6-7-6 KT Ordnance getting raided tonight by JBTs

Post Freedom Fighters Penal Addresses, their stories and travails contact information. As long as our Feddies are acting like criminals and jailing good people, this board will EXIST
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6-7-6 KT Ordnance getting raided tonight by JBTs

Post#1 » Wed Jun 07, 2006 10:19 pm

A L E R T !!! JackBootedThugs raiding my friends store as I write this... paul


Please spread this around and provide help where you can...
Send it to as many gun organizations as you know. There is NO
justifiable reason, other then the Powers That Be dont want yet another
great 50. cal tool to be in our hands.

A friend of the bands, KT Ordnance is getting raided as i write this.

following my note is the message I received from Richard Celata earlier
today. when he didnt send out the second email after 3 pm EST, I
started getting concerned, so I called him half an hour ago, and he
said that at that moment he was being raided and all of his guns,
computers and tooling machines were being stolen by the JBthugs.

If anyone remembers Bob Stewart and his
A W E S O M E .50 cal rifle called
the Maadi Griffin he was selling

this is shades of the same thing happening.

Bob Stewart was set up for selling a great gun that should be in the
hands of every Patriot arsenal. Bob sold kits that were 80% complete,
left to the buyer to finish. Since they were incomplete rifles, with NO
SERIAL NUMBERS there was no need for papers please.

The courts finally settled that what bob stewart was doing, W A S
legal. But bob still sits in jail, because a so called confidential
informant lied and said that bob wanted to assisinate the judge who
fraudulently put his butt in jail.

If the JBTs cant win in court, then they will resort to dirty deeds to
keep patriots like Bob Stewart in jail for ever so that they NEVER make
another Patriot tool again.

Well history is repeating itself with Richards store being RAIDED at KT
Ordanance in MT

KT Ordnance United States
Subject: meeting the Sheriff at 9:00 MT

To all, I will be meeting with the Sheriff today Wen 9:00 am June 07
06, I am sending this out as a precaution. I you do not get an e-mail
from by noon, assume I'm in jail.

The meeting is about Dr. Edwin Vieira's Home Land Security article
(Militia). The Sheriff called this morning and said "it is even more
important now that I have been voted out of office", the under Sheriff
(the newly elected Sheriff) needs to be close to the jail today) so
could I come in to the station.

If I do get "detained" send in the lawyer's call my wife (who will be
in tears, so go easy on her) and get more info from her.
Her Cel is xxx xxx xxxx.

Then contact all the media:

John Moore www.thelibertyman.com
Devvy Kidd www.devvy.com
Edwin Vieira www.newswithviews.com
Edgar Steel www.conspiracypenpal.com
Alex Jones www.infowars.com
Jack Blood www.jackblood.net
or anyone else you can think of.
Mol=F4n Lab=E9

Richard Celata
KT Ordnance
382 Adams Lane
Dillon, Montana Republic 59725

Voice: (406) 834-3611
Fax: (406) 834-3612

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site has been changed... click here for old page

Post#2 » Wed Jun 07, 2006 11:20 pm

It looks as though they have changed the front page of his site.
It no longer advertises his 80% kits.

On the way back machines site:
his 80% kits are still on the front page like it was earlier today, here is the older page that I saw 4 hours ago.
http://web.archive.org/web/200502120142 ... nance.com/

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Update as of 1PM EST 6-8-6

Post#4 » Thu Jun 08, 2006 3:11 pm

Update on Richard Celatas ordeal as of 1:00pm EST 6-8-6

I Paul Topete, just got off the phone with Richard Celata.
It seems as though the meeting with his local sheriff was a ruse to get Richard out of his establishment so the JBThugs could go in and steal his guns, his computers, & ALL OF HIS FILES. The machine tools are still possibly going to get stolen as well in the future.

