New Political Protest album politically, musically stunning

Post anything thoughts/comments you may have related to our music. We have four discs out; Made In America, Sex lies and Politiks, Next!, and Game of love. We would love to hear from you....
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New Political Protest album politically, musically stunning

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New Political Protest album politically, musically stunning
sent in an email | May 16, 2004 | Andrew Griffin

Posted on 05/25/2004 7:54:51 PM

Review: New Poker Face album politically, musically stunning Andrew Griffin / Staff Reporter Posted on May 16, 2004 Where to begin? After listening to the latest album by the Allentown, Pa.-based rock band Poker Face, I was a bit stunned and encouraged by what I heard.

Not just because it is so good musically, but because of the political and spiritual messages offered on "Made in America" are unlike anything going on in the rock world today. This is their follow-up to 2000's hard-hitting "Sex, Lies and Politiks" which featured the hit "Illuminati."

These are songs addressing faith and freedom while also exposing political corruption and the increasing loss of our civil liberties.

I have to say that I liked Poker Face from the first guitar chord and the first snap of a snare.

"Kontrol," the powerful opening track, is about fighting a system that ultimately wants to enslave the people.

"Satellites in the sky / broadcasting lies to billions of people / cameras on the streets, tracking who we meet / you call this liberty?"

Poker Face has managed to offer the listening masses a record chock full of straightforward rock that reminded me a little bit of the more melodic material by 90s-era grunge band Alice in Chains.

In fact, lead singer Paul Topete reminded me vocally a little bit of late Alice in Chains singer Layne Staley.

This libertarian four piece - Topete, Dennis Beidler, Brett Griffiths and Rich Valentin - have been performing for over a decade and are committed to freedom and our Constitutional form of government.

But what's more amazing about this band are the political and spiritual beliefs they incorporate in their music. They address issues that few bands (or corporate media outlets) are willing to address. It's no wonder that they have gained the nickname "America's House Band."

On the anthemic "Prayer for America" the band not only showcases their love for their country but also shows their knack for recording songs that touch the heart while remaining determined and strong. I should also note that the production value on this album is quite good.

The band knows that there are people who don't want freedom and are eager to turn our Republic into a police state. Exposing the dehumanizing games of the controllers is an issue that Poker Face takes seriously. This is what makes them unique in the world of rock and metal.

The band not only included the lyrics to all their songs but they also cram tons of information - pro-freedom Web sites, art, personal thoughts and other stuff - in the liner notes. The disc also includes interesting interactive material which is a must-see.

Poker Face will be performing at the Libertarian Party convention in Atlanta later this month.

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