4/28/6 Product Review: Poker Face Music- "Made In Ameri

Post anything thoughts/comments you may have related to our music. We have four discs out; Made In America, Sex lies and Politiks, Next!, and Game of love. We would love to hear from you....
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4/28/6 Product Review: Poker Face Music- "Made In Ameri

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Thanks Coop for the high praise you bestowed upon us. We do not take it lightly.

Product Review: Poker Face Music- "Made In America"
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Product review

Product name:
Poker Face - Made In America

2000 PhD Music, PO Box 127, Center Valley, PA, 18034-0127 / www.pokerface.com / pokerface@pokerface.com

Music CD of Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Patriotic, Religious/Christian

Paul Topete - Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist.
Dennis Beidler - Vocalist and bass guitarist.
Bret Griffiths - Vocalist and lead guitarist.
Richie Valentin - Drums.

Music CD arrived within one business week. The envelope contained both to: and from: addresses.

Product arrived tightly sealed and taped. The CD itself was wrapped in bubble wrap and there was no likelihood that the product could be damaged or removed accidentally.

Above average, high quality plastic CD case.

Cover / Insert:
The cover contained fairly technical, colored graphics. The cover once removed (the insert) contains an above average accompaniment of several other features. A) Hidden within the cover is a 9-11 dollar bill. B) A nice clear photo of the band members. C) All the words to the songs on the CD. D) On the flip side a poster of the computer interaction screen that is found digitally within the CD. E) the back cover contains contact information, pictures of each band member and a list of the songs that are on the CD.

Compact Disc - Physical Features:
Contains colorful graphics and is set with a white background utilizing black lettering which makes for easy reading. Also, a helpful feature is that the songs are listed on the CD, in case the owner discards the plastic case for a soft multi-CD binder.

Compact Disc - Electronic Features:
This is an amazing value packed CD. It isnt made cheaply for cost/benefit ratios, but is purposefully loaded with additional items that offers the purchaser additional features not usually found on most music CDs. Not only do you get the music (which is outstanding) but you also get a music video that loads up in short order and a computer interactive home page that allows you a number of special choices; such as: 1) The music video, 2) Band accomplishments, 3) Press kit information, 4) Tour shots that instantly pop up once your mouse moves over them, 5) MIA news on fallen political soldiers and other concerns which offers you an opportunity to get involved, 6) Credits and links, 7) Multiple links to read archived data concerning our heritage both good and bad. They have connected the dots of history and proved that we the people have lost control of our federal government and that the global elitist have planned and will soon employ many coming plagues that will reduce the worlds population by a large and staggering amount.

Music / Songs:
The music is highly advanced form of rock. Each band member is proficient in the use of their instruments and they play expertly all forms of rock music, which keeps the listener from wanting to search for another CD. Too often, music groups create a particular beat and sound, that is readily distinguishable, but not Poker Face, for each song is different from the next. Poker Face vocals are also expertly delivered. Their voices seem to be made for harmony with each other. Their vocal accomplishments ranks with the best that the industry could boast about. Special recognition should be made to the production company/label, PhD Music for their sound mixing efforts. They wisely chose not to allow the music to compete with the voices or vice versa. What you get with Poker Face music is skill and clarity that never leaves you wondering what it is they are singing.

Poker Face music has set the standard of the highest level of quality that any music group could produce. They not only offer music, but music with a meaningful and timely message. A band with a heart that plays for the good of their listeners and the world at large. They are the group that wants their listeners to hear their message with clarity, so in understanding the perils we are facing we can react to make positive changes. Ironically as well, Poker Face wants to be found by their audience and they offer several options in order to located and communicated with them.

Poker Face is a group of singers with intelligence. They offer reading options that would stunt most history buffs who think they know the reality of where weve come from and where we are headed. They are in-the-know of current political affairs and they are well read and educated.

Poker Face music is generous. They constantly give of themselves and their resources in order to better the world around them. They try to right injustices when possible and show others how they should and can be involved in the struggle for liberty. They went the second mile in offering to their fans more purchasing power by putting into the CD more than just the base line of musical entertainment.

Poker Face is the standard for product quality and value and they should be constantly recognized for these achievements.

Poker Face (in my estimation) is the best rock group around and that high ranking that I proclaim in not given, but rather earned through their many honest and noble efforts.

Poker Face is a group of musicians that I would be proud to tell others about and I hope that you will too.

William M. Cooper, Coop author, poet, song and script writer

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