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Urgent appeal: letter sending campaign, US Supreme Court, from Edgar Steele

This will be a very long message. The Edgar Steele Defense Fund, the
Steele family and others are mounting a TIME-CRITICAL letter-sending
campaign. We are petitioning the US Supreme Court to consider the
travesty of Mr. Steele's legal battle. To have the most impact, included
in this message is an overview of the letter-sending campaign, three
example letters that can be sent to ONE or ALL NINE of the US Supreme
Court Justices. Included here are the names of the NINE Justices.

We ask if possible, please consider sending ONE or more hand-signed
letters based on the information herein. If possible, before noon, Friday
October 21. Yes, that's NOW. We found at the very last moment the need to
mobilize immediately.


At the FES web site -- this page: is found duplication (and
enhancement) of the info contained here. If you'd like US to take care of
sending letters to the USSC on your behalf, that is an option.


Roadmap: First is an issue summary with some instructions. Next are 3
example letters you can use as is, or can tailor. The task is to edit,
print, sign, stuff in an addressed envelope, add postage and mail before
NOON Friday 10/21.


October 19, 2011

Dear US Citizens:

Imagine that one day the FBI arrests you. You did nothing wrong, but all
of a sudden they are at your front door and you are placed in hand cuffs.
Now imagine that you are thrown in jail without bail, kept in solitary
confinement and prevented from talking with friends or family. What do
you do? Call a lawyer, right? Once you talk with him your troubles should
be over, right?

This happens thousands of times every day in our country and you would
think that once you get your lawyer on the phone, he/she would arrange to
bail you out and all will be well. But, even when you and the attorney
can talk,not so fast, Sherlock! You probably didn't know that every word
you and your attorney say to each other is recorded and played back to
the prosecution!

How do they get away with that, you ask? Well, it’s easy when the judge
lets them do it and it appears to be a part of their regular business; as
in, “I was just doing my job.” It is not so astounding that there is a
97% conviction rate of all people prosecuted for federal crimes,when you
consider this course of action. Are the feds that good? Are the people
arrested that bad? How do they get these fantastic (as in the traditional
“fantasy” meaning of the word) rates of conviction? One of the secrets
will be revealed to you right here. They violate the law and they lie
about it! Now they have been caught and catching them will only make a
difference if you let the US Supreme Court

know that you know and the rest of America is also going to know that
they have been caught. According to federal law and rules set down by the
United States Supreme Court, attorney-client conversations are supposed
to be kept secret. They are supposed to be absolutely privileged. They
are sacrosanct. Attorneys speak to their clients with the expectation
that their conversations about their case, about trial strategy, about
guilt or innocence, are as privileged and protected as doctor-patient
conversations or priest-parishioner conversations. This is no longer

Federal marshals, operating outside the law and contrary to Supreme Court
Rules, are now routinely recording these
privileged conversations and playing them for the prosecution. How do we
know this? Well, we have witnessed it with our own eyes and ears.

In a recent federal case where First Amendment Lawyer, Edgar J. Steele,
was arrested, jailed and isolated in just the same manner as outlined
above, the Government’s illegal wiretapping was discussed in open court
with a federal judge, where the
US Marshal admitted that this is now standard procedure and the judge
refused to do anything about it. It is happening nationwide before our
very eyes and there are no officials willing to do anything to stop it.

From personal experience and from the experience of others who have
contacted us about this outrage, we know what is
happening, but the US Supreme Court doesn’t seem to know; or do they? Are
they just helping to keep a conspiracy of silence or will they do their
job to keep the government honest?

Edgar Steele’s case is the prime example. Attorney Edgar Steele is famous
as the “attorney of the damned” for taking cases
of people who are politically incorrect and become victims of state and
federal prosecutions. Then he embarrasses the government with his
brilliant defense tactics. He is loud, he is outspoken and some say even
obnoxious, but he has been
effective in getting his clients released and their charges either
reduced or dismissed.

For his brilliance, he was tagged by the government as a politically
disruptive person, but was not prosecuted for his free
speech activities under the First Amendment; nor was he attacked for
providing a capable defense under the Sixth Amendment. No, that would be
too obvious an attack on the U.S. Constitution.

