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911 - Debunking Dr Judy Wood!

Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:18 am
by pokerkid
Debunking Dr Judy Wood!
by Ken Doc on Thursday, May 12, 2011 at 3:37pm ... 2173211789

Dr Judy Wood and a few of her followers have been promoting a theory that Direct Energy Weapons aka "Space Beams" brought down the 2 Towers and Building 7 on 9/11! This has been going on for several years now and I have debated them on many occasions in my group forum. I have created this note looking at both sides to this theory.


Dr Judy Wood Website:

Where Did the Towers Go?

The Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11

9/11 Directed Energy Weapon / TV-Fakery Suppression Timeline ... &Itemid=60

Debunking the 9/11 *Anti-No-Plane-Theory* Myths ... &Itemid=60

Coast to Coast am Where did the towers go Dr. Judy Wood (2 Hours)

Gov. Jesse Ventura talks about Dr. Judy Wood's work on The Alex Jones Show (3 Mins)


Judy Wood is nothing but a disinformation agent who should not be taken seriously.

AE911Truth FAQ #6: What’s Your Assessment of the Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) Hypothesis? ... hesis.html

Written by Jonathan Cole, P.E., Richard Gage, AIA, and Gregg Roberts

Dr. Judy Wood Debunked

Dr. Greg Jenkins Interviews Dr. Judy Wood ... lQeT5qDXBw&#

Links debunking Judy Wood: ... hesis.html ... _9853.html

Scientific Journal:

Reply to “Greg Jenkins interview Judy Wood: An Interview and Analysis” by Judy

Wood ... odetal.pdf

Others: ... ourley.pdf ... eories.pdf ... enkins.pdf ... dies44.pdf ... mental.pdf ... ourley.pdf

Reply to Reynolds & Wood ... _Wood.html

Judy Wood debunked in 6 minutes

Saboteurs Attacking The 9/11 Truth Movement:

The No-WTC-Planes/Video-Fakery/Energy-Beams Disinformation Gang

Mark Dice Interviews (grills) James Fetzer about Fetzer's Energy Weapon Theory ... 4841453537#

Even the JREF'ers are debunking Judy Wood!


I have listed many Claims, assumptions and speculations made by Dr Judy Wood and her associates through many months of debates. The Rebuttals are by myself and from professional Engineers, Architects and Physicists.

Claim #1: AE911/Steven Jones

i "Dr. Judy Wood is the ONLY 9/11 researcher ever to file evidence with a court-of-law in pursuit of the truth."

"Stephen Jones wouldn't DARE file a legal document claiming thermite did it, because fraud is a crime and Steven Jones isn't stupid."

iii "Evidence that James Fetzer and Steven Jones were involved in 9/11"

"Steven Jones is an enemy of us both."

"I regularly challenge both Steven Jones and Niels Harrit to a debate on whether or not thermite destroyed the World Trade Center."

iii "Science doesn't work this way. Scientists involved in real science invite their competitors to conferences instead of excluding them."

iv "AE911 is not involved in the scientific process."

"What A&E is peddling is a nightmare of half-truths and outright lies."

Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez Questions Richard Gage at AE911Truth Presentation on 4/12/2011

(Part 1 of 2)

(Part 2 of 2)

REBUTTAL #1: AE911/Steven Jones

i) Wrong! Many 9/11 resarchers have filed lawsuits pertaining to 9/11! However, many were also silenced in agreement with the 9/11 victims compensation package. That 90% of the Family members accepted.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

"1,509 verified architectural and engineering professionals and 12,235 other supporters have signed the petition demanding of Congress a truly independent investigation."

More people to file lawsuits/referendums: ... the-press/ ... otage.html ... &aid=14724

http://www.informationclearinghouse.inf ... le5479.htm (April Gallop)

ii) Steven Jones and 9 other of his colleagues co-wrote the Nano Thermite peer reviewed article. Published by Bentham Journal. Try debunking the paper instead of attacking the authors. ... 7TOCPJ.htm

The Overwhelming Implausibility of Using Directed Energy Beams to Demolish

the World Trade Center Towers. ... enkins.pdf

Why are you bringing up James Fetzer? He is a Judy Wood supporter. He's only done 49 shows with her. ... &Itemid=47

With comments like this, it shows me that Tracy/Judy Wood/Abraham are more interested in bashing Steven Jones than providing evidence for Space beams! Dr Judy Wood is implying that Steven Jones was apart of the 9/11 conspiracy!

iii) How many of Dr Steven Jones' colleagues were invited to NIST or Pop Mech conferences? How many times has Judy Wood been invited? Why are you only bringing up AE911 and attacking Dr Steven Jones? When she should be focusing on proving her theory.

Show me Judy Wood's science that proves "space beams" brought down the towers! SHOW ME HER SCIENTIFIC PROOF! Where's her scientific process? What peer review articles does Judy Wood have about her 9/11 theory?

iv) AE911 make up over 1500 Architects and Engineers and over 12000 Students. They have base their entire research to Science.

