Thought Crime Bill: A Declaration Of War

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Thought Crime Bill: A Declaration Of War

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Thought Crime Bill: A Declaration Of War
Roll Call of Infamy: Who Voted for HR 1955?

Rob Bishop

It’s said that the final sign of disenfranchisement is when the population begins to fear their leaders. Representative Jane Harman, the lead sponsor of HR 1955 (titled the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007), is not only a favored ambassador of the most powerful Israeli lobbies in Washington but also tied to the hierarchy of the global elite.

Harman, a 62 year old from California, was the ranking Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in the 109th Congress. Fox News reported in October of 2006 that Harman was under investigation from the FBI for brokering political deals with AIPAC in exchange for enlisting powerful donors to lobby for her to become Chair of the Intelligence Committee in the 110th Congress. So what did Harman, one of the few Democrats who is publicly friendly with the Bush administration, promise in exchange for one of the most powerful positions in Congress? According to the Washington Post, the Congresswoman was to use her connections with the Administration in order to get the Justice Department to only "slap the wrists" of two high level AIPAC lobbyists charged with violating the Espionage Act.

The lobbyists, AIPAC's policy director Steve Rosen and Senior Iran-Analyst Keith Weissman, received sensitive national security information from a former Pentagon analyst and transferred it to the Israeli Embassy. Lawrence Franklin was revealed to be the source and later got sentenced to 13 years in prison after being charged with unauthorized disclosure of classified information instead of espionage. Franklin obtained this (at the time) sensitive intelligence while working directly under neoconservative hawks Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith at the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans which was setup by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld during the build up to war with Iraq. Franklin was also directed by Feith to meet with figures from the Iran-Contra scandal.

The investigation of Harman was later buried when she again used her Bush connections. Representative Harman hired Ted Olsen as her lawyer. Does that name sound familiar? Ted Olsen was George W. Bush’s first Solicitor General, whose wife Barbara was killed on September 11, 2001. He also served as Bush’s lawyer in the Bush v. Gore case that decided the Presidency in 2000. Even beyond his prowess as a “loyal Bushie,” Olsen is no stranger to Israeli espionage cases. Olsen defended Jonathan Pollard, who is serving a life prison sentence for spying for Israel under the guise of a civilian Naval intelligence analyst. Former Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger described Pollard’s spying as pertaining to, among other things, America’s global electronic surveillance network.

So the question is, if Harman and 403 other Congressmen and women are worried about national security being compromised from within… why don’t they start with AIPAC or its even more radical sister organization JINSA (which has awarded Harman with the Scoop Jackson Award)? The answer, of course, is simple. HR 1955, which Lee Rogers so perfectly labeled “The Thought Crime Prevention Act,” is not directed at shadowy Muslim terrorists or even Timothy McVeigh clones. This horrific bill, which passed in the House on October 23rd, 2007 and is already in the Senate’s Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, is aimed directly at the exploding patriot movement.

You see, in the America of 2007, revering the Constitution and advocating personal freedom is akin to sharing madira with Osama bin Laden. If you understand that the right, NOT privilege, to own and bear arms is absolutely vital to a people’s defense… then you are a suspected domestic terrorist to our Con-gress and the Federalized police. Understand that this bill, which will almost certainly be pushed through Senate without debate as it was in the House and President Bush gleefully signs it into law, is the first leap towards shutting down alternative news sites… silencing patriot radio networks… raiding the homes of activists… and other Stalin-esque atrocities best left up to the imagination. Unlike the Murrah Building bombing in 1995, the next provocateured event by a “right wing super patriot” as U.S. Marshall manuals label Constitutionalists, will result in much more than stricter gun control laws. McVeigh himself was almost certainly not only still with the Army long after he was said to leave in May of 1992. In fact, filmmaker Bill Bean recently finally released a video of McVeigh in a Green Beret uniform at Camp Grafton in August of 1993 after years of threats.

No, the result of “the next McVeigh” won’t just be more gun control or more wiretapping. The elites and their underlings realize that the small but dedicated patriot movement is all that stands between the slaughter of the sheep known as the global population. If empowered, the modern patriots could spread their message and utilize our great numbers advantage to reclaim our republic. Is it simply coincidence that Jane Harman’s husband Sidney is chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board of Business Executives for National Security? Or even more glaringly, that Sidney Harman is a long time member of the Council on Foreign Relations? Am I just a “paranoid conspiracy theorist” for stating that there is an ulterior motive for an AIPAC puppet who is married to a CFR member with ties to the military-industrial complex to write a bill which will - not could, but will - make those who will fight for their freedoms and sovereignty public enemy number one? History, recent and ancient, dictates otherwise. We The People have a bull’s eye painted directly on our foreheads. Veteran opponents of the global socialist juggernaut known as the new world order say we don’t yet have the numbers to engage it head on. But much like the freshly commissioned, undermanned, and untested dreadnought who is all that stands between home and the enemy’s most decorated warship, we no longer have the luxury of time.

