The latest from our anti-II friends in LAKEWOOD NJ

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The latest from our anti-II friends in LAKEWOOD NJ

Post#1 » Tue Dec 11, 2007 4:41 pm

hmmm a very familiar undertone... especially khazar involvement in helping the illegals..

Dear friends,

I am extremely upset right now and wanted to share some things; very
important things about whats happening here in Lakewood, NJ, in the hopes that some
may come up with some outstanding solutions. I would appreciate any and all
comments from all.

Here is the current situation folks;

I have just gotten off the phone with Zach, our local newspaper reporter
here in Ocean County. He is doing a story about the 21 Ordinances relating to
the Annual Inspection which our committee, the Lakewood Rental Advisory
Committee, is pushing for.

Here are the benefits of having the Annual Inspection:

Parts of our town look like ghettos - the surrounding real estate values are
dropping horribly; folks are suffering, and, obviously, losing value on
their homes. Some have stated to us that they will never get back what they have
put into it for decades because of the "block busting" taking place.

There are huge problems with overcrowding. When single family homes are
being over run with large numbers of folks, folks not even related mind you. We
have some serious concerns with safety and health issues. Should we just wait
for a house fire to take place and folks killed before we actually do
something? Apparently,this is exactly what some in our community think.

Another issue is that the VAAD has somehow gotten over 650 signatures on a
petition against the Annual Inspection passage. It was supposed to go up for
the Second Reading this Thursday, Decmeber 13th; apparently, that has been
tabeled until next year. Yea, thats sound about fair for Lakewood.

The VAAD has decided that the eight months prior; when the committee met
every single month to discuss these issues; that they were just too busy to
attend and voice their concerns THEN. Suddenly, when we actually have something
before the township committe for a Second Reading, the VAAD has decided that
they don't want this passed and will stop at nothing to see it isn't passed.
Including apparently changing the vote of one of the members, Robert Singer.
Yes, we know that lobbying is certainly allowed folks; but how did the VAAD
know specifically that Mr. Singer was going to vote NO at the Second meeting,
long before the meeting???!! It does make you think something is just not

Freehold and Seaside Heights already have the Annual Inspection in place;
they have no problems and, in fact, have far less problems than they did
before. Its a good program. As long as we can automat the Inspections Department
and hire more inspectors by the deadline of July 2008, this Annual Inspection
can then work. It can save lives and improve the ghetto appearances which have
been growing in leaps and bounds here in Lakewood. Many travel Route 88 and
need only drive down it to see what I'm talking about.

You have to ask this very important question folks;


Is there something going on that the rest of the community should know
about? Is there any illegal renting going on within some of the Orthodox
community? Renting to perhaps Yeshiva students? I'm not sure, but it does bring many
questions and concerns to mind, no?!

Exactly what would it hurt if there were Annual Inspectons?!

Next door to me is a home zoned for five occupants; a single family home.
I've had numerous problems with this place since it was sold to Mr. Mark Engle
a few years ago. There are more than five occupants living there - Each room,
and we know because they leave their windows wide open; has been changed
into mini apartments - equipped with a toaster over, mini fridge and crip. So
instead of five occupants living there, there are families living in each room.
And the upstairs, evidently, houses only men!

So folks take single family homes and convert them into multiple dwellings.
How does this effect the rest of the community? What harm is done, you may

The amount of trash used from multiple dwellings, obviously, increases;
The amount of utilites used also increases;
The over crowding creates health issues - if an adult is carrying TB, lets
say for arguments sake, then the small children who are living there contract
it as well;
The home, zoned for only five, only has ONE BATHROOM; so where do all those
folks go when they have to use the facilities? Yep, they go OUTSIDE and use
the backyard;
The noise levels are amazing; we have men upstairs who have their windows
wide open, even when temps are 26 degrees; drinking and blasting their music at
all hours; yes, we have had the Lakewood police out yet again; they are
drunk and stammer out of their lips, "its a holiday, we can blast our music if we
want..." - enough said.
Some use the space heaters and propane heaters; again, with so many
occupants, its a huge fire hazard; or should we assume that a fire won't take place
until it does and then cry ignorance?

The way I see it living here in Lakewood is this: and I'm sure that many
will try to label me a racist, or whatever; go for it; God knows my heart and
for me, thats all that matters:

I feel that the largest voices here in Lakewood are: 1) the Orthodox
community; 2) the Illegals.

These two groups ALONE make amazing demands of the entire community of
Lakewood. They don't want Annual Inspections: if there were annual inspections; it
would hurt them financially. And the illegals would not be able to live in
the condition that they currently do.

Illegals make demands for drivers licenses; which is a PRIVILEDGE NOT a
RIGHT - yet they feel they are entitled to anything an American Citizen is
receiving; But if you step over that southern border, Mexico will certainly NOT
treat you the way New Jersey treats illegals. After all, it is a huge sanctuary
state. When money is at the root of folks actions; nothing else seems to
matter. Nobody cares who gets hurt in the process; as long as they can still get

The Orthodox seem to think that if they suddenly don't like something; well,
naturally, it should not take place!! Instead of attending the very PUBLIC
sessions of all our monthly meetings with the Committee, they decide, at the
second reading, that they suddenly have something to offer. Instead of coming
to the meetings and making suggestions or looking for compromises; they feel
they have the power to suddenly take over a Second Reading, somehow influence
the voters, like Mr. Singer; and they will automatically WIN because they
have gotten 650 signatures!! Yea, sounds very democratic; very fair indeed.

Exactly, where were the VAAD and the mega landlords of Lakewood when the
process was being created? Did they think it was our decision alone? NO, it
wasn't. We worked with the Inspection Department and the township committee
members - this wasn't something we dreamed up on our own. But it does need to be

Should this be "tabled" until next year, its not going to stop us for a
moment - but the truth will come out - and the rest of the community, which is
always forgotten, will know exactly whats going on here. Anyone can get a
petition signed; especially if someone else tells you you have to sign it - puts
fear in you and makes you sign - Any undue influence from the Rabbis???? You
certainly have to wonder - is the entire Orthodox community against safety and
health issues; and Annual Inspections? I know for sure they are not - I just
wish they were not afraid to come out and agree with us personally.

What say you on this fiasco? Its a nightmare here in Lakewood - and very
uneven, unfair, games of politics here. Nobody has the BALLS to do the RIGHT
thing!!! Why?!!

We need numbers to come out to the meeting on Thursday; which I already know
we will never, ever get. Too many folks have better things to do - and leave
the mess for those of us who actually care about our community. Its rather
sad and shameful...I for one plan on going for the jugular on Thursday night -
I have nothing to loose.


Please excuse any typos, I'm rushed for time, have to go to work and I'm
trying to finish school as well.

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