Scientist do not use words like "Ray Beam" "Dustification" "Fuzzyblobs" "fuzzball" and "Jellification" "transmutation" "Cheetos" and "Holes" as scientific evidence! All these words have been used by Judy Wood. She is the one that does not follow the scientific process.

If AE911 was based on half truths, why doesn't the Media and US govt release the info to the people and show these "outright lies". What better way to discredit the entire truth movement but to expose this "fraud". The Meida nor Government will touch the Thermite debate.

Operation Blackout

Not only have you been kicked from those groups but also from the JREF forums!

(Pooksta aka Abraham Hafiz)

Not Dr Steven Jones, Neils Harrit or anyone at AE911 says thermite destroyed the World Trade Center alone. Nano Thermite was used to weaken the structure and EXPLOSIVES finished the job.

Listen to Niels instead of putting words in his mouth! (10 mins)


i "What turned the WTC Buildings to DUST on 9/11?"

The "Spire dustifies"

ii "Plus the dust cloud wasn't hot. People survived the dust cloud rolling over them, you know..... Since we know that people survived the dust cloud, we know that thermite and explosives were not used."

"You think there was excessive heat in the pile, but there wasn't. The pile was cold"

"You apparently think that the thermite reaction can stay hot for months, because that's what Steven Jones says caused all those fumes."

iii "Calculating BTUs that would have been required is not relevant because BTU means British THERMAL Unit when heat had nothing to do with destroying the WTC."


i) WRONG! The "Spire" falls.

WTC1 Spires Dropped--not vaporized NIST FOIA: WTC1 Collapse (WNBC Dub10 54) (@1:00)

9/11 Experiment: Concrete evidence. Does it pulverize when falling?

Why are you comparing Dome demolitions to Sky scrapers? Here is what The Kingdome demolition looked like:

Your video is totally irrelevant to the collapse of the three buildings. Where is the center core in your dome?

"The steel in the World Trade Center buildings did not turn to dust. The concrete in the buildings turned to dust. The presence of iron-rich microspheres can only be explained by the ignition of nanothermite and those same iron-rich microspheres were formed when the red/gray chips from the World Trade Center dust were ignited in a sealed ignition chamber. Both smoking and loaded gun evidence of nanothermite sol-gel explosives are present in the dust and these findings have been independently confirmed by Mark Basile who is a chemical engineer from New Hampshire."

WHAT STEEL TURNED TO DUST? ... LER049.jpg ... 970c-800wi ... d_zero.jpg

ii) THE PILE WAS HOT, NOT COLD. Listen to a firefighter and the cheif who were right there.

Molten Metal:

Demolition Gone Bad (These people survived the dust cloud)

Steven Jones has never said months, he has said weeks. The thermal picture proves it. ... story.html ... tspots.jpg

Thermal definition: Of, relating to, using, producing, or caused by heat.

Just in case you missed it. Here is a thermal map of the temperatures at Ground zero:

GROUND ZERO Two Months after 9/11 World Trade Center

v) If it takes 60W of energy to heat up an itty bitty carbon thread (Light Bulb), how much energy would it take to heat up 96,000 (short) Tons of steel?

Lets do the South Tower:

BTU = Desired temperature rise * Specific heat * weight / time (hr)

BTU = 2700F * .12 * 192,000,000 lbs/1 hour

BTU = 62.2 billion BTU's

The HAARP project can supply 1.7 billion Watts in the 2.8 to 10 MHz frequency range. This would in theory be 16 billion Watts short.


i "SPACE BEAMS? Dr. Wood doesn't talk about the beams coming from space."

"Dr. Judy Wood Has NEVER Discussed "Space Beams" or "Lasers From Space"

ii ""Star Wars Beam" refers to the fact that the beam weapon was developed with money from the "Star Wars Defense Initiative"."

iii "Dr. Judy Wood's theory is that electrical energy was used to vibrate the 7 World Trade Center buildings almost entirely into tiny pieces."


i) It was Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds. They wrote an article about it and posted it on her website.

"The Star Wars Beam Weapons and Star Wars Directed-Energy Weapons (DEW)" ... Beam1.html

This is why I call it Space beams! What else should I call it? Stars are in space and she uses the word Beam, hence the term "Space beams"

Fetzer and Wood talk for 2 hours about "Beams"

This audio file is hosted at website:

Scroll down to "Jim Fetzer & Prof Judy Wood on RBN Live - WTC Destruction 11 Nov 2006.mp3 (13.5 MB)"

iii) These tiny pieces?

or did WTC 7 collapse very similar to this CD?


i "Thermite doesn't turn steel into dust. Most of the building turned into dust."

ii "Nano-thermite, thermate, spray-on thermite. None of it is used in controlled demolitions."

iii "Thermite doesn't do what he says it does."

iv "The fact that the chips were coated with red material (aka rust)."

