Please help Hollis Wayne Fincher being railroaded by JBThugs

Post Freedom Fighters Penal Addresses, their stories and travails contact information. As long as our Feddies are acting like criminals and jailing good people, this board will EXIST
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Please help Hollis Wayne Fincher being railroaded by JBThugs

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WTF is going on here in America, america... What is it going to take to get you folks off of your lazy fucking asses, and start taking this country back. PF Forum posters/readers not included in the above statement.

Read this next piece carefully. See who is the real threat to the establishment, and who lets the real criminals go, because they arent a threat to their bogus monopoly. Its time to start broadcasting where they live, work, play, vacation etc... They shall have NO peace until they start acting Constitutionally, and for America and not their Global plantation masters. They will find out soon enough, who the real master/servant relationship is.

Its time to start rolling some heads out the door ie 1789 france...


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The First Freedom <>

Our prestidigitatious award for August acknowledges two recipients, both
scalawags in the original late 1860s sense of the word, as this pair has
yet again worked in collusion to defeat whatever remaining vestiges of
sovereign law in a Southern State. Judge Beverly Stites-Jones and ATF
Senior Special Agent Wade Vittitow, please belatedly and jointly accept
this recognition of your relieving the State of Arkansas from bothering
with its own constitution, and Wayne Fincher from his duties (also
personal liberty) as commander of the Washington County Militia, legal

As reported by Loretta Weston, editor of American Family Voice, &#147;On
November 20, 2006, Hollis Wayne Fincher was led into the U.S. District
Court in Ft. Smith, Arkansas for indictment with 11 other prisoners, six
of whom were fairly young illegal Mexicans. Finding ourselves on a
fact-finding mission above and beyond our expectations, the Fincher
family and friends took note of how the court&#146;s (Magistrate Beverly
Stites-Jones &#150; known to attorneys as a &#145;hard ass&#146;) treatment of real
criminals differed from someone with no criminal history who has been
labeled a &#145;threat&#146; to ATF agents and the court.

&#147;With only one alien able to understand English, tax dollars paid for an
interpreter for the remainder, among whom five were accused of meth drug
charges and the lone female of identity theft, it was this writer&#146;s
understanding that the judge released them &#145;believing&#146; they would return
for their court date on their own accord&#133; In distinct contrast,
60-year-old Fincher has remained in Sebastian County jail since his
arrest the morning of Nov. 8, 2006 during a raid involving federal
agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
(ATF) and FBI and assisted by the Washington County Sheriff&#146;s Office,
Fayetteville Police Department, Springdale Police Department, Arkansas
State Police, Arkansas State Bomb Squad and the Madison County Sheriff&#146;s

&#147;&#133;[R]equirements to let Fincher out on bond included handing over to the
court the deed to his 120 acre farm, which has been in the Fincher
family for several generations and recent value estimated at $1 million.
Fincher wisely declined the judge&#146;s offer while friends and family
gather information/documents to determine if the real reason for his
arrest is coincidentally connected to a county ordinance that was pushed
through the following night under &#145;emergency&#146; after fellow objecting
landowner Don Bright was physically removed from the Quorum Court

&#147;While many folks speculate that the Fincher case is all about the
militia, during the arraignment of Fincher on Nov. 13th, ATF Senior
Special Agent Wade Vittitow stated under oath that Fincher&#146;s arrest was
&#145;not about the militia.&#146;

&#147;Despite the numerous times both the ATF agent and the judge
&#145;recognized&#146; Fincher&#146;s free speech rights, ultimately the judge based
her ruling on a secret recording made by an ATF plant during a regular
weekly militia meeting where the ATF plant had made a leading statement
that the judges should be awakened in the night with a gun barrel in
their mouth. Fincher&#146;s response was (paraphrased), &#145;Be careful what you
say. This building might be bugged.&#146; Although not actually stated, the
mind-reading Magistrate Beverly Stites- Jones determined that Fincher
agreed with the statement and further stated, &#145;That&#146;s what he&#146;s thinking
right now.&#146; Continuing her rant, she said, &#145;I have a fear&#146; and &#145;Do they
intend to follow through?&#146;

