Head of the Kosher Nostra in America Rabbi Dov Zakheim

talk about different conspiracies ie... JFKs murder, OKC, WACO, 9-11, TWA-800 etc...

Groups working together to subvert freedom ie... Sabbatians, Rosicrucians, OTO, Illuminati, Jacobins, Fabians, Bilderbergs, CFR, TriLats, RIIA, ADL, SPLC, SWC etc...
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Head of the Kosher Nostra in America Rabbi Dov Zakheim

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Rabbi Dov Zakheim Zionist

Synopsis: Propaganda of the New World Order
Source: http://www.real-debt-elimination.com/re ... _dov_zakhe
Published: April 29, 2008 Author: Jerry Mazza

Head of the Kosher Nostra in America Rabbi Dov Zakheim

The attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and on the Pentagon in Washington, DC were crimes that have impacted the character of the United States since they occurred on September 11, 2001. Solving them is an imperative if the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave is to survive with its ideals intact.

The possible scenarios include a false flag operation in which a criminal tries to place blame for a criminal act on an innocent individual or group. Given the nefarious activities of Zionist covert operations revealed by former Mossad operative, Victor Ostrovsky, and others, the patterns of history show us the Zionist capacity to murder, torture, lie, and deceive in order to place blame on their enemies. A clear example of this false flag operation is the 1967 use of unmarked Israeli naval and aircraft in an attempt to sink the USS Liberty to blame Egypt. The motto of the Mossad is "By deception shall you do war." This was confirmed one day before the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon when the Washington Times reported on a paper issued from the Army School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) that:

Of the MOSSAD, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say: "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act."

Three elements of a criminal investigation are motivation, means, and opportunity. Evidence is being gathered to fill in the details in each of these categories.

Motivation: There are many possible ways that implementing 9-11 would motivate Israel to shift attention from Zionist atrocities in Palestine and to further exacerbate peace and tranquility in the region. With a track record of "Mission Impossible" successes and their willingness to even sacrifice their own people for the cause of furthering the State, Zionists have succeeded over the centuries in demonstrating their cold cruelty and efficiency at murder, massacre and manipulation.

Means: With the backing of the US Treasury, funding from Zionist International Financiers, and Zionist collusion in drug running, arms sales, child prostitution, pornography, and money laundering world wide, Zionist Israel has acquired the means to carry out any operation anywhere in the world.

Opportunity: They have access to US communications, consumer data, and business transactions, control of most of the US media, banks, courts, politicians, military, industry, commerce, shipping, and education.

Hijackers on board unproven: As evidence that Arabs were involved in 9-11, the Nidal-Atta connection is not very convincing since there is as yet no incontrovertible evidence that any Arab hijackers were on board or piloted the planes to their target. There is, on the other hand significant evidence to show that

no human could have piloted Flights 175 and 77 in accordance with the Official Conspiracy Theory, (at 575 mph, the controls of a Boeing 767 become almost impossible for a human pilot to handle because of built in flight computer program)

* no way for Mohammed Atta or any Arab to know the USAF had planned war exercises that
* took interceptors out of range for a day.

* no way for a carbon nose cone to slam through a foot thick reinforced wall and not leave
* debris outside the exit point at the Pentagon,

* no way for cellphones to function at that altitude and speed,

* no way for a building to fall at the rate of free fall and still encounter masses on the way
* down and so on.

There was no stand down on 9-11. The USAF performed exactly as it should when a Field Training Exercise (FTX) is planned. On September 11th, 2001 several War Games were being staged. War Games included (a) Northern Guardian and (b) Vigilant Guardian (NORAD), (c) CIA/NRO, (d)MASCAL (Pentagon). The security of the United States was at its peak on 9/11-Threatcon Delta. There was absolutely no doubt regarding the readiness of NORAD, NRO, FAA, Military, CIA and FBI on that day. But the line staff did not know that the activity on their screens was real instead of the mock exercise. War Games were used to trick the line staff into inaction.

But how would Osama bin Laden obtain access to the Pentagon to ascertain the dates and missions of the Field Training Exercises and to issue orders to hide a terrorist attack within an ongoing FTX? And how would the precision of the attack be managed with the resources of the Mujahideen? The only way that bin Laden would know the details of these exercises would be if someone in the government or Pentagon told him. Unless he had the means and opportunity to discover, manage, and take over these field exercises we must look elsewhere for the 9-11 perpetrators.
System Planning Corporation has the technology and has worked with the Pentagon for 25 years. Their Flight Termination System has the capability to take over control of up to 10 flights and terminate their mission. FTS can obtain control and navigate aircraft hundreds of miles apart from a central location. On their website they describe their Flight Termination System:
The FTS consists of SPC's Command Transmitter System (CTS) and custom control, interface, and monitoring subsystems. The system is fully programmable and is flexible enough to meet the changing and challenging requirements of today's modern test ranges.