It does seem that the trigger for this raid, is that the previous sheriff had been protecting him up until yesterday. That sheriff lost the election (probably thru voter fraud), and the new sheriff had a BATFag and an FBI agent at the sheriffs’ office waiting for Richard to hand him a warrant to steal his stuff at his KT Ordnance store. By the time Richard got back to his store, the Fed Thugs were there in the process of stealing all of his merchandise, all of his livelihood.

It seems as thou the FedThugs didn’t want Richard to hold his build your own .50 caliber picnic he was to hold the weekend of the 16th of this month of June.
Here is an older version of the KT Ordnance site that is on the way back machine page. It is from 2005, but you can see the items of the 80% kits advertised still on it:
http://web.archive.org/web/200502120142 ... nance.com/

The FedThugs were also more then curious about a few known names with in the freedom/truth community. The 2 that Richard mentioned were Devvy Kidd from WE THE PEOPLE and Aaron Zelman from JPFO. They also wanted to know if Richard was in contact with any Militias and if he had sold any guns to them. (It’s none of their DAM business)

Richard is in the process of conferring with his lawyer, and setting up a few interviews with talk show hosts from RBN, GCN and a others like Johnny Bartee .

There are a couple of questions that Richard wants all of us to call into the BATFags in DC. The one I know of is whether we as free citizens are able to take a chunk of metal and fabricate it into a gun. We all know the answer to be, YES WE CAN. NWO-POW Bob Stewart rots in a FED prison, and found out the hard way that you are indeed allowed by law to do such.

I await for the 2nd question as well, and the numbers he would like us all to call into to ask. He wants to have as many folks able to back up his legal assertion that what he was doing WAS PERFECTLY legal. It was, but when has that every stopped these real criminals against our God given freedoms ever cared about RIGHTS. They would rather harass, eat out Richards substance so that he is penniless, is overworked defending himself against fraudulent charges, and has NO MORE ENERGY to continue supplying we the free with the ultimate Patriot tool everyone of us should have in our arsenal to free America someday soon.

Richard is being encouraged to continue on with the picnic the weekend of June 16th, now it will be used as a FUNDRAISER. We need to rally around this good man and his family. This is happening real time. We cannot afford to lose any more good patriot arms makers like Richard, as we lost Bob Stewart and his awesome MaadiGriffins.

Richard will be emailing me after he gets rid of the new hard drives the FedThugs installed in his computer that is LOADED with spyware and I am sure Keyloggers as well. When I get the message I will update everyone.

When we get the numbers to call, we need to barrage these Federal parasites that are suppose to be working FOR US, not against we the people. We need to find out who initiated this action against Richard and call for his termination of employment. If it was the POS Chertoff, then this prick needs to go NOW!!!.
Paul from poker face
http://www.pokerface.com - writing the soundtrack to Americas 2nd American Revolution we all know is coming because the criminality out of DC is OUT OF CONTROL and needs a good spanking back in line. PF Kontrol Video on GOOGLE http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 3566503646

ps 2 Bills I would like to see passed is
Judicial accountability act
Prosecutor accountability act
Where we the people can investigate and sue those who pervert the legal system to their own wills. If a person is found innocent after being railroaded into jail or plea-bargained into jail, that what ever length of time the victim of the judicial system suffered will now be placed on the offending public servant. But this public servant will be given 3 times the amount of time served for their willful misconduct and criminal action against we the people. I know that BS charges will no longer be applied to future victims of the judiciary, if these governmental criminals themselves are to be held accountable for their criminal actions. Just a thought… Please pass this around

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A good post on what Richard was selling and providing

Post#5 » Thu Jun 08, 2006 3:53 pm

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Post#6 » Fri Jun 09, 2006 2:03 am

June 8, 2006

Yesterday we received word that KT Ordnance, manufacturer of incomplete (80%-finished) frames, was raided for the alleged "illegal manufacture of firearms." KT Ordnance has been a great asset to those who wish to purchase unfinished receivers with which to anonymously manufacture their own firearms -- a perfectly legal process, according to the BATFE website ( http://www.atf.gov/firearms/faq/faq2.htm#a6 ).