&#147;Notice she said &#145;they,&#146; not &#145;he,&#146; a tiny slip of the lip that refers to
the militia group the court and ATF agent had already stated (under
oath) was &#145;not about the militia.&#146;

&#147;Realized by all who have read The Silver Bullet, produced by the
Washington County Militia, Hollis Wayne Fincher, as the Lt. Commander,
was within his rights, as stated in both the Arkansas Constitution and
the U.S. Constitution. Charged with possession of a machine gun under
Title 18, USC, section 922 (o), the following is Don Bright&#146;s
explanation using the U.S. Code and Article XI, 1874 Constitution of the
State of Arkansas, Sections 1-4:

&#147; &#145;By the repeated declarations and legal registrations of the Militia
of Washington County, it is well documented that Wayne possessed his
Browning M1919, .308 caliber arm under the authority of the Militia
clause of the Arkansas Constitution (Article 11) and since no local,
State, or federal authority disputed the Militia of Washington County&#146;s
right to exist in any timely manner, they agreed by default, to the
Militia&#146;s right to exist and be armed and officered as a military unit
of volunteers. As Lt. Commander of the Militia of Washington County,
Arkansas it would not be unusual for a fully automatic weapon to be in
Wayne&#146;s personal possession, at his residence. This would be very much
in line with the Swiss and Israeli mode of operation and in accordance
with the ideas of the Founding Fathers for defense of this Nation and
its several States.

&#147; &#145;In short, the BATF&#146;s argument is with the 1874 Constitution of the
State of Arkansas and its Militia Clause (Article 11) and not with Wayne
Fincher. The BATF needs to prove that the MOWCA&#146;s understanding of
Article 11 of said Constitution is flawed and that the framers of the
1874 Constitution did not have common military arms in mind when they
authored, and the people of the State of Arkansas approved, of the 1874
Constitution as written.&#146;&#148;

Other Arkansas newspapers and patriot tabloids across the land likewise
defend Fincher. Getting him out of prison relates to saving our own
skins from the likes of these two scalawags. John Anderson of The
Morning News in Springdale, Arkansas tells us, &#147;The Militia of
Washington County is different from many militias&#133; Fincher began
researching militia rights when gun control laws &#145;were gettin&#146; pretty
hot in 1992.&#146; He believes the Arkansas Constitution not only allows but
demands a militia. Second, it is a militia that is open about its
actions. The group sent letters to the U.S. attorney&#146;s office, Gov. Mike
Huckabee, the Arkansas State Police, the Washington County sheriff and
others explaining its actions and the type of weapons on hand&#133;

&#147; &#145;Both Kenneth McKee, former county sheriff, and current Sheriff Tim
Helder have blessed the organization,&#146; Fincher said.

&#147;&#133;Chief Deputy Jay Cantrell of the Washington County Sheriff&#146;s Office
said he and Helder are aware of the militia and the weapons it holds.
Last year, he and Helder met with militia members for doughnuts and
coffee at the group&#146;s headquarters.

&#147; &#145;They were all armed,&#146; Cantrell said. &#145;It is not necessarily illegal
to own automatic weapons.&#146;&#148;

Mark Lane&#146;s
88 precepts
29. The concept of &#147;equality&#148; is declared a lie by every
evidence of Nature. It is a search for the lowest common
denominator, and its pursuit will destroy every superior
race, nation or culture. In order for a plow horse to run
as fast as a race horse you would first have to cripple
the race horse; conversely, in order for a race horse to
pull as much as a plow horse, you would first have to
cripple the plow horse. In either case, the pursuit of
equality is the destruction of excellence.

Back to the front

By Olaf Childress

As more patriotic tabloid publications occupy that sizable expanse
abandoned by the left/right/Trotskyite media¢cracy, and Mo Dees and Foxy
Abe run out of credible scripts and actors; as The Chicago Tribune and
The Los Angeles Times join a mysterious Project for the Biggest-Ever
Jewish Century, let&#146;s review the saturation.

