Obama Attacks AZ - With UN Amnesty Plan

Illegal Immigration needs to be stamped out now. Repatriation of illegals to their country of ORIGEN needs to happen now. Support Chris Simcox and the Minutemen Projects coming to a border state near you.

also ... This is our payback for listening to the governmental WHORES who said that NAFTA/WTO/GATT were 'good' for America and Jobs. All there has been is a GIANT SUCKING SOUND of Jobs leaving this country. This spot is to recognize the companies that are traitors to the US economy and the traitors in Government that have allowed this to happen
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Obama Attacks AZ - With UN Amnesty Plan

Post#1 » Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:32 pm

Why arent we charging these scumbags with TREASON. And if found guilty, hang the mother f-ers. Hitlery and the Obamanator are TRAITORS. period. We th people need to try them for their crimes against this nation.

Obama Attacks AZ - With UN Amnesty Plan

UN Human Rights Council To Decide On The
Measures It Would Take In Case of "Persistent Non-cooperation" by

ALERT: Obama just attacked Arizona and
America using the UN and Hillary Clinton's State Department.
Ignoring the court ruling that AZ Immigration Enforcement Law
does not violate human rights but must be enforced by the Feds,
Hillary issued a 29-page "Universal Periodic Review" (UPR) to the
UN Human Rights Council, which indicted AZ and America, and seeks
to force mass illegal alien amnesty on the United States.

Obama's submission of the UPR is part of the
plan to by-pass Congress for amnesty, and a UN review of the AZ
law to culminate with the issuance of a plan of action to STOP AZ
in 90 days from now by a panel of UN bureaucrats.

This is unquestionably UNCONSTITUTIONAL and
UNACCEPTABLE. The United States can never be bound by the
directives of an international body without the consent to treaty
by the U.S. Senate!!! We have set up fax blasts to Bury
Hillary, the UN Secretary General, the UN Human Rights
Commission, the US State Department and send faxes to the home
state offices of every House and Senate member -- DEMANDING that
they remove AZ from this disgraceful UPR.

FAX NOW - Bury Hillary, The State Department
- The UN and Tell The Congress No Amnesty - Secure the Border
NOW! Send Your Faxes!

SELECT HERE - Stop The UN - Stop Amnesty -
Defend Arizona

Just when we thought the federal
government's lawsuit against Arizona was beyond the pale, now
Obama goes to the United Nations to escalate the fight to an
international level!

That's right! In Obama's shameful,
precedent-setting first report to the U.N. Human Rights Council
on the condition of human rights in the United States, Obama had
the audacity to bash the state of Arizona, and the disloyalty to
America to relegate it to third-world status, to denigrate and
diminish our nation and please his global elitist pals!

This is yet another outrage against the
spirit of liberty and sovereignty in America, and we cannot - WE

That's why your help is critical! MCDC
Project is fighting to defend Arizona. It's absolutely vital that
American patriots come to the defense of Arizona and stand
If Obama is given a free pass on his
"back-door amnesty" and defeats Arizona in future court action,
the face of our country will be forever changed. They will have,
in effect, brought into play millions of "instant illegal voters"
with loyalty only to the Obama Democrats, and these "voters" in
turn will, over time, deliver tens of millions of loyalty votes -
votes that will keep the Amnesty supporters and their ilk in
power for decades to come!


Secure The Border - Fax Congress - Tell
Obama NO AMNESTY - Protect American Lives - Defend Arizona - Get
Your Sticker NOW!

It's obvious now more than ever that Obama
has every intention of destroying our security and sovereignty by
issuing mass amnesty through Executive Orders and Actions, and
through his refusal to enforce current federal law.

In his report to the United Nations, Obama
droned on about flaws in the U.S. Constitution, the evil of
slavery, and a cornucopia of American defects and failures before
demagoguing about how he is the savior of our nation, freeing us
from the chains of human wickedness in America...

Later in the "Values and Immigration"
section of his report came this admission: that Janet
Napolitano's Department of Homeland Security is maneuvering to
provide better medical care for illegal immigrant detainees and
is working to find "alternatives to detention"! Outrageous!!!

In translation that means that the Obama
administration is offering free medical care promised to illegal
aliens under ObamaCare even while they're in prison awaiting
deportation! Then there's the promise to "explore alternatives to
detention," which we all know is code for "catch and release" -
or as we hear from the ICE rank and file officers, "don't even
catch them at all"!

And then finally, Obama delivers the
low-blow to Arizona, the only state to stand up to the federal
government and dare to fight in federal court for their right to
enforce the law... the federal law Obama deliberately and
maliciously is undermining from all sides!

Obama writes: "A recent Arizona law, S.B.
1070, has generated significant attention and debate at home and
around the world. The issue is being addressed in a court action
that argues that the federal government has the authority to set
and enforce immigration law. That action is ongoing; parts of the
law are currently enjoined."
By referencing the ongoing lawsuit with
Arizona in a UN Human Rights report, Obama has escalated the
Arizona law debate to an international issue by bringing it under
the review of the United Nations!

FAX NOW - Bury Hillary, The State Department
- The UN and Tell The Congress No Amnesty - Secure the Border
NOW! Send Your Faxes!

SELECT HERE - Stop The UN - Stop Amnesty -
Defend Arizona

As a result of Obama's outrageous report to
the UN, the Arizona law will come under formal review and
examination on November 5th by the three member countries that
control the UN Human Rights Commission: France, Japan, and
Cameroon (a radical Islamic nation).

The UN Commission will then issue directives
on what they recommend the United States do in response to the
Arizona law!


