Great list of 911 links to debunk FEDs fairy tale

talk about different conspiracies ie... JFKs murder, OKC, WACO, 9-11, TWA-800 etc...

Groups working together to subvert freedom ie... Sabbatians, Rosicrucians, OTO, Illuminati, Jacobins, Fabians, Bilderbergs, CFR, TriLats, RIIA, ADL, SPLC, SWC etc...
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Great list of 911 links to debunk FEDs fairy tale

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1,000,000 people for 911 TRUTH


Help us reach OUR goal by spreading the word. All we ask is that you invite at least one friend each day. You would be surprised just how many people you know that question 9/11.

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Group Mission:

Use this group to inform and decide for yourself about what really happened on that day (September 11th, 2001). Please take the time to inform yourself before you pass judgment - Knowledge is Power.

The information listed below is well researched and documented facts and should be looked at very seriously. Are you ready to move forward and demand that we need to see some justice in this world?

You are now apart of the growing number of people that question the events of 9/11.

**Please feel free to engage in discussions in a civil and common sense manner. Disagree without being disagreeable. Trolls will be immediately banned, and swept out of the group. If you are here to disagree with what 9/11 Truth is based upon, then disagree but do not troll this group, do not demean others, do not do what is against common sense. That's the only and very simple rule.


***************9/11 TIME LINE***************
The time frame of the events as released by the US government, differs from many witnesses, orinally recorded seismic data, radar and many more aspects. Here are some very comprehensive minute by minute timelines on 911: ... startpos=0


***************9/11 COMMISSION***************
Over half of the 9/11 commissioners have publicly stated that the government agreed not to tell the truth about 9/11: ... index.html ... -11-09.php

10 Members of the 9/11 Commission:
*Thomas Kean (Chairman) - Republican, former Governor of New Jersey. “We to this day don’t know why NORAD told us what they told us, it was just so far from the truth", “We think the Commission, in many ways, was set up to fail..."

*Lee H. Hamilton (Vice Chairman) - Democrat, former U.S. Representative from the 9th District of Indiana. "I don't believe for a minute we got everything right", "the Commission was set up to fail".

*Richard Ben-Veniste - Democrat, attorney, former chief of the Watergate Task Force. "Our mission is to separate Bin Laden and the al-Qaida and the al-Qaida wannabes from the Muslim world at large to make it inhospitable." 'Mob lawyer' (Boeing and United Airlines)

*Max Cleland - Democrat, former U.S. Senator from Georgia. RESIGNED December 2003, stating that the "the White House has played cover-up","It is a national scandal","This investigation is now compromised","“One of these days we will have to get the full story because the 9-11 issue is so important to America. But this White House wants to cover it up”.

*Fred F. Fielding - Republican, attorney and former White House Counsel (Deepthroat of "Watergate"?) (Spirit and United Airlines)

*Jamie Gorelick - Democrat, former Deputy Attorney General in the Clinton Administration. 'Gorelick Wall', "This is NOT a war on terrorism. It is a war against Islamist fundamentalist terrorists." Hardball

*Slade Gorton - Republican, former U.S. Senator from Washington (Delta Airlines) "It's not in our interest" to interogate BBush.

*Bob Kerrey - Democrat, President of the New School University and former U.S. Senator from Nebraska " "There are ample reasons to suspect that there may be some alternative to what we outlined in our version...".
"It '911' was a 30 year conspiracy"

*John F. Lehman - Republican, former Secretary of the Navy “We purposely put together a staff that had – in a way - conflicts of interest".