You can see from photos of the AR-15 kit ( http://www.jpfo.org/kto1.jpg and www.jpfo.org/kto2.jpg) that the product cannot possibly be a functioning "firearm" -- it's simply a chunk of metal! So how can this happen?

Early reports suggest that -- as Len Savage warned us in his "Talkin' to America" interview ( http://www.jpfo.org/tta060508.htm ) -- the BATFE has arbitrarily decided that certain products have the "features and characteristics" of firearms. As can be expected, there exists _no_ definition of exactly what "features and characteristics" are in question at this time.

Other reports indicate that much of KT Ordnance's inventory is being confiscated, and computer hard drives have been duplicated, although the computers themselves remain at KT Ordnance's location.

It appears that certain government agents are indeed getting desperate. Richard Celata, owner of KT Ordnance, has been a long-time supporter of JPFO and a staunch defender of the Second Amendment (see our alert at http://www.jpfo.org/alert20050513.htm ). Did the raid take place because of his association with a Jewish civil rights organization? Was it related to the upcoming UN Conference on small arms ( http://www.jpfo.org/alert20060523.htm )? Or could it be because too many gun owners are discovering that building their own firearms is simple, anonymous, and LEGAL (according to the BATFE's own site -- see above)?

Details on the raid are at this time very, VERY sketchy. We will continue to report on this outrageous, vindictive action by the BATFE as more information comes in. Visitors to the KT Ordnance website will note that the site is no longer online. Richard has informed us that this was to prevent orders from coming in during this time, as there is no way to know what is being monitored or otherwise tracked by BATFE.

JPFO and Gun Owners of America (www.gunowners.org) are working to establish legal defense for KT Ordnance, and will keep you posted on our progress. In the meantime, please spread the word far and wide about this outrageous, indefensible action by the BATFE. Ask questions and _demand answers_ from those in power who claim they are "friends" of gun owners.

We must do what we can to help and support our brothers-in-arms at KT Ordnance.

- The Liberty Crew

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forum board to check out

Post#7 » Fri Jun 09, 2006 2:34 am

this is a site that is known for Richard to post on.

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from another forum

Post#8 » Fri Jun 09, 2006 7:47 pm

Some people over on the homegunsmith forum that apparently know him, said that he doesn't keep records for the 80% gun sales, or that they are on paper, but he destroys them after orders are sent or something. But still any email correspondence, etc ... would be on the computer unless he really knew what he was doing. They would most likely have already been intercepted and logged anyway by the feds. So don't worry about it.

They are either going to try to put him through a ton of hassle and put him out of business, and just stall everything. Or they'd probably have to set him up, plant evidence, pay a prisoner to testify against him if hes temporarily in jail, etc. Note: I dont think either one is going to work. I don't think anyone would let the latter happen. It would proabably start something.

That is horrible that they did that to Bob Stewart. One prisoner that was previously in a cell with him, testified that he offered to pay him to assinate the judge that put him in jail for a shorter sentence, then they gave him 20 years for the one prisoner testifying. Basicly a life sentence for him because he was an older man. This is obviously the biggest set up. Prisoners are the easiest to bribe.
They have informants with ties to the gangs in prisons, they can get a life sentenced murderer in prison to murder another prisoner for probably a carton of cigarettes, drugs, or any other prison contraband.

http://www.fundamentalsoffreedom.com/fs ... ic=2452.30

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WE believe that Aaron Zelman became a person of interest b/c

Post#9 » Sat Jun 10, 2006 2:57 pm

I believe JPFO was targeted over film critical of the BATFags. The BATFE are an UnConsitutional agency the forefathers would be puking over that it is even in existence. as with most of the alphabet intelligence agencies that serve only the interest of their plutocratic masters. They are not here for us, but to keep watch over us, so we dont get too uppity and assert our God given Rights to hit the R E S E T button on tyrrany.

here is the link to the page that has the video blasting the BATFags;

BATFE Fails the Test

and also the post on Give the BATFE the boot

For more details about BATFE Fails the Test, read our "Common Sense" column in the January '05 issue of Shotgun News (pdf format).

more from - GIVE THEM THE BOOT;


Click here or scroll down for a compilation of our alerts and articles concerning the BATFE

First ad in Shotgun News/Washington Times Weekly (PDF format)

Second ad in Washington Times Weekly (PDF format)

Third ad in Washington Times Weekly (PDF format)

Has the BATFE ever contacted you? Let us know!

