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Join the Expedition to Hollow Earth - July 2007

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Is the Hollow Earth a myth or rather a fact that is relegated to the fringes of serious scientific research? Well, it seems like these guys are going to settle it once and for all.



Voyage to Our Hollow Earth


Would you be interested in a once-in-a-life-time chance to discover Our Hollow Earth first hand? We invite you to join us now on an expedition to Our Hollow Earth!

To Join Our Expedition, click here.

This proposed expedition would like to conduct some scientific observations in the Arctic that is hoped will resolve once and for all whether the hollow earth theory has any validity. The indigenous Eskimos believe there is a hole in the Arctic Ocean. Observations of several Arctic explorers of mirages of land in the Arctic indicate that the most plausible location for a north polar opening that leads into the interior of the earth is located at 84.4 N Latitude, 141 E Longitude. To check out this theory, a group of hollow earth believers and scientists would like to charter a Russian Nuclear Icebreaker into the Arctic sea.

Steve Currey, our expedition organizer, discovered May 1 he had brain cancer with 6 tumors, and on May 22 was advised it was incurable. He passed away July 26 and his funeral was August 1, 2006 in Provo, Utah. The family has cancelled their involvement in our hollow earth expedition and is in the process of returning expedition members monies. We are most SAD to hear this fateful news.

With the passing of Steve Currey, expedition members have regrouped and chosen new expedition leadership.

Our Expedition organizer is now Dr. Brooks Agnew, physicist.
You can listen to him on his Internet radio program at

Other expedition members have stepped forward also to assume expedition leadership roles. We appreciate their efforts to make Voyage to Our Hollow Earth Expedition a success!

Dr. Brooks Agnew, our new expedition organizer is now in the process of organizing a new expedition company and recruiting previous members and any new members wishing to go on this once-in-a-life time adventure. As soon as enough monies come in he will be chartering the Russian Nuclear Icebreaker, the Yamal. You are invited to visit our new North Pole Inner Earth Expedition website at

Steve Currey, our previous expedition organizer took an expedition down the Tsangpo gorge in Tibet in the year 2000 where he discovered a hidden falls behind which the Tibetans say a cavern leads into the Hollow Earth, which they call Agharta, wherefrom years ago, their legends relate, the King of the (Inner) World emerged with a message of peace for our outer world, saying his Kingdom some day will emerge to help establish world peace. All the Tibetan faithful want to go there to die, Steve learned.

You are invited to accompany us on this historic Voyage to Our Hollow Earth and personally visit that paradise within our earth via the North Polar Opening and meet the highly advanced, friendly people who live there. We are of the opinion that they are the legendary Lost Tribes of Israel who migrated into the North Country over 2,500 years ago and literally became lost to the knowledge of mankind.

At Murmansk, Russia, (at about 33 E Longitude, 69 N Latitude) expedition members will board a world class Nuclear Icebreaker, a literal motel on ice, with the utmost in comfort and amenities, with 75,000 horsepower, and cuts through the arctic ice like butter. Our first stop will be the geographic North Pole north of Franz Josef Land.
North Polar Opening Coordinates
It was from Franz Josef Land that Olaf Jansen and his father sailed northeast through a lead in the ice on July 1, 1829, and accidentally discovered the North Polar Opening into Our Hollow Earth.


From the geographic North Pole, the expedition will direct its course south through the ice at 12 knots towards the New Siberian Islands on Meridian 141 East Longitude. It is estimated that within about 600 miles from the north pole on this meridian the expedition will reach the open ocean of inner earth.