*Timothy J. Roemer - Democrat, former U.S. Representative from the 3rd District of Indiana "We were extremely frustrated with the false statements we were getting", "We were not sure of the intent, whether it was to deceive the commission or merely part of the fumbling bureaucracy.” (Boeing and Lockheed)

*James R. Thompson - Republican, former Governor of Illinois. "They may be in possession of information about contacts beyond those that we found. I don't know, that wasn't any of our business. Our business was 9/11.” (American Airlines)

The members of the commission's staff included:
-Philip D. Zelikow, Executive Director/Chair
-Christopher Kojm, Deputy Executive Director
-Daniel Marcus, General Counsel
-John J. Farmer, Senior Counsel "at some level of the government, at some point in time…there was an agreement not to tell the truth about what happened" Author: “The Ground Truth: The Story Behind America’s Defense on 9/11″
-Janice Kephart, Counsel "Atta was in the country legally on 9/11"
-Alvin S. Felzenberg, Spokesman

9/11 Commision Report: "Official Story" ... index.html

Bush's first choice to lead the 911 Commission was Henry Kissinger: ... 02376017&q (2 Mins)

911 Commissioner Bob Kerrey claims 911 was a 30 year conspiracy

9/11 Commissioners admit to withholding crucial evidence.

911 Commission Chair members: "Set up to Fail"

PATRIOT ACT: Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism!] ... triot.html

***************BUSH ADMIN***************

Former President Bush and former Vice President Cheney have consistently denied knowing about the 9/11 plot and receiving information that commercial aircraft would be used as weapons. It has been shown otherwise.

An Interesting Day: President Bush's Movements and Actions on 9/11 ... restingday

BUSH: Bush admits to watching the first plane hit the tower on TV before he went into the classroom! ... 47433773&q 1 Min

BUSH: take a look at Bush's complicity to terror warnings ... licity.htm ... 60176308&q (5 mins) ... 62058105&q (3 mins) ... 52880177&q (2 mins)

WMD LIES - Bush Cheney Rumsfeld etc. - THE ULTIMATE CLIP (6 mins)

*************NORAD and CHENEY**************

For the first time in NORAD history, a Vice President was in charge on 9.11. NORAD stood down for over 1 hr and 25 minutes on the morning of 9/11:

CHENEY: Made himself commander in chief on 9/11: WHY? ... 03381.html (Copy and paste link)

NORAD success rate leading up to 9/11 in 2001 (67 Times): ... 1213239607

Mark Dayton: US Senator Mark Dayton says NORAD lied about 911! 24 mins ... 06860949&q

9/11 USAF Stand Down:

Trans. Sec Norman Mineta Testimony. Cheney "Stand down"

White House Admits Bin Laden Wasn't Involved in 911

NORAD Tapes: ... 8941406697# ... orad200608 ... ensify.htm ... _Tapes.pdf

9/11 WARGAMES: Several different war game exercises were in play on the day of the attack. The limited public information on these exercises shows that they simulated the following events:
* Hijackings
* Attacks on buildings using aircraft as missiles
* Attacks using toxic or infectious substances
These events are all elements of the actual attack, which involved four alleged hijackings, three jetliner crashes into buildings, and the toxic calamity at Ground Zero in the wake of the World Trade Center's destruction. ... games.html

***************WHISTLE BLOWERS***************
By definition is an informant who exposes wrongdoing within an organization in the hope of stopping it.

Sibel Edmonds Deposition

Major General Albert "Bert" N. Stubblebine III, head of all intelligence:

Italy Ex-President – CIA & Mossad Ran 9-11. ... -ran-9-11/

CIA Vet Robert Baer says evidence points to inside job: ... de_job.htm

Military Officers for 9/11 Truth - Lt.Col. Robert M Bowman PhD.

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh Charges 9/11 Commission Cover-Up ... 2900.shtml

FBI operative Randy Glass

FBI Agent Coleen Rowley ... een_Rowley

FBI Agent Wright

CIA destruction of evidence ... /06cia.php

Attorney David Schippers, House Judiciary Committee’s chief investigator in the Clinton impeachment trial (scroll down on link) ... _schippers

Al-Qaeda trainee Niaz Khan warns FBI about hijack plot

Alan Hart Breaks Silence about 9/11

Dr. Alan Sobrosky, former Director of US ARMY War College.

