Some gerat Pro-Rights video

Archive the best of the music and video links here. It doesnt have to stay in the Spiritual/Political realm... If there is something good, funny, entertaining, or informative, post it here. Including the best & worst of this "entertaining" world from KabbalahWood or Bollyweird.
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Some gerat Pro-Rights video

Post#1 » Sat May 05, 2007 9:25 pm

May, '07 VIDEOS... lots of 'em.

Jackie Mason on gun control

Bill Moyers and Jon Stewart

Ron Paul Only... clips from the debate

The Ten Minute 9/11 Video You Can't Debunk

The 9/11 Solution - RESTORED

Israel and 9/11: The disappearing story that's too hot to handle

WTC 7 collapse reported 30 minutes before it happened

The GI mutiny that stopped the Vietnam War.

Meet the Bush Family.

Inside a "Terror" cell.

How the US is using nuclear weapons today

How the US armed Iraq with chemical and biological weapons

Waiting for an army to die

Why police states are a bad idea

650,000 civilians killed in Iraq since the US invasion

Your friends and neighbors may not be computer savvy, give them a DVD.

Thanks for watching,

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