According to System Planning Corporation:

Dr. Zakheim served the Reagan Administration in a variety of other senior Department of Defense posts from 1981 through 1985. He had served previously as Principal Analyst with the National Security and International Affairs Division of the Congressional Budget Office....from 1985 until March 1987, Dr. Zakheim was Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Planning and Resources. In that capacity, he played an active role in the Department's system acquisition and strategic planning processes and guided Department of Defense policy in a number of international economic fora.

In 1997 he was appointed by Secretary of Defense Cohen to the Task Force on Defense Reform. By the time he was appointed by President George W. Bush as Undersecretary of Defense and Comptroller of the Pentagon its budget showed a one trillion dollar shortfall, expenditures for which there was no explanation. Is it just a coincidence that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon lost $2.3 trillion of the taxpayer's dollars the day before the attacks and that the section of the Pentagon that got hit housed a lot of accountants, bookkeepers and budget analysts? It was also the end of the fiscal year and important budget information was in the damaged area of the Pentagon. Before returning to the Pentagon Dov S. Zakheim was

Corporate Vice President of System Planning Corporation (SPC), a high-technology, research, analysis, and manufacturing firm based in Arlington, Virginia. He is [[was] also Chief Executive Officer of SPC International Corporation, a subsidiary of SPC that specializes in political, military, and economic consulting, and international sales and analysis. In addition, Dr. Zakheim serves as Consultant to the Secretary of Defense and the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. He is an Adjunct Senior Fellow for Asian Studies of the Council on Foreign Relations, Adjunct Scholar of the Heritage Foundation, and a Senior Advisor at the Center for International and Strategic Studies.

Rhoda Miller presents Dr. Dov and Debora Zakheim with the Joseph K. Miller Achdot Yisrael Award, in memory of her late husband

The noted author, lecturer and commentator on national defense and foreign policy issues Hon Dr. Dov Zakheim, United States Under Secretary of Defense was the keynote speaker at the 42nd Anniversary National Dinner of Yeshivat Sha'alvim on March 12, at the New York Marriott Marquis. The scion of a prominent rabbinic family, himself an ordained rabbi and the parent of Sha'alvim alumni, Reuven and Sadya, he and his wife Deborah were recipients of the coveted Joseph K. Miller Achdut Yisrael Award. The announcement was made by Dinner Chairman Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, spiritual leader of Teaneck's Congregation Bnai Yeshurun. http://www.shaalvim.org/alumninews.htm

Dov Zakheim is an ordained rabbi. According to the Yeshivat Sha'alvim:
Not long before According to their website introduction, "Sha'alvim is a dynamic and comprehensive educational community where over 2500 on-campus students are imbued with an unwavering dedication to Torah and an abiding commitment to the People and the State of Israel."

Stephen St. John (APFN June 10, 2004) writes, "Rabbi Zakheim rose to power over the Pentagon's labyrinthine, bottomless accounts, he co-authored an article entitled "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century" which was published by the neo-conservative think tank, The Project for a New American Century, in September 2000, exactly a year before 9/11; in this article, on page 51, it is stated that 'the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor'!"

With other neoconservatives in government and the Pentagon, Zakheim had motive, means and opportunity. It remains to find the further evidence that supports this hypothesis. However, the evidence for "Arab hijackers" has never been provided by the Bush Administration and the photographs of the so-called perpetrators have proved to have been fraudulent, showing only innocent people whose identities had been stolen. There is no other way to explain them still alive after 9-11.

Recovered from The Seventh Fire webmistress who stole my domain name

Following Zakheim and Pentagon trillions to Israel and 9-11

By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

Jul 31, 2006, 00:19

Think of this as part two of Recherche du trillions perdu, my Online Journal article on Dov Zakheim, former Bush appointee as Pentagon Comptroller from May 4, 2001 to March 10, 2004. At that time he was unable to explain the disappearance of $1 trillion dollars. Actually, nearly three years earlier, Donald Rumsfeld announced on September 10, 2001 that an audit discovered $2.3 trillion was also missing from the Pentagon books. That story, as I mentioned, was buried under 9-11’s rubble. The two sums disappeared on Zakheim’s watch.

Yet on May 6, 2004, Zakheim took a lucrative position at Booz Allen Hamilton, one of the most prestigious strategy consulting firms in the world. One of its clients then was Blessed Relief, a charity said to be a front for Osama bin Laden. Booz, Allen & Hamilton then also worked closely with DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which is the research arm of the Department of Defense. So the dark card was shifted to another part of the deck.