Treason, treason, treason! We’re surrounded by treason and traitors, including most of both Houses of Congress! It is putrefying to the stomachs and minds of Truly Free people(s) [those who believe in and do nothing but non-violently stand up for True Freedom, and against all violations and destruction of those Freedoms]! But, contrary to “Star Trek” and the “Borg”, resistance is NOT futile; or, if it is, we still have to resist regardless; for to lay down to this eradication of all Freedom(s) is, as an earlier article on this very topic said, “an act of war”, and this and the many other unConstitutional and criminal acts that have been carried out against the Constitution, and the People of the United States and of the World “deputize” us with the duty and responsibility to resist ALL of this tyranny and repression!

Does anybody, who has had doubts about same, doubt anymore that we are in deep, deep trouble, and that the U.S. is being completely taken over by Neo-Naziism? As a result of such unConstitutional “laws”, any of us can be accused of being a “terrorist”, and/or of “thought crime”, just for posting articles such as this, and/or expressing any personal criticism of the U.S. government, and I can be accused of same simply for the article which I wrote back in May and have been updating with each new “law” such as this one with the truth about what these “laws” really represent by completely threatening freedom, and/or free expression of our more than justified criticisms of and dissent against it, all of which are CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND DUTIES!!!!!

The Neo-Lib-Nazi-CONS are seeking to scare citizens out of fulfilling their Constitutional DUTY(IES) to dissent against and criticize such out of control government, and its oppression and repression, that is very quickly eradicating all liberty. But, because of the very fact that it is our DUTY to speak out against this extreme fascist radicalization of the U.S. republic, we cannot stop continuing to fulfill our Constitutional duty(ies); therefore, if We the People don’t put a stop to this neo-fascism, we will very soon see extreme repression through the mass arrests and imprisonment of dissenters. We must NOT be scared out of standing up for truth, we must NOT be cowards, and we must NOT cave in or bow down to ANY of these inroads of neo-fascism and repression either!!!!!


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Tea party rally upbraids 'gangster government' AP

Post#2 » Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:29 pm

The Gangster Bankers , and their dumbed down goyim prostiticians and presstitutes, just dont get it. They work for us, not the other way around.

pk aka pokerkid aka PAUL

Tea party rally upbraids 'gangster government' AP ... arty_rally

Dick Armey AP – With the Capitol in the background, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey addresses a Tea Party rally …
By CALVIN WOODWARD, Associated Press Writer Calvin Woodward, Associated Press Writer – 9 mins ago

WASHINGTON – Tea party protesters marked tax day Thursday with exhortations against "gangster government" and appeals from Republicans seeking their grass-roots clout in November elections, a prospect both tempting and troubling to those in the loose movement.

Several thousand rallied in Washington's Freedom Plaza in the shadow of the Ronald Reagan office building, capping a national protest tour launched in the dust of Nevada and finishing in the capital that inspires tea party discontent like no other place. Allied activists demonstrated from Maine to Hawaii in smaller groups, all joined in disdain for government spending and — on the April 15 federal tax filing deadline — what they see as the Washington tax grab.

The rally in brilliant sunshine was spirited but modest in size, lacking the star power of tea party favorite Sarah Palin, who roused the masses at earlier stops of the Tea Party Express in its cross-country bus tour. Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota won roars of affirmation as she accused President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats of trying to take over health care, energy, financial services and other broad swaths of the economy.

"We're on to this gangster government," she declared. "I say it's time for these little piggies to go home."

She appealed directly for tea partiers to swing behind "constitutional conservatives" in congressional campaigns, just as they contributed to Scott Brown's upset in the Massachusetts Senate race in an early test of their potency. "I am the No. 1 target for one more extremist group to defeat this November," she said. "We need to have your help for candidates like me. We need you to take out some of these bad guys."

Although Republicans are ideological allies of many tea partiers — and GOP operatives are involved in some of the organizations — they are also part of the establishment that many in the movement want to upend. No members of the Republican congressional leadership were featured at the capital rally.

