Rules of THIS FORUM!!!!

The Rules of Posting Here

Rules of THIS FORUM!!!!

Post#1 » Wed Jan 29, 2003 11:24 am

thanks for coming by. Here is the Upfront Stuff.

1) We assume you are over 13, and by law you cannot post here if you are younger than 13.

2) Our Moderators will defend to the death freedom of speech, but not freedom to be an asshole. Flamers, Trollers, Spammers, Government Agent Provacateurs and other trouble makers WILL BE BANNED. NO SLANDER - if you have facts then present facts. We love the truth with great vengence, and hate lies even more. Your word is your bond. If you act in an irresponsible or Untrustworthy manner, you will be removed

**Tempers sometimes get heated during a spirited debate, but if someone crosses the line and starts flaming, please DO NOT respond, simply send us an E-mail and WE will take care of the problem. Responding to a Flamer or Troller simply makes matter's worse, as does a misguided attempt to jump in and "defend" the person being flamed. Just stay out of it! We'll handle it. **

3) No linking to .mil or .gov or any other Federal Websites is permitted.
This will be strictly enforced within this forum. Such links will be presented elsewhere.

4) for now.. HTML is staying OFF , all you need is in the posting menu options anyhow.

5) Your privacy is only as secure as you make it. Just because we will defend your info from harvesting by spammers, we cannot control publicly available content - we ask you to use handles and not real names in your signups and use the PM system to send other users your e-mail address.

6) Promote knowlege and peace whenever possible. Fight for your rights as a group, you will find support here.

7)Don't advertise UNLESS, you have bought the product yourself and just wanna spread the good word, or you've cleared it with us via e-mail.

PLEASE do not type in all upper case letters... it's thought of as "yelling" and it's considered rude (as well as aggravating to read).

That's it, (not too painful, huh?)
Enjoy the boards!!!!

Set your timezone in your profile...
GMT -5 is eastern STD time

All content is without liability to Pokerdudes, PhD, pokerface.. etc fine print not required .

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