Judicial Inc’s bio of Dov (linked below) tells us Zakheim was/is a dual Israeli/American citizen and an ordained rabbi and had been tracking the halls of US government for 25 years, casting defense policy and influence on Presidents Reagan, Clinton, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. He is, as I described him earlier, the bionic Zionist. In fact, Judicial Inc points out that most of Israel’s armaments were gotten thanks to him. Squads of US F-16 and F-15 were classified military surplus and sold to Israel at a fraction of their value.

Judicial Inc also points out that Israel, a country of 4.8 million Russian and Polish Jewish émigrés, flies on one of the biggest Air Forces in the world, thanks to Dov. Conflict of interest here? Depends on what you’re interested in. That is, in 2001 Dov was CEO of SPS International, part of System Planning Corporation, a defense contractor majoring in electronic warfare technologies, including remote-controlled aircraft systems, and the notorious Flight Termination System (FTS) technology that could hijack even a hijacked plane and land or crash it wherever.

More from the resume: Wikipedia points out that Zakheim is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and in 2000 a co-author of the Project for the New American Century’s position paper, Rebuilding America’s Defenses, advocating the necessity for a Pearl-Harbor-like incident to mobilize the country into war with its enemies, mostly Middle Eastern Muslim nations.

As to Dov’s hell-raiser lineage, Judicial Inc points out that Grandpa Zakheim was born in 1870, Julius Zakheim (Zhabinka), in the Ukraine, a Russian rabbi who married a relative of Karl Marx. He was a Menshevik/Bolshevik and played a leading role in the 1905 turmoil that paved the way for the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. The Bolshevik master plan called for the state of Israel, which was chosen for its proximity to the world's oil and an area of religious significance.

Dov’s Father, Rabbi Jacob I. Zakheim was born in 1910 and reared in Poland’s swarm of Zionist hard guys, read "assassins and bombers." His Polish town, near Bilaystok, also brought us Yitzhak Shir, and family friends included Menachem Begin and Moshe Arens. Dov’s father was an active member of Betar, formed in 1923 in Riga, Latvia. Its goal was to control the Middle East (and its oil). It was known that the Jewish people needed their own country and they chose Palestine and claimed it a Jewish state “on both sides of the Jordan.”

Betar was in essence a terrorist organization formed because Zionists were sick of being chased from and arrested in country after country. They wanted both a place to escape and a base for their power. Betar joined forces with the Haganah, Irgun, and Stern gangs. With no prospect of a Jewish state in sight, they argued that armed struggle against the British was the only way. Since Britain occupied Palestine and was containing them they went on a blood feast of bombings that killed hundreds of British soldiers. The British pulled out, but the Zionists continue to maul the Arabs to this day.

Returning to Dov: he was born in Brooklyn in 1943 and attended exclusive Jewish schools, spent summers in Israel Zionist camps, which trained the Zionists of the future. As to Dov’s formal education, he graduated from Columbia University in 1970 and the University of Oxford in 1972. From 1973 to 75, he attended the London school of Jewish studies, described as a “Harry Potter” type cauldron; among the subjects Jewish supremacy, Advanced Bible, Talmud, Jewish Mysticism, Holocaust, Anglo-Judaica, and Zionism. After, he was ordained a Rabbi. From 1975 to 80, Zakheim was an adjunct professor at the National War College, Yeshiva University, Columbia University and Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut.

As he stepped into the Reagan administration, he talked them into funding development of the Lavi Fighter at a cost of $3 billion. The Lavi was a total flop and Israel dropped it, though it owed $450 million in contract fees that were cancelled. Israel also created a story that China was eager to buy the Lavi. Zakheim convinced Reagan that China had to be sandbagged. Reagan gave Israel $500 million for its lost contracts. Reagan then threw in a wing of F-16’s as a bonus and sign of good will. Do we see a pattern here, personal, familial, career-wise, of over-the-top Israeli advocacy?

Again, during Zakheim’s tenure as Pentagon controller from May 4, 2001, to March 10, 2004, over $3 trillion dollars were unaccounted for. Additionally, military Information was jeopardized and military contractors billed the US for Israeli items: $50 million dollar fighter jets were rated as surplus and the list rolls on. As the scandal of the missing trillion dollars surfaced and Dov resigned, Israel was handed the finest fighter jets in the US inventory while 15 percent of US jets were grounded for lack of parts. In whose best interest was this?

But Dov is not alone. He is one of an elite group of Jewish Americans / Israelis who inter-marry and enter government. They and their Christian counterparts are called neocons and their sole purpose is directing US policy. Most of them are dual citizens and few serve in the US military. Think of Paul Wolfowitz, Elliot Abrams, Richard Perle, Ben Wattenberg, to mention a few. Whether their motivation is anger at the Muslim world, seen as a religious and territorial enemy, or a deep-rooted reaction to the Holocaust, the culmination of European anti-Semitism, their reactionary militarism becomes a world-threatening force unto itself. Hence our concern.