BATFE Congressional Hearings

We gun owners routinely say to one another that we have the "right" to keep and bear arms. Honestly, though: what kind of "right" do we have if we are afraid to use it?

There is one federal agency whose job is to instill fear into gun owners and dealers. That agency is BATFE.

When we're afraid to make a purchase at a gun show, own an interesting collection of firearms, or effectively protect our own home and family, then we've already lost most of the right to keep and bear arms.

Notice the key word: afraid. Simple fear of being investigated or prosecuted is enough to deter honest citizens from having, owning, using, or even taking an interest in firearms. When you realize the staggering cost of legal defense against even a bogus federal prosecution, you have every reason to be afraid. And the BATFE has always relied on our fear.


You may know that JPFO, in partnership with courageous gun-maker Len Savage, has been holding the BATFE's feet to the fire for the last year. We've documented their chain of abuses, their capriciousness, and -- yes -- their vindictiveness when cornered. Just check out our "BATFE: Exposing the Threat" page.

To show you the impact we're having, the Congressional Research Memo repeatedly references articles published by JPFO! Our work is being noticed at the very top! For months, the Department of Justice attempted to bury the information. Why? Because DOJ and BATFE were themselves afraid that gun owners and gun makers will finally be angry enough -- and armed with enough facts -- to oppose them publicly and effectively. After decades of futile complaints about this brutal, out-of-control agency, the tide has turned. The momentum is on our side. We have the BATFE on the run! It's now up to you to keep the momentum going.


We have literally taken on this dangerous, vindictive federal agency. And we have had encouraging successes. This fight against the BATFE abuses has cost money -- more money than we planned. But that's no reason to stop. In fact, this battle cannot stop. We must now take it to the next level -- and that means placing ads in national publications to "wake the choir" and get gun owners roaring. We must tell gun owners that, after all these terrible decades of abuse, a handful of crusaders have put the BATFE on the run -- and that it's now up to all of us to pursue the BATFE with facts, knowledge, and courage until it is dismantled and no longer a terror to American gun owners.

Right now it's US vs. BATFE. We need more warriors on our side. So we need your financial help to keep up the fight. We plan to run large ads in influential national media, and these ads will cost $1,000 - $2,000 or more -- each. These ads will deliver facts to educate and enlist more gun owners to help. These ads will sound a ringing wake-up call to action.

Yes, we're asking for money. It's the only way to get the job done. Please call 800-869-1884 now, or click here to donate. We can't promise a free gift -- we can only promise you a tenacious struggle to protect your right to keep and bear arms without fear. This is your fight. This is the fight for the rights of all firearms owners in America. Please contact us today and contribute what you can.

If we run out of funds, then we'll have to quit, and the BATFE will win. Your financial support is crutical -- to give this rogue agency the boot.


(don't miss our "Boot the BATFE" T-shirts , stickers, and pins)
BATFE - Exposing the Threat

A compilation of our alerts and articles concerning the BATFE. Newest on top.


BATFE Fails the Test: The video that started it all. See the film you were never meant to see!


