Latest on Fritz Springmeiers & new address to contact hi

Post Freedom Fighters Penal Addresses, their stories and travails contact information. As long as our Feddies are acting like criminals and jailing good people, this board will EXIST
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Latest on Fritz Springmeiers & new address to contact hi

Post#1 » Sun Jan 18, 2004 9:58 pm

AS of Fall 2011 Fritz is finally a free man.

Address as of 9-26-2006
Fritz Springmeier 65941-065

FCI Sheridan

PO Box 5000

Sheridan, OR 97378

January 18th Springmeier Update--Fritz' New Address
Dear Friends,

Here's wishing you a Blessed New Year and, also, that the NWO continues to lose as much credibility as they did last year! Hallelujah! Fritz and I want to thank you for having gotten us through the last several years of difficulties. Through faith in our Lord and the support of friends like you, we are still standing and ready to continue the battle until Fritz' release. Although it was a difficult holiday season for us from Thanksgiving right through New Years, Fritz and I were thankful that we could at least spend Christmas day together.

Since the November 13th sentencing for 111 months, of major concern to us was, "Will Fritz be housed here in Oregon"? Several days before Christmas, Fritz was told that he would be relocated out of state. Where? They said, "you'll know when you get there". What security level? Same answer. Exactly when? All Fritz knew from observation was that, when they packed him up, it would be within a day or two. As a result, we took every opportunity to get in as many visits as we could. Finally, Friday evening, January 9th to he called to tell me that he was packed up. The following day, I drove out to see him at Sheridan for what will be the last time for a while.

Just last Friday he called from his new counselor's office in Phoenix, AZ to say that he is OK and that he will be in a holding cell until they can find room for him in the general population, in the medium facility. The good news about Fritz' status as medium security is that Sheridan (the only Federal Pen. in Oregon) has a medium facility. The bad news is that his counselor told him he wouldn't be able to transfer back here for eighteen months. He's eager to get situated and out of the "Limbo" he's in right now. He's looking forward to hearing from all of you. His contact info. is below:

Fritz Springmeier 65941-065
Phoenix FCI
37900 N 45TH Ave., Dept. 1680
Phoenix, AZ 85029

For anyone who has not written to him before, the number following his name is his federal ID number. You may send him letters and postcards only. If you wish to send books, they must be paperback, purchased and sent from the retailer. Magazines can be sent only by subscription. Just know that they read every letter that comes in, therefore, it may take several extra days to get to him because of the processing.

Thankfully yours,


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March 2004 update on Fritz....

Post#2 » Sun Mar 21, 2004 3:20 pm

Springmeier Update--Appeals News
Dear Friends,

It's time again to share some news about Fritz. As many of you know, in January 2004, the Bureau of Prisons (B.O.P.) did a lateral move on Fritz, taking him from a Medium High prison at Sheridan, Oregon to a Medium High prison far away from his family at Phoenix, Arizona. Fritz was never able to get any answer from the B.O.P. as to why they moved him. But he was told that he is under "special supervision" by the B.O.P. because groups on the Internet, whom the government doesn't like, "take an interest" in him.

Fritz has some good things to report. He got a GED tutoring job at his new prison; and in his spare time he has been doing some paralegal work to help inmates with their legal situations. Also, his attorney, Noel Grefenson, has put in two appeals. One of these appeals is based on the fact that there was no evidence presented at his trial that Fritz had planned, aided, or abetted the use of a firearm in the bank robbery. He was given five years for this, in spite of there being absolutely no evidence or testimony to this charge. Clearly the jury must have thought one is guilty before proven innocent. This appeal issue is a very solid one, as the law states that evidence must exist to convict someone, and judges should not let juries even vote on such issues if there is no evidence. The ball is now in the appeals court. We await their decision.

Fritz has experienced many blessings from God in prison. Fritz's day begins about 5:30am with a shower, breakfast, and a mile walk around the track where he can enjoy the beautiful Arizona sunrises. God's beautiful creation enhances even prison life. Fritz enjoys receiving mail; and he attempts to respond to most of his mail. He'd like to hear from you. Just remember all of his incoming and outgoing mail is read by the B.O.P., so please write appropriate things. Money gifts should be done by U.S. Postal Money Order. His address is:

Fritz Springmeier 65941-065
Federal Correctional Institute
37910 N 45TH Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85086

Love and Blessings to you all,



Fritz Springmeier?

Post#3 » Sat Oct 09, 2004 1:48 am

Havent heard much about Fritz Springmeier in recent days.
Has his appeals gone thru? What happened to them? Is Patty still around in Oregon or did she move to be closer to him?
His co-partner in the bank robbery charge Forrest Bateman, is he in the same prison, is he appealing his conviction also? Seems like this is all being swept under the rug.
Whats up with that?

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I dont know

Post#4 » Sun Oct 17, 2004 3:42 pm

I havent had an update in sometime. I will email patty to see how they are both doing.

