More info on the LEPROSY and TB outbreak in Arkansas

Illegal Immigration needs to be stamped out now. Repatriation of illegals to their country of ORIGEN needs to happen now. Support Chris Simcox and the Minutemen Projects coming to a border state near you.

also ... This is our payback for listening to the governmental WHORES who said that NAFTA/WTO/GATT were 'good' for America and Jobs. All there has been is a GIANT SUCKING SOUND of Jobs leaving this country. This spot is to recognize the companies that are traitors to the US economy and the traitors in Government that have allowed this to happen
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More info on the LEPROSY and TB outbreak in Arkansas

Post#1 » Tue Feb 19, 2008 10:08 am

The evil ones are gonna pat themselves on the back over this. This is real close to home guys. hangman

When oh when will somebody actually investigate….are the crime family corporations really that powerful?

Public servants? Don’t make us laugh. Corporate servants? Now we are getting there.

Will no one stand up for the courageous lady Doctor who dared tell the truth?

Not so far as we know. Beyond tragic….and lethal.

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Subject: More info on the LEPROSY and TB outbreak in Aekansas ... id=1386648

Published: February 18, 2008

In an emergency room in Arkansas, the patient exhibits dark red boils, her skin numb. Another case of leprosy in America. Not far away, a tuberculosis-infected illegal immigrant coughs while on break at the local chicken processing plant – spreading his infectious germs across the break room table. His children, also carrying the disease, which had been all but eradicated from the United States years ago, join hundreds of children at the local public school. Crossing the Mexican border, in a pickup truck filled with “migrant workers” coming to “do the jobs Americans don’t do” in our fields and food processing plants, is the Islamic terrorist who purposefully infected himself with smallpox in order to spread the deadly disease to unsuspecting Americans nationwide.

Fact or fiction? Well over 12 million illegal aliens have invaded our country from our southern border, circumventing the strict health requirements that are enforced for those entering legally – requirements that include ensuring the entrants are free from infectious diseases. Our own government continues its push to give them legitimacy, in some cases welcoming them with open arms under the guise of “they are doing the work Americans just don’t do.” However, we don’t know who they are – or what horrific contagions they may have brought with them.

In Northwest Arkansas, the state health department has been tracking nine cases of Marshall Island citizens infected with leprosy. According to a report from KFSM, the CBS affiliate in Fayetteville, Northwest Arkansas has a large population of Marshall Island immigrants who have been brought here to work in the poultry plants in the area. Although, according to Dr. Jennifer Bingham in the KFSM report, leprosy is curable with proper attention to treatment, they are not able to enlist compliance from the patients to complete the process. The report also lists 100 cases of tuberculosis in the Springdale area.

In subsequent reports, the Arkansas Department of Health has downplayed the importance of the outbreak of leprosy in Northwest Arkansas, stating that 95 percent of the population is genetically resistant to the disease. Leprosy is a major concern in the Marshall Islands and with residents from the Marshall Islands being exempt from immigration laws – including medical requirements – it is no small surprise that Northwest Arkansas, with a large concentration of Marshall Island residents working in the poultry plants, is tracking nine cases of the disease.

In an effort to calm fears of tuberculosis outbreak, the Ft. Smith, Arkansas, Times Record states that in 2007, there were 106 cases of tuberculosis reported statewide, with 21 – nearly a full quarter – in the Northwest Arkansas area. Spread through the inhalation of infected particles from an infected person who coughs, tuberculosis is easier spread than leprosy. Both stories, regardless of the downplaying from government officials, are reason for concern.

Concerns over leprosy in America are not new, but rarely reported. On March 15, 2005, Columbia University’s Columbia News Service published an article by Ben Whitford, titled “Leprosy in America: New Cause for Concern”.

While leprosy outbreaks in the United States are rare, approximately 130 cases per year, Whitford’s report states that in 2004, 100 cases of leprosy were diagnosed in the United States among the immigrant population. That was double from the year 2000. Dr. William Levis, head of New York’s Hansen’s Disease Clinic, stated, “It’s creeping into the U.S.” He is further quoted as calling it an “epidemic” that has already reached such proportions in Texas, New York and California – all states with high populations of immigrants.

It has become politically incorrect to discuss the possibility of illegal aliens bringing tuberculosis, leprosy and other infectious diseases across the border. This tolerance to the lax policies regarding immigration, appeasement of La Raza and other special interests and the ease in which illegal aliens can blend into American society, leaves us wide open to something far more sinister and deadly – bioterrorism.

Like the economic and health issues regarding illegal immigration that have plagued our nation, the threat of terrorism from our porous southern and northern borders is largely ignored, but a very real possibility.

After September 11, the possibility of smallpox being used in a bioterror attack became a concern with the Center for Disease Control. Long since eradicated from the U.S., this highly contagious, deadly disease – or any other – can walk across the border with Mohammed as easily as tuberculosis comes with your local tomato picker.

Tuberculosis, leprosy – an epidemic? The reality of bioterrorism from our porous borders? The possibilities could cause panic among the population. The news would spread faster than the diseases themselves, therefore the news is controlled, with an apparent goal to downplay concerns.

People have the right to know that government’s open border policy has put them in danger, for more reasons than one. Don’t believe for a second the cases in Northwest Arkansas are isolated incidences. This is only the beginning. ... id=1386648
"If you can't do business legally, then you have no business being in business."

Anything short of deportation is amnesty.

Any and all politicians or government official that allowed this invasion to occur by pandering to this INVASION of illegals needs to be arrested and charged with aiding and abetting this plague that crosses our border

WHO started this "POLITICALLY CORRECT" crap...Its time to call a spade a spade and charge George Bush with Treason and sedition as well as any other piece of garbage politician pandering for a Vote ...those that took an oath to serve and protect us are EQUALLY liable and should also be held accountable...we are making a start by doing lawsuits against these an American, it is OUR DUTY to keep our county safe. Read the Immigration Act. Citizens CAN play a part in this...and we SHOULD and finally are.

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I am glad to see you posted this here HM

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Until we put the FEAR back into our public servants, they will continue to be CORPORATE WHORES. A little fear in the Feddies is a good thing. Freedom wont return until then. The tree of liberty has been watered for far too long with the blood of American patriots. Now its time for the blood of Tyrants to refresh it as well.

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