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latest from ZUNDELS camp 2/18/2006

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Greetings from the Zundelsite:

This is a summary of the three days of hearings in the Holocaust Heresy Trial - February 9, 15, and 16. I held off reporting on it because I had hoped for a more professional, on-location summary from someone like William James who can grasp the overarching topics, principles, tactics, and strategies - not just the actual events. Again, due to e-mail sabotage, I may not have received every write-up from the audience sent to me. Therefore, I am flying by the seat of my pants, so to speak, piecing things together from an admittedly limited and incomplete perspective.

You should know up-front that Ernst is not allowed to communicate to anybody about the trial itself - apparently, not even to me, even though a higher court had ordered that his communication to his wife not be restricted in any way. Secondly, his correspondence overall is severely throttled. Not only is he limited to "two letters" (coming and going) each workday, the correspondence he receives from others is largely limited to postcards from strangers who just send a greeting, sometimes in a language that he cannot read, often not even with a return address. At times, he is given empty envelopes just to underline - what, exactly? Also, his postage stamp allotment has been brutally cut back so that even the "two letters a day" limitation is hampered.

In a way, I am the beneficiary. Ernst writes me absolutely stunning letters, practically every day - cutting down his allotment to others by 50% - letters that are a testimony to his indomitable spirit, every one of which I save for future use. Happily, my letters to him get through in a relatively short time - and in order to make it easier on the censor(s), I remember my good manners and always include a courtesy copy for them!

Ernst is not allowed to utter the word "Holocaust" - he gets around that one by speaking of the "Reizwort" (incendiary word). He is not allowed to comment about Adolf Hitler for fear it might be catching like the flu. He is not allowed to receive anything that could give him intellectual or artistic stimulation, which includes travel brochures and seed catalogs. Any input generally about what is going on politically outside the prison gates he can only gather by reading newspapers that other prison inmates gleefully share, to liven up their boredom, with the political celebrity that's dwelling among them. Wherever he walks in the prison yard, he gathers a tail of followers eager to hear him hold forth - exactly like Jesus, he says.

Physically, Ernst is apparently well taken care of. He has repeatedly commented on the respectful kindness of his guards, and he is allowed to have a radio and CD player, which is a very great comfort to him.

This much by way of a foreword.

Now how to summarize the three days of hearings this month? One has to understand what is playing in Mannheim in order to appreciate the strategy. Germany does not have, and never has had, a Constitution after its defeat in 1945 - a fact that is not known to most people. Instead, the BRD/Bundesrepublik has something called a "Basic Law", which seems to be a carbon copy of what rules Israel - in itself an interesting comment on this camouflaged colony of Israel's called "Germany".

I will not reiterate the history of why a Constitution was denied so far to the German people, partly because I am not familiar with all the ins and outs. On paper, the BRD was installed in 1945 as an interim government that would expire as soon as the people would be able to elect a government to their needs and liking. At least that was the promise - and it is even nailed into the record through speeches in the German parliament. The way I read the tea leaves, this lacking Constitution was promised to the German people intermittently, allegedly as soon as they were politically "mature" enough to "deserve" a Constitution - in other words, as soon as they were all "re-educated" to atone in perpetuity for their forefather's infernal conduct in wartime.

Now this "Basic Law" is unctuously proclaiming on paper that Germany is a "democracy". It includes a lofty provision for Freedom of Speech and Assembly. However, the "Holocaust" is held to be so utterly "self-evident" that there has got to be an exception to prove a worthy rule, and therefore, a statute called Paragraph 130 was spawned. It is swung by obliging judges like a club against those who dare "sin" against anybody who, in parlance, who "defames the memory of the dead" and "incites the people" with questions challenging the Holocaust.

"Legally", as Germany exists today, a defense based on facts and evidence that would show up the Holocaust as the concocted monstrosity it is, is utterly impossible - and immediately brutally clubbed down by judges who are willing to please. Attorneys who try to defend those who run afoul of Paragraph 130 by conducting themselves according to globally accepted standards of justice merely endanger themselves of contravening Paragraph 130. To paraphrase Orwell, all German people have free speech, but some have more free speech than others - just as nobody's dead must be defamed, but most can be defamed, as long as some are shielded.

The argument the Zundel Team is making is within these legally existing and restricting parameters. Since Paragraph 130 exists, a direct defense is, therefore, not in the cards. The strategy is not, as I understand it, to show that the Holocaust didn't happen and couldn't have happened as claimed, because science, especially forensic science, doesn't support any of the conventional claims - the Zundel defense strategy is to show up Germany as lawless and controlled by an agenda that merely serves Israel. Not Germany!