He was arrested on fabricated charges and prosecuted in one of the many
phony murder-for-hire-plot cases trumped up by the
government in order to entrap people on false charges and put them in
prison. Yes, it is true. We have many political prisoners in America.
Many other victims of similar federal prosecutions, like Ed, have also
been kept in solitary confinement, held without bail, isolated from
family and finally convicted in show trials that are nothing but a sham,
where the accused is not allowed to present the full testimony of the
witnesses of his choice in his defense or if a defense witness is called,
the judge will not let them speak what they know, by systematically
excluding all exculpatory testimony. Judges today simply sustain all the
prosecution objections, which shuts up the witness, so the jury does not
hear that the defendant is innocent.

This is what the judge did in Edgar Steele’s “show trial” in May 2011 as
he repeatedly told the attorneys, ‘don’t say anything to make the
Government look bad.’ Also, another trick used is that judges will not
sustain objections made by the defense when government witnesses tell
their lies, so the only picture that the jury sees and hears is the one
orchestrated by the prosecution. At every turn the defendant’s defense
strategy is being defeated.

How could the prosecution be so good and the defense so bad? Well, it
turns out the prosecution had the US Marshals bugging
Edgar’s conversations with his attorneys and playing them back for the
prosecution and their staff so they could anticipate
and thwart Edgar’s every move. What is the way to keep a 97% conviction
rate in federal cases? Cheat!

What can be done to stop this? Edgar is petitioning the United States
Supreme Court to stop this illegal, immoral and
outrageous prosecutorial misconduct and you can help. We aren’t asking
for your money. We aren’t asking for you to picket the Supreme Court. We
aren’t asking for your first-born child. We are simply asking you to
politely ask the Supreme Court to fully and fairly consider his petition.
Simply ask them to uphold the law, the Constitution and their own rules.
Is that something every citizen can do? Can you do that? It is easy. Just
ask the Supreme Court to read the petition that Edgar is filing in his
own behalf and also in behalf of the other federal detainees nationwide
who are suffering the same fate. He is asking the high court to uphold
their own rules and prohibit corrupt federal judges from allowing federal
prosecutors and US Marshals to continually eavesdrop on the private
conversations between attorneys and their clients in federal custody.

If you do this, you might just get the US Supreme Court to do their job
instead of sticking their collective heads in the sand and ignoring the
evil that is presently running the US Government. Wouldn’t it be nice for
a change to have good governance instead of corrupt government?

To achieve the highest impact, sample letters have been provided and it
is best to write a letter and mail one to the Chief
Justice and one to each of the eight Associate Justices. Letters to the
US Supreme Court should use the salutation “Dear
Chief Justice:” or for the associate justices, “Dear Justice [Last
Name]:” and end with the closing “Sincerely,” or
“Regards,”. On the envelope and in the address of your letter, address
the letter to “Chief Justice [Full Name]” or
“Justice [Full Name].” Mail your letter to: The Supreme Court of the
United States, One First Street NE, Washington, DC
20543. Following is a list of the names of the nine Justices with the
address. Each letter should state something like this: “Letters of this
nature are unusual, but then it is highly unusual that no judicial action
has been taken to prevent the US Marshals Service from hijacking the US
Supreme Court’s rule-making prerogative in the last 10 years. Why has the
Executive Branch been allowed to get away with making rules for the
Supreme Court? As a citizen, I want to know why this misconduct has been
ignored. The question is: “What will it take to get the US Supreme Court
to do its job?”

Also, attached are three sample letters to help those who are unsure of
what to write. The whole body of one of
these letters or any part may be copied and pasted into the body of your
letter or you may use portions to help you write
the letter in your own words.

Thank you for your help!
Edgar Steele Defense Fund


[Enter your full name]
[Enter your address]
[Enter your City, State, Zip]

[Enter Date]

[Enter Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.] or [Justice Full Name]
The Supreme Court of the United States
One First Street NE
Washington, DC 20543

RE: Edgar J. Steele's Petition for Writ of Mandamus and Prohibition
to Prevent Usurpation of Supreme Court Rule-making Authority

Dear [Chief Justice Roberts, Jr.]: or [Justice Last Name]:

I am writing you in support of the above-referenced petition of Edgar J.
Steele, which
respectfully requests the United States Supreme Court to enforce its
rules regarding
attorney client privileged conversations. History, law and Supreme Court
Rules hold
that attorney client conversations are privileged and cannot be recorded
and played
for the prosecution, yet this is exactly what happened in Mr. Steele’s
case and is
happening nationwide.