Dov and the World Trade Center

Perhaps not coincidentally in May 2001, when Dov served at the Pentagon, it was an SPS (his firm’s) subsidiary, Tridata Corporation, that oversaw the investigation of the first “terrorist” attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. This would have given them intimate knowledge of the security systems and structural blueprints of the World Trade Center. From the '90s through 2001, WTC Security was handled by Securacom, a Kuwait-American firm, on whose board Marvin Bush, the president’s brother, sat. After 9/11, Securacom was let go, changed its name to Stratosec, and was delisted from the Stock Exchange in 2002.

According to Conspiracy News.net writers Shadow and ‘Pax’ in Dov Zakheim and the 9/11 Conspiracy, (and I suggest you look at this link) “According to the SPC website (4), a recent customer at that time was Eglin AFB, located in Florida. Eglin is very near another Air Force base in Florida-MacDill AFB, where Dov Zakheim contracted to send at least 32 Boeing 767 aircraft, as part of the Boeing /Pentagon tanker lease agreement. (5)

”As the events of September 11, 2001 occurred, little was mentioned about these strange connections, and the possible motives and proximity of Dov Zakheim and his group. Since there was little physical evidence remaining after the events, investigators were left only with photographic and anecdotal evidence.

“There is a photograph of the Flight Termination System module, from their site.(5). Note it has a cylindrical shape, and is consistent with the size and shape of the object observed under the fuselage of flight 175.

“The Boeing lease deal involved the replacement of the aging KC-135 tanker fleet with these smaller, more efficient Boeing 767s that were to be leased by Dov Zakheim's group. The planes were to be refitted with refueling equipment, including lines and nozzle assemblies.”

(Remember both Flight 175, that hit the South Tower, and Flight 11, that hit the North Tower, were Boeing 767s. Flights 77 and 93 were 757s.)

“In the enlargement of flight 175’s photo, we can clearly see a cylindrical object under the fuselage, and a structure that appears to be attached to the right underside of the rear fuselage section.

”When seen in comparison, it is obvious that the plane approaching the Trade Center has both of these structures-the FTS module and the midair refueling equipment, as configured on the modified Boeing 767 tankers. Of particular interest is the long tube-like anomalous structure under the rear fuselage area of flight 175-this structure runs along the right rear bottom of the plane, as it also does on the Boeing 767 refueling tanker pictured.

”After considering this information, I [the author/s] am convinced that flight 175, as pictured on the news media and official reports, was in fact a refitted Boeing 767 tanker, with a Flight Termination System attached. Use of this system would also explain the expert handling of aircraft observed in both New York and Washington investigations, which has been officially credited to inexperienced flight school students.

“Since the refitted 767s were able to carry both passengers and a fuel load, as shown in this photo, it is likely that the plane designated Flight 175 was in fact a refitted 767 tanker, disguised as a conventional commercial passenger plane.

“As shown in this photo of a 767 being serviced, the FTS unit, when in position, would be small and unobtrusive enough to be fairly innocuous (at least to casual observers, such as passengers). The smallest circle indicates the size and position of the anomaly depicted in the photos of Flight 175. The larger circle, which is the size of the engine housing, shows the size of the anomaly in relation to the engine. Note the size and position of the open hatches on the engine housing, which would tend to discredit the widely held theory that the anomaly is an open hatch or cargo door.

“As the . . . diagram shows, all flights involved in the events traveled very near many military installations, and appear to have traveled in a manner suggesting guidance and possible transfer of the control of the planes among the bases.

”Since the evidence from the World Trade Center site was quickly removed, there is little concrete evidence of the involvement of Dov Zakheim, who has since left his position at the Pentagon. However, the proximity of Eglin AFB to MacDill AFB in Florida and Dov Zakheim's work via SPC contracts and the Pentagon leasing agreement on both of these installations, combined with SPC's access to World Trade Center structural and security information from their Tridata investigation in 1993, is highly suspicious. Considering his access to Boeing 767 tankers, remote control flight systems, and his published views in the PNAC document, it seems very likely he is in fact a key figure in the alleged terrorist attacks in New York City on September 11, 2001.”


”In response to some of our readers who have questioned our premise that it was Rabbi Dov Zakheim who 'called for' the Pearl Harbor type of incident, we here at Conspiracy News Net acknowledge that the PNAC document was written by the likes of William Kristol and Donald Kagan, and therefore as the real brains behind the agenda they are the ones calling for it in a literal sense. However, we do stand by our assertion that the Rabbi called for it as well, insofar that he signed his name onto this document. If he signed it he agrees with it and therefore he is calling for it.

