Why is the Holocaust so Unpopular?

This topic deserves its own folder on this forum. Since the hollercausters got Ernst Zundel 5 MORE years in a German prison, for refusing to bow down on the alter of Political Correctness by its false accuser of HATE SPEECH, forced to accept the MYTH of the Holocaust, When LAWS are needed to keep people from discovering the TRUTH, then you know it is full of BULLSHIT and LIES Its time to have an American Revisionist conference and be done with this LIE, once and for all. PEOPLE are going to JAIL in Kanada, Israel, Germany, Australia, Austria & many others, just for standing up for the Truth, for the Right to have a difference of an opinion. No one goes to jail for NOT accepting Christ, so why is this shit of jailing historians acceptable. What we need is a separation of TEMPLE and State.

For those who need a good understanding of what anti-semitism really is, and how Jewish organizations like the ADL & SPLC use it as a hammer to stop any discussion on Israel, then please go here; <a href="http://defamation.weebly.com/" target="_blank"> DEFAMATION the MOVIE</a> and watch the movie by Israeli director Yoav Shamir
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Why is the Holocaust so Unpopular?

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Makes one think...

Why is the Holocaust so Unpopular?
http://bamboo-delight.com/raxbiljo/Why_ ... opular.txt
by Banjo_Billy

Most people would think that this is an easy question but there
is more to it than meets the eye.

The Holocaust is unpopular with Jews because they allege that
they suffered from it and therefore the world owes them a lot of
money and sympathy to make up for this suffering. And if you
don't believe that the Holocaust really happened, then the Jews
will make YOU suffer for it. Oy, how they will make you suffer!

The Holocaust is unpopular with Germans because they claim that
they are being swindled and slandered because of it. The Germans
claim that the Jews are liars who only want to swindle billions
of dollars out of Germany for the rest of eternity in order to
pay for the suffering that the Jews claimed that they experienced.
And if any German stands up and says that the Holocaust is a fraud
and a swindle or that is it totally impossible to have actually
happened, then the Jewish lawyers have him thrown into prison for
five years as punishment for not appreciating Jewish suffering.
Oy, how the Germans suffer because of the alleged Holocaust!

But mainly the holocaust is unpopular because no one really
understands it's basic false premise. Whether rabbis are screaming
about how the "six million" innocent Jews perished, or the
Revisionists are shouting that the Jews are liars and frauds, both
sides of the question fail to understand the basic false assumption
that they are both making.

The basic question that is being ignored is this: Why is it always
assumed that the Holocaust was a bad thing?

The Jews say it was bad because they were denied their basic rights
to eat matzo ball soup and gefilta fish. The Germans say it was bad
because it gave them a bad reputation. The Christians say it was
bad because it caused a worldwide shortage of God's Chosen People
to whom the Christians owe so much money.

But how could the Holocaust be bad? What is so bad about locking up
gangs of Jewish stock swindlers, child molesters and pornographers?
When the Jews were put into camps, there was a quick drop in drug
addiction and alcoholism. The syphlis rate plummeted since the
Jewish brothels were closed. People lived longer since the Jewish
physicians were no longer allowed to practice poisoning with
medicines and killing with operations. Once the Jews were safely
warehoused, the economy began to thrive since they were no longer
parasitizing the people and the nation with their usury and
insurance rackets. There was less juvenile delinquency and crime
even among Gentiles since the Jews who promoted these things
through the Media were no longer allowed to influence the youths.
And Communist subversion and racial hatreds were brought to an end
since the Jews who stirred up these passions were arrested. And as
a nation, the people were happier since the published books and
newspapers began to reflect wholesome ideas instead of the filth
and perversion that was promoted under Jewish ownership. The list
of positive results goes on and on.

All in all, removing Jews from the society was a great and
successful experiment that really needs to be repeated worldwide.
For once in their lives, the Jews were required to actually work
for a living and so they called this Golden Age in Germany and
Poland a Holocaust. "Oy, working without being given a free ride!
Oy! Such a holocaust!"

But to this very day, the question remains: Why is the Holocaust
so unpopular when it did so much good?

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