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Bill Hicks

Post#1 » Sat Mar 31, 2007 12:44 pm

Bill Hicks was a master of humor from a realist point of view. He paid attention to the bigger picture of how the world works. He also did a boat load of drugs in his earlier years. As with most people, I don't agree with all of his perceptions. But, more often than not, he hit on some major points of contention that got people to see things in a truer light.

If you do a search on YouTube, you'll find over 350 clips of this brilliant mind. Here's a couple to start you off:


COMPASSION ... ed&search=

MARKETING ... ed&search=

RUSH LIMBAUGH ... ed&search=

BULLIES OF THE WORLD ... ed&search=

NON-SMOKERS (the reply from Bill after this one cuts off "I'm up to 3 lighters a day.") ... ed&search=

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Bill Hicks on Waco

Post#2 » Thu Apr 12, 2007 10:35 pm

A mystery is unfolding before our eyes. Maybe it's more of an oversight. But, then again, it could blow up to a full scale conspiracy!!!

Here's the deal ... At last night's Poker Face rehearsal, we ended up talking about the Bill Hicks videos I posted here. I mentioned one that was more of a home movie where Bill does an improv narrative about David Koresh from a location showing Mt Carmel in the background.

Now, this gets a few raised eyebrows because we've all seen a ton of Bill Hicks videos when the band is travelling across country. But, nobody else has ever seen this one. So, I pull up this thread and find that I did not post that particular link. No big deal, though. A simple search on You Tube should bring it right up.

Cue the orchestra for the eerie music ....

No results come up for "Bill Hicks Waco." So, I try other combinations of Bill and Koresh, Mt Carmel and so on.


So, I try a search on Google Video.


Now, I'm in disbelief. I just watched this thing 11 days ago. Alison was right next to me and saw it as well. So, I know I'm not losing it ... at least not for this reason. I was not about to admit defeat, so I moved on to a plain old vanilla flavored Google search for the same "Bill Hicks Waco."

Voila!!! Found it!!!

... or so I thought.

I didn't bother watching it last night since it was pretty late by this point. Started an email to the other guys, but, never hit the send button. When I get home from work tonight, the email window is still open with the link attached. Well, I figured it was best to watch the vid to make sure this was the same clip I had been talking about. ... 53c7f.html

Cue that music again ...

I hit the play button on the still image of the video player and find myself staring at an error message stating "this video is no longer available."

Wha .. Wha .. What????

Well, there's a link to the right of the player to view the video at You Tube.

And this time ......... another error: "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation."

Hmmmm, what was the violation? I don't know that there would have been copyright issues. This clip didn't give me the impression of being part of some HBO special or anything. It was a home video. Maybe there was a conflict over Bill's off color comments about supporting David over the 15 year old girls. In this day and age, I could see that (which reminds me .. I have to finish that PC Nazi article on Imus). But, I've seen worse stuff that doesn't raise a single red flag from the Google police. Would it be a stretch to think that a family member complained? Nahhhh ... have you seen his other material? This one was actually kind of mild in comparison. Well, whatever the case, it would be too convenient to scream "conspiracy."

Tell the orchestra they're working overtime tonight .....

I go back to my Google search that brought up the link to The first thing that catches my eye is a book review of "Bill Hicks: Agent of Evolution." ... 2Years.htm

The first thing that hits me is the Maybe Logic Academy logo.

... more orchestra please

Ugghhh - it's the freaking all seeing eye of Horus. How ironic. And, how special is it that this book review appeared in the issue that is dated with no date, rather it is dated as Summer Solstice 2005.

... More Orchestra Please!!!

So, I set into a quick scan of the write-up and quickly learn that it was written by Bill's lifelong friend, Kevin Booth, who also appeared in the missing video. The reviewer mentions that he interviewed Kevin for an article that appeared in the Spring Equinox 2005 issue ... groan.

But, then I stumbled across the paragraph that triggered this page to appear on my Google search.

... Get those horns a blowing, boys!!!

Here's the direct quote ...

Still another project of Bill and Kevin's involved the Branch Davidian siege at Waco in 1993. Bill drove while Kevin rolled film, and the result was the little-known but worthwhile video, On The Seventh Day in Waco. As Kevin wrote on the video package; "On March 8, 1993, Bill flew to Austin and rented a car. I packed all my camera stuff and we drove 2 hours north to Waco. We hoped to film David Koresh and his compound, 7 days after the bloody siege. Stopped by DPS [Department of Public Safety] officers, we quickly found a way around them." The resultant video shows several interesting, yet ultimately disturbing, facts that were kept off the establishment news. And, of course, Bill put all of this into perspective, in his own unique comedic voice; "Some are calling it a cult, others a slumber party that just really got out of hand . . ."

So, here is a man, who some speculate suffered from a nasty case of death similar to what was coined Arkancide. This man happens to sneak past government officials and walk away with video footage showing one of the biggest atrocities commited by this government in conjunction with the military and major media. Then he releases the video and uses his popularity to share all the sordid details of our own government's efforts to murder their own citizens through incineration.

... Orchestra cresendo to fortissitissimo (fff)

hmmmmm, well it doesn't confirm why the video was removed from both Google and YouTube. But, it does provide a case for copyright issues conerning On The Seventh Day in Waco. Then again, it also adds to the intrique of what Bill Hicks knew and publicized. Keep in mind that this footage was taken after the initial raid, but, well before the final charge of this 51 day standoff. Then combine this with the theories on his death, while considering that some of the shadowy figures that lurk about the dark underbelly of our government would very much like to see this video confined to the memory hole of insignificant history.

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