”Some of you have argued that we are singling out Rabbi Zakheim because he is Jewish, implying that we are pushing some sort of twisted anti-Semitic agenda while noting that he is not the only one who signed the PNAC document and therefore wondering why our article is about him and not the others. We do not mean to imply that the Rabbi acted alone, our article simply points out that Rabbi Zakheim had access to things like structural integrity, blueprints and any number of important facets of information about the WTC through his work with TRIDATA CORPORATION in the investigation of the bombing of the WTC in 1993.

“That he had access to REMOTE CONTROL Technology through his work at System Planning Corporation (SPC). That he had access to BOEING AIRCRAFT through a lease deal HE BROKERED while working at the Pentagon.

“ . . . Finally that he was part of a group of politically radical Straussian Neo-Conservatives, who, through their association with PNAC, called for restructuring of the Middle East, noting that a Pearl Harbor type of event MAY BE NEEDED to foster the frame of mind required for the American public to accept such a radical foreign policy agenda. In light of all this information we here at Conspiracy News Net stand by our statement that Mr. Zakheim not only called for the slamming of the WTC Towers on 9-11, but he activity took part in their demolition by providing the logistics necessary for such an attack to occur.”

Coda, a Bitter Frosting on the Cake

Whether or not you agree in whole or in part with these findings, here is an eye-opening article originally from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Milan Simonich. It is titled Army unit piecing together accounts of Pentagon attack, and from it comes this striking information in paragraph six . . ."One Army office in the Pentagon lost 34 of its 65 employees in the attack. Most of those killed in the office, called Resource Services Washington, were civilian accountants, bookkeepers and budget analysts. They were at their desks when American Airlines Flight 77 struck.”

Apart from the question of whether it was F 77 that struck the Pentagon, it is more than ironic that accountants, bookkeepers and budgets analysts, the very people who could pick up the financial frauds were struck. Especially since the hit was directed supposedly at the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Nevertheless, Dov is busy at his Booz Allen job, involved in Strategic Services and who knows what other dark plans as we speak, even as the Middle East is under heavy fire once again from Israel and its fervid ally, the US government.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer living in New York. Reach him at gvmaz@verizon.net.
Copyright © 1998-2007 Online Journal

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sushi_girl writes:

"NO human could have piloted Flights 175 and 77 in accordance with the Official Conspiracy Theory, (at 575 mph, the controls of a Boeing 767 become almost impossible for a human pilot to handle because of built in flight computer program). "

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more info on scumbag DUAL loyalist traitor Zakheim

Post#2 » Thu May 01, 2008 1:37 pm

Where does it say that this dude's got an Accounting degree?
What were his degrees in, just out of curiosity and if he doesn't
have accounting degrees, how'd he qualify to be a superpower's
military comptroller without it? Without a CPA it would be like
the Rev. Falwell running an international Nanosurgery clinic. He
MUST have at least one qualification, right? He must have sat for
the CPA at some point, right?

That kind of thing isn't exactly bestowed freely at summer camp.

It certainly is not, but lets take a look at this:

Born in 1948 in Brooklyn, New York, Zakheim earned his bachelor's degree in government from Columbia University in 1970, and his doctorate in economics and politics at St. Antony's College, Oxford University. He has been an adjunct professor at the National War College, Yeshiva University, Columbia University and Trinity College, where he was presidential scholar.

He served in various Department of Defense posts during the Reagan administration, including Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Planning and Resources from 1985 to 1987. As an Orthodox Jew, he gained notoriety for his involvement in ending the Israeli fighter program, the IAI Lavi. He argued that Israeli and U.S. interests would be best served by having Israel purchase F-16 fighters, rather than investing in an entirely new aircraft.

During the 2000 U.S. Presidential election campaign, Zakheim served as a foreign policy advisor to George W. Bush as part of a group led by Condoleezza Rice that called itself The Vulcans.

From 1987-2001, Zakheim was CEO of SPC International, a subsidiary of System Planning Corporation, a high-technology analytical firm. During that period he served as a consultant to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, and sat on a number of major DoD panels, including its Task Force on Defense Reform (1997) and the DoD's first Board of Visitors of Overseas Regional Centers (1998-2001).

Zakheim is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the International Institute for Strategic Studies, and the United States Naval Institute, and a member of the editorial board of the journal The National Interest. He is a three-time recipient of the Department of Defense's highest civilian award, the Distinguished Public Service Medal, as well as other awards for government and community service.

He was an Adjunct Scholar of the Heritage Foundation, a Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and published over 200 articles and monographs on defense issues.