Public questions: ... 42686831&q

Long list of previously censored-out 911 quotes ... ng-list-of?

****************9/11 FLIGHTS****************
Here is detailed information about the four 9/11 highjacked flights according to the official story:

***Flight 11: ... _Flight_11
American Airlines Flight 11 (767) was a scheduled U.S. domestic passenger flight from Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, to Los Angeles International Airport. 81 Passengers (Including 5 highjackers) and 11 crew members. The aircraft crashed into the North Tower (WTC 1) at 08:46.
Flight 11 manifest: ... ight11.htm
Flight 11 Timeline: ... ng-nyt.gif

***Flight 175:
United Airlines Flight 175 (767) was a scheduled U.S. domestic passenger flight from Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts to Los Angeles International Airport, in California. 56 Passengers (including 5 hijackers) and 9 Crew members. The aircraft crashed into the South Tower (WTC 2) of the World Trade Center at 09:03.
Flight 175 manifest: ... ght175.htm
Flight 175 Timeline: ... ght%20175/

***Flight 77: ... _Flight_77
American Airlines Flight 77 (757) was a scheduled flight from Washington Dulles International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport. 58 Passengers (including 5 Highjackers) and 6 Crew members. The aircraft crashed into the western side of the Pentagon at 09:37.
Flight 77 Manifest: ... ight77.htm
Flight 77 Timeline: ... ight%2077/

***Flight 93:
United Airlines Flight 93 (757) was a scheduled United States domestic passenger flight from Newark International Airport, in Newark, New Jersey, to San Francisco International Airport. 37 Passengers (including 4 highjackers) and 7 crew members. The plane crashed into a reclaimed coal strip mine in Stonycreek Township at 10:03. Many media reports and eyewitness accounts cited the time of the crash at 10:06.
Flight 93 manifest: ... psules.htm
Flight 93 Timeline: ... ight%2093/

September 11: FAA Closure of US Airspace

9/11 Flight Paths / Military Bases

*********TWIN TOWERS (WTC 1 & 2)**********
Location: New York City
Status: Destroyed September 11, 2001
WTC 1: 1966–1972
WTC 2: 1966–1973
WTC 1: 1,368 ft (417.0 m)
(with antenna 1,727 ft (526.3 m)
WTC 2: 1,362 ft (415.0 m)
Floor count: 110 floors
Floor area: Both had 4,300,000 sq ft (400,000 m2)
Elevators: 99.

WTC 1 (North Tower) Collapsed at near free fall @ 10:28am (hit by AA11 @ 8:46) in 11 Seconds (NIST)
WTC 2 (South Tower) Collapsed at near free fall @ 9:59am (hit by UA175 @ 9:03) in 9 Seconds (NIST)

WTC Complex: Over 350,000 Tons of steel (FEMA)
Center Core: 87 by 135 feet (27 by 41m) and contained 47 steel columns running from the bedrock to the top of each tower.
Tower Blueprints: ... table.html

*** WTC INFO ***
Tenants and lease holders for each building at Ground Zero:

Building the World Trade Center and Twin Towers

WTC Tower Structural Design Explained:

WTC Steel Core Pic: ... y.jpg?o=20

WTC Security: ... urity.html

WTC Power Downs: ... wer-downs/

WTC Construction manager ((Frank DeMartini RIP) "each building could have withstood multiple impacts!" ... 20514684&q (1 min)

Video reference of the towers collapse: ... 136_30.php

TOWERS: Controlled Demolition: ... 1589268281 (2 mins) ... 1619733728 (2 mins)

TOWERS: Perfectly cut support columns: ... 13910347&q (21 secs)

9/11: Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings!