The Steele petition asks you to take notice of this abuse of
Constitutional rights and
correct the situation before all Americans are deprived of their basic
liberty rights.
Please take the time to read the petition and give it due consideration.
Thank you.


[Sign above, enter your full name]


[Enter your full name]
[Enter your address]
[Enter your City, State, Zip]

[Enter Date]

[Enter Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.] or [Justice Full Name]
The Supreme Court of the United States
One First Street NE
Washington, DC 20543

RE: Edgar J. Steele's Petition for Writ of Mandamus and Prohibition
to Prevent Usurpation of Supreme Court Rule-making Authority

Dear [Chief Justice Roberts, Jr.]: or [Justice Last Name]:

It was my belief that discussions between defendant (or plaintiff) and
their lawyer
are guaranteed to be private. I've become aware of Mr. Edgar Steele's
legal battle
where the Government repeatedly violated this guarantee. His petition,
above, is due to be filed on October 25, 2011. I support his request for
your body
to stop lower courts from invading a litigant's confidentiality.

I do not know law nor its complexities. But I do know that this serious
problem will
continue if it is not halted by your higher authority.

Please show citizens that fair, equitable justice remains present in
America, not
only for Mr. Steele, but for all those who have fallen victim to rogue
behavior on
the part of various agencies throughout this land. Will you review and
consider the
Steele petition?


[Sign above, enter your full name]


[Enter your full name]
[Enter your address]
[Enter your City, State, Zip]

[Enter Date]

[Enter Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.] or [Justice Full Name]
The Supreme Court of the United States
One First Street NE
Washington, DC 20543

RE: Edgar J. Steele's Petition for Writ of Mandamus and Prohibition
to Prevent Usurpation of Supreme Court Rule-making Authority

Dear [Chief Justice Roberts, Jr.]: or [Justice Last Name]:
I am writing to ask you to please acknowledge and read the Petition for
Writ of
Mandamus and Prohibition to Prevent Usurpation of Supreme Court
Authority which is being submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court by Mr. Edgar

This petition will bring to your attention that fact that, as you well
attorney/client conversations by law are privileged and cannot be
recorded and
played for the prosecution, but unlawfully, this is exactly what is
nationwide today and happened to Mr. Steele.

It is my understanding that the Supreme Court is the place where this
can be halted, hence Mr. Steele's petition.

I know that you and your associates will take my request seriously and do
is necessary to address the concerns in the said petition. I also believe
you will arrange to have attorney/client privacy re-instated and I pray
that you
will arrange to have those who are breaking this law punished.

Thank you very much.


[Sign above, enter your full name]


Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.
The Supreme Court of the United States
One First Street NE
Washington, DC 20543

Justice Antonin Scalia
The Supreme Court of the United States
One First Street NE
Washington, DC 20543

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy
The Supreme Court of the United States
One First Street NE
Washington, DC 20543

Justice Clarence Thomas
The Supreme Court of the United States
One First Street NE
Washington, DC 20543

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
The Supreme Court of the United States
One First Street NE
Washington, DC 20543

Justice Stephen G. Breyer
The Supreme Court of the United States
One First Street NE
Washington, DC 20543

Justice Samuel Anthony Alito, Jr.
The Supreme Court of the United States
One First Street NE
Washington, DC 20543

Justice Sonia Sotomayor
The Supreme Court of the United States
One First Street NE
Washington, DC 20543

Justice Elena Kagan
The Supreme Court of the United States
One First Street NE
Washington, DC 20543

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Victorville death prison protest, 1/5/2012, from Cyndi Steel

Post#2 » Thu Jan 05, 2012 10:42 am

What the joos have done to Ed, they will be doing to you if you speak out against their crimes and their criminals. america youd better wake up, because all the wrong bolshevik joos are in all the right police state positions to do to us, what they did to Russia.

