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Post anything thoughts/comments you may have related to our music. We have four discs out; Made In America, Sex lies and Politiks, Next!, and Game of love. We would love to hear from you....
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Pokerface - Revolutionary American Nationalist Rock

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Interview with lead vocalist Paul Topete

The following interview was conducted with lead vocalist Paul from Pokerface, an emerging presence on the American Nationalist scene and one of many in the growing anti-system musical underground. Most of this interview was conducted by email with a follow-up interview via phone at a later date.

(FNF) Paul, many thanks for agreeing to do this short interview with us here at Folk And Faith. Let's get right to the interview and perhaps you can add some clarity on some issues and on your bands views.

Throughout both of your bands latest releases; "MADE IN AMERICA", and the previous release "SEX, LIES, POLITIKS" I notice that you speak out on Masonry/The Illuminati/Skull and Bones etc., yet I can not think of an American "founding father" that was not a Mason. Am I overlooking something here, or do you perhaps Mason's were once not as they are now or perhaps even you overlook the "founding fathers" being Mason's?

(PF)The Rothschilds set up the Illuminati in 1776 to subvert the Christian basis of Western Civilization. They took over much of Freemasonry and used it to infiltrate all social institutions. Mouthing words like "freedom," "equality" and "progress," they are bent on melding family, race, religion, and nation into a malleable mush. Their world police state, now called "globalization," lies behind "The Patriot Acts" and "The War on Terror."

Washington was aware that his Masonic lodges were getting illuminized and didn't like it. The illuminization of the blue lodges occurred at a rapid place once Weishaupt and his followers were kicked out of Bavaria. Many fled to the New World. At the end of his life, Washington abandoned his once beloved Freemasonry. Lastly most in Freemasonry don't know that the higher orders with in masonry out right worship Luciferianism. The lower ranking members provide cover and a positive front of being just a fraternal organization where buddy's who scratch each others back get together.

Also, many forefathers weren't Masons but devout Christians. Throughout the Bible, Father plants both the good seed and the bad seed at the same time, e.g., Cain and Able, Jacob vs. Esau, Christian Forefather vs. Satanic Forefathers, The caprece fig vs. the smyrna fig in Israel in 1948 and so on. Father uses the negative side of humanity to unfold part of His plan as well.

(FNF) What would you describe your band's political stances as? Libertarian perhaps? Constitutionalist? Paleo-Conservative? Do you note any distinction between so-called "left" and "right-wing" ideas?

(PF) Conservative/Liberal, Right-wing/Left-wing, Red Turds/Blue Turds aka Demo-commies and Republinazis or Dems-International Communists/ Repubs-Nationalistic Fascists - are all means of divide and conquer. PokerFace talks in terms of Freedom versus Tyranny. Liberty vs. Police State. That is what should be the dividing line.

PokerFace are closer to Nationalistic Christian Populism. Our music is Revolutionary-God Rock.

At an earlier time PokerFace helped start the Lehigh Valley chapter of the Libertarian party, that was 15 years ago. We let our memberships lapse when the National party decided they were all pro-NAFTA-GATT-WTO and we aren't.

There isn't a dimes worth of difference between the Left/Right Democrat/Republican parties.

(FNF) What are your thoughts on the current ellection, especially being that both Right-wing and Leftwing candidates are both Skull and Bones members (I.E. Bush and Kerry)? For 'Folk And Faith' this just once again proves that there really is little difference between right/left as they both uphold the same system. Perhaps you see things different though?

(PF) It just goes to show you that the elite OWN both horses in this race. In fact they own ALL the horses running. America needs to clean house. WE also need Verified voting. With the push for electronic/computer voting, it will allow for Vote Fraud on an enormous scale. We need to go back to a paper ballot Joseph Stalin, also noted once: "Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count the votes, decide everything."

(FNF) Would you consider yourselves Revolutionaries, much like America's original founders, or reformists, like the John Birch Society, NRA, etc.

(PF) Made in the image of our forefathers. Patrick Henry is my favorite. JBS has disappointed us in the past. Some things make me think that they are compromised by the enemy. They could do so much more but don't. Same thing with the NRA. It really is pro-gun light, there hasn't been a gun bill that they didn't like. They won't support strong-gun candidates and will give passes to Congress critters that should have been thrown out on their asses for their weak pro-gun ratings. Groups like JPFO and GOA are gun groups with teeth.

(FNF) You take place, I note, in many rallies such as those at WA DC and elsewhere for gun rights. Are you advocates for citizen militias rather then state armies, thus enabling all citizens to have guns to defend themselves, or do you think that only certain people ought to be allowed to have them? If so, how would you go about dictating who should and should not be allowed to own a rifle or gun?

(PF) All citizens who want guns and haven't committed real felonies where there has been a REAL VIOLATION of another persons rights or property was damaged, should have weapons to defend themselves, their families and their country from enemies from with in. The militia is to be manned by those 16-65 in age. The one group of people that need to be disarmed like yesterday are the Feds; like the BATF, TSA, DEA, FBI, IRS etc... Many of these folks are zealous-Statist freaks that will follow any illegal and Un-Constitutional order sent their way. Amerika will be Germany of the Fourth Reich.

(FNF) Would you consider yourselves anti-Globalists? Do you also participate in anti-globalist rallies even though not really a "right-wing" idea?