In Wisconsin, a half dozen tea party groups from around the state decided to boycott Thursday's rally in Madison because former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson was among the speakers.

"We do feel it's important that people know this is not who we would ever align ourselves with," said Kirsten Lombard, organizer of the Madison-based tea party group Wisconsin 9/12 Project. Tim Dake, organizer of the Milwaukee-based GrandSons of Liberty, said: "Tommy is representative of the old boy network way of doing things."

A similar sentiment was seen on a sign carried by a tea party member in Washington: "Reelect No One."

But plenty of Republican hopefuls came forward at rallies around the country, hoping to tap the energy and anger for political ends. In Louisville, Ky., Rand Paul, an outsider who has become a leading contender for the Republican Senate nomination, declared, "I'm clinging to my guns, my religion and my ammunition" and added: "We were intended to be a constitutional Republic. Yet, we have devolved into some kind of mad democracy."

Worried about liberal infiltrators, Kevin Terrell, a self-described colonel in the Ohio Valley Freedom Fighters militia based in Louisville, led about two dozen camouflaged followers on a patrol around the park. "I'm a little apprehensive because of the left-wing nut jobs out there," Terrell said.

Comedian Mark Klein told the crowd that the difference between Obama and terrorist Osama bin Laden is that "one is an anti-capitalist trying to destroy America. The other is hiding in Afghanistan."

In Washington, the anger was also directly firmly at Obama and Democratic congressional leaders. The crowd chanted, "There's a communist in the White House" at the urging of the ukelele-playing Victoria Jackson, a former cast member on "Saturday Night Live."

The slogans on signs and T-shirts were biting, sometimes raw: "We Want Regime Change," "Save a Seal, Club a Liberal," "Down with the Gov't Takeover," "End the Fed" and "Waterboard Bernanke." Some American flags waved upside down in the breeze.

The tax code was the villain of the day. "We have got to take the country back by taking back the money they take from us," Jim Tomasik of FairTax Nation told the crowd.

Lost in the rhetoric was that taxes have gone down under Obama. Congress has cut individuals' federal taxes for this year by about $173 billion, leaving Americans with a lighter load despite nearly $29 billion in increases by states. Obama plans to increase taxes on the wealthy to help pay for his health care overhaul and other programs.

In Chicago, three Republicans running to unseat Democratic House members appeared before a rally of thousands at a plaza outside City Hall. One, Joel Pollak, sang a song he wrote, with the verse: "Don't tax our freedom away." Protester Bob Borders of Prospect Heights held a sign asking people to honk if he was paying their mortgage.

In Austin, Texas, Republican Gov. Rick Perry warned tea party organizers in a conference call to watch their backs for liberals trying to make them look bad. "You can bet that every dirty trick is going to get played on tea parties, trying to marginalize them, trying to make them into something that they're not," said Perry, a frequent Washington basher who capitalized on the movement to defeat Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison in the March primary election for governor.

Perry was referring to plans by opponents of the tea party to infiltrate events, pose as followers and act outrageously to taint the movement.

One such episode unfolded in Madison, when a small group opposing the tea party walked through the crowd carrying satirical signs, one saying: "Obama Hates America (and kittens)."

At an Austin rally, Jim Dillon walked through the crowd carrying on his shoulder an AK-47 that he said was unloaded and legal. A state trooper stopped him, examined the weapon and let him continue walking with it. "Our rights are hanging by a thread already as it is," Dillon said, referring to the constitutional right to bear arms. "If we don't exercise our rights frequently, we'll lose them."

In Helena, Mont., activists smashed cardboard boxes symbolizing the crates of tea dumped into the harbor in the 1773 Boston Tea Party. More than 150 people waved flags and carried tea pots; signs said "Go Green, Recycle Congress."

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a prime figure in the tea party's rogues gallery, said that if tea partiers will be coming after Democrats in November, they are coming after some Republicans first, trying to replace them with more conservative candidates. "I think it's going to have an impact on Republicans in November," she said. "Some of the competition we see is in their primaries."

She demurred when asked if Democrats should be promoting big counter-demonstrations. "I don't know that anyone needs my encouragement," she said. "The First Amendment is alive and well right outside my window. I can attest to that."


Associated Press writers Scott Bauer in Madison, Brett Barrouquere in Louisville, April Castro in Austin, Deanna Bellandi in Chicago and Philip Elliott, Laurie Kellman and Ann Sanner in Washington contributed to this report.

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