"Good O' Boy Roundup" Report Executive Summary

"Good O' Boy Roundup" Q&A

ATF Reconsideration Letters
[BM-3000] [M11 Conversion Trigger] [Shaughnessy M11 Modular Upper Adapter]

BATFE "Do As We Say, Not as We Do" Letter [Part I] [Part II]

Congressional Research Service Memo (PDF)

Truscott Letter (PDF)

Inter Ordnance of America Letter (also in PDF format)

BATFE Claiming Shoestring is a Machine Gun (JPG format)

Len Savage Evidence File (HTML, with links to PDFs of letters to/from BATFE)

Letter to James Sensenbrenner (PDF)

Sensenbrenner Response (JPG)

HR 1603 - Fairness in Firearms Testing Bill (as introduced to House) (PDF)


Why the ATF's Firearm Testing Procedures are Scientifically Invalid by Len Savage, July 2005

BATFE Fails the Test (Shotgun News Article, January 2005)


Experiences with the BATFE -- an Update (5/8/2006)

SWAT Highlights "Boot" Campaign (4/21/2006)

Taxes and Gun Rights (4/3/2006)

BATFE Hearings Quietly Reinstated (3/29/2006)

"Boot" Campaign Continues (3/21/2006)

"If You Have Nothing to Hide..." (3/15/2006)

Spread the Word (3/13/2006)

Exposing the Truth (3/7/2006)

We Warned you (2/28/2006)

Part II of BATFE Hearings (2/27/2006)

The Farce on Capitol Hill (2/16/2006)

BATFE Hearings to be Webcast (2/13/2006)

Congressional Hearings on BATFE (2/9/2006)

More News on Our Boot Campaign (1/30/2006)

Have You Been Contacted by the BATFE? (1/27/2006)

Kicking Off Our "Boot" Campaign (1/2/2006)

War Against Gun Owners (12/12/2005)

Give BATFE the Boot! (12/6/2005)

Could Science Prove You Guilty of a Crime You Didn't Commit? (11/28/2005)

Talkin' to America Interviews Firearms Freedom Fighter Len Savage (11/2/2005)

Congress Confirms Lack of ATF Testing Standards (10/28/2005)

The End of the Republican Party? (9/23/2005)

Exclusive Report: Len Savage Exposes the Phony Science Behind BATFE Firearms Testing (7/1/2005)

"The Disinterested Disposition to Punish": James Sensenbrenner and the Destruction of Freedom (5/19/2005)

Fairness in Firearm Testing (4/18/2005)

Rep. Sensenbrenner Fails the Test (3/29/2005)

New Spirit of Cooperation with Gun-Makers (3/7/2005)

One More Innocent American Entrapped by the Lying BATFE (1/28/2005)

Has the BATFE Declared War Against an American Gun Maker? (1/24/2005)

More Unamericanism (and Even a Touch of Insanity) From the BATFE (1/17/2005)

Viewers Rave Over BATFE Fails the Test (1/8/2005)

Vital Warning to All Owners of Semi-Automatic Firearms (1/3/2005)

Attached link: http://www.jpfo.org/batfevideo.htm

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ATF ABUSE An informational site

Post#10 » Sat Jun 10, 2006 3:54 pm

ATF ABUSE An informational site

Nothing so defines a Government as do the actions of it's representatives. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (hence referred to as "the ATF) have committed massive violations of both civil rights and civil law:

They have committed perjury while under oath.

They have illegally entered homes and businesses, stealing thousands of dollars worth of firearms, gold, silver, cash and other valuables from the owners.

They have willfully killed personal pets. From shooting the family dog (so it wouldn't bark and announce their attack) to stomping kittens to death!

They have held young children AT GUN POINT (many times while children were nearly naked) while they performed a search warrant ON THE WRONG HOUSE!

They have denied medical care to their victims, resulting in heart attacks, diabetic attacks, even a miscarriage!

They have ignored US Law and willfully operate "above and outside" of the Law.

They have willfully committed murder to hundreds of men, women and children. From "accidental" shootings, to mysterious "suicides", to shooting an unarmed Mother in the head (while she HELD HER BABY!), up to burning to death over 80 US citizens at Waco, Texas.