&#147;You mean situation.&#148;

The President &#147;misspeaks&#148; like that, but &#150; the National Alliance&#146;s well-scouted
exposé of our false-information-saturation problem &#150; has got it right.
We patriots are resounding with a hollow echo inside this void while
they, the conspirators scheming to rule all others, prevent the
easily-distracted among them from hearing us. It&#146;s nothing new; the
sinner sins, the choir attends its preacher, the refinancing entertainee
gets his new car at 20% and the world keeps spinning. What downturn?
it&#146;s a blip, the Dow will bounce back, sure the Jews are in charge
always have been besides what can we do about it just stop yakking like
your old man who spent his lifetime expecting another depression.

Have we fallen to where God deserts us? No, never has any depravity sunk
quite that far. Why would He remove all avenues toward the expression of
such excellence as still lies within each human? True Law is unchanging;
the good game ever invokes a potential blessing. Yet most crusaders who
go chasing an ideal, on returning short an arm or a foot if at all, can
hardly warn others when, in their absence, subversives have occupied the
media and heckle from offstage such &#147;yakking&#148; with Glory, glory,
hallelujah! You goyim keep marching on! But the proper battle mobilizes
men not to France, Italy, Kosovo or Daggumistan, for self-government
begins at home. Almighty God &#150; or Nature to the self-satisfied &#150; hates a
vacuum no less than loves the returning tide, a summer&#146;s bounty or the
informed heroes who gave their all at Thermopylae. Where liars
circumvent that fair contest&#146;s duty with other coin than honor, we the
vanguard must call Zündel and Rudolf to witness the weapon Jews fear
more than any disinfectant gas: ordinary light &#150; that which neither
kills nor physically wounds.

The world shall soon daily perceive our searchlight catching
chicken-hawks seated at power breakfasts suddenly realizing the
possibility of another slip &#146;twixt their cups and ancient lips, hostile
reactions then becoming the initial top stories. Americans are sure to
take notice of a spotlight-armed David going against ZOG. Those mostly
as yet uninformed kinfolks of ours need only to read what it&#146;s all about
and where&#146;s the next rumble. Have visiting Israeli &#147;artists&#148; graffitied
this paper&#146;s vending machines? That&#146;s the day&#146;s news! Skinheads daring
them to try that again tomorrow? Another scoop! And the Department of
Homeland Obscurity declares &#147;emergency&#148;? Hey, for once it&#146;s no false
flag. Instead of waiting for Chertoff&#146;s call, our volunteers assigned to
stalk him will phone DHO asking which color to fly.

It just won&#146;t do for an upstart national daily paper to go revealing the
ethnicity of those bankrolling anyone who&#146;ll help them keep dividing
that formidable White race &#150; the one people capable of threatening their
tea party. Jews comprise just 3% of the population in many States whose
money, media and military they rule almost totally, this with less than
half of their own tribe in on such a conspiracy to enslave the world.
Yet our counter-conspiracy &#150; intimidated Whites likewise not part of any
stand at the pass, though they&#146;re the race threatened by real genocide &#150;
won&#146;t outnumber ZOG&#146;s.

Can the Zionists stop this reversal? How could it have gotten organized?
Where did it come from? Such questions are academic for now, as the
answers will on deployment have been closely followed since inception &#150;
by Homeland Obscurity right alongside our patriot tabloids and websites
&#150; and that beginning is already history.

No need for secrecy in the movement, since we webmasters, editors and
talkshow hosts monitor closely ZOG&#146;s new prisons and political arrests,
and as a result realize the Zionist Occupied Government knows more about
our every move than vice versa. Simple arithmetic tells us that if the
evil we&#146;re fighting could sustain its low tide by building
indoctrination facilities faster than statesmen can reintroduce the
permanent truths, all of us would be behind bars. Yes, they&#146;ve got black
helicopters and special teams drawing big bucks, but no heap of play
money can stay their ebb.