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Tue, 26 Sep 2006 UpDate on Fritz new address

Post#5 » Sun Oct 08, 2006 4:13 pm

Dear Friends,

It’s been a busy year since I last wrote to you about Fritz. There have
been a lot of ‘low points’ and only just recently have things gotten a lot
better. There are several things I want to write to you about in this
email, among the most important are the status of Fritz’ Appeals, Fritz’
recent relocation back to Sheridan, Oregon (along with his new address) and
my new email address for Fritz’ updates.

We left last September at the point where, through your generous assistance,
Fritz, represented by J.M. Irigoyen, was able to present the final appeal to
the District court in Portland, Oregon. Six months later, in March 2006 on
a Friday afternoon, I received word from his sister that Fritz lost the
appeal. After all of the effort that we had put into the available appeals,
it was a horrible blow. However, by the following Tuesday I was able to
find out that Fritz could still file a “Certificate of Appealability” (COA)
to the same district court. At least it was some consolation, especially as
we were under the impression that the final appeal to the District Court had
been ‘final’.

Since then, the Portland District Court turned down the COA and a final COA
has been submitted to the Ninth Circuit Court for several months now. Fritz
filed paperwork so that his attorney, J.M. Irigoyen could continue to
represent him as a court appointed attorney (In other words, the government
will pay attorney’s fees.) should this final COA to the Ninth Circuit be
approved. Once they approve the appealability, then the actual appeal needs
to be submitted to the Ninth Circuit. If the Ninth Circuit Court turns
down the COA, then it ends there and Fritz finishes out the remaining 4 ½
years of his sentence. This decision will truly be final.

Although at times our patience has worn thin over the uncertainty of the
last 4 ½ years, as usual we hold out some hope—mainly over the fact that
it’s been about 4 months since Fritz filed to the Ninth Circuit Court.
Surely, we reason, if there was some flaw in the appeal they would have
denied it immediately.

Fritz has been moved twice within this last year. As I mentioned at the
beginning, Fritz was recently moved to the Sheridan, Oregon federal
penitentiary (address at bottom), after having been placed in Big Spring,
Texas from December, 2005 to July, 2006. Fritz had been relocated to Big
Spring from Phoenix, Arizona shortly before Christmas last year. From the
moment he arrived and immediately caught a perpetually circulating flu,
(Could it have been the 52 man barracks sleeping arrangement?!!), through
the assault incident three months later, and subsequent stay in solitary for
over 4 months; it was one continuously bad experience.

I drove down from Denver to visit him before his hearing on the assault,
because after conferring with several inmates, he was pretty sure that the
punishment would include an extra 90 day stay in solitary with no
commissary, visitors or phone calls. That’s exactly what ended up
happening. However, after several months of getting hardly any sleep in the
barracks of the general population, he was thrilled to have his own cell and
catch up on his rest. From one of his letters, shortly after the incident
he wrote:

“Let me report that I’m so blessed that God put me in the hole. He designed
the perfect time for me to inhale His sacred Word. In less than 12 days (2
of them without glasses), I was able, thanks to YHWH’s mercy, to read the
entire Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi. Praise His Holy name! I’ve
been given the best sleep since coming to prison, including some of the best
of my life.”

He also finally had a quiet place to do some writing. Because the prisons
are generally overcrowded, at various times while in solitary he had
cellmates. The prison officials managed to add about 4 more weeks to his
stay in solitary while they made the decision to move him out of state. It
was a complete surprise to get my first phone call from him in 4 months from
a holding facility in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on the evening of July 4th.
He was fairly certain that they would relocate him back to Sheridan, Oregon
and so they did.

He is relieved to be back at Sheridan and had this to say in a recent

“Coming to FCI Sheridan has been a big blessing for me. The prison has lots
of amenities which were lacking in the last prison, and the accumulation of
these minor blessings amounts to a big difference to me health-wise,
stress-wise, and morale-wise. Lots of fresh fruit, tomatoes, and other
healthy foods are available. The grounds have flower and vegetable gardens
scattered throughout, including a waterfall and accompanying Koi-filled pond
and flower garden with a variety of species including Rhodies.

“…What will be one of the focuses will be education. Very quickly after my
arrival to FCI Sheridan, I interviewed for a teaching job in the Education
Dept. and was hired as an Education Tutor working from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
This amounts to a full time job. I may also end up with ACE classes to
teach in the evenings. My first full week of teaching went well. Some of
my students on their own praised me to my boss. Yeah…that’s what a teacher

It was a wonderful turn of events for Fritz to be sent back to Oregon. At
Big Spring he was dreading a tedious factory job quality assuring circuit
boards. He wanted so badly to get back to teaching and now, back in Oregon,
he’s doing just that.

It’s hard to say when we will get word back from the Ninth Circuit Court,
but I will let you know immediately when it happens. If you’d like to write
to Fritz, he’d love to hear from you—even a postcard would be great:

Fritz Springmeier 65941-065

FCI Sheridan

PO Box 5000

Sheridan, OR 97378

My address here in Denver, Colorado is still the same:

Patricia Springmeier

700 N. Colorado Blvd., #126

Denver, CO 80207

With love, and blessings and thanks to you all,

Patty Springmeier

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