Thus, the Zundel legal team treats the judicial setup as an enemy fortress and the judge and prosecution as "willing executioners" in the service of an alien power. Ernst's freedom under this strategy has become secondary - almost, it seems to me at times with that horrid sinking feeling in my stomach, irrelevant in the grand design of things. The aim is not so much to free Ernst Zundel from prison by showing that what he said was justified, and that he acted on the dictates of his conscience - the aim is to find allies within the judicial system who will remember they are Germans and not useful idiots to Israel, and who will refuse to convict according to Paragraph 130. If Paragraph 130 can be made to land on the garbage heap of history where that abomination belongs, then patriotic people need no longer fear to speak the truth as they know it.

Vastly simplified, the Zundel Heresy Trial has now become the vehicle to try to shake off Israeli (and Allied) control of Germany, and hopefully of Europe. Ernst has become the symbol and political icon of that struggle because he is the best-known Prisoner of Conscience in the Western world and his name carries weight and prestige with important dissidents who have put the mosaic together and refuse to live by the Lie.

Recently, there have been cracks in the judiciary itself in that judges have begun to speak out against this absurd situation of claiming "freedom of speech" when, in fact, they are required to shred every attempt of freedom of speech the moment Jewish interests come calling. Some have described this new phenomenon as a "paralysis" in the judiciary - in that Paragraph 130 complaints are dismissed outright or, if charges are brought, the system is dragging its feet to convict.

In response, the Enemy of Free Speech, via what I call the "Poodle Media" - a phrase I'd like you to adopt - is shooting out of every barrel. Mainstream media folk have attacked with a blizzard of defamatory Zundel articles world-wide, but even there are cracks in that the more alert reporters are beginning to resent having to spew the words that someone puts into their mouths, and they have found ways of sliding in the real issues by letting people read between the lines. In Europe, mainstream media, generally, is not as viperous as the Canadian scribblers, for instance. The German articles that I have seen slyly let shine through what really plays in Mannheim!

There are six attorneys making up the defense - three of our own, and three assigned by the government, ostensibly as "public defenders", whose duty is, as you and I surmise, to spy on strategy and move the trial to a speedy conclusion and conviction. Now it so happens that one of these three "public defenders" is Dr. Bock, a most distinguished, white-haired gentleman whom we consider as being on our wavelength due to his long and vigorous defense of other defendants who transgressed against Paragraph 130. That leaves two dismayed fellows who "don't enjoy the trust of Mr. Zundel," as it was pointed out by one of the Zundel attorneys in one of the hearings. They sit behind the main team, out of earshot, fuming!

A young, attractive lady, Sylvia Stolz, is the lead Zundel attorney - a genuine Magnolia beauty hiding a spine of steel. From all I heard, Dr. Meinerzhagen, the judge in this trial, is no match at all against Attorney Stolz. She refuses to address him by title. He looks and acts apoplectic. When he talks, she talks, too - parallel. When he pulls the cord to prevent her from speaking, she turns around and addresses the audience directly. She is described as superbly unruffled and sweetly in control. She bests him with every move.

To the glee of the courtroom spectators, Dr. Meinerzhagen has lost his cool. When an elderly woman laughed loudly at some of the point-counterpoint sparring, he ordered her up front and lectured an old lady as though she were a kindergartner. When one of Zundel supporters called him a name that wasn't his name - comparing him to a notorious judge in those unmentionable times - he had the man arrested on the spot and thrown in jail for 4 days. When, after the hearing was over, a spontaneous Singing Quartet in the audience launched the first verse of "Deutschland über alles" - certain verses forbidden by Germany's vigilant censors, even though it is a song with a long, distinguished history that was not dreamed up by the Wicked Regime - Meinerzhagen fined the would-be Barbershoppers 200 Euros apiece - a fine that was immediately collected in the audience by disbarred Attorney Mahler passing the hat. It was like in the olden days in Toronto - the only prop missing were the yellow helmets worn by the old-time dissidents.

For the second time, Dr. Meinerzhagen has thrown in the towel and cut the hearing short, but not before telling Ms. Stolz that he is going to initiate an investigation into her irreverent conduct. This brave young woman could well end up in jail herself, which would only underline the camouflaged dictatorship that really rules the Fatherland. Remember Roosevelt's suggestion: "Speak softly and carry a stickŠ"? That's what's been going on in Germany for 60-plus years, and now the genie is out of the bottle.

