Poker Face takes on the Empire and takes no prisoners!

Post anything thoughts/comments you may have related to our music. We have four discs out; Made In America, Sex lies and Politiks, Next!, and Game of love. We would love to hear from you....
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Poker Face takes on the Empire and takes no prisoners!

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Poker Face takes on the Empire and takes no prisoners!

An unpaid review by Joe Gresham

I first heard of "Poker Face" a few years ago, when I was contemplating attending a patriotic festival in Arkansas, they were to be one of the main attractions. Poker Face is a band, kind of a hard rock band, but REALLY different. To start with, they're not the typical "heavy metal" sound, they're unique! These are some freedom minded, yankee born boys with serious musical credentials, and an even more serious message.

Their message is very much that of an enlightened, modern day "Copperhead." They attack the empire on all fronts, they pull no punches and take no prisoners. Most of their music is hard rocking, but some is beautiful, sweet, melodic acoustic. All of it is Christian, anti-empire and anti- New World Order.

Now myself, being a country music fan, it took a while for me to warm up to this sound. It's very good music, just nothing like Ricky Skaggs or Merle Haggard. I started listening because of their message, after I listened awhile, I started liking it.
I also saw this as an excellent vehicle to awaken our youth to the evil of the globalist empire.

I now own ( and am quite pleased with ) two of their CD's "Sex, Lies and Politiks" and "Made In America" and in addition to the music, they also come with an interactive element you can view on a computer, that includes all sorts of info on the band and historical info...good stuff!
I highly recommend Poker Face to anyone who enjoys hard driving rock music, or who has or knows children who do. Also, if you're planning any sort of an event and you want a band to rock the crowd, this is what you're looking for, I understand they love to travel !

I've read in a few places where Poker Face is "writing the soundtrack of the 2nd American Revolution", but some folks refer to Lincoln's dirty war as the 2nd one,
I guess I'd have to say:
"Poker Face is writing the soundtrack to the next American Revolution!"

Poker Face, the hard driving, copperhead, musical warriors, battling the Empire
and taking no prisoners!

Check them out online at:

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