Last week the joo levin sponsored bill NDAA just got passed and made ALL americans ENEMY COMBATANTS. Only Joos think of this shit they intend to use on us. ARE YOU GETTING THE FUCKING PICTURE YET. You are nothing more then solyent Green to these parasites. WAKE THE FUCK UP, or get ready to be GENOCIDED.

Victorville death prison protest, 1/5/2012, from Cyndi Steele
Dear Friends and Supporters,

Ed has been designated to the US Penitentiary in Victorville, CA. As if
it is not bad enough what they have unjustly done to him, they have
designated him to a max security, death trap prison and as far away from
me as they possibly can.

I don’t know if you are aware that Victorville was originally the George
Air Force base, the first jet facility in America. When the Air Force
abandoned it, they dumped hundreds of thousands of gallons of jet fuel in
the ground water table. Jet fuel, when ingested, or when placed on the
skin (showers) over prolonged periods, causes Astrocytoma, a deadly form
of cancer. Astrocytoma builds tumors on the spine and in the brain, which
kill you.

A campaign to help Karla Fuller a former inmate, who suffered from this
poisoning while incarcerated there, finally got out of this death trap,
but it was too late. She died within a year.

I’m again asking for your help in asking people write to Senator Mike
Crapo and demand that Ed be housed at a different facility. Please send
this information as far and wide as possible to every politician at the
Federal level, Senators, and Congressmen, etc.

Senator Crapo is fully advised about this problem because he helped get
Karla out after a lot of pressure was brought to bear. We need to demand
that Senator Crapo step up again since he is Ed's Senator.

Below, I have listed information for Senator Crapo; links to emails, fax
numbers and mailing addresses. I have, also, included the email for his
aid Peter Stegner, which I’m told is the quickest way to get concerns
heard by Senator Crapo.

Email to Peter Stegner (Senator Crapo’s aid) Email to Senator Crapo here
via his online form: [] []

Mailing addresses and fax numbers for Senator Crapo, as follows:

Senator Mike Crapo
410 Memorial Drive, Suite 204
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
Fax number: (208) 529-8367

Senator Mike Crapo
239 Dirksen Senate Building
Washington, DC 20510
Fax number: (202) 228-1375

Then please send (email/fax/mail) to every other politician at the
Federal level; Senators, Congressmen, etc. List of all senators can be
retrieved at ... rs_cfm.cfm [ ... rs_cfm.cfm]
. List of all congressmen can be retrieved at []

Any help to get Ed out of this death trap and designated elsewhere, would
be greatly appreciated. Also, demanding that he be transferred to
Sheridan, OR, which is where the Judge said he should be housed, would be
appreciated, as it would lessen the hardships not only on Ed, but his
wife and children, as well. However, despite the judge’s approval of
Sheridan, OR, it’s the US Marshall Service that has been in control and
they have been out to make it as horrible for Ed from the day he was

For your reference, below are links to four sample letters that have
already been sent:

Letter 1 [ ... ample1.pdf]

Letter 2 [ ... ample2.pdf]

Letter 3 [ ... ample3.pdf]

Letter 4 [ ... ample4.pdf]

Sincerely, Cyndi Steele

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Post#3 » Mon Jan 23, 2012 5:11 pm

For their NWO to be realized, they have to bring the US down to 3rd world status. I hope Hillary comes for my guns.

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Feb 29th 2012 update on ED and where to mail him

Post#4 » Tue Feb 28, 2012 9:58 pm

Hi Paul,

Ed’s current address is:

Edgar James Steele – #14226-023
U.S. Penitentiary
P.O. BOX 5300
Adelanto, CA 92301

Just be aware that it seems to take 2 weeks for him to be given any of his mail. I have sent mail with conformation and they have received it in 1 day, but he doesn’t get it for 2 weeks. Despite their regulations that inmates are to receive their mail within 24 hours of receipt. Just more of them breaking all the rules/laws because they, of course, can get away with it.


It pays to be an FBI Terrorist Bomber

February 21, 2012

By the FES Admins

What's that you say; it's “sour grapes” from Edgar Steele's family and supporters when they observe that FBI informant Larry Fairfax soon faces release from his barely 24-month incarceration? Sorry, it goes much deeper than sour grapes when the facts are compared, as we'll see in a moment.