So that's where we are today. Five hearing days have passed - and the only thing accomplished was that the charges were read against Ernst - listlessly, I have been told. Ernst listens to all this commotion, quite calm and unperturbed, as is his style in general. He knows that he can't win under the current system. The system is stacked against Truth, and he has known that all along. It would be sweet justice if he could take the trophy of the defeated Paragraph 130 back home to Tennessee where I would pin it up for all the world to see in the museum on the mountains that Ernst and I had planned.

Ernst wants you to know that this Holocaust Heresy Trial is only the beginning of what is going to transpire on the soil of the Old Continent. As he has put it in one of his letters to me: "They'll rue the day yet when they deported me to Europe!"
P.S. Below is a typical Poodle article from the Deutsche Presse Agentur: ... in+Germany

Courtroom uproar mars neo-Nazi trial in Germany

16 February 2006

MANNHEIM, GERMANY - A German neo-Nazi's trial degenerated into uproar Wednesday as the judge jailed a member of the public for contempt and warned a far-right defence lawyer she could be thrown out of court.

Supporters filled the court as Ernst Zuendel, 66, appeared for a second day on charges of incitement to racial hatred for denying the Holocaust, which Zuendel's books and website claim never happened.

Presiding judge Ulrich Meinerzhagen on Wednesday imposed 200-euro (240-dollar) fines for contempt on three men who sang a nationalistic version of the German national anthem in court last week.

When a member of the public slurred the judge by shouting a remark that compared him to a senior Nazi-era judge, the man was sentenced to four days in detention for contempt.

Sparring with Zuendel's defence lawyer, the judge told her, "You are sabotaging this trial," and switched off her microphone. When she kept talking, he threatened to throw her out of court.

Zuendel's lawyers accused the court of being "anti-German".

Zuendel, who has been in detention since his expulsion from Canada last March, was silent Wednesday. He had lived in North America since 1958, but as a German national, he can be charged for offences committed abroad.


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Update On The Zundel Saga 3-15-6

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Update On The Zundel Saga 3-15-6

From Ingrid Rimland

Zgram to my Internet readers as well as mainstream and alternative media:

I didn't neglect my readership - as per usual, we have had to
struggle with Internet sabotage, and I still cannot reach my
translator as well as one of our attorneys through regular channels.
(Being creative folks, we manage to communicate via back doors, of
course )

Several important developments have occurred in the Ernst Zundel Saga
- and much more is yet to come.

Very briefly: The trial in Mannheim has been postponed again - this
time indefinitely. So far, in 6 or 7 hearing days, all the time was
taken up with questions about protocol and about whether or not
Ernst's attorneys might not be as politically correct as is expected
- only the charges were being read.

There will not be another trial date for 3 or 4 weeks. We will keep
you posted.

Meanwhile, there are some stunning developments that I can't talk
about as yet, but I can tell you this much: We are now treating
Ernst's arrest and deportation as a bona fide extrajudicial rendition
- in other words, a political kidnapping, as it should have been
dealt with all along. We are justified in doing this because we are
in the possession of some 150 lbs (!) of Freedom of Information Act
documents, many on official letterhead, that show clearly that three
(possibly four) so-called "democratic" states were involved at the
highest level in criminalizing and then railroading one man into
incarceration whose only "weapon" was his old-fashioned fountain pen.

Here are two letter that will be of interest to Zundel-Watchers:

From: Christopher Bollyn, American Free Press, Washington, D.C.
To: Martina Nibbeling, Press Attache, Embassy of Germany
Re: Arrest and Deportation of Ernst Zundel, German Citizen
Date: March 15, 2006

Martina Nibbeling-Wriessnig
Press Attache
Embassy of Germany in Washington, D.C.

Dear Martina,

This is to confirm my email contact address after speaking with you
this morning on the phone.

Regarding the arrest of Ernst Zundel at his home in Tennessee by
agents of the local police and agents of the INS, I have a couple
questions that I would like to pose to you as press representative of
the German Embassy in Washington:

Ernst Zundel is a German citizen whose human and legal rights appear
to have been grossly abused by U.S. and Canadian authorities. I have
seen documents that indicate that the German authorities were asking
about the legal basis of Zundel's arrest when it occurred on February
5, 2003.

