Big bubble about to burst

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Big bubble about to burst

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Big bubble about to burst - The synagogue ceiling darkens the 9/11 skeptics movement

By John Kaminski

The word is getting around. People are wising up. That thing we’re not
supposed to talk about? People are talking about it.

This great, all-encompassing embargo on that certain subject that
underlies and complicates seemingly every facet of our lives, has been
identified, but people are terrified to hear the findings. In fact,
they are willing to ignore and avoid the subject altogether, even as
their lives slide toward oblivion and their children are poisoned by
parents and teachers who are too deluded by their false perceptions of
well-being to challenge the obvious lies they are told.

The whine you hear when you ask that certain question goes something
like this. “I feel uncomfortable talking about Israel.” Or, “You’re
just one of those people who blame Jews for everything.” Or, “It’s not
all Jews — just those bad Zionist rascals in Israel.”

For nine years, the chaotic crowd that tried to understand what really
happened on September 11, 2001 was hit with the same message petromole
Mike Ruppert uttered on Dec. 27, 2001. Right after he gave us
seemingly solid leads on put options and Delmart Vreeland, he
remarked: “Israel had nothing to do with it.” The sad conclusion to
his participation in the 9/11 skeptics movement occurred a few years
later when, as the big hitter at the first two major 9/11 skeptics
conferences — in Toronto and San Francisco — he totally derailed the
whole focus of the movement into the bogus peak oil issue. He was
abetted by the sinister secret Jew producer of those conferences and
inventor of those cute Deception Dollars that never mentioned Israel,
Carol Brouillet.

After the first wave of outrage over the 9/11 lies had been
destabilized, the prepackaged national groups — 911truth and the
others — took over, with the initial caveat to all participants that
we must not single out any particular ethnic group in our
investigations. They play this song so many different ways, many of
which have now metastasized into Hate Crimes laws behind which Jews do
the Kafka number on Holocaust Revisionists who tell the truth and go
to jail for it.

Despite the presence of hundreds of new websites over the years that
connect the Jews to 9/11, that Jewish mindlock on most of the
population of the world about mentioning any negative aspect of their
incredibly bizarre behavior has kept the lid on talk about the obvious
connections of Jews to 9/11 in these groups ever since — which takes
us down to the present day and the two big 9/11 truth groups —
9/11truth and wearechange.

We sent a Skylax University contract investigator to a recent meeting
of one of these groups in L.A. Her plan was to ask all the Jews in the
group to leave the room, so all the non Jews in the room could vote on
the question of whether they thought the Jews were being honest with
them about that evidence that “seemed” to exist connecting Israel and
the American Jewish community — starting with the top Wall Street
predators, who are still running our government — with the 9/11 false
flag terror attack. The Jewish moderator of the group denied her
request, took her aside like the sneaky bastard he was, and threw her
out of the group. Stay tuned for further details.

People — real people, not the clones who are looking for some groovy
trend to anesthetize their pathologies with — notice things like that.

This smothering Jewish filter that has been thrown over all our lives
is poisoning us, clearly. The techniques they have used — fluoride in
the water to dull our senses and diminish our alacrity, TV to numb the
mind with convincing pastimes to keep us from seeing how much they are
stealing, and deliberately poison medicines (Dr. Nancy Banks said only
4 percent of OTC medicines actually work — and they want to take away
our right to alternatives!) that created in concert with the diseases
and afflictions that they are meant to cure . . . tell me now, there,
Harley? Have you noticed any of these things?

Or are you one of those still in the coma, one who believes Muslims
did 9/11 and our boys are fighting for freedom in Afghanistan? If you
are, I think it’s long past time to take a look at your own brain, and
try to realize that if your life is governed by the reality presented
by TV, it’s not really your life at all anymore, baby, it’s theirs!
Turn it off and keep it off.

And then the coma will begin to lift a little.