On the above map, directionals have been added to Jan Lamprecht's drawing of the Arctic (as blue lines) where they all cross at about 84.4 N Latitude, 141 E. Longitude, including a line indicating the direction Olaf Jansen sailed northeast of Franz Josef Land into the polar opening. -- This is the most probable location of the North Polar Opening into Our Hollow Earth. (

- estimated location and size of the north polar opening of earth -

Indeed, it is thought most probable that we will find the North Polar Opening in the direction the Russians have sighted a mirage of Sannikov land north of the New Siberian Islands, where also Admiral Peary, Lieutenant Green and MacMillan sighted Crocker land northwest of Cape Thomas Hubbard from Ellesmere Island in Northern Canada, of which also Dr. Cook took a picture of land northwest of his line of travel towards the north pole from Ellesmere Island in 1906 and named it Bradley land, and towards which Captain Keenan also sighted land northwest of Harrison Bay, Alaska, as adeptly described by Jan Lamprecht (name pronounced "Yawn") of South Africa in his 1998 book, Hollow Planets. This legendary land seen by many arctic explorers today exists on NO map. We believe these sightings of land is actually a doubly inverted mirage of land that actually exists within the neck of the polar opening, as Jan so well described in his book. (

If we are successful in finding the polar opening, then within 1,700 miles from any farthest north Arctic land bordering the Arctic Ocean we should reach the inner continent just as Admiral Richard E. Byrd did on his 1947 flight beyond the pole, as described in Amadeo Giannini's 1959 book, Worlds Beyond the Poles.

At that time, Giannini wrote, "This United States Navy's polar exploratory force was preparing to embark upon one of the most memorable adventures in world history. Under the command of Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd, U.S.N., it was to penetrate into land extending beyond the North Pole supposed end of the Earth ... As the hour approached for the air journey into the land beyond, Admiral Byrd transmitted from the Arctic base a radio announcement of his purpose, but the announcement was so astonishing that its import was lost to millions who avidly read it in the press headlines throughout the world...The words of the message were momentous: 'I'd like to see that LAND BEYOND the Pole."..."That area BEYOND the Pole is THE CENTER OF THE GREAT UNKNOWN!"

Subsequently, "...the admiral and his airplane crew accomplished a physical flight of seven hours duration in a northerly direction beyond the North Pole. Every mile and every minute of that journey beyond was over ice, water, or land that no explorer had seen...As progress was made beyond the Pole point, there was observed directly under the plane's course iceless land and lakes, and mountains where foliage was abundant. Moreover, a brief newspaper account of the flight held that a member of the admiral's crew had observed a monstrous greenish-hued animal moving through the underbrush of that land beyond the Pole."

It is the intention of this expedition to search out and explore that area Beyond the Pole that Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd discovered. It is estimated that within 1,500 miles of the Pole, the expedition should reach the inner continent. The coastline of the inner continent could then be followed looking for the River Hiddekel and sail up the river to the port City of Jehu to meet the inner earth inhabitants, just as Olaf Jansen and his father did in 1829.

Within Our Hollow Earth at the City of Jehu, expedition members could take an inner earth monorail train to visit the lost Garden of Eden located under America on the highest mountain plateau of the Inner Continent. It is also the capital city of Inner Earth, according to Olaf Jansen. Perhaps in this City of Eden we can visit the palace of the King of the Inner World, as did Olaf Jansen and his father. (

It is the opinion of the author of World Top Secret: Our Earth Is Hollow! that the Great High Priest over all the land of Inner Earth is King David, and sits on the legitimate throne of David, a direct descendant of David, who was the founder of the ancient nation of Israel in Palestine, from which the Lost Ten Tribes migrated to the North Countries in about 687 B.C. The estimated round trip to and from the hollow earth North Countries of Inner Earth via the North Polar Opening is about 20 days.*

If you would like to join us on this historic trip for a real-life attempt to visit Our Hollow Earth via the North Polar Opening as an expedition member, you are encouraged to contact our expedition organizer, Dr. Brooks Agnew.
DISCLAIMER: All persons signing up for this expedition come at their own risk, at their own expense, and for their own reasons. This advertisement is provided in a good faith effort to reach persons interested in this expedition, but the author of World Top Secret: Our Earth Is Hollow!, as promoter of this advertisement, takes no responsibility for any expedition arrangements.

GUARANTEES: By joining our Hollow Earth Expedition, expedition members agree that there are NO GUARANTEES that this expedition will reach Inner earth. The expedition will make a good faith effort to locate the North Polar Opening and enter therein, but worst case scenario is that we visit the geographic North Pole, explore the region, and continue on to the New Siberian Islands. At all times the expedition will also be at the mercy of the weather, ice and sea conditions.