As last night&#146;s dream seemed real at the time, how do we convince the
brainwashed that their &#147;broad-minded&#148; acceptance of a Jewish mystique &#150;
its &#147;withering away&#148; of governmental, racial and sexual norms &#150; is,
along with &#147;equality,&#148; equally fantastic?

After much prayer and preparation, our forces will hit the ground
running, armed with truth; able, honest, interconnected, dedicated and
determined; continuous web printing presses across the land waiting to
receive their PDFs and translate same into newspapers on the minute,
then deliver them to distributors from Taxachusetts to Mexifornia before
the rooster crows each morning &#150; a foreign sound nowadays to many, but
not the editor in Coeur d&#146;Alene who&#146;s coordinating his incoming
articles, arranging them into the bottom of page 27 which he&#146;ll get out
by 3 PM each Tuesday, else find one of his backups (the colleague from
nearby Spirit Lake who normally does an alternate health column each
week on this day, or that new chap across the line near Longview) taking
up the slack. No sweat, his breaking news might displace some other
conspirator&#146;s report tomorrow.

Not even Mo&#146;s and Israel&#146;s intelligence agencies combined can stop the
inevitable. Knocking off a few of our editors can only fortify this
worldwide network; it gains with each such atrocity, having spread out
among thousands of unabashed Caucasian patriots at their keyboards and
cellphones. False flags and character assassinations are becoming
outdated stratagems.

Opposing the Mossad&#146;s motto, &#147;By way of deception, thou shalt do war,&#148;
plain and simple let us bring such truths as can only prove exemplary
for the African or Asiatic to explore or ignore in his own media. We
shall not interfere there, but rather hope to learn something from those
newspapers. Separatism isn&#146;t &#147;supremacism,&#148; a Jewish- coined word. Our
news will unflinchingly violate Zionist taboos such as, &#147;Thou shalt not
diagnose a Jew&#146;s superiority complex,&#148; even to the point of examining
their myths concerning White guilt.

Dateline Hillsboro &#150; Hot item. Local press advised by Rubenstein&#146;s Super
Fix to discontinue printing &#147;racist rag&#148; or lose the company&#146;s account;
truckers bringing in today&#146;s papers from District of Corruption plant,
ideas pouring in on how to respond. Opinion poll conducted from Allison
Park says: &#147;Boycott Rubenstein&#146;s!&#148;

All those unconstitutional wars waged against racism, poverty, drugs,
illiteracy and terror by that tiny 3% of the population have had a
single goal, same as the wars they&#146;ve also instigated against Germany,
Korea, Vietnam, etc., etc., namely, to lose. &#147;Stay the course!&#148; gets
implanted in their puppet&#146;s mouth by today&#146;s headlines. To guard our
borders would result in &#150; what?

Flash! Dateline Columbia &#150; &#147;Federal&#148; Reserve Board looked into, audit
asked&#133; Memphis &#150; Knoxville police queried&#133; Washington &#150; 911 victim wants
justice&#133; Chicago &#150; USS Liberty Case reopened&#133; Montgomery &#150; Governor told
ignore judge, put monument back&#133; Oakton &#150; Updated crime statistics&#133;
Marietta &#150; Aliens sent packing&#133; Kerrville &#150; Canamex highway on hold&#133;
Corpus Christi &#150; Speech gag law repealed&#133; Fort Fairfield &#150; IRS backs
off&#133; Greenville &#150; Police admit witnesses lied&#133; St. Louis &#150; Grassroots
action grows&#133;

Abbeville horror UPDATE

&#147;What&#146;s the point in having all that power if you&#146;re not going to use
it?&#148; asked former Secretary of State Madeline Albright. While the ZOG
lays plans for another siege in New Hampshire, let&#146;s review its excuse
for a South Carolina foray.

