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This is something that has caught my attention as of late. Petroglyphs, sometimes refferred to as Indian Rock Art, are found all over the southwestern US and around the world. These "pictures" have been located in Chile, Yemen, Australia, Israel and elsewhere. Here in the States, they can be found in Arizona, New Mexico, California, Hawaii, Utah, Michigan, Pennsylvania and on and on.

There seems to be two different styles of images:

--- those that are scraped or scratched into the rock
--- those that are pocked or chiselled into the rock

It is the opinion of some that the less refined method of scratching would have been the efforts of more recent "Amer-Indian" tribes and are generally accepted as being created somehwere around 1000-1200AD. This is supported by the fact that the scraped versions are often found layered on top of the others.

I'm going to have to look back at notes to find a hard reference, but, I believe that the pocked style glyphs are considered to be from early Post Flood if not Pre Flood era.

One thing that is remarkable is that the same images and styles of the older glyphs appear to be similar across the globe. This would indicate that peoples on opposite sides of the globe either had the ability to circumnavigate the planet, communicate across this distance, share a common history/knowledge/tradition, or play a part in one mega-humongous display of coincidence.

To get you started, here's a short clip from the Cutting Edge Show. It may not reveal a whole lot, but, it does provide an explanation for one particular image that pops up over and over.

Actually, two:

- lizard man
- spiral (considered a water symbol -or- vortex reference in this vid)


PS ... If anyone's interested, I can provide coordinates for Google Earth users to see a whole boatload of these things in Chile.

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