Daily, these rogue "Federally approved" criminals operate outside of the law. Innocent US citizens are coerced and threatened into performing incriminating acts, then are arrested and told "you just did something illegal!" Then these Federal criminals steal the offenders money, firearms, car and even their house!

All under the protection and approval of the Federal government!

Purpose of Site

1. To post verified articles, reports and hearings that show the criminal actions of the ATF.

2. To post supporting data that shows that the goals and purpose of the ATF are criminal and unconstitutional.

3. To exist as a central reporting agency. Accepting reports from concerned individuals, affected individuals (under investigation by, charged by, threatened by, coerced by, etc by the ATF).

4. A protection agency for "whistle blowers" and clearing house for their data. We will keep you confidential, while passing your data on to the proper department.

5. To gather data to be presented to the Senate for possible (and hopeful) hearings to determine the future, and punishment, of the ATF and it's rogue agents.

Goals of Site

1. To have at hand any and all known articles, reports, hearings and writings on abuses by agents of the ATF. This will enable those interested in learning the truth to have only one place they have to look.

2. To have the ATF disbanded, and the criminal actions of ATF agents prosecuted in open Federal Court.

3. To have those who performed, applauded, approved, conspired with or in ANY WAY assisted these criminal actions, tried as conspirators in Federal Court.


We have been called anti-government, anti-American, pro-criminal, right-wing, left-wing, unpatriotic, on and on and on...

We realize that by our mere existence, the Federal Government WILL attack us and all who work here, as we are now their "enemy" (the Federal Government's definition - not ours).

Any citizen who dares to speak against Government suppression, oppression, corruption and criminality in Government, will always be their enemy.

So be it.

We will have as many mirror sites as we can (please apply) so if they silence one of us, others can still get the truth out.

Please go here to enter our main data bank.

This site is still under construction.

If you have any data to share or report, or are the current or past
recipient of ATF or Governmental abuse, please email it here
Your name will be kept strictly confidential (unless you wish it otherwise)

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BATF regs on making guns for personal use

Post#11 » Sun Jun 11, 2006 4:49 pm

BATFags confiscating parts that are perfectly legal to make under their own laws. What a CROCK!

(A6) Does the GCA prohibit anyone from making a handgun, shotgun or rifle? [Back]

With certain exceptions a firearm may be made by a non-licensee provided it is not for sale and the maker is not prohibited from possessing firearms. However, a person is prohibited from assembling a non-sporting semi-automatic rifle or non-sporting shotgun from imported parts. In addition, the making of an NFA firearm requires a tax payment and approval by ATF. An application to make a machine gun will not be approved unless documentation is submitted showing that the firearm is being made for a Federal or State agency.

[18 U.S.C. 922(o) and (r), 26 U.S.C. 5822, 27 CFR 478.39, 479.62 and 479.105]

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Officers raid home near Dillon

Post#12 » Sun Jun 11, 2006 4:52 pm

Officers raid home near Dillon
http://www.mtstandard.com/articles/2006 ... jjfgfa.txt
By Nick Gevock of The Montana Standard - 06/10/2006
DILLON — Federal agents joined Beaverhead County sheriff’s deputies in raiding a rural home west of here this week and seized items as part of an ongoing investigation, County Sheriff Bill Briggs said Friday.

But Briggs offered no details on the search, what items were seized and who was targeted in the incident.

“I’m kind of under a gag rule,” Briggs said.

Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms served a federal search warrant on the home, Briggs said. No one was arrested but several things were taken that could later be used in a case.

The raid occurred at 10 a.m. Wednesday on a home somewhere west of Dillon.

Briggs said federal agents notified him that the raid was planned and deputies from his office joined in to help deal with the suspects whose home was searched.

“Our role was that of assisting them to see that everything went as safely as possible,” he said. “We were involved in every step of the hands-on aspect.” Reporter Nick Gevock may be reached via e-mail at nick.gevock@mtstandard.com.