Top to Bottom CD comparable to the Towers collapse:

Collapses: South Tower (WTC 2) "Collapse" video compilation:

Collapses: North Tower WTC-1 collapses:

Impacts: 50+ Clips of Impacts: (A few are fake) (10 mins)

Impacts: WTC South Tower Plane Crash (mulitple clips) (10 Mins)

Impacts: 92 clips of Impacts on WTC 2

ANALYSIS: Collapse Sound analysis: ... 87115997&q (2 mins) ... 5818002561 (2 mins)

TOWERS: Seismic Evidence and Molten Steel

***9/11 EXPLOSIONS and SQUIBS***
On 9/11 there were numerous explosions heard before and after the towers came down! Here are the sounds that eye witnesses heard but the 9/11 commission omitted from their report. Many of these videos were shown by the media on 9/11 but never replayed or even talked about afterward.

Video's showing gravity defying squibs and explosions.

High quality video of WTC collapse (Explosions)

Witnesses to EXPLOSIONS:
Paul Lemos explaining what he saw (A must see) ... r_embedded

*** WTC OTHER ***
Flash in the Towers before planes hit: ... 04414445&q (3 mins) ... 30372050&q (17 seconds)

(See ***9/11 FLIGHTS*** for more info)

************WTC 7 (BUILDING 7)************
The original 7 World Trade Center was a 47-story building, standing 610 feet (186 m) tall. It collapsed in its own foot print on September 11th at 5:20pm in 6.5 Seconds.

Larry Silverstein went on a PBS documentary "America Rebuilds" shown a year later claiming to have spoken with "Fire Commander" recommending to "Pull it" in reference to WTC7: ... 06101329&q (23 seconds)

Pull it is a demolition term.

What Happened to Building 7: (9 mins)

Renown Demolition expert Tom Sullivan speaks out. ... ded#at=296

WTC 7 - Incriminating evidence

Barry Jennings (R.I.P.) WTC 7 Interview :

Prison Planet Vids and facts WTC 7

John Kerry Says WTC 7 Brought Down In Controlled Fashion

Donald Rumsfeld Questioned About WTC 7??? - Feb 2011

WTC 7 Collapse anaylsis Gravity analysis ... 60671469&q (2 mins)

WTC 7: Sound Evidence for Explosions

Danny Jowenko (Expert) on WTC 7 controlled demolition:

WTC7 -- This is an Orange

WTC-7 Any Questions (1min)

This building collapses EXACTLY the same way as WTC 7.

WTC 7: Tower 7 blasted into rubble from NEW angle!

Other Comparisons: ... 53229958&q (4 mins) ... 07499063&q (5 Mins) ... 03265979&q (8 seconds) (1 min)

Building WTC7 Compilation (appr 20 different clips)




***************MOLTEN METAL***************


John Gross (NIST) misrepresenting about existence of molten steel: ... 25092501&q

Hot spots: Ground Zero

Witnesses to Molten metal:

The Aluminum Myth: ... fferth.pdf

Simple Facts of Temperatures:
1535ºC (2795ºF) - melting point of iron
~1510ºC (2750ºF) - melting point of typical structural steel
~825ºC (1517ºF) - maximum temperature of hydrocarbon fires burning in the atmosphere without pressurization or pre-heating (premixed fuel and air - blue flame)

Diffuse flames burn far cooler.
Oxygen-starved diffuse flames are cooler yet.


In response to the WTC tragedy, the National Institute of Standards and Technology conducted a 3-year building and fire safety investigation to study the factors contributing to the probable cause (or causes) of post-impact collapse of the WTC Towers (WTC 1 and 2) and WTC 7.

9/11 Skepticism: NIST floor test

NIST: revises theory and admits collapse unexplainable: ... admits.htm

Thermal Expansion:

Popular Mechanics Debunked: ... bunked.htm

NIST admits pancake theory false: ... g00627.pdf

Scientific studies and tests.

