An recent update on some well known American patriot in jail

Post Freedom Fighters Penal Addresses, their stories and travails contact information. As long as our Feddies are acting like criminals and jailing good people, this board will EXIST
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An recent update on some well known American patriot in jail

Post#1 » Tue Mar 24, 2009 2:40 am

From a reader of the forum:

Hope you guys get this. You mention the political prisoners on your web page, but the information is not up to date. Fritz Springmeier has been moved to the Lompoc California federal prison, which I know from personal knowledge runs one of those mind control programs in the maximum security wing of the medium/high part of the prison. In fact, if you look at it from the satellite images in Google Earth, part of it is distorted in the satellite images in ways that you don't even see on area 51.

Mark Koernke has eventually been released from prison.

You might want to check into a guy from Kentucky named Charlie Puckett. He is either still in prison or recently got out. He had been a militia leader who got slammed for being a "felon" in possession of firearms even though he had permits and even a CCW from his home state. The conviction he had was from 1966 when he stole some bread and beer from a local store, did a little time in jail and a year of probation to get it considered to be off his record, but the feds consider it a felony because he could have done a year or more in jail.

Also, Richard Serafin was a guy sometimes involved with the militia movement was entrapped by the BATF on a gun charge and is doing an unusually long sentence supposedly because he did not shut the undercover agent down when the undercover agent was making racist remarks.

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