It's likely most readers of this piece already know the back-story, but if not, please visit the Free Edgar Steele web site for more info. In brief, north Idaho's Edgar Steele is framed by his handyman Larry Fairfax in a fabricated “murder-for-hire” plot; the “System” jails Fairfax with a hand-slap sentence; the “System” efficiently denies Steele any resemblance of a fair trial or justice with the judge repeatedly saying: “Don’t do anything to make the government look bad” and convicts him of all counts; Steele, age 66, is serving 50 years. Fairfax will be released in about 3 months from the date of this writing.

Let's observe the facts about the life of Fairfax as the tool of the Amerikan FBI and court system...

During the past 20-some months, Mr. Fairfax has been a general-population inmate. During the same time frame, Mr. Steele has been subjected to special solitary confinement, mail interception, loss of client-attorney privacy and minimal access to medical support.

Mr. Fairfax admitted he put the bomb on Mr. Steele's wife Cyndi's SUV with intent to murder her and confessed in court that he assembled and attached the device. Mr. Steele was charged with “possession of an explosive device with intent to kill” when the evidence proved he never possessed the components to construct any bomb.

Mr. Fairfax – given a sweet-deal by the Federal prosecution – was never charged with attempted murder or any charge that could result in a serious 10-year sentence. Mr. Steele's efforts to prove his complete innocence by analysis of critical evidence was derailed at every turn by a Judge and Prosecution who are, by federal law, entitled to receive bonus pay for convictions.

Mr. Fairfax was assigned to a facility in western Washington and has now been transitioned into a residential reentry center (RRC) , which rivals some decent hotel environments, for the remaining few months of his sentence.

Mr. Steele, designated as a low security, non-violent risk, has been sent to southern California, to a high security facility with jet fuel in the ground water that causes Astrocytoma, a spine and brain forming tumor without cure, that kills its victims and is seriously suspect, if not ultimately lethal, to the health of inmates.

It's unknown if Mr. Fairfax has received visits from his family (a long day's drive from his north Idaho home). It's known that Mr. Steele is denied contact of any form with his wife, because the Bureau of Prisons is concerned about some fictitious “danger” to the security of the facility.

In his transitional halfway house, the federal government says: Mr. Fairfax will receive employment counseling, job placement, financial management assistance, and other programs and services in a safe, structured, supervised environment. In his distant prison, Mr. Steele continues to be denied attorney-client privacy and his correspondence is opened without his knowledge, is monitored, and sometimes “lost” before he ever gets it.

When released in a few weeks, Mr. Fairfax may return to his 'ole stomping grounds. If Cyndi Steele remains at her home, only a few miles away from her ex-handyman-bomber, she is worried about her own safety and security because the federal government stated that they would “NOT provide her any protection, whatsoever.” (So much for “victim protection”.) She feels forced to move away from their home of 15 years in order to secure her own safety from the FBI confidential informant, who is the FBI’s asset and tool that facilitated this whole, sordid fiasco because the SPLC demanded that the FBI bring Edgar Steele down. What the Hey? Fairfax needed money to pay up the foreclosure on his house and a way to cover up his theft of $45,000 in silver bullion, so one hand was washing the other.

These points and others have nothing to do with “sour grapes.” These points have everything to do with the side of Amerikan corruption you happen to fall on. For all the bumbling, all the private court “sidebar” conversations to which Mr. Steele was excluded, all the glaring misconduct in the courtroom, all the US Marshall heavy-handedness handling Mr. Steele, our government has the armed thugs and money to intimidate anyone and the motivation to silence whichever citizen they select. How soon will you or I be next to get the “Steele Treatment"?

We remain outraged at Mr. Fairfax receiving a paltry 2 year sentence for his crimes, due to the “System” (Government) not charging him with "attempted murder" for planting a bomb on a vehicle that literally endangered thousands of lives. What terrorism is the FBI really protecting us from?

There is no question whatsoever that Mr. Steele – jailed for speaking politically incorrect truth – has been targeted to be an example and a warning to others. Let’s face it, Mr. Steele is nothing more than a political prisoner.

The Steele camp lost the skirmish, sorry to say, but, we will win the battle.

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