"thermitic material" rust, metal powder, THAT'S IT!


i) No the explosives turned the concrete into dust! Steel was not turned into dust! What are you talking about? No one is claiming that Thermite turns steel into dust.

WHAT STEEL TURNED TO DUST? ... LER049.jpg ... 970c-800wi ... d_zero.jpg ... ro-cut.jpg


9/11 Commission Report bars 503 1st responder eyewitnesses (Graeme McQueen)

ii) I will agree that Thermite has never been used to demolish an above ground building. But neither has DEW's. Thermite however, has been used in under water demolitions. Also, no building the size of the towers has ever been demolished by explosives before. They had to make sure it would come down. Which is why Thermite was used to weaken the structure first! Explosives finished the job.

iii) Well lets see what Thermite can do.......

9/11 Experiments: The Great Thermate Debate

iv) Many debunkers of thermite argue that the chips were "paint" chips. You call it "Rust". Why didn't Judy Wood collect any dust samples and test it herself? Have you ever read the peer reviewed paper? ... 7TOCPJ.htm

FEMA describes the corrosion of the steel samples as "a very unusual event" in the report. FEMA does not take a position as to why the corrosion occurred, proffering it could have happened before the collapse or after. It's a short appendix, read it:

Thermite = Fe2 O3 + 2Al

NIST/FEMA found the Nano Thermite but chose to call it an "unusual event".

Where are your dust sample tests?


i "Why were cars burning but the paper was not?"

Toasted Cars:

What caused 1400 cars to catch fire and/or explode on 9/11?

9/11/2001: Many cars burned but papers not

9/11 Burning Cars Across From WTC 7

ii Judy Wood claims this police car (among others) was burnt 1000 feet away from ground zero. ... cecar3.jpg

iii "Explain the firetruck missing its engine ..."


i) As for the car fires and paper not burning.... there is a very simple explanation for this! Heat rises! The paper was also covered in dust, acting as a fire retardant. With the door handles, they are made of plastic which burns very easily. Many car parts are also made out of aluminum which has a much lower melting point than steel.

As for the 1400 cars damaged/burnt. I don't see the relevance to proving "Space beams" did it. Debris from the towers collapsing and burning paper/ gas line leaks could have easily started a chain reaction of car fires. Go through a lit cigarette in the back seat of your car and tell me what happens.

How about these cars, did "Space Beams" cause all these cars to burn and rust? ... israta.jpg

Really Nutty 9-11 Physics (Regarding "toasted cars")

Cars Were Not Burned By Energy Beams

Video of Burning and Burnt Cars from 9/11 and following days.

This is what happens to cars that catch fire! Did Space Beams cause these fires too? ... +fire&aq=f ... 24&bih=570

ii) Those cars were TOWED there to make room for emergency vehicles to get to Ground zero! ... 600Q85.jpg ... 00x600.jpg

Cars don't park on the side of highways, double parked! Do you see parking lines? No you don't..... this is the shoulder of a highway! No parking spots. The vehicles were TOWED there!

Cop car #2723 in two different spots. Prooving it was towed!

In your second picture, notice how the vehicles under the bridge have no damage yet only 10 feet away from cars you claim were set on fire miles away.

iii) It wasn't. If you did some research on fire trucks you would know that the engine is not under the driver seat but under the middle cab. ... ec9cdL.jpg ... _up600.jpg


1) Has Dr Judy Wood ever tested the dust from ground zero?

2) Does Dr Judy Wood also believe "No Planes" hit the towers? ... heory.html

3) Why does Judy Wood refuse to accept that maybe, just maybe explosives were used to bring down the buildings?

4) Was Judy Wood really in a coma for several years in the 80's?

5) Why did DEW's effect the two towers and Building 7 in a completely different manner?

6) Why does Judy Wood ignore all the testimony to BOMBS going off in the Buildings?

7) Do you support Dr Judy Wood's "Directed Energy Weapon" theory and not Nano Thermite and Explosives? ... &qa_ref=sa

8) Why didn't these "beams" effect wtc 3, 4, 5, 6 and just 1,2, and 7?

9) Why weren't the cars 'Dustified' as you claim happened to the steel in the towers?


The "Space Beam" theory is completely absurd. It is simply a hoax to discredit the whole movement. I have gone through Dr Judy Woods' presentation point by point, only to realize that it's very manipulating, deceiving and lacks any scientific evidence. Not to mention the fact that almost every "Space Beamer" I come across is also a "No Planer". Either these people believe every conspiracy theory out there or they are agents with a hidden agenda. I choose the latter. As Judy Wood and her supporters spend more time attacking Dr Steven Jones than they do trying to prove their own theory, this leads me to believe that there is no credibility to Dr Judy Wood and her cult of "Space beamers". They simply have more questions than answers. My allegience will always remain with the 1500+ professionals at AE 911. If and when Judy Wood can get her theory peer reviewed and supported by 1500 professionals. Then and only then will I give it a second look. Judy Wood = Disinfo agent.