He was then appointed to be Undersecretary of Defense and Comptroller from 2001 to 2004 under the George W. Bush administration, and served in this capacity until April 2004. During his term as Comptroller, he was tasked to help track down the Pentagon's 2.6 trillion dollars ($2,600,000,000,000) worth of unaccounted transactions [1]. He initiated a number of processes that led to the reduction of that sum by two-thirds by the time of his departure [2]

He is currently a Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton.

This from The Wiki Discussion Board

--Jerzy~t 01:46, 22 May 2005 (UTC)

"Backup boys - I looked up this guy because someone said he was comptroller when $2,600,000,000,000 ( I think that is a trillion+) went missing. Was the $$$$$$$ ever found? Was he transferred without the $$$$$$$ being found? Maybe he found where it went - answers?? Where I read this I thought the writer was probably a nut - thanks for clearing that up - he appears not to be, at least got this one right. -- posted by Unknown/anonymous previous User


Why are previous discussions such as this one (immediately above) not present here?
Why is there no link to archived discussions if previous discussions have taken place?
Nunamiut 20:02, 31 May 2007 (UTC)

Some clarification please: The article makes reference (ref #2) to sworn testimony by the subsequent Under Secretary of Defense, Tina W. Jonas, in November of 2004 when asserting, "He initiated a number of processes that led to the reduction of that sum by two-thirds by the time of his departure, and to its reduction by over 99.9% within two years thereafter." First, there's a time discrepancy here if he departed in early-mid 2004 and she made this statement in 2004, how could this statement see into 2006? Second, the testimony in the linked PDF only speaks of business process initiatives and optimizations to implement stronger internal controls. There's no direct or indirect mention of the recovery of the remaining one-third of the missing $2.6 trillion dollars. AnkushNarula 20:53, 28 August 2007 (UTC)

Retrieved from Wiki Talk BUT, no longer accessible!

More Biography and pictures! http://www.google.ca/search?sourceid=na ... +biography

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Posted By: Aladdin <Send E-Mail>
Date: Wednesday, 4 August 2004, 5:53 p.m.

In Response To: MORE ABOUT DOV ZAKHEIM (tenavision)

Insightful post at Libertyforum - Note mention of the mole ...
Category: News & Opinion (General)
Topic: Crime & Corruption
Source: APFN
Published: July 20, 2004
Author: Bob Scheidt
For Education and Discussion Only. Not for Commercial Use.

WHO IS "MEGA" and Where is "DOV" ZAKHEIM ?

Tue Jul 20, 2004 08:06

As many on this Board will remember, there was known to be a high level "mole" in the Clinton Administration that was delivering the most sensitive and classified information to the Israelis. The search for this spy was terminated at about the same time as Clinton was being attacked over the Monica Lewinsky matter. [My contention is that Monica was part of a Mossad blackmail operation.]

What I find interesting is an article written in 2003 by Gordon Thomas which mentions someone named "DOV" that was communicating with the Mossad in Israel.


Americans had better wake up to the (Zionist) Jew problem and the never ending parasitic effect of maintaining a relationship with the Israelis.

The events of 9-11 only served the interests of two groups, neither of which were Arabaian or Islamic.

(1). 9-11 allowed the BUSH CABAL to scare Americans into accepting the current police state under Tom (Heinrich Himmler) Ridge.

(2). The Israelis were awarded massive amounts of funding as America's friend in the middle east.

If we were able to recognize the TRUTH ... we would see that the U.S. Govt. puts a stooge like Bush or Clinton into the Oval Office as a figure head to be slapped around while the Zionists run the country, and Congress babbles and cackles like silly old spinsters at a sewing convention.

The article below this one, by Jeffrey Steinberg names a commission of Zionist Billionaires that fund and promote Israeli dominance within the U.S. Govt.

http://disc.server.com/discussion.cgi?d ... title=APFN

These Zionist Jews must be brought down if America is ever to regain its ability to afford her citizens peace, tranquility and prosperity without being in a perpetual state of war.


MORE ...
http://www.libertyforum.org/showflat.ph ... =292796314

And here is more on Rabbi Dov Zakheim - a listing of his accomplishments ...

