Naomi Wolfes warning Oct 6th 2008

talk about different conspiracies ie... JFKs murder, OKC, WACO, 9-11, TWA-800 etc...

Groups working together to subvert freedom ie... Sabbatians, Rosicrucians, OTO, Illuminati, Jacobins, Fabians, Bilderbergs, CFR, TriLats, RIIA, ADL, SPLC, SWC etc...
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Naomi Wolfes warning Oct 6th 2008

Post#1 » Wed Oct 08, 2008 1:57 pm

do you remember the book I recommended last year by Naomi Wolf? The
End of America... I hope you read it...
She's written a new one. Give Me Liberty

This next video was recorded YESTERDAY - October 6th, 2008. This is
an URGENT message of warning from her.

now watch this...

and read this... (which she mentions) ... d_090708w/

there's a LOT more like it - see the video on YoutTube that she
mentions - I've seen it and she's telling the truth.

have you seen the final version of the Bail Out bill? I've only seen
the House version.

She may sound radical, but if you read her book, you'll know she's not.

for a review of her earlier book and prognostications based on it,
see... ... E794EED512
which is a CSPAN2 Book Review interview

and/or ... BD971489E4
which is a video of her speech at Washington University

Finally she mentions watching:

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