disaster the first time around. And the undeclared second time around. It corrupts everybody involved in the justice system and drives the price sky high. hangman


Posted by CN Staff on November 20, 2008 at 09:28:41 PT
By Mr X, Columnist

Illinois -- Just because marijuana is illegal, that does not mean that it is immoral. Slavery was legal, yet immoral. Many other contradictory cases exist. It is easy to believe that one should not do something because the law prohibits it; but sometimes that is not enough.
Imagine something other than drinking, driving or smoking. Imagine skydiving, rock-climbing, or any other extreme sport. All of them have inherent danger.

What is the difference? We are legally allowed to decide for ourselves if we choose to participate. The possible benefits (thrill, excitement, enjoyment, etc.) outweigh the possible harms (injury, death) to the participants of these sports.

To me, the benefits and harms seem the same for marijuana. Again, what is the difference? We are legally allowed to decide to skydive and possibly die, but not smoke marijuana.

Therefore, just because it is illegal, that should not necessarily stop a person from participating or at least having the choice to participate. It does not make sense to me as to why marijuana is illegal.

For one, the government would be able to rake in huge amounts of money if they regulated and charged taxes for the so-called drug.

Additionally, the government regulation would make a much safer environment for those who do choose to smoke marijuana. Regulation would prevent many dangers such as lacing (lining marijuana with other drugs such as cocaine).

It would be assumed that if it were regulated by the government, it would be more reliable.

However, the negative health effects are understandable and a very valid reason to choose not to smoke or participate. I respect that very much. I wonder how many people who don't smoke now would if it were legal.

My point is that everyone should have the choice and it is a shame that the choice is not currently legal.

The effects and consequences from reading facts are known. But still, Mike Smith can choose for himself and Jane Doe can choose for herself.

I personally think the positive effects outweigh the possible negative effects. Common reasons for people smoking as said in last year's article "Puff Puff Pass" include escape. Escape from school, family, work or just life in general. A way to relax at the end of a hard day. Just something fun to do.

Some people just like the way it makes them feel. Some people really like the way it helps them think and explore certain ideas. It can help someone feel less judgmental and more open-minded. For whatever reason, thousands of people choose to smoke every day.

Common misconceptions about weed are that it makes you lazy, dumber and less motivated. Sometimes these can be true, but sometimes they are not. There are people who are lazy, dumb and unmotivated who have never smoked marijuana before.

If you are against smoking marijuana, that is your right, but I hope you are then also against alcohol. Tens of thousands of people die each year in alcohol related instances.

According to drugwarfacts.org, "An exhaustive search of the literature finds no credible reports of deaths induced by marijuana.... Marijuana alone has not been shown to cause an overdose death."

If you are against marijuana due to legality issues, I hope you never drank alcohol under the age of 21.

If you are against marijuana due to health effects but still drink alcohol, I hope you realize that some of the effects of alcohol are longer lasting and much more dangerous.

There are many new studies that show drinking alcohol in college causes a lot of short term memory damage and will affect future careers when doing simple tasks.

One of the best arguments I have heard against smoking marijuana is that since it is illegal, instead of sitting in a room smoking, why don't people go out and do something to make it legal? This is a great argument and there are groups on campus to join such as Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

Whatever you believe or choose, be safe and remember, it is still illegal just like alcohol was during prohibition.

Source: Daily Vidette (IL Edu)
Author: Mr X, Columnist
Published: November 20, 2008
Copyright: 2008 Daily Vidette
Contact: vidette@ilstu.edu
Website: http://www.dailyvidette.com/
URL: http://drugsense.org/url/sktx7obw

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