Kid who hacked into Pentagon computer faces 60 years

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Kid who hacked into Pentagon computer faces 60 years

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Gary Mckinnon Suffers from Asperger's Syndrome, It is a type of Autism, he gained access into American Military, NASA, Pentagon, and lower offices to find out for himself if Aliens exist or not, he grew up with a very keen interest in UFO research, he was also a very well Self Taught computer Graphics editor video graphics editor Song Writer and Singer, he had many interests mostly Practical fun things, but when he was online hes UFO/Alien fascination got a bit out of hand due to many Credible Ex militants and Ex NASA personal had published there facts and personal experiences, which led him to checking into all the conspiracies aswell...

Anyway there was so many different stories, Gary Being a whizz on computers decided he would dabble around see if he could gain access to the computers by using a Microsoft Exploit ON windows machines that Had blank administrator Passwords, He got access to some low end computers in military, and worked hes way through the network Ip/Ranges to find more computers with Admin Account with blank passwords, with this routine, you eventually get deeper and deeper towards something more important eg Pentagon/NASA, its very long process that he was doing for 2 or more yrs i believe, and is actually very Addictive and can get highly engrossed too, being a guy with aspergers one of the main symptoms of aspergers people is that they stick to same routine, and what ever is in there routine they will work hard at it, and they will conquer, how do i know this? I have Aspergers too.

Why did he do it?
Gary Mckinnon knew of what trouble he could be in if he got caught, but after 2 yrs without being caught or causing any damage, he felt slightly invincible and he was interested in all the information he found out, if you listen to Gary speak in an interview, hes speech and vocabulary is incredible, and the information he found probably made him more intelligent along the way after all im sure to any aspergers person that is Gold Mine when it comes to information.
He is being Extradited to the USA under Terrorism Laws Enforced for 9/11 Terror Suspects...

He was originally told he would only serve 6 Months in jail in hes own country, if he admitted it.. So Gary Admitted logging onto the Computers with blank passwords, and pointed out there security issues..

But then few months later UK agreed with the USA that America can Extradite any UK Terrorist without providing evidence. This was introduced when twin towers got knocked down.

Why is Gary Mckinnon getting this treatment?

Do you think its fair? WE DONT...
For starters its against Human Rights to even extradite a person who is Autistic.

The way i have always looked at Gary McKinnon is that he tried to uncover information, he wanted to uncover the information about free energy technology that us people pay for when secret gov agencies are using FREE energy right under our noses, he wanted to find out if we have made contact with UFO/Aliens as well..

He just wanted to know the TRUTH, if we wasn't lied to and governments didnt keep secrets from the people, then this probably wouldn't of even need to of happen.

Gary did not harm any computers, the technique he used is still a common exploit on all Microsoft Windows Machines Today, and is actualy left open because the I.T or person who setup the computer suposed to turn off remote login off and remote registry off especialy when the computers are installed with blank password on the administrator account of every machine.

When he was connected he claims there was 15 or more other people from other countries on these machines as well neither of these people have been extradited, gary was concerned about the other people may be up to no good at the time.
(Project Camelot interviews Gary McKinnon) ... re=related
(Computer Hacker Gary Mckinnon On The Richard And Judy Show)

We have almost reached 700,000+ members In full Support of stoping this extradition Process, that would fill even the biggest football club stadium 15 x over its full capacity.

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