Oppose HB 1744, the Gun Shop Closure Act.

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Oppose HB 1744, the Gun Shop Closure Act.

Post#1 » Tue Nov 13, 2007 3:13 pm

When do the lynichings begin???
They are traitors to the oaths they took.
The day comes soon, when WTP will make them MEAN IT.

Oppose HB 1744, the Gun Shop Closure Act
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Monday, November 12, 2007

There's more than one way to shut down the second amendment.
Pennsylvania has lost over 9,000 gun dealers in the last twelve years
to regulations and bureaucratic interference -- leaving less than
2,500 active dealers.

Now the anti-gunners in Harrisburg have just come up with a new idea:
send gun dealers to prison if they fail to notify EVERY customer of
the anti-gun handgun provisions of Pennsylvania... using language
created by the PA State Police as prescribed, verbatim, by the state

There once was a time when requiring a gun dealer to parrot the
state's anti-gun rhetoric would have been viewed as a violation of
the First and Second Amendments. But, under House Bill 1744, if a gun
dealer deviates ONE WORD from what the state instructs him to tell
his customers, he is in violation of the law.

IED (Idiotic Education Deception) Pennsylvania Style: This bill also
provides a big chunk of taxpayer funds for firearms education in
schools, which could go either to NRA or to Sarah Brady's virulently
anti-gun "star" program. Guess which option the city fathers of
Philadelphia, among other cities, will chose.

In addition schools will be able, and are in fact compelled, to go to
"other" funding sources such as non-profit corporations to
carry out
this firearm education. This opportunity opens up the minds of our
children to the skillful manipulation of institutions like the Joyce
Foundation (which pours $-millions into the anti-gun agenda) and
others that are virulently anti-gun.

ACTION: There is little time to lose, as a vote is expected this
week. Please contact your state representative and insist that he or
she oppose HB 1744, the Gun Shop Closure Act.

A pre-written message and a House contact roster are provided below
for your covenience. If you do not know who your representative is,
you can go to http://www.legis.state.pa.us and look him or her up via
zip code or county.

----- Pre-written letter to copy/paste into e-mails -----

Dear Representative:

There's more than one way to shut down the second amendment. HB 1744,
which has been dubbed the "Gun Shop Closure Act," threatens every
law-biding gun dealer in the Commonwealth. It should be opposed in
the strongest possible terms.

The bill would make criminals out of gun dealers if they deviate even
ONE WORD in parroting Pennsylvania's myriad handgun law provisions to
EACH AND EVERY customer.

As if that weren't enough, HB 1744 also threatens to turn our schools
into anti-gun indoctrination centers, and uses taxpayer money to do
it. Stating that responsible pro-gun firearms safety initiatives such
as the NRA's Eddie Eagle program may be taught isn't enough.

Because, you see, "any other educational program approved by the
office of the Attorney General" can be funded as well... and choosing
which one to teach is up to the bureaucrats running the schools.

Further, the schools are mandated to seek funding from outside
sources such as the anti-gun Joyce Foundation and to "engage pro-bono
services from individuals and other entities" in this regard.

That opens the door for anyone to be invited to walk into our schools
and spread the propaganda of citizen disarmament, under the cozy
umbrella of "firearm safety education."

Please oppose HB 1744.


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