By Donald Sullivan
Lt. Col., USAFR (R)

For those of you who might have missed it, the &#147;Abbeville Horror&#148; refers
to a ten- and-one-half-hour &#147;standoff&#148; at the home of Arthur and Rita
Bixby in Abbeville, SC, on December 8, 2003, with the father Arthur and
his son Steven arrested after that pair had allegedly killed two
Sheriff&#146;s Department deputies trespassing on their property following a
prior dispute between the Bixbys and the SCDOT over property rights and

Those officers had been ordered to leave these private premises. The
first, Deputy Wilson (Black), was on the scene initially alone when shot
after allegedly threatening the Bixby men and attempting to enter the
home with no warrant nor probable cause. The second, Deputy Outz
(White), showed up after hearing that gunshot, and, likewise refusing to
leave, was shot by one or more persons unknown at present. The Bixbys
were charged with this second shoot, and Steve initially thought he
might have been the shooter, but the forensics and ballistics evidence
remains &#147;inconclusive.&#148; By the suspected caliber and firing direction of
that lethal round, it appears the bullet was not discharged from the
Bixbys&#146; residence. Another officer on the scene, Deborah Graham, also
discharged her weapon. The only &#147;eyewitness&#148; save for the Bixby men, she
has since left the force and was not called to testify by the
prosecution or the defense, although the caliber of this death bullet
more closely resembled the standard issue weapon.

Steve&#146;s trial in February was shabbily executed, to say the least.
Convicted on all counts, very quickly he received two death penalty
sentences for his trouble, the trial ending and the verdict coming in on
a Sunday. The court would not entertain any mentioning of a self-defense
plea. Steve sits today on death row in Ridgeville, SC. Arthur is being
held incognito in Laurens, SC, with no trial scheduled as yet. Steve&#146;s
mother, Rita, nowhere near the scene but headed back to her home State
of New Hampshire, was nevertheless charged as an accessory, as a
co-conspirator and with misprision of felony &#150; charges originally
carrying death penalty sentences; but these were dropped in August,
2006. Her trial has not been scheduled. June 8, 2007, marked three and
one-half years the three Bixbys have been in jail already. Now for an

Rita&#146;s filing for bond (pending trial and the outcome of her motion to
the SC Court of Appeals on the denial of her right to a habeas corpus
hearing, which petition had been &#147;calendared&#148; for April 6, 2006) was
denied on May 15. No further motion for a speedy trial having been
presented by her attorneys, a previous motion for speedy trial having
been denied on August 21, 2006, she is not pleased with her attorneys
nor should she be. They sat in court during the bond hearing allowing
County Solicitor Peace to &#147;read off a bunch of falsified alleged
statements about me and made no response/rebuttal.&#148;

A savvy individual when it comes to legal proceedings, Rita just might
relieve herself of this burden of court-appointed counsel and move
forward on her own. She can&#146;t fare any worse than thus far. Should Rita
do so, she says she will use the speech Judge MacCaulay made to me on
April 6, 2006, about the lengths the State would go to in defending her
rights when he denied her a hearing on the previously-mentioned motion
for the habeas corpus petition filed by me at her request. That is a
federally-guaranteed constitutional right, as imposed on the States by
the feds under an arguably unratified 14th Amendment. Typically, the
federal courts do not recognize the right of a White person to demand
protection under the 14th or other laws written to enforce it. One of my
petitions to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals was answered with:
&#147;The protections granted by the 14th Amendment do not apply since the
Appellant [myself] is not a member of a protected class and there is no
evidence of any racially discriminatory animus in the actions of the
Respondents [Pender County Sheriff].&#148; No such restrictions are written
there; habeas corpus can be petitioned by anyone, with or without the
defendant&#146;s knowledge or consent. But that right has been denied in this
instance by South Carolina&#146;s General Statutes. Here is the record of
said Judge MacCaulay&#146;s words denying me standing to present the

The Next Friend: &#147;Your Honor. I&#146;m here to protect Mrs. Bixby&#146;s rights.&#148;

