American Free Press does a piece on Poker Face

Post anything thoughts/comments you may have related to our music. We have four discs out; Made In America, Sex lies and Politiks, Next!, and Game of love. We would love to hear from you....
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American Free Press does a piece on Poker Face

Post#1 » Tue May 25, 2004 12:23 pm

Our favorite 'America First' newspaper of all time did a little piece on us...
pg 14 of the May 31st issue... pk

POKERFACE - Four of a Kind.

Americanfreepress May 31 2004
By Michael Collins Piper (my favorite author)

There’s something almost appropriately profound
that America’s most energetic young populist
recording artists who comprise the band known as
Poker Face hail from Allentown—the eastern
Pennsylvania city immortalized in a Billy Joel song as “[the place where] they’re shutting all the factories down” and, in the 1930s, by Warren & Dubin’s Broadway hit 42nd Street, as being nowheresville—at least in the minds, perhaps, of
the New York elite. In truth, despite the scorn, Allentown is the “real America,” and that’s
why Poker Face has been rightly dubbed “America’s house band”— and they are bringing a populist
message, along with some great music, to thousands upon thousands of American music audiences who might not otherwise ever have the chance to hear that message.

While Paul Topete is the particularly outspoken, and quite talented, lead vocalist, his band
partners, Dennis Beidler, on bass guitar, Brett Griffiths, on lead guitar, and Richie Valentin, on drums, share their colleague’s enthusiasm
and musical abilities.

The four young men of Poker Face are going places in the independent music genre, where they’ve cut a unique niche and are, as a consequence, winning lots of fans and recognition in their field. But they are, at the same time, establishing themselves as genuine leaders in the grassroots populist movement in America.

What makes Poker Face unique (from a political sense) is probably best summarized by what Lisa Guliani ( wrote of them in Babel magazine: The band is committed to exposing political conspiracies and cover-ups in a very unique way, by blending politics and music. The band is about truth and freedom, and I’d go so far as to say that they’ve set the tone for the counter-revolution. . . . The music is edgy, easy-on-the-ears, yet the words will hit you like a brick. . . . a dynamic bunch of guys who are bringing generations up with their courage
and conviction . . . making things happen and shaking up the status quo of today’s music scene. . . . This is the music of America, and America should be proud.

Poker Face has been featured at a wide variety of populist gatherings across the country, including the First Freedom Rally in the Lehigh Valley (organized by Poker Face itself), the Knob Creek
Machine Gun Shoot, the Arkansas Freedom Festival and the Freedom Rally on the national mall in Washington. In addition, the band, was featured
at the 2003 national conference on Authentic History, Real News and the First Amendment sponsored jointly by American Free Press and THE
BARNES REVIEW. Aside from all of this, Poker Face has been very active in their home community,
raising money for youth parks, organizing music festivals and helping young musicians get off the ground.

While you may prefer the sounds of Richard Wagner or Lawrence Welk or Hank Williams—God bless them all—it’s a pretty good bet that your children or grandchildren may have different musical tastes, and, chances are, Poker Face has the “sound” that your younger family members enjoy. That’s why, even if you don’t care for the sound of Poker
Face yourself, you may be interested in introducing these talented patriots and their music to the members of your family.

Or, if you’re organizing a populist event and want to attract younger audiences—and all of America’s veteran patriots are constantly talking about “bringing in new blood”—there couldn’t be a better way than to showcase the music and lyrics of Poker Face.

Although the band’s most recent album, Made in
America, came out in 2003, it was preceded by others (led by their 1992 debut album, Game of Love) that initially helped establish Poker Face as a sound and force to be reckoned with, not only in the independent music scene, but also in the populist-patriot movement in America:

• Sex, Lies & Politiks (2000), which featured the ballad “[I’d] Rather Die Than Be Your Slave,” hailed by the Libertarian Party’s national newspaper as one of the 25 best songs ever, and “Illuminati” (a title that, while perhaps
obscure to the average American, underscores Poker Face’s recognition of the secret powers that govern our world today); and

• Next (1996), featuring the band’s signature anthems, “America” and “Fight for Your Rights,” and the song “Reefer Madness” which targets the phony “war on drugs” that the power elite has used to fill up America’s prisons with slave
labor for the benefit of the privately owned U.S. prison industry.

Each album is brimming with glossy art, complete with the lyrics to all of the songs as well as a variety of fascinating information focusing on facts about the would-be American police state and the forces behind the New World Order. Their latest album contains an interactive CD-ROM portion that will blow your mind.

Each of the Poker Face CD albums is available at $14.95 (except for the latest album, Made in America, which is $17.95). You can order them online at the Poker Face web site at or write: Paul Topete, PO Box 9200,
Allentown, PA 18105; e-mail:, or
call (610) 434-8775 or (610) 882-9698

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Post#2 » Tue May 25, 2004 3:59 pm

Way to go, guys. I saw a write-up about the band in another mainstream pub recently, but can't remember which one. Keep up the good jam and there's no stopping ya'll from breaking into the big time. Americas kids need someone wholesome to admire. hangman

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thanks for the kind words

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fellow 'merican

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