For those who BeLeVe nothing is impossible

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For those who BeLeVe nothing is impossible

Post#1 » Tue Oct 05, 2004 10:12 pm

Just found this on the web today. Hadnt seen it, or for that matter I dont think anybody sw this piece done on BeLeVe.

For those who BeLeVe nothing is impossible
Friday, September 17, 2004
By GEORGE WACKER ... 164260.xml

The Allentown Times
For two summers the BeLeVe Concert Series rocked, rolled and blasted local music from within the confines of the Radisson Hotel Bethlehem during Musikfest. Placing multiple days of original and local music within the music festival was a suitable partnership for BeLeVe organizers. However, this year the series is plugging into a new home.

"We have to thank the Radisson for helping us out and being so supportive for the past two years," Dennis Beidler, BeLeVe organizer and bassist for local rock group Poker Face, said. "We just thought it was time to step out on our own. We always thought of the BeLeVe Concert Series as something that was its own thing, not a part of something else."

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Being in the thick of Musikfest worked for BeLeVe due to the massive crowds which walked by the Radisson on Main Street in Bethlehem during each performance, however, organizers wanted to start fresh.

"We wanted BeLeVe to be its own event, something that is looked forward to by the bands and the public outside of any other festival," Beidler said.

After negotiating with The Sterling Hotel, which has recently opened its doors wide to local music talent, BeLeVe switched the date of the festival from August to September and geared up for the next chapter.

BeLeVe, short for "Best of the Lehigh Valley," is already underway at The Sterling on Hamilton Street.

The series kicked off this past Wednesday with local groups Rebel Saints, Stereo Agency, Parachute All-Stars and 3 Monks followed by Todd Wolfe, George Hrab and Kef on Thursday.

"This is the best of the best," Todd Wolfe, a resident of Bethlehem, blues rocker and former guitarist for Sheryl Crow, said. "We have played for the last two years here and are always happy to be able to support local music. What BeLeVe does is give community members a reason to come out and check out the incredible talent that is right here in their own backyard."

Beidler, whose band Poker Face will take the stage on Saturday, said the reason behind starting BeLeVe was to showcase that talent.

"We've always know how much talent there was in the Lehigh Valley," he said. "And sometimes people either don't realize it or aren't exposed to it in the first place. We wanted to provide something that would bring the best bands in the area together in a way that would show anyone coming that there is a lot to be proud about, and a lot of great music to listen to, right there."

While the venue has changed, the substance hasn't.

Just as in the last two years, BeLeVe sets up about four bands per night beginning at 8:30 p.m. during the week and 7 p.m. on Saturday, which is an all-ages event featuring Poppycock Babble, Blue Sees Red, Cherry Fix and Settle.

"The atmosphere of BeLeVe is great," George Hrab, a local musician with a quirky acoustic guitar style, said. "The fact that all of these local bands can come together, regardless of the styles and genres they have, and play and celebrate the talent that is in the area is great. I'm always happy to play here and glad I have been able to do so for the past three years."

Those genres range from lead singer-less jam rock of Stereo Agency to the blues of Wolfe and Illinois Slim to the techno rock of Cherry Fix.

"There's a lot of music in the Valley," Wolfe, who was toured around the world with Crow and his own band, said. "It's amazing to see just how different people's tastes can be while they are living in the same area. But, though an event like BeLeVe, all those styles can come together and fit well and be enjoyed."

Beidler said the last two days, tonight and tomorrow, of the concert series are the best.

"We're really looking to get everyone in the area to take a chance and come out and listen to the music that is being made in this area," he said. "You'd really be amazed. We're really hoping that people, especially the younger kids for the all ages show, will come out, support, and most importantly, listen to what this area has to offer."

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