* If in the event we are unable to locate the North Polar Opening and enter into Inner Earth, we may continue south on the 141st Meridian from the geographic North Pole to the New Siberian Islands and spend a couple of days there checking out the exotic animal remains thought by Hollow Earth researchers to be of inner earth origin.

On the northern shores of the New Siberian Islands, we would look for the legendary deposits of mammoth skeletons and other exotic wildlife remains deposited after originating from a land within the North Polar Opening, according to Hollow Earth theorists. The mouths of rivers that empty into the Arctic ocean from inner earth, are covered with ice in winter, where animals wandering from nearby pastures sometimes fall into the crevasses in the ice and are instantly frozen. Later when the rays of the summer sun shine through the polar opening, the inner earth river mouths thaw out and push their freshwater icebergs out to sea loaded with their loads of frozen dead animals. Thus remains of woolly rhino, steppe lions, giant deer, mammoth and foxes and a hardy breed of horse which scientists claim are all prehistoric are preserved in the Arctic ice, but which Hollow Earth theorists claim more than likely come from inside the earth through the north polar opening, floating out in their tombs of ice, later unloading them onto arctic shores.

Sign up today for our Hollow Earth expedition, and see first-hand what it is like to try to discover the North Polar Opening and explore Inner Earth! To sign up, visit our new expedition website at

Rodney M. Cluff, author
World Top Secret: Our Earth Is Hollow!

Read our Expedition Update Blog here

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Advanced Planetary Explorations, LLC

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Advanced Planetary Explorations, LLC
The 2007 North Pole Inner Earth Expedition (NPIEE)

Misson statement: APEx is dedicated to producing a filmed documentary by exploring the North Pole region for evidences that may prove or disprove the theory that the Earth may be hollow. This will be accomplished by assembling a great science team along with the best world leaders in Hollow Earth Theory, and then raising the consciousness of the entire team to the highest level possible. It is believed that if we put the right team in the right place with the right consciousness, the conditions of the experiment may produce contact.


The science is real. The story is more than 5,000 years old. If we discover anything that significantly changes the concept of the current structure of the Earth, or reveals the presence of life other than our currently accepted civilization, it may be the greatest expedition in the history of the world.

We have come the end of all known data about the structure of the Earth, and yet the theory that planets form as hollow spheres persists. In early 2006, the world scientific community declared that Pluto was not a planet because it failed to form as a solid ball.


APEx has decided to conduct a good-faith effort sea-based scientific expedition aboard an icebreaker rated for this voyage to the North Pole to test the hypothesis that the Earth may be hollow. Besides the precision measurements and samples gathered by state-of-the-art instruments, we will be prepared to test the idea that inside a possible void in the Earth may exist life and an entire ecosystem waiting to be introduced to those of us who live on the surface. In other words, we will be scientifically prepared to receive and catalog communications of any kind originating from inside the planet.

We intend to film everything possible. You will be there with us. No! We are not some fringe group of New-Age cultists hyping a fictional story! To our knowledge, there has never been data from any source collected from this area of planet Earth. What are you afraid of? Discovering that we are not alone on...or in...this planet? Come on. Join us. Let's go see. We can't go to Mars or to the Moon, but we can go to the North Pole.

The NPIEE is for entertainment purposes only. We reserve the right to direct investments and donations to any legitimate purpose pursuant to the exploration of the mysteries of the universe and of the Earth. Apply Here.

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Russian scientist finds Paradise at the North Pole

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Posted: 15:30 January 12, 2007 at ... north.html


Russian scientist finds Paradise at the North Pole

Translated by Guerman Grachev

Doctor of Philosophy Valery Dyemin, a researcher of the Arctic region, maintains that Hyperborea (“beyond the Boreas (north wind)”), a mythical land that the Greeks thought was located beyond Scythia, existed in reality. The legendary French scientist Jean Sylvin Baiae attempted to prove the existence of Hyperborea a few centuries ago.