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new news, this time from Richard Celata himself

Post#13 » Sun Jun 11, 2006 6:52 pm

posted by richard himself on this forum board;
http://www.homegunsmith.com/cgi-bin/ib3 ... ntry118110
Copy and past the below and send it to all on your e-mail lists:

Due to the recent raid on KT Ordnance, our Whiskey Day Memorial Machine Gun Shoot, 80% Gun Build, and Ice Cream Social, has been changed to: The Whiskey Day Memorial Machine Gun Shoot and Ice Cream Social, NO gun building of any kind will take place.

I was advised by the JBT’s (also known as F Troop) NOT to have the shoot. I say, darn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. We are going to have our shoot, as our God given, Constitutionally protected right, and I will not be bullied. They may put me in jail, but they will never conquer us.

If we as Americans cannot put on a better showing than those illegal aliens did, then we deserve to die. I am asking all Americans to come to Dillon on July 15 to show support for our cause. And what is that cause? It is literally your life! I have, with firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, pledged to each of you my life, my fortune, and my sacred Honor. They have taken my fortune; my freedom or my life may be next.

Will you pledge just one week of fun and shooting to me, and the cause? Look at how successful the biker weeks are. Can we as gun owners not do better? Or are we as gun owners too weak and afraid? You may be next if we do not stop this NOW. No more Ruby Ridges, Wacos, Dillons, and the list goes on, and it will continue to go on, if it is not stopped NOW.

Send the JBT’s back to Washington DC, and tell them there that America’s daughters and her sons are theirs no more. Tell them America is free.

I hope to see before me an army of my countrymen here in defiance of tyranny. You have come to fight as free men, and free men you are. What will you do without freedom? Will you fight?

Fight against JBT’s you say? “No, we will run, and we will live”.

Ay, fight and you may die, run and you'll live. At least for a while. And dying in your beds many years from now a slave, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance to come back here and tell the JBT’s that they may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom.

I don't want to be a martyr. I want to live. I want my home, and children, and peace. I've asked God for these things. It's all for nothing if we don't have freedom.

Let this end with me. Let me be the last victim of this rogue agency. Are you mad as hail yet? Go to your windows and open them wide and yell to everyone, “I’m mad as hail, and I’m not going to take this anymore”.

Now go, make your plans to come to Dillon, Montana on July 15th. Do not let this die, or you will die as cowards. We all end up dead; it's just a question of how and why. Every man dies, not every man really lives.

Thanks to Aaron Zelman of the JPFO.org and GOA.com, Please contribute to the GOA’s legal fund and to JPFO’s Boot the BATF.

Attached link: http://www.homegunsmith.com/cgi-bin/ib3 ... act=ST;f=6;

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from someone associated with GOA

Post#14 » Tue Jun 13, 2006 2:20 am

KT Ordnance Raid up-date
Headers: Show All Headers

Skip forwards:

I talked to Richard Celeta who has been on my
email list for years. A Patriot, 2nd Amendment
for sure, please pray for him, his family and a
right outcome in this situation. I received his
email two days before getting this JPFO Alert
regarding this situation --it follows at the end.
He hasn't been arrested but the Feds confiscated
everything having to do with his business,
including the computer, etc. The pages of his
website on his gun kits are down, only his wife's
new business page exists now-- ktordnance.com.
If you were on his email list or would like to be
on it send him an email at

<mailto:KT@ktordnance.com>KT@ktordnance.com .

Gun Owners of America is taking his case. If you
would like to help with the funds send your
donations to GOA noting for the Defense of
Richard Celeta. You can go to the website and
make online donations to GOA, also at
Blessings, MaryAnn

Gun Owners of America
8001 Forbes Pl Suite 102
Springfield VA 22151
PH: 703-321-8585
FX: 703-321-8408

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Radio interview with Larry Pratt of GOA from today 6-13-6

Post#15 » Wed Jun 14, 2006 12:28 am

Radio interview with Larry Pratt of GOA from today (go ahead to minute 27):


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