Zundel was deported to Canada where he spent two years in solitary
confinement as a national security threat to Canada. He was kept in
a cold cell without shoes or socks in which the light was never
turned off. He was not given a warm meal for two years. This sounds
to me like a gross violation of his human rights.

Furthermore, Mr. Zundel and his wife Ingrid Rimland were not shown
any document authorizing his arrest at the time of the arrest. The
arresting officers did not present a court order or warrant for his
arrest. Is this not a violation of Mr. Zundel's rights in the view
of the German Embassy?

What actions did the German Embassy take to protect the human and
legal rights of Mr. Zundel, a German citizen?

Why was Mr. Zundel not given a German passport? Documentation from
the BKA Mecklenheim from February 2003 clearly indicate that the
German authorities were conspiring on how they could deny issuing a
new passport for Mr. Zundel.

Why would German authorities conspire against a German citizen who
needed to have a new passport?

I look forward to hearing from you soon on these matters. I am
working on an investigation of how Mr. Zundel was arrested and
deported from the United States.

Having seen some of the documents concerning this matter, I am of the
opinion that his arrest was illegal, coordinated with German
authorities, and appears to have been a extra-judicial rendition.

Best wishes,

Christopher Bollyn
American Free Press
Washington, D.C.


From: Christopher Bollyn, American Free Press, Washington, D.C.

To: John Tackaberry and Elizabeth Berton-Hunter, Amnesty
International (Canada)

Re: Extra-judicial Rendition of Ernst Zuendel (Zündel)

John Tackaberry, Media Relations
Amnesty International, Canada
Ottawa, Ontario

Elizabeth Berton-Hunter, Media Relations
Amnesty International, Toronto
Toronto, ON

Dear Amnesty International of Canada,

I am a journalist with American Free Press of Washington, D.C. My questions pertain to Ernst Zuendel, a landed immigrant in Canada of 40 years, and pertain to how he was treated in Canada by Canadian authorities prior to and during two years of solitary confinement in a Toronto lock-up.

First, I am interested in any papers written or actions taken by Amnesty International on behalf of, or concerning the arrest and deportation of, Ernst Zuendel from the United States in February 2003.

Having attended Zuendel's trial in Mannheim, Germany, I am aware of the grossly unfair jurisprudence he faces in that country. What concerns me now is how he was treated by U.S. and Canadian authorities prior to being deported to Germany.

After meeting with his wife Ingrid Rimland in Tennessee, I am convinced that his arrest on February 5, 2003 was illegal. No arrest warrants or court papers were presented and they were prevented from contacting their lawyer at the time. Everything that I have seen and heard about the deportation of Mr. Zuendel indicates that this action was an extra-judicial rendition.

Furthermore, when Zuendel was brought to Toronto he was held in solitary confinement in conditions that can only be described as torturous. He was kept in a cell in which the light was never turned off and in which the temperature was kept very low. During this two-year period he was not allowed to wear shoes or socks and was not given warm food. Nor was he provided with a chair or a table.

These conditions of his incarceration in Canada sound extreme to say the least and sound very much like those found in the U.S. prison at Guantanamo, Cuba.

Mr. Zuendel was held in Canada as a "national security" threat. Did Amnesty International (Canada) do anything for Mr. Zuendel during the two years that he was held without being charged of any criminal offense? If not, why not?

I look forward to your response on this matter.


Christopher Bollyn
American Free Press


Ernst Zundel Commenting On Media Coverage
From Ingrid Rimland

In a letter to a friend in France, Ernst Zundel comments on the media tsunami in the wake of his Holocaust Heresy Trial. I would only like to add that here is a 66-year old human rights activist who has spend almost half a century demolishing the Holocaust Hoax - and now, in so-called " democratic " Germany, he is forbidden from mentioning the very word, " Holocaust " ? He has to circumvent the dreaded term by speaking of " the topic " ?

Does not that rotten system, a colony of Israel, camouflaged as a " Democracy " advertise its abject fear that way - or what ?!

Here is Ernst's letter, edited by me:

8. March 06

I am preparing for another court appearance in the morning. Since the scheduled witnesses, who were to appear tomorrow, have apparently been canceled, it can only mean that only procedural topics will be dealt with at tomorrow's session. You will be informed via spectators and lawyers, no doubt, what will transpire in the courtroom. It may well be a dramatic day, because the judge in the case had mentioned that although there is no legal mechanism in law currently in Germany to remove a lawyer because of conduct, he would "contemplate" removing my young lady lawyer Sylvia Stolz! So I will see what will happen.

