Pokerfact holds all the cards by Bill Brumbaugh

Post anything thoughts/comments you may have related to our music. We have four discs out; Made In America, Sex lies and Politiks, Next!, and Game of love. We would love to hear from you....
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Pokerfact holds all the cards by Bill Brumbaugh

Post#1 » Wed Jan 25, 2006 7:28 pm


Myself, as a card player who made a few dollars here and there in the fairly distant past, it is the player with the best "poker face" who usually wins the hand. Give that player some decent cards, and they will usually come out on top.

Well, there is a new player with ALL the best cards. That IS Pokerface.

Pokerface is a band who holds all the best cards! Their driving rhythm, heavy beat, haunting vocal harmonies, and lyrics with a message show them to be musicians with a mission, a mission to educate and motivate America through truth.

Years ago during my own not-so-dubious foray into into music, a group of musicians and I coined a term, "signature bands." What does that term mean?

There are certain groups like Aerosmith, Led Zepellin, Yes, Peter Gabriel (and a few others) who have a sound of distinction, a sound their fans can quickly recognize when hearing a new piece, and yet unequivocally love for it's unique musical signature.

Pokerface is one of those groups, and as my new favorite band (a position they are likely to hold for years), the only problem I have with them is, "when is your next album going to be available? " hehe

Pokerface not only holds the best cards, but knows how to play them. Double thumbs up to this band who fill the void left by country/folk rock patriot groups to those of us brought up on a diet of Zepellin and Aerosmith and other metal groups.

Bill Brumbaugh

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