Under the leadership of Gov. Jan Brewer,
Arizona is pushing back against the Obama administration. After
Clinton appointee Judge Susan Bolton struck down key provisions
of the Arizona law, Gov. Brewer immediately appealed the decision
to the 9th Circuit Court.

But, as Gov. Brewer pointed out, it's
obvious to anyone paying attention that the 9th Circuit is a
rubber stamp for Obama's socialist, internationalist agenda. So
this case is going to the Supreme Court...where it should be!

This legal battle will cost Arizona
millions! What's more, at least 22 other states are already
poised to pass.

Arizona needs your help - do not leave them
to defend the border alone!

Gov. Brewer has stated, "We need action from
the federal government not signs ceding sovereign U.S. territory
to international drug cartels and human smugglers." Brewer sent
a letter to Obama outlining her Four-Point Border Action Surge
Strategy. This strategy contains most actions advised in the
2005 Norwood Minuteman Report, and the Minuteman Civil Defense
Corps Project has been calling for these vital actions to be
implemented for 5 years - and whole-heartedly supports them
TODAY. As Gov. Brewer enumerated in her Four-Point Strategy to

1. National Guard Personnel and

2. Border Fence

3. Enforce Federal Law and
Appropriately Fund the Effort
4. Reimburse States for the Additional
Burden of Illegal Immigration

We Say, "Defend Arizona" - Obama And Feds Do
Nothing but Sue AZ!

The tragedy is that the escalating violence
in our southern sector could have been prevented years ago, and
countless innocent American lives saved, if the federal
government had responded to our warnings and recommendations, and
had acted decisively for a secure border patrolled by the
National Guard and a border fence! The level of accelerating
violence and social chaos that has the President of the United
States now ceding our territory to international bandits is the
direct responsibility of the United States Government, and its
gross dereliction of its duty under the US Constitution.

The Obama Administration was and still is
grossly negligent in their sworn oaths of office to protect the
sovereignty of the United States. The Government did not do its
job and was complicit in the act when foreign nationals invade
American soil and killed innocent US citizens! And now the
situation only worsens, as Obama plays politics with border
security, and his Justice Department STOPS Arizona for acting to
save American lives, property and sovereignty!

Why is Washington's response to try to
SUPPRESS Arizona's proper and Constitutional defense of our
people and lands from foreign invasion? The Minuteman Civil
Defense Corps sounded the alarm 5 years ago and this border
crisis could have been prevented if the federal government had
done its job!

Support Brewer DO NOT LET Obama Put More
Americans at Risk.

FAX NOW - Bury Hillary, The State Department
- The UN and Tell The Congress No Amnesty - Secure the Border
NOW! Send Your Faxes!

SELECT HERE - Stop The UN - Stop Amnesty -
Defend Arizona

Enough is enough! The line has to be drawn!
Any human rights violations implicated in our border crisis are
those of the vicious international drug and human trafficking
cartels terrorizing our borderline and exploiting their victims!
The invasion of America has to end! Justice has to be done for
all the good, honest, Americans who have been killed, raped,
kidnapped, stolen from, and abused by criminal illegal immigrants
and alien gangs! American sovereign territory must be DEFENDED

It is a dark time in America; it seems as if
our voices aren't being heard. WE MUST NOT BACK DOWN! The most
powerful things you have as a citizen is your voice and your
ballot, even if so far in Washington, they REFUSE to listen. THE
HOUR IS LATE, MAKE THEM HEAR US -- it is the right thing to do!

TODAY is the day to help us mobilize common
sense, patriotic Americans against this travesty!! The Obama
Administration's plan for Executive Order or US Citizenship and
Immigration Service Executive Action mass amnesty MUST BE

Which is why I hope we can count on you for
a much-needed donation of $25, $35, $50, $75, $100, $250, or more
to Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Project Select Here to Donate.

Yes, I know I am asking a lot of you today.
Especially in these difficult economic times.
But please, remember what is at stake -- the
security, the safety, the sovereignty -- very possibly the very
survival of not just Americans, but America herself.

For more information go
to www.MinutemanHQ.com

For America,

Carmen Mercer
Minuteman Civil Defense
Corps Project

FAX NOW - Bury Hillary, The State Department
- The UN and Tell The Congress No Amnesty - Secure the Border
NOW! Send Your Faxes!

SELECT HERE - Stop The UN - Stop Amnesty -
Defend Arizona

Please send your checks to:

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Project

P.O. Box 1310

Herndon, VA 20172

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Project is a
project of the Declaration Alliance -- a public policy and issues
advocacy organization that aggressively addresses the
intensifying assaults that the American Republic continues to
endure -- at home, and abroad. Declaration Alliance is a
501(c)(4) not-for-profit, tax exempt organization.

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posting from a fan

Post#2 » Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:35 pm

from a fans email:

A friend of mine called me last week telling me that an illegal alien mom who works with him was telling him that she was waiting for her daughter who is crossing the borders into Texas through the Mexican border and that she couldn't wait to see her 18 year old daughter.
The next day she told my friend that she received a call from her daughter telling her that she and the rest of the illegal aliens had been caught by ICE. A couple of days later my friend says that somehow this 18 year old Ecuadorian illegal alien arrived into West Orange New Jersey working in a car wash with her mother.

My question to all of my friends out there is, how did this illegal alien 18 year old girl being caught by ICE ending up in New Jersey a couple of days later?

Did ICE themselves help her get to New Jersey? Or did they just let her go? How did Jessica Martinez from Ecuador end up in New Jersey? and working in a car wash.

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