But the basic embargo on human thought and public utterance has been
broken, and I’d take personal credit for it, except it belongs to all
those cleansed souls who were murdered by the Jews over the centuries,
their acts cloaked by one bogus political explanation or another, but
always the appeal to conscience and common sense, then control of the
money, followed by — always — senseless, vicious slaughter. And it
belongs to people like Joe Cortina and Cynthia McKinney, who put their
faces in front of the gun barrels of Gaza saw what Judaism — and
Jewish behavior — was really all about.

And this is precisely what most people don’t know.

The pattern of psychologically imbalanced Jewish behavior is
well-established — but suppressed, because the Jews have a hundred
year headstart in destroying all the literary masterpieces, as well as
all the arts and sciences, by purging them of anything they perceive
as a threat to their demented objective — kill or enslave everyone in
the world, in any case at least rob them, and lie about what you did.
That is the Jewish philosophy. You could prove it to any Jew, except
they won’t ever let you read any Talmud, never mind the real Talmud,
and in fact, the Talmud orders that any non Jew who even attempts to
read the Talmud should be killed. Anyone who has studied freshman
psychology should understand that this philosophy is demonstrably
insane, not to mention injurious to everyone in its path.

You have to dig hard to find this information, because these criminals
have all the money in the world to cover their tracks. And for
hundreds of years, they have covered their tracks so well that the
best estimate I can deduce from chatting with who I consider to be
some of the brightest minds on the Internet (let’s pat ourselves on
the back, shall we?), is that we are probably 150 years behind in
terms of what the highest social planners have in store for us. This
calculation is based on the tiny number of people who know who Albert
Pike was.

It strikes me as odd that a person could have sufficient curiosity to
attend any 9/11 skeptics meeting, but NOT have any inclination to
investigate what clearly is the most dominant aspect of the crime
scene — the Jewish fingerprints in the city with the largest Jewish
population in the world, in a country controlled by dual citizen
Israelis in both finance and government, whose media is 100 percent
Jewish (the other argument is it’s 99), and whose kosher bankers
control the lives of absolutely every person inside our borders. Not
to mention elsewhere.

But it isn’t merely inside the 9/11 skeptics movement that this bubble
of silence is beginning to burst.

The profusion of health sites on the web in response to the epidemic
of new, government-created designer diseases is directly responsible
for the tsunami of suddenly good health information, as opposed to the
bad health information that is constantly thrust at us by the
government and mainstream media whose goal is to help sell these toxic

Scams like AIDS and swine flu have only driven the public away in
droves from this CNN ideology that Israel is our friend and an America
run by Jews is something you don’t even notice until they’ve taken the
very last of your money, and then for good measure, have made you
sick, first from the deliberate poisons they have sold you as food,
and then make you sicker from the “medicines” (let’s just call it rat
poison) they use to “cure” you.

This is a bubble about to burst, convoluted and confused as it is with
the totalitarian drive to stamp out alternative medicine, relax food
standards, deliberately cause crop failures, and create Obamacare,
which is a big step toward a debit card economy that will determine
what and how much will you eat from the meager stipends you are given
according to your political correctness. I think the term
concentration camp is not too strong.

But the big question remains, as it always has, the comatose populace.
Can people stop watching Dancing with the Stars long enough to hear
the screams of people’s organs being removed in Gaza?

It hasn’t happened yet, in human history. And yet we keep our hopes
high under whatever banner that has not yet been infiltrated and

Because the bubble WILL burst. In fact, most of us can hear the seams
splitting as we speak.

The equation to be solved is a simple one.

When the bubble finally bursts — as it will soon — will we finally be
free of this Jewish compound interest formula that revels in blood and
drags the human species toward its final resting place, or will we be
finally and irrevocably lost in a stimulus controlled parking lot that
will become the laboratory of our eternal slavery and the tomb of our
highest hopes?

This is not a multiple choice quiz. You get to answer now. Before the
bubble bursts, please.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida who
wrote the first book linking Israel to 9/11, “The Day America Died.”
He emphasizes the message that no problem in the world can be
authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by
Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of
human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly
derived from people who can understand what he’s saying and know what
it means. 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood
FL 34223 USA

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