PROFILE Dov S. Zakheim

> Defense Department: Comptroller
> Center for Security Policy: Former adviser
> Project for the New American Century: Signatory
> Heritage Foundation: Former adjunct scholar
> Northrop Grumman: Former adviser

last updated: 11/22/2003

Institutional Affiliations

George W. Bush Campaign: Senior Foreign Policy Advisor (1)
The Center for Strategic and International Studies: Former Senior Associate of International Security Program (2)
Center for Security Policy: Former Member of the National Security Advisory Council (3)
Project for a New American Century: Participant, Rebuilding America's Defenses Report (2000) (5)
Friends of the Jewish Chapel of the United States Naval Academy: Member of Board of Directors (3)
Council on Foreign Relations: Member (3)
University of Oxford St. Antonys College: Research Fellow (1)

Government Posts/Panels/Commissions

U.S. Department of Defense: Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller) and Chief Financial Officer (2001-current); Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Planning and Resources in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Policy) (1985-1987); [snip]

Corporate Connections

System Planning Corp.: Former Corporate Vice-President (1)
SPC International Corp.: Former Chief Executive Officer (1)
Northrop Grumman: Member of Advisory Board (4)
McDonnell Douglas: Consultant (5)


Columbia University: Bachelors in government (1)
London School of Economics: Degree not specified (1)
University of Oxford St. Antony's College: D.Phil. in economics and politics (1, 2)

Dov Zakheim
http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jso ... kheim.html

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Clintons' Pardoned Buddy Spied For Israel By Gordon Thomas

Post#4 » Thu May 01, 2008 1:39 pm

Clintons' Pardoned Buddy Spied For Israel By Gordon Thomas
American Free Press

President Clinton's close friend, a billionaire and fugitive from justice, was a top Mossad source - and could wreck plans by Hillary Clinton if she decides to run for the presidency.

Billionaire fugitive Marc Rich, a close personal friend of President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary, was one of the most important high-level contacts Mossad had in the United States.

The revelations, published here for the first time, could be a serious blow for Hillary Clinton's plans to run for the presidency.

Today Rich, a Belgian-born Jew who has taken Spanish nationality, lives in Switzerland under heavy, armed-guard protection. There is no extradition treaty with the United States to enable him to be questioned by the FBI about his until now secret connection to Mossad.

In January 2000, his last day in office, Clinton pardoned Rich, a secretive commodities trader indicted in 1983 on charges of evading almost $50 million in taxes and illegally buying oil from Iran during the Tehran hostage crisis in 1979.

The question that will inevitably dog Hillary, if she runs for the presidency, will be how much did she and her husband even suspect about Rich's Israeli intelligence links.

An MI6 file covering the Clinton years in the White House reveals that Rich is also suspected of knowing the real identity of a top Mossad informer in the Clinton administration.

The informer is still only known as "Mega." The name was first discovered in February 1997 by the National Security Agency (NSA). It provided the FBI with an intercept of a late-night telephone conversation from the Israeli Embassy in Washington.

It was between a Mossad intelligence officer, still identified only as "Dov," and his superior in Tel Aviv. The intelligence officer was later named as the Mossad director-general, Danny Yatom.

"Dov" had asked for guidance as to whether he "should go to Mega" for a copy of a letter written by Warren Christopher, then secretary of state, to PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat.

Yatom instructed Dov, according to a transcript of the intercept, "This is not something we use Mega for."

The MI6 file indicates that Mega had been in place toward the end of the first Bush administration.

It also describes how Rich had acted as a "conduit" for the powerful Israeli lobby in the United States to counter FBI demands that the hunt for Mega should be pursued as vigorously as the FBI dealt with spies from other countries.

The then MI6 head of station at the British Embassy sent a memo to London stating that "dinner guests at the White House dining table - who include Hollywood stars, attorneys, editors and senior members of the Anti-Defamation League - lose no opportunity to remind Clinton of the damage he could face in this matter. They argue the hunt is not properly grounded and that Israel has already explained to DOS [Department of State] the use of Mega."

Mossad sayanim - the Hebrew name for "helpers" - in the U.S. media had already planted stories that "Mega" was an incorrect hearing of the Mossad slang for the CIA, Elga.

"Further, Mega is supposedly a well-known word in USIC [the U.S. intelligence community]. It is said to be a joint code for shared intelligence with Mossad," the MI6 memo stated.

President Clinton's only comment on pardoning Rich came after he left office.

"It was terrible politics. It wasn't worth the damage to my reputation," he told Newsweek magazine.

There has been widespread speculation among opponents of the Clintons that Rich "bought" the pardon with political donations and gifts that his former wife, Denise, gave the president and other Democrats.

But in a hint of Rich's important connections to Mossad, Clinton has admitted that he granted the pardon "partly because the Justice Department did not oppose a pardon and because I had received a request from the government of Israel."

That request came in a personal handwritten note from another old friend of Clinton, Israel's former prime minister, Ehud Barak.

The MI6 file reveals that the pardon was stitched into the Camp David peace agreement by another plea-bargainer, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Clinton was convinced there were "strong mitigating circumstances for a pardon."

Rich and his first wife, Denise, fled to Switzerland in 1983 - just before U.S. prosecutors brought charges against him of tax evasion and trading with the outlawed regime in Iran.