“Yes, there were many of them. Not only the geographers and historians worked on the problem, the linguists also made several contributions. The rector of the University of Boston William Warren published a book titled Paradise Found at the North Pole in late 19th century. In total, there were 11 editions of the book. Warren analyzed a large number of spoken stories and legends relating to paradise on Earth (Eden). According to him, all the information contained therein stems from vague recollections of some ancient perfect land that lay somewhere in the Arctic region.”

“What exactly are we talking about? Which part of the world should we look at?”

“I believe we should be looking for the traces of that civilization in Eurasia and American arctic regions, in the islands and archipelagos of the Arctic Oceans, at the bottom of some seas, lakes and rivers. It’s worthy of notice that Russia has the largest number of locations and artifacts that could be bear relevance to Hyperborea. Some of the above have already drawn attention of specialists; others are yet to be discovered. Active exploration is currently under way in the Kola Peninsula, in the Island of Vaigach, in Karelia, Ural Mountains, West Siberia, Khakasia, Yakutia, and a few other regions. There are good prospects for conducting research in Franz Josef Land, Taimyr, and Yamal.

The geographic term “Hyperborean platform” is technical use. Scientists keep discussing the platform’s dynamics in order to find out the reasons why it sank to the bottom of the ocean.”

“In other words, Hyperborea may have stretched over the lands that eventually sank into the water?”

One of the charts by Gerhardus Mercator, the 16th century Flemish cartographer and geographer, shows a huge continent lying in the vicinity of the North Pole. The land is an archipelago composed of several islands divided by deep rivers. A mountain sits in the center of the land (according to legends, the ancestors of Indo-Europeans lived near Mount Meru). The question is: How did that land appear on the chart? There was no information whatsoever regarding the Arctic regions during the Middle Ages. We have some reasons to believe that Mercator had used an ancient chart, the one that is mentioned in his letter dated 1580. That chart showed a continent located in the center of the Arctic Ocean, which was pictured ice-free on the chart. Mercator’s chart seems to be based on the ancient chart.”

Secret decree by Catherine II

“Assuming that the ancient cartographic information was available for the chosen ones in days of old, has anybody tried to search for Hyperborea in the Arctic region?”

“Some of our compatriots participated in the quest for Hyperborea. The Russia Empress Catherine II got some information of the ancient mythical land near the Arctic Circle via the Free Masons. Catherine II organized two expeditions with the help of Mikhail Lomonosov. She signed a secret decree on May 4th, 1764. The official documents indicated that the expedition headed by Admiral Vasily Chichagov had been dispatched to Spitsbergen to inspect the location for the renewal of whaling and fishing out there. However, the endeavor is referred to as an “expedition bound for the North Pole” in the memoirs by Chichagov’s son. The Master was ordered to open an envelope with detailed instructions only after his vessel had made for the open sea. According to instructions, the vessel was to head into the direction of the North Pole. Those instructions were penned by Lomonosov, by the bye. Unfortunately, the expedition couldn’t break through the thick ice and had to turn back.”

“Why was Catherine II so interested in finding Hyperborea?”

“I believe that Catherine, not unlike a few other kings and queens, was enchanted by the prospects of discovering the elixir of eternal youth, which is said to have been invented by the Hyperboreans. Pliny and Herodotus, as well as Virgil and Cicero reported that people in the land of Hyperborea lived to the age of one thousand and enjoyed lives of complete happiness. We shouldn’t forget that the Empress was a woman.”

Argumenty i Fakty

Used with permission of

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The Hollow Earth Is Indicated In Religion And Legends

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I've often wondered at the Biblical passage, I believe it's in Job, where Lucifer is speaking to God and states that he had just come from wondering on the earth and in the earth. This book excerpt raises the same question using other verses in relation to the Hollow Earth theory.