The Court: &#147;Just for the record, the reason that this court doesn&#146;t
permit people who are not trained to represent defendants in important
cases, our law provides that no person may be appointed unless he be
fully competent or understand and protect the race of the person whom he
represents. That&#146;s, of course, for the defendant&#146;s benefit even if the
defendant doesn&#146;t understand it. No one should impose their efforts on
the defendant. And as I understand it from a submission that was made
entitled, &#145;Petition for Extraordinary Writ of Habeas Corpus by Next
Friend,&#146; that is your standing. And I trust you are Mr. Sullivan?&#148;

The Next Friend: &#147;Yes, Your Honor.&#148;

The Court: &#147;And you&#146;re not an attorney?&#148;

The Next Friend: &#147;No, Sir.&#148;

The Court: &#147;Not even a resident of South Carolina?&#148;

The Next Friend: &#147;No, Sir. I&#146;m present to protect Mrs. Bixby&#146;s rights.
That&#146;s first and foremost.&#148;

The Court: &#147;I&#146;ll assure you there&#146;s a whole State of South Carolina,
United States of America under our constitutions that are there for that
same purpose; and some of us are better qualified than others. In fact,
it would be almost irresponsible for a court to permit anyone who comes
in with all the great intentions in the world to do something that would
violate the very protections that our courts and legislators, if you
would, and juries are required to do, thank you very much.&#148;

The Next Friend: &#147;Thank you, Your Honor.&#148;

What one cannot see is just how close I came to being held in contempt
during that hearing. Judge MacCaulay was not happy. I did not pursue the
argument any further, thinking I could do the Bixbys more good out of
jail than in. Probably a good call. Rita appealed Judge MacCaulay&#146;s
ruling on the matter through me in November, 2006. That appeal was
docketed, but has not been heard yet; nor has the State filed any
response to the Appellant&#146;s brief. My recent calls to the Clerk have not
been returned. Her bond was denied because she is considered a flight
risk and a danger to society. As she said in her last letter,

&#147;If I was a flight risk, I would have left Dec. 8, 2003, when I found
out what was going on. And I am a danger to society!? Well, now, I had
in the trunk of my car a 250 Savage Rifle and a Charter Arms 22 pistol
with plenty of ammo for both. Neither one was taken out of the car.&#148;

&#147;I was told by Lt. Butler (A supervisor in the Greenwood County
Detention Center) that a woman put in with me, was in the hopes I could
get her straightened out. Fourteen years of drugs and whoring! How could
I correct that in 29 days in here? She has a lot more serious charges
than I have, and she is now out on $25,000 bond and an ankle bracelet.&#148;

So much for the risk factors, the flight risk, speedy trial, and any
constitutional guarantees at all for Rita Bixby. Three and one-half
years with no evidence from the State of her having committed any crime.
Her trial may happen now on October 25th, 2007, except she is hoping for
a complete change of venue, if she can get her lawyers to listen to her;
or, if she takes over her own defense.

As for Steve, the first comment in his last letter to me was to thank
Olaf Childress for sending him his subscription to The First Freedom
<> , which he now receives on Death Row. He
also shares it with his fellow condemned, three-fourths of whom he says
are there for killing &#147;Officers of the Law.&#148; He hasn&#146;t been able to
write much lately for lack of funds. As I said in the June update, much
of the money deposited for him is taken for medical supplies and other
&#147;debts to the State.&#148; I wrote the warden two weeks ago asking how the
State was able to justify stealing the inmates&#146; funds. No response yet.
Steve has acquired a small battery-powered radio in his cell and now
listens to &#147;talk radio&#148; from 8 PM till 12 AM, mostly &#147;The Rusty
Humphries Show&#148; and &#147;Savage Nation.&#148; Although these fellows probably put
out some interesting opinions, I warned him that they either don&#146;t know
the &#147;root causes&#148; of our national woes, or they can&#146;t talk about them
and keep their jobs; their commentary is, therefore, biased to the lie
by omission. His batteries only last five days, and the racketeers in
the canteen gouge the heck out of prisoners for replacements. He asked
me to contact Rusty Humphries, and I have tried; but his phone line is
always busy. As soon as I get my internet access back online, I will hit
his website and email with the untold part of the Bixbys&#146; &#147;Abbeville
Horror&#148; story. I don&#146;t usually do talk shows, because those
personalities typically try to filter out one who has a little truth and
then discredit or cut him off in mid-sentence. One such character is
Neil Boortz, with his &#147;FAIR Tax&#148; scam. Try getting him to consider any
comment which questions the viability and constitutionality of a
national excise tax, and you&#146;ll see what I mean.

