When traveling abroad, your US gov assigns U a Terrorist #

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When traveling abroad, your US gov assigns U a Terrorist #

Post#1 » Mon Jan 01, 2007 9:52 pm

Welcome to the world of V for Vendetta.....
In this New Age of Scarorism, Do you know your Terrorist Threat Score from the DHS. Thank god they are there protecting us from Scarorists WHO HATE US FOR OUR FREEDOMS.

Come again?...
What Fucking freedoms? Cant our masters come up with anything better then this Orwelliam newspeak. If anything if they exist, they hate us for our meddling in the middle east. But our Zionazi overlords, will NEVER tell the American sheople the truth, cause truth is hate, doncha know!

If you've traveled abroad recently, you've been investigated.
You've been assigned a score indicating what kind of terrorist
threat you pose. That score is used by the government to
determine the treatment you receive when you return to the U.S.
and for other purposes as well.

Curious about your score? You can't see it. Interested in what
information was used? You can't know that. Want to clear your
name if you've been wrongly categorized? You can't challenge it.
Want to know what kind of rules the computer is using to judge
you? That's secret, too. So is when and how the score will be

U.S. customs agencies have been quietly operating this system for
several years. Called Automated Targeting System, it assigns a
"risk assessment" score to people entering or leaving the
country, or engaging in import or export activity. This score,
and the information used to derive it, can be shared with
federal, state, local and even foreign governments. It can be
used if you apply for a government job, grant, license, contract
or other benefit. It can be shared with nongovernmental
organizations and individuals in the course of an investigation.
In some circumstances private contractors can get it, even those
outside the country. And it will be saved for 40 years.

Little is known about this program. Its bare outlines were
disclosed in the Federal Register in October. We do know that the
score is partially based on details of your flight record--where
you're from, how you bought your ticket, where you're sitting,
any special meal requests--or on motor vehicle records, as well
as on information from crime, watch-list and other databases.



Axxxxxx comments:

Wonder how my trip to Russia scored. Or how my trip to Siberia will

Hey watchers: I got your score, right here, swinging. Eat shit and


Subject: sneaker and tire tracking

Tracking People by their Sneakers

Researchers at the University of Washington have demonstrated a
surveillance system that automatically tracks people through the
Nike+iPod Sport Kit. Basically, the kit contains a transmitter
that you stick in your sneakers and a receiver you attach to your
iPod. This allows you to track things like time, distance, pace,
and calories burned. Pretty clever.

However, it turns out that the transmitter in your sneaker can be
read up to 60 feet away. And because it broadcasts a unique ID,
you can be tracked by it. In the demonstration, the researchers
built a surveillance device (at a cost of about $250) and
interfaced their surveillance system with Google Maps. Details
are in the paper. Very scary.

This is a great demonstration for anyone who is skeptical that
RFID chips can be used to track people. It's a good example
because the chips have no personal identifying information, yet
can still be used to track people. As long as the chips have
unique IDs, those IDs can be used for surveillance.

Think the same thing is likely with the rfids in tire pressure

http://www.schrader-bridgeport.com/inde ... _id=3D4816

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