December 29, 1999 VNN5171 Comment on this story

The Hollow Earth Is Indicated In Religion And Legends


EDITORIAL, Dec 29 (VNN) — (An excerpt from Jan Lamprecht's new book " Hollow Planets ")

There are many very strange tales, legends and scriptures across the world from ancient times. We have come to believe that our forefathers were, for the most part, liars. But perhaps our judgement on them is too severe for perhaps there were exceptional things which occurred back then which were worth recording.

Take for example the legends of Dragons and the D&D games which have been spawned from this folklore. I have always been struck by the conceptual similarity between dragons and dinosaurs. Could it be that certain types of dinosaurs actually retreated into an underground habitat where, under certain exceptional conditions, they could actually feed, breed and live quite safely from predators?

Across the world one finds tales and legends of strange animals seen over and over again in the same limited geographical area. These creatures may go unseen for decades and then suddenly someone once again sees them. I have long been fascinated by the young but growing science of Cryptozoology. I have wondered if perhaps some of these creatures actually inhabit an underground habitat? Perhaps these creatures live safely underground and occasionally come out of well-concealed entrances to feed. They may be safe in their underground world and may perhaps even have adapted to it very well. Perhaps some of them can drink or feed from underground rivers? Perhaps we have yet to discover the field of subterranean zoology.

Here are a few references from the Bible which hint at something/somebody living underground:-

In Philippians (2:10) we find this reference: "That at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow of things in heaven, and things in Earth, and things under the Earth". This quote from Philippians mentions that knees of "things" (creatures?) shall bow. These "things" are all alive. Among these are included the "things" which live "under the Earth.' Is this a reference to subterranean life?

In the book of Revelations (5:3) we find a similar statement, but this time it specifically mentions subterranean humans: "And no man in heaven, nor in Earth, neither under the Earth, was able to open the book, neither look thereon". The suggestion here is that there are also men "under the Earth."

A gentleman by the name of Paul Davault contacted me one day to inform me that he had done a comprehensive study of the Bible to see whether there were any Biblical references to a Hollow Earth. He did this as an exercise for his friends and family. He ended up writing a 170 page book called: On The Face Of The Deep. Davault told me he believes the following reference indicates the existence of a Polar Hole in the Arctic. In Job (26:7) in the Old Testament, one reads: "He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the Earth upon nothing".

In the Book of Enoch (76:6-7) we read: "Seven rivers I beheld upon Earth, greater than all rivers, one of which takes its course from the west; into a great sea its water flows. Two come from the north to the sea, their waters flowing into the Erythraean sea, on the east, And with respect to the remaining four, they take their course in the cavity of the North, two to their sea, the Erythraean sea, and two are poured into a great sea, where also it is said there is a desert".

In Plato's Republic we find mention of a God who sits at the centre of the Earth who is responsible for our religions.

The Tibetan Buddhists also have references to a vast Underground Empire populated by millions of people and ruled by a man called Rigden-jyepo and also referred to as The King of the World. The empire is called Agharta and its capital city is Shamballa. A Hindu gentleman once wrote me an e-mail from India and told me that Hindu scriptures also mention a vast underworld. Note: [ The Puranic narrations of the sons of Sagara and their persuit of the sacrificial horse, as well as the narration of the appearance of the Kalki Avatar take place in the hollow portion fo the Earth. ]

In the early days of my interest in the Hollow Earth theory I stumbled upon an Eskimo legend of the "hole-in-the-sea." Could this be a reference to a Polar Hole?

Some people like Theodore Illion and Nicolas Roerich tried to find this Underground Empire earlier this century. Roerich's discussions with a Tibetan Lama (Priest) in 1928 resulted in him being told that if you go far enough North then you will see a reflection from the Underground Empire (aurora?). He was also told that the entrance to the Underground Empire lay far across a sea. What this Tibetan was saying was indeed very similar to what one would expect from the Hollow Earth theory. In recent years another Tibetan Lama who visited the USA stated that Agharta could be reached by flying directly north from India. Could it be that a Polar Hole somewhere in a northern ocean leads one straight into a vast Underground Empire within the Earth?

For more information on the Hollow Earth understanding, click on or write Dharmapada Dasa/Dean De Lucia at with questions.

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