The couple divorced a decade later and Denise, 59, now lives in New York in a magnificent Fifth Avenue duplex overlooking Central Park.

Rich, 69, has remarried and lives in similar splendor in the exclusive town of Zug in Switzerland. He still deals in commodities. His company, Marc Rich & Co Investment, has recently been taken over by the Russian Alfa Group for a reported $3 billion.

Rich's secret work for Israel included organizing Israeli passports for members of the Russian Mafia. So far 30 known members of various Mafia groups are currently traveling on Israeli passports.

The FBI was also investigating Rich's connections to various money-laundering operations involving mid-European banks and those in Canada and the United States.

Rich's prime use for Mossad was as someone who moved in the highest financial circles in Europe, the Middle East and South America.

It is those ties the FBI and other teams of U.S. investigators were examining to see if they link to the large sums of money Rich paid to the Clintons and other Democrats before the pardon was granted.


At the time, federal prosecutor Mary Jo White launched a criminal investigation into Rich's financial links with Clinton and his wife.

White obtained copies of Clinton's White House phone logs and those of Air Force One. The logs covered all calls the president and Hillary made to Rich. There was also a complete record of all his calls to them.

All official calls are monitored by the U.S. communications team that accompanies the president and his wife on all visits. The calls were described at the time as "a key element in our investigation," by one of White's aides.

Clinton himself received from Denise, just before leaving office, a check for $450,000 to help him set up his Presidential Library Fund. Denise also sent $1.1 million last year to the Democratic Party to help Al Gore fight for the presidency.


Until now, all the financial links to Richís past have not been pursued. But it is the Mossad connection which could prove to be a "smoking gun" for Hilary, should she enter the presidential race - either next year or in 2008.

Shortly before he was kidnapped by Hezbollah in October 2000, Mossad agent Hanan Tannenbaum visited Rich in his Swiss home.

Tannenbaum had been sent by former Mossad director Yatom to discuss what Tel Aviv sources later admitted were "intelligence matters of the highest order." At the time, Yatom was personal security adviser to Prime Minister Barak.

Hezbollah somehow spirited Tannenbaum out of Europe to their base in the Beka'a Valley. His fate remains unknown.

In January 2000, shortly before the Rich pardon was granted, the Senate Judiciary Committee received documents that showed Rich played a crucial role in helping the Bank of Credit and Commercial International (BCCI) arrange for Abu Nidal to receive "hundreds of millions of dollars for illegal arms transactions in an effort to persuade its wealthy Middle East backers that the bank was staunchly pro-Arab."

A sworn affidavit by Ghassan Quassem, for 17 years a senior officer with BCCI, states: "British weapons secretly destined for Abu Nidal were financed through BCCI offices and shipped under export documents that Marc Rich knew to be phony. My role at the bank was to handle the Nidal account. I later became a spy for the CIA and MI6."

With the coming election promising to be a knuckle-duster fight, there is a real possibility that Rich may once more step back into a spotlight he never welcomed. Nor the Clintons.

Rich received one of 140 pardons Clinton granted during his final hours for what was a rogue's gallery. The clutch of shady characters included a heroin dealer.

But it was the odious figure of Rich who has left a permanent stain on Clinton's presidency - and raises questions now.

Rich played a key part in supporting the apartheid regime in South Africa, and the economic rape of post-Soviet Russia.

His former wife, the Manhattan socialite, pleaded his cause by throwing money at the Clintons - even giving Bill a saxophone.

A hint of Clintonís feelings for Rich is contained in a book proposal he has entered into with Knopf, the New York publisher, for $10 million.

In an outline for a chapter headed "How a Man Gets What He Really Wants," Clinton writes: "Sometimes people who seem to have very little in common can discover what they have in common."

Was he referring to Rich?

Certainly the billionaire is not quite as rich as he was two years ago. In March 2001, British Customs officers at Gatwick airport seized $1.9 million of Richís money.

The money was seized under UK laws designed to "prevent the movement of money from suspected drug trafficking."

Last week in Zug, Rich refused to answer questions about his intelligence links - or his connections to Saddam Hussein, North Korea and Iran.

Having renounced his American citizenship, he now travels on Spanish and Israeli passports. He has dual nationality with both countries. Until recently, he also held a Bolivian passport.

The power for a president to grant a pardon stems from the Constitution. This states that the president ìmay grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States.

A president can issue a pardon for "any federal crime for any reason and no reason - before or after conviction."

The Clinton pardon stopped the prosecution in their tracks. Post-pardon Rich is free to return to the United States without fear of prosecution - except possibly in the case of compromised national security.

There is no precedent for that - and Rich is unlikely to provide one. But his links to Mossad remain a ticking time bomb for Hillary.

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