Hemp is the therapeutic drug that is the safest known

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Hemp is the therapeutic drug that is the safest known

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Quote:Hemp is a medication

Hemp is the therapeutic drug that is the safest known (No mention of any reported death due to hemp). One of the oldest medication that man has withholding remarkable results as much for security than for efficiency. The best expectorant to empty the lungs of smoke residue. Used in the treatment of over 100 diseases . One of the medication the best known. One of the most experimented medication. Used since 2737 b.c. it has been put to the time test, and not for the 10 or 50 last years such as todays drugs. The best agent in mastering nausea from chemiotherapy . The best bronchia dilator. If one had demonstrated that another drug had the same effect, one would have called it the wonder drug.

Hemp is the most known therapeutic drug

The cannabis plant, also called marijuana, possesses hundreds of medical and therapeutic indications. Hemp is used for treating rare hereditary diseases, as well as simple health problems, such as headaches up to cancer and AIDS. One knows best the therapeutic uses of hemp than those of all prescription medication. Millions of people have experimented hemp during thousand of years. During all that time no death has been recorded by the consumption of hemp. Most medication on prescription date only 10 to 50 years back. Hemp is two to three times more efficient than the treatment normally used to lower the intra-ocular pression but without the side effects that present day drugs have for glaucoma. 80% asthmatic people could add two to four years to their life if they used hemp. The greatest advantage of hemp is its remarkable security. One estimates that the lethal dose is on the order of 20000:1 DEA administrative Judge Francis. J. Young said of the 6 September 1988 said that hemp under its natural form is one of the active substances therapeutically best known.

Information on hemp as a medication

90% of glaucoma victims can benefit from the use of hemp. Hemp is the supreme bronchia dilator which open and allow the diffusion of oxygen in the blood. Hemp is the best dilator of the very small bronchia. Medical research indicates that with emphysema at its beginning stages to smoke hemp would be the choice therapy in order to facilitate the dilatation of the healthy bronchia and thus rise the quality of life of ten of thousand of persons that suffer from it. 60% of epileptics can benefit from smoking hemp. One considers that it is the best drug for many kinds of epilepsy and for the trauma of the after-crisis. Hemp relieves completely almost all migraines. It could replace 50% of drugs such as Valium, Librium, Thorazine, and Stelazine which one uses nowadays. The research in the domain of the effect of the transfer of oxygen indicates that the chest pain, shortness of breath, and headache, which are symptomatic to the exposition to smog, are normally entirely relieved by smoking hemp during the day. Researches by the Dr. Raphael Mechoulam indicates that if hemp were legal it would immediately remove 10 to 20% of all medication on prescription, and maybe 40 to 50% of the actual medication could use extracts of the cannabis plant.

One has demonstrated that hemp

Relieves headache pain. Stops the progression of glaucoma. Masters the spasticity and the paralysis of multiple sclerosis. Alleviates the nausea and the pain linked to the chemiotherapy of cancer. It also helps in other cases of severe nausea. It prevents epilepsy crises. Helps patients with emphesyma to breath more normally, by rising the intrapulmonary transfer of oxygen. Assists in treating persons exposed by the atmospheric pollution. Relieves the pain of arthritis and rhumatism, and also those of other chronic diseases. Helps the anorexic and other depressive patients. Efficient for the spasms of the back, hemp is the best relaxant of muscles except for morphine. Relieves asthma crises and improves the respiration. Helps AIDS patients relieve their distress and depression - reduce the pain - eliminate the nausea and stimulates the appetite. Helps with dermititis , such as pruritis. Helps depression and other irregularities of the spirit. And it can be added to psychotherapy. Helps to get ride of insomnia; and to deepen the sleep. Helps paraplegic patients and tetraplegic patients. Helps to reduce the withdrawal symptoms of alcoholics and drug addicts. Possesses anti-microbe and anti-bacteria effects. Can cure fistula, the cors and the fibromastosis when it is used as a cataplasm..

What doctors say about the efficiency of marijuana

The clinical oncology journal stated in 89 that 48% of the oncologists to an enquiry have prescribed hemp as a medication. Jocelyn Elders, the new general surgeon, has said she would support the medical use of hemp and that "hemp has many advantages for many patients. Dr James Malone-Lee, a urologist consultant at the St. Pacras Hospital in London treats many patients suffering from multiple sclerosis which smoke hemp. "I am pretty impressed by what happened to these patients that used hemp" Dr. Antony Henman, past secretary of the International Prohibition League, says "one of the best aspects of hemp for any terminal disease generates a state of euphoria which helps depressed patients. Hemp is a substance the least toxic in all the pharmacopea", according to Dr. Lester Grinspoon, psychiatrist professor at Harvard Medical School. One still considers that Nabilone (produced by Eli Lilly) a synthetic cousin of delta-9-THC is almost inefficient compared to hemp, whether it be from the patients or the doctors. The scientists that work in the pulmonary domain for the government of the USA said is 1989 at UCLA "that one can neither catch or worsen an emphysema by smoking hemp"

Hemp as medication doesn’t date from yesterday

The Chinese Emperor Shen had prescribed hemp as a medication in the year 2737 before our era. Queen Victoria of England was regularely taken care of by her doctor with hemp for many illnesses. A study treated in 1839 by Dr. W.B.O. Shaugnessy on the uses of hemp seemed just as important for the XIX century as the discovery of antibiotics in the XX century. Between 1840 and 1900, more than a hundred studies were published in the medical literature of occidental medecine which recommend hemp for many diseases. Between 1960 and 1986 medical experimentations and auditions the most diversified were realised in the U.S.A., other governments other, universities, public and private hospitals and various institutions and doctors..

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