Steve remains confident that his was a &#147;No prayer in Hell Trial,&#148; yet he
hopes to overturn on appeal. Having prejudiced the already-biased jury
with comments such as &#147;Wilson and Outz were killed in the line of duty&#148;
against evidence presented at trial, the judge&#146;s lack of impartiality
alone sets up a reversible error. The evidence that the forensics and
ballistics for the second &#147;victim&#148; are inconclusive sheds reasonable
doubt on the whole affair and negates any opinion of the defendant
Bixby, as stated in his own letters to his girlfriend, that his was the
shot which killed Deputy Outz. Further, the jury foreman, a &#147;friend&#148; of
the Judge, should have been disqualified; yet he was seated on and
headed the jury over the objections of Steve&#146;s attorney. Then there is
the judge&#146;s refusal to entertain any evidence or witnesses tending to
support a &#147;self-defense&#148; plea, obvious prejudgment that killing an
&#147;Officer of the Law&#148; can never be self-defense.

It appears Steve&#146;s mail is going to him uncensored now. At least all of
mine, with enclosures, gets there for the first time. He would really
appreciate mail or packages from any of you readers. Just send to the
above address and please include your return address with a name. I plan
to visit him in Ridgeville this month, just as soon as we get the
introductions and clearances in order. I&#146;ll have a full report on the
visit in next month&#146;s update.

Until then, remember this: Gene Pitney was probably right when he said,
&#147;The point of a gun was the only law Liberty understood.&#148; It follows
that one who fails to arm himself and stand ready to &#147;point&#148; the gun may
not enjoy Liberty in this &#147;New America.&#148; Steve and his father made that
sacrifice for Liberty. Although I mightn&#146;t speak for Arthur, I can say
that Steve and Rita have not faltered in their resolve to defend their
natural and constitutional rights. If they go down, so do we all. In the
words of a true patriot, &#147;The tree of liberty must be refreshed from
time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural
manure [Thomas Jefferson&#146;s letter to William S. Smith, January 30,

Sometimes the tyrants are unwitting servants of the tyranny due to their
own ignorance. We can usually recognize them from their uniforms. They
are very difficult to de-program. Most often, they will just have to be
eliminated. This was never more clear to me than when I was attempting
to insert constitutional training into the curriculum at the Federal Law
Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), Glynco, Georgia, where all federal
agents except the FBI and Wildlife officers are trained, in 2001. I was
contacted by one retired U.S. Army JAG Colonel who, at the time, was
general counsel for the center. He said, &#147;Colonel Sullivan, you have to
realize that, if we teach these students the Constitution, they may
question their orders; and we&#146;ll have to fire them.&#148; Think about that.
Perhaps it is why a military careerist never receives during training a
copy of what he swears under oaths to &#147;support and defend&#148; &#150; the
Constitution of the United States. I put the Colonel&#146;s comment in a
follow-up letter to the Director of FLETC. It wasn&#146;t rebutted.

The First

A racist monthly tabloid

Covers the South like white on grits &#150; emphasis White

To get the next twelve 24-page issues of its articulately
unflinching truth by mail anywhere in C.S.A. or U.S.
send $25 Federal Reserve play money or two silver
dollars to PO Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576

You might want to search Ron Paul Greenville at to see much
(maybe all) of the event: http

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