Party of the Anti - Zionist is to become a Global party since every nation on earth is affected by this cancerous scourge upon humanity. It creates societies of sociopaths and psychopaths, where Moral Relativism rules the day. Zionist Supremacism good.... all other people are seed of lowly goyim... This cancer must be eradicated for humanity to survive... PAZ members post here for the main board but enjoy the other folders as well.
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NO PLACE FOR CORRUPTION PDF (PF on pg 77 ) ... uption.pdf
25.7 The Bronfman Crime Family ADL Smears of the Music Bank Poker Face
In the Allentown Pennsylvania area, the ADL condemned the Bank as Anti-Semitic. The Band Leader Paul Topete responded stating the ADL has a history of character assassination. The ADL Leader Barry Morrison of the South Eastern Pennsylvania Division reported the band as anti-immigration, anti-government and anti-Semitic in their musical lyrics.
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o ... rnment.htm

Here are the links to Band Poker Face and their response to the ADL on the Bank
o ... fusion.doc

25.8 Hillel -Bronfman Crime Family University Program Opposed Poker Face Event
The Band Poker Face in a prior Event at Rutger’s University was prevented from Performing by Hillel. The links here clearly show the Bronfman Crime Family is behind Hillel as well as the Anti-Defamation League. No surprise that Hillel prevented them from performing at the University
o ... honors.htm
o ... airman.htm
o ... crime.html
o ... /adl_6.htm

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