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Just obey your local nuwop

Post#1 » Thu Jul 03, 2008 1:00 pm

Tyrannicide is coming, tyrannicide is coming, tyrannicide is coming 4 U

Just obey your local nuwop
By Olaf Childress
T <http://www.14thfraud.com> he First Freedom

Revisiting Gone With the Wind for the first time in many revolutions
(i.e., solar) the other night, I was struck by the sheer femininity of
all those ravishing Southern belles, and not merely Margaret Mitchell's
depiction of how they looked and acted in the 1860s, but, halfway
between then and now, Hollywood's ability to locate females capable of
reenacting such refined virtues. If today's movie moguls wanted to
glorify our cultural heritage (which they do not), where might they
again look for a Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara, femme fatale?

On May 29, 2008, Silverhill, Alabama's imposing Police Chief Kimberly
Wasdin strutted from one detained motorist to the next, helping each of
the half dozen police officers at her command with their 7:30 PM
overtime-paid roadblock assignment. The victims submitted resignedly,
rolling down glasses and producing demanded papers. Until my turn. Not
able to proceed without acknowledging her presence, I cracked my window
a bit to hear, "Mr. Childress, let me see your drivers license."

"Do you have probable cause for this stoppage of travelers? You know
such a roadblock is unlawful, I hope." Her facial expression changed
from one of command to fury.

"Get out!" she shouted.

Making no move, I replied: "I will not."

"Give me your keys and get out of that vehicle right now!" she yelled.

By this time three of the more authentic men in uniform abandoned their
positions of harassing others detained in both traffic directions -
motorists quite likely fussing at my causing delay rather than valuing a
defense of either their obsequiousness or ignorance - and walked over to
see if the chief needed assistance.

"No, I can get him out of there without any help," she dismissed them;
but, maybe thinking her muscles mostly fancied, they didn't return to
the practiced system. Even though no guns were drawn, here was the
shootout our more TV-affected bulls look for nowadays, and it requires
resolution for them to just play backup behind Wasdin's bulky version of
Hollywood's omnipotent female Rambo. You'll find such gals on all of the
New World Order's battlefields. Staring at me from behind her left
shoulder as others of his cohorts approached stood one officer baring
gritted teeth, hands on hips, visually daring me to make any move that
might suggest "resisting arrest" while waiting for her to give whatever

"Am I being arrested?" I asked.

"Yes, now get out!" she repeated.

"What's the charge?"

"Disobeying a police officer. Move!"

"Wait a minute," I replied. "I'll show you the law forbidding your
stopping me without probable cause; I have a copy of the Constitution
right here."

That apparatchik had no interest in due process; she was the law.
Sitting amazed at this, I was "Yanked" from my vehicle and dragged by
five uninformed but uniformed policemen to scalawag Wasdin's patrol car,
thrown and locked into its back seat, then hauled off to spend the night
in jail.

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Post#2 » Sun Jul 06, 2008 6:45 pm

Those effing pigs are starting to piss me off. If we patriots had any gumption we'd listen to our police radios for these roadblocks. Thn, we'd surround them with 25 or 50 of our fellow sufferers, armed to the teeth and demand that they leave, never to harass law abiding citizens again.

I know.

I'm dreaming.


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