Rockefeller Admitted Elite Goal Of Microchipped Population

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Rockefeller Admitted Elite Goal Of Microchipped Population

Post#1 » Sat Apr 28, 2007 6:40 pm

This is a smaller segment of the full 70 minute Aaron Russo interview with Alex Jones. Aaron professes that Nick Rockefeller told him of the 9-11 game plan a full 11 months before it happened. He did not state the actual event, but, laid out the motives for ... and actions resulting from ... the 9-11 attacks.

After viewing this, one person mentioned that Aaron is on a truth telling mission since being diagnosed with cancer. Since there are other questionable circumstances surrounding untimely deaths of entertainers like John Lennon, Bob Marley, Frank Zappa, Bill Hicks and so on, I thought it would be interesting to see if there was any 'conspiracy theory' potential here. Especially, since he had refused the offer to join the CFR while having some of the inside info right from the horse's ass ... um ... I mean mouth.

Well, it's not a smoking gun, but take a look at the following from "Our Campaigns" website:

"Russo announced a second run in 2002 for Nevada Governor as the Libertarian Party candidate, but quit the race when he was diagnosed with cancer."

source: ... teID=29660

So, he's told the 9-11 game plan in Nov 2000 and bails out of an election in 2002 because of the cancer diagnosis. That's a window of 13-25 months from confession to diagnosis. Was he trying to be silenced?



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Rockefeller Admitted Elite Goal Of Microchipped Population

Hollywood director and documentary film maker Aaron Russo has gone in-depth on the astounding admissions of Nick Rockefeller, who ... all » personally told him that the elite's ultimate goal was to create a microchipped population and that the war on terror was a hoax, Rockefeller having predicted an "event" that would trigger the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan eleven months before 9/11.

Rockefeller also told Russo that his family's foundation had created and bankrolled the women's liberation movement in order to destroy the family and that population reduction was a fundamental aim of the global elite.

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