New York Times: Opposition To Illegal Immigration Is Racism

Illegal Immigration needs to be stamped out now. Repatriation of illegals to their country of ORIGEN needs to happen now. Support Chris Simcox and the Minutemen Projects coming to a border state near you.

also ... This is our payback for listening to the governmental WHORES who said that NAFTA/WTO/GATT were 'good' for America and Jobs. All there has been is a GIANT SUCKING SOUND of Jobs leaving this country. This spot is to recognize the companies that are traitors to the US economy and the traitors in Government that have allowed this to happen
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New York Times: Opposition To Illegal Immigration Is Racism

Post#1 » Thu Mar 06, 2008 5:04 pm

Note to NWT: You are the racist assholes who are the mouth piece for the elite who use RACISM as a tool to divide an conquer us.
NYT needs to be bankrupted, and NOT allowed to print this garbage. It is NOT news, it is propaganda, and only serves CORPORATE interests, and not we the free interests. NYT has shown itself to be the CONSTANT enemy of regular Joe America.

New York Times: Opposition To Illegal Immigration Is Racism

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Mar 3 2008 12:00AM

Silly, loaded rhetoric:

The Nativist reaction of the early 20th century started with a similar virulence. In the aftermath of World War I, “there was just this fear that millions of people were going to pour in,” said Mae Ngai, a Columbia University historian. “You could read the discussion from the 1910s and think you were looking at something from today, if you just took out ‘Italians’ and put in ‘Mexicans’ “

Anti-immigrant sentiment probably did help Herbert Hoover beat Al Smith—a Catholic, like many immigrants at the time—in 1928. But after Congress overwhelmingly passed new immigration restrictions in 1924, the main political fight over immigration occurred not between the parties, but within the Democratic Party, with those who wanted to embrace the Ku Klux Klan battling those who did not. Franklin D. Roosevelt was in the latter group

Mr. Rauchway, the historian, argues that the ultimate failure of anti-immigrant politics is part of a larger failure of class-based politics in the United States. Running against the rich—or the poor—has rarely worked in this country. Instead, immigrant-bashing has been most successful when it tapped into broader racial fears, as it did in both the 1850s and the 1920s. Notably, the economy was booming in the ‘20s

“As it becomes less and less acceptable to be racist,” Mr. Rauchway said, “immigration is not going to be as politically effective.”

The idea that opposition to illegal immigration = racism is just plain lazy thinking. Do racists oppose illegal immigration? I’m sure they do, but that does not mean that one must be racist to oppose illegal immigration

For instance, this opponent to illegal immigration actually thinks one good way to help solve it is to make it easier for people from all over the world to immigrate here legally. That’s not exactly a position a racist would have

There is, after all, nothing racist about expecting people who come to this country to live and work to actually become citizens and fulfill all the obligations and duties which come with that

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Tools to use to get the out of country

Post#2 » Thu Mar 06, 2008 5:10 pm

Posted by Dr Coles on Mar 4 2008 11:35AM - Illegal Aliens and Immigration is NOT the same thing. Immigrant is a legal status granted by a sovereign country. We have to many folks who do not know and are ignorant or outright deceivers, confusing illegal alien workers calling them illegal immigrants with immigrants. Criminals did NOT build America; Citizens and LEGAL immigrants built it. American’s want an end to anarchy! This is NOT a Democrat, Republican, Independent issue. It's an American Issue.

Illegal aliens are criminals, those who hire them are criminals and those who aid-and-abet them are criminals.

Illegal aliens in America have NO rights. We are required by law to arrest and prosecute, deport them. (Title 8 U.S. Code) To report illegal aliens call the DHS National Hotline 1 866 DHS 2ICE. (1-866-347-2523)

No, matter your political party affiliation, and setting aside your thoughts on issues. We all need to remember what it is to be an American Citizen. We need to make sure our elected representatives obey their Oath of Office and keep their Oath of Allegiance. See Know whom you are voting for.

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