***************NANO THERMITE***************

Peer reviewed Journal: Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe pp.7-31 (25)
Authors: Niels H. Harrit, Jeffrey Farrer, Steven E. Jones, Kevin R. Ryan, Frank M. Legge, Daniel Farnsworth, Gregg Roberts, James R. Gourley, Bradley R. Larsen.

A danish scientist Niels Harrit, on nano-thermite in the WTC dust: (10 mins)

Was Thermite used to bring down the towers? ... llapse.htm

Why has Thermite not yet been debunked? ... 4-310.html

Cutter Torch Myth put to rest, as dust samples were pre construction crew arrival provided by Jeanette Mckinley.

Debunking Thermite: Not Molten Aluminum

9/11 Experiments: The Great Thermate Debate

***************FLIGHT 93***************
(See ***9/11 FLIGHTS*** for more info)
United Airlines Flight 93 (757) was a scheduled United States domestic passenger flight from Newark International Airport, in Newark, New Jersey, to San Francisco International Airport. 37 Passengers (including 4 highjackers) and 7 crew members. The plane crashed into a reclaimed coal strip mine in Stonycreek Township at 10:03. Many media reports and eyewitness accounts cited the time of the crash at 10:06.

9/11 Flight 93 Rare Footage

Proof that 9/11 flight 93 did not crash at Shanksville

Flight 93: Smoking Gun! ... 7Video.htm

Flight 93 debris being held at the Iron Mountain Complex, a US military run underground base

Flight 93: What really happened. ... index.html

The Story of Flight 93: Article(s) raises serious questions.

***************THE PENTAGON***************
(See ***9/11 FLIGHTS*** for more info) ... _Flight_77
American Airlines Flight 77 (757) was a scheduled flight from Washington Dulles International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport. 58 Passengers (including 5 Highjackers) and 6 Crew members. The aircraft crashed into the western side of the Pentagon at 09:37.

Pentagon Missing $2.3 trillion, announced Sept. 10, 2001: ... 5985.shtml

FBI Withholding 84 More Tapes of Pentagon on 9/11: ... gon_videos ... videos.htm

NSA - 9/11 Pentagon Attack.

CITs fly over research.

Trans. Sec Norman Mineta Testimony. Cheney "Stand down"

Pentagon: Where is the Plane, Flight 77?

PENTAGON: Jamie McIntyre (CNN News)

Tampering with the crime scene:

Fake Firefighters/Military Personnel at the Pentagon: ... itary.html

Scent of Cordite (explosives) and shockwaves felt. ... osive.html

Released footage of Pentagon an edited FRAUD.
**Ignore this video after the 4:38 mark as it's a desperate attempt by a truther to further push his beliefs by creating a fraud himself.**
Do the test yourself, if you don't believe it.

Confiscated camera's near the pentagon that would have caught "real" footage. ... Camera.jpg ... ameras.jpg ... annex2.jpg ... ew-cam.jpg ... video1.jpg ... citgo1.jpg ... annex1.jpg ... ms-911.jpg ... a_COMP.jpg

Pentagon Attack Photos ... index.html

***************OTHER FACTS***************

911 Research:

9/11 Free press:

PHONE CALLS: (Betty Ong) (Flight 93) (Barbara Olson)


Pentagon: Who is Barbara Olson? ... _calls.htm

COINCIDENCES: Take a look at these coincidences on 911

PUT OPTIONS: Facts about who gained and who lost on put options of American Airlines and United Airlines


WTC 5: Why didn't WTC 5 Collapse ... llapse.htm

EYE WITNESSES: Never before seen footage of eyewitnesses testimony that was never heard

TOP 40 reasons to doubt the official 9/11 story! ... 1155307646

Top 40 Lies about War and Terrorism.