(PF) PokerFace is Anti-Globalism, Anti- Corporate-Monopolies, Anti- greed, and Anti-slavery. We have wanted to play at some of the anti-globalist rallies, but they too seemed compromised at the leadership positions. Nothing sucks more then when good people fall for false fronts and expend their energy pushing for something that was planned to fail from the start. This happens repeatedly especially in the political world. Look at Ross Perot and the Reform Party, Buchanan and the Reform Party. The talk sounded great but the follow-through SUCKED.

PokerFace is not adversed to playing at any anti-globalist rallies, we just haven't been asked. I guess we are "not 'Leftist' enough," (left/right) labels that divide, nothing more.

(FNF) What do you think of the growing trend to unite left/right etc into one anti-globalist anti-imperialist stance?

(PF) It has to happen if we are to survive. We need to stop beating up on each other and focus on the few who are fucking it up for the rest of us. This Left/Right Conservative/Liberal Democrat/Republican is divide and conquer. Let's use the STRATEGY come together and fuck-up the elite, once and for all. There are sooooo many more of us then there are of THEM.

(FNF) What are your musical influences?

(PF) Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Peter Gabriel, Alice in Chains, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Rush, Styx, Kansas, BOC, too many to list really. It spans the whole rock music spectrum.

(FNF) How/When did you form?

(PF) This current version of the band has been around for more than four years. Everyone that is playing today worked on the last 2 discs - Sex, Lies, and Politics and Made In America and are currently working together on 'Peace or War'. THIS IS the PokerFace I always dreamed about and finally was blessed with.

(FNF) What beget the change in lyrical direction to the way you are heading now?

(PF) An epiphany from God in 1994. We went from writing boy-girl pop-love rock to writing the first of many political songs starting with 'America'. I was pointed in a direction that was to make my life more meaningful then just writing "she loves me yeah yeah yeah..." (smile)

(FNF) How has the public reacted to this and to you?

(PF) To those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, we go over great. To the unknowing masses, they don't really get into the lyrics as much, but get into the music and the grooves/riffs we kick out. We definitely are OK with not getting a major label deal. We will find a way outside of that economic distribution system to survive and thrive. The fans we have are long term and are some of our best infecters of our music virus to others. WE welcome ALL freedom loving folk.

(FNF) What are your thoughts on the current wars being led by WA. DC. against other nations? First it was Serbia, then it moved on to Afghanistan, then Iraq and so-forth. Being "pro-America" do you support this?

(PF) It's all Bullshit. It's all about the money and who is making it. In regards to 9-11 ask yourself the question 'Qui Bono.' Who profited the most from this outrage.... The we the free?... no... the arabs?..... uh, no... well how about the police state freaks?... well, yes... the oil people?... uh-hhuh.... Israel? You bet your bottom dollar they did... military industrial complex? They made out like bandits, and lastly the International bankers starting with our very own Piece of Shit Allan Greensperm...

(PF) This war isn't a "war on terrorism" but a made up war of SCARISM. It was planned as far back as 1962 in a think tank group called 'Report FROM IRON MOUNTAIN'. Seven ways were devised to bring humanity under a one world system. Guess what? Terrorism was one of those seven. The elites just needed the right event to manipulate us into accepting the very misnamed "Patriot" Acts 1 and 2 and its enforcer the office of Faderland Insecurity.

We are VERY pro-America, the America that was established by our forefathers, not this neo-conned Imperialist B.S. sold to us as the WOT. Pokerface's Message to Bush and his masters....BRING ALL OUR TROOPS HOME AND PUT THEM ON THE FUCKING BORDERS!

(FNF) What are your thoughts on the "pro-American" bands and artists like 'Country' music's Toby Keith that are supportive of such wars and even applaud them?

(PF) Useful idiots. People like Keith know nothing about the geo-politics going on. Like good machiavellians, our current masters have used our patriotism against us. To support what is wrong and to influence artists to write from that ignorant perspective. I pray for artists like him that he eventually see's that he was used.

(FNF) What about the Dixie Chicks? Do you view them as being True American's using their 1st Amendment 'rights' to protest a government that no longer listens to its citizens, or as Un-Patriotic and Un-American?

(PF) I have a greater respect for them. I don't like their music, I don't like really any country for that matter. But hey, the little blond spoke up and took the wrath from the ignorant across the land. Bubba just doesn't know any better.

(FNF) Your band seems to have progressed musically, and lyrically from being just another rock band, to a band with a message. Do you think that you are done with this progression and at a solid stance now, or constantly evolving?

What about politically speaking, is it possible that you could continue progressing into an even more decentralist and community/nation vs. the State approach?

(PF) No we don't, we feel like we are just getting going on this path. We hope to continue to progress on our Spiritual growth. For it is from here that we even exist. Every thing else comes from this. Music is the purest form of this expression and where LOVE is the underlying theme that unites us all.

Paul, Thanks for your time and for the interview. Take care and keep "fighting the good fight!" For Folk And Faith!

Thank you for the opportunity to expound upon our beliefs. Peace and Yah bless... Paul Topete

"What any countries National Anthem has to do with Rock'N'Roll I don't know. Rock'N'Roll has always existed to challenge the establishment, not to uphold it!"

Sinead O'Connor

Paul and PokerFace can be contacted through their website linked to in the Musical Terrorists section. PokerFace

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