***************SIMILAR EVENTS***************

Here are examples of similar events to 9/11

***EXAMPLES of Building Fires***
Excepting the three 9-11 collapses, no fire, however severe, has ever caused a steel-framed high-rise building to collapse. ... fires.html ... 9205835711

Madrid Windsor building: ... 03945132&q ... 29250965&q

China's tallest building catches fire, does NOT collapse: ... llapse.htm

Fire Consumes WTC 7-Size Skyscraper, Building Does Not Collapse ... lapse.html ... ening.html

The CCTV complex (part of CCTV compound) in Beijing on fire during Yuanxiaojie...

Interstate Bank Building Fire Los Angeles, California (May 4, 1988)

Deutsche Bank fire in New York: ... ilding.htm

High-rise Office Building Fire One Meridian Plaza Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rockefeller CenterHigh Rise Fire

***EXAMPLES of Controlled Demolition***

Controlled Demoltions: ... 39575248&q ... ntrast.htm (lots of examples) (view from the pro's)

Controlled Demolition: This building collapses exactlly the same way WTC 7 did.

Building collapsed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

WTC 7 controlled demolition, side-by-side video

Control demolition company using similar jargon for WTC 6: "Pull" ... 1786417824 (34 seconds)

9/11: Controlled Demolition vs. North Tower

Top to Bottom CD comparable to the Towers collapse:


***EXAMPLES of Plane Crashes***
C-130 Hercules bomber hits building in Iran.
B25 Bomber crashes into The Empire State Building in 1945. ... TOKEN=1408 ... ecrash.htm

2006 Pulkovo Aviation...images/video:

2005 Helios Airways...images:

Plane Crash in Toronto: ... 00544.html

More Pics: ... sh-001.jpg ... 9163D4C%7D

PLANE CRASH: Watch this NASA Test! The plane dissapears leaving no hole in the wall. ... 35720126&q

Inside a Plane Crash - Nasa Test

Plane Crash Tests


***Other Similar Events***
7/7: London Bombings were also planned ... 83572797&q ... video.html

Steven Jackson's Illuminati Card game (Released in 1995) ... opic=15327

9/11 Experiments:

**********VICTIMS and FAMILY MEMBERS**********

RIP: Barry Jennings, Beverly Eckert, Kenneth Johannemann, Prasanna Kalahasthi, David Graham, Paul Smith, Michael H. Doran, John P. O'Neill, Deborah Palfrey, Peter Kucinich and the many others.

9/11 Victim Family Member : Bob McIlvaine

9/11 Victims' Family Members Demand News Coverage Part 1/4

Jersey Girls: Are 5 women who lost loved ones on September 11th. Were instrumental on starting the 9/11 Commission. 441 days later.

300+ 9/11 Survivors and Family Members

9/11 Truth: What's Being Covered Up? Donna Marsh O'Connor speaks out.

NYC CAN Verdict: 80,000 Silenced by State Supreme Court: ... court.html

List of 9/11 Dead Witnesses: ... +Witnesses


FIREFIGHTERS: 9/11 Firefighter report clips!

9/11 FireFighters - THREE Explosions After Plane Hit WTC

9/11 Firefighter Oral Histories, First-Hand Reports: ... ID=3670179 ... 3019209801 30 seconds

Firefighters for 9/11 Truth:

Oral Histories From Sept. 11 Compiled by the New York Fire Department: ... ll_01.html

***************MEDIA (MSM)***************

September 11 Television Archive

News Reports ... eports.pdf

How the Media inserted the story into our minds: (10 mins)

FOX: 9/11 Interviews on FOX News

CNN: Interviews on CNN news. ... 1883466890 Christopher Bollyn (9 mins)

Charlie Sheen: On 9/11 Truth ... ident.html ... ent-obama/

George Carlin (RIP): Who really controls America? 5 mins

Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People:

9/11 Truth vs Mainstream Media: (10 mins)

Do you believe any 9/11 conspiracy theories? MSNBC POLL

CNN Online Poll: 89% Believe There's Been a 9/11 Cover-up ... 1195501242

Who owns what?

*******PROFESSIONALS FOR 9/11 TRUTH*******

1230+ Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth:

David Griffin reports the Facts:

Richard Gage: 9/11 Blueprint for Truth (2008 Edition): ... 6903609314#

Physics Professor Stephen Jones on MSM:

The Hard Facts:

Pancakes or Explosives? Questions Remain About WTC Collapse:

220+ Senior Military, Intelligence Service, Law Enforcement, and Government Officials
1,200+ Engineers and Architects
250+ Pilots and Aviation Professionals
400+ Professors Question 9/11
300+ 9/11 Survivors and Family Members
200+ Artists, Entertainers, and Media Profes

***********DEBUNKING 9/11 THEORIES**********

Here are a list of Debunking sites that try to discredit our information. Judge for yourself.

911 DEBUNKING: Here are a list of questions answered by NIST! Trying to debunk the facts...

Pentagon security video: ... rity_video

Independent sites: ... page=1&c=y ... unked.html

********OSAMA BIN LADEN and AL QAEDA*********

Al Qaeda actor exposed!

OBL: Here is the real Bin Laden Interview, not what CNN showed you!

High Jackers Alive and Well: ... ities.html

Bin Laden Innocent on 9/11 Says Dick Cheney: ... 3905495376#

OBL: Wag the Osama: ... 78029476&q

OBL: Many faces of OBL ... _laden.htm

Al Qaeda Myth:

OBL: CIA Connections: ... 44,00.html

Bush says he's not really concerned about Osama: ... n_wmc.html

Benazir Bhutto: Said on live TV that Bin Laden was Murdered, she was assassinated weeks later.

OBL: is Osama Bin laden already dead?

OBL: Who is Osama Bin laden??? ... 13887354&q (49 mins)

OBL: FBI Admits "No Evidence Connects Osama Bin Laden To 9/11"
http://www.informationclearinghouse.inf ... e13664.htm


MOSSAD: Proof that ISRAEL was involved on 9/11. ... o_911.html ... f=6&t=5367 ... &search=Go

Mossad Truck Bombs on Sept 11

Police Radio of Truck Bomb.

5 Dancing Mossad agents: ... aelis.html

"We were there to Document the event":

Israel: 5 Israeli's arrested on 9/11, what the media didnt tell you!

Israeli 911 terrorism ties!! FOX news report now CLASSIFIED!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Airports: 9/11 Airport security all serviced by an Israeli owned company! (ICTS)

Zionists: Zionist control in American Media, you should start from chapter 1! ... merica.htm

Zionists: Jews are against the Zionists, protests in Israel ... onism.html

Zionists: Ariel Sharon says Israel Controls the US ... omment.htm

***************HISTORY LINKS***************

History of False flag operations.


USS LIBERTY: No investigation was ever done by the US govt on the USS Liberty!

USS COLE: USS Cole was a false flag operation. ... 97654879&q

TERROR ATTACKS: The history of Terror Attacks since 1968

The President Who Told The TRUTH! JFK!

**********9/11 DOCUMENTARIES**********

911 Documentaries. (100+) Many have misinformation. beware!

Every Truth Documentary can be found here.

911 MISSING LINKS: A must see! ... 2288566190#

The Ultimate con: ... 1535560228&


Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth:

Patriots Question 9/11:

Firefighters for 911 Truth:

Pilots For 9/11 Truth:

Political Leaders for 9/11 truth:

Scholars for 9/11 Truth:

Lawyers for 9/11 Truth:

Canadians For 9/11 Truth:

Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth:

Veterans for 911 Truth:

Military Officers for 9/11 Truth:

Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth:

Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth

Christians for 9/11 Truth

Marines For 9/11 Truth

9/11 Truth Movement

International inquiry into 911

War is illegal (petition in numerous languages)

Petition for an Independent Investigation from Architects for 9/11 Truth:

Scholars for 9/11 truth petition ... 1141667399

US petition


Canadian Petition ... &Itemid=31




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