Yvonne, I am no prophet and certainly not an expert in German legal proceedings. They are totally different from Anglo-Saxon proceedings and, therefore, alien to me. They may as well be from Planet Mars, as far as I am concerned!

But! And this "But" may well go down in postwar German legal history. If my instinct does not deceive me completely, we will make and re-write legal history.

In Canada, I had some older Anglo-Saxon judges - one of them Judge Heald, another one by the name Howland, and a few others - who came down with startlingly independent judgements. Some were over-ruled on appeal, but the principle is this: one judge alone, especially of an older generation, a few years away from retirement, [might] turn recalcitrant or rebellious against the political correctness crowd! But this Paragraph 130 does not give the judges much leeway, short of risking a career-suicide, and I don't think it would be realistic to expect that three judges collectively would decide on a form of judicial harakiri, were they to decide to ignore the restrictions established by this "unique" Paragraph. This will not happen in a troika !

There were at one time two such judges here in Mannheim, called Orlett and Müller, who came down with just such an unusual and courageous, startling judgment in the case of a German educator, Günter Deckert. A tsunami of media vilification set in against these two judges, [of such force] that even I heard about it in Canada on the national news! This will not happen in this case, not before this court, not at this time. The political situation has not yet deteriorated enough in Germany - not yet. Timing is everything!

Things are eroding. There is great nervousness and dissatisfaction amongst lawyers. Some prosecutors and even retired judges have written about this abnormal state of affairs in this area of German law. But such evolutions are painfully slow and usually need political, external impetus to actually take effect - and this judicial/societal ferment is not yet vocal enough to initiate a change.

The Irving case has kick-started such a ferment in the Austrian media, in parts of the political elite, and even in the judiciary. Irving's fate has had a similar reaction in England and America, where even Deborah Lipstadt has come out in his defence. Major newspapers in England have joined in this chorus. Some of my English contacts have written me about it.

Let me mention just a few you may not be aware of yet :

"The Independent" wrote on 29. Nov. 05: "Freedom of speech has to be there for everybody - including Irving."

"The Daily Express" wrote on 30. Nov. 05, in an article quoting a British lady MP called Ann Widdecombe : "Irving should not be in prison. "

"The Times" wrote on 20. January 06 : "Irving's rights are to be defendedSThe actions of Austria in arresting Irving are offensive and against freedom of speechS"

"The Financial Times" on 18-19 Februar 06 wrote in a large article headlined "Historical Truth Speaks for Itself" quoting the eminent British legal philosopher Ronald Dworkin that these statutes [like Paragraph 130] - I have to be careful! This is a censored letter, after all! - should be challenged by the European Convention on Human Rights, to negate them. By the way, Dr. Dworkin condemned my treatment by Canadian courts and the system there, vociferously and repeatedly, over the years. He is Jewish, of course.

"The Times" of 21. Feb. 06, carried a large headline on the front page : "Intense Reaction to the Prison Term for Irving!"

The coverage of the stop-start-abort-stop-start-postpone jo-jo of my case has repeatedly created attention and resulted in startlingly frank and surprisingly detailed coverage of the case, some of it actually irreverent. The "Frankfurter Allgemeine", a large, serious circulation paper, on 21. February 06, Nr. 44, page 3, had an article about my case, and an entire column about Irving. The articles about my case were written by a writer named Volker Zastrow who had another [article] on 27. Feb. 06, Nr. 49, page 3, in the "Politik" section of the paper, read by the business and political elite in Germany. This one was hilarious as well as serious and had a color picture of Sylvia Stolz. The other one had a very sinister picture [of me], but interesting from a photographic layout and perspective point of view! I look like the twin brother of Michael Gorbachev of all things! Weird !

There were numerous articles in the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" of a smaller size on the 10.2.06 ; a larger one in the "Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung" (Heidelberg) of 10.2.06 with a picture of me saluting, headlined : "Seine Anhänger sehen Zündel als Kämpfer für die Freiheit"/His supporters see Zundel as a fighter for freedom. Die "Stuttgart Zeitung" also had [a write-up] on the same day.

There was one in "Süddeutsche Zeitung" on 17. Feb. 06. Actually that paper carried surprisingly detailed coverage about the Irving case and mine - over and over again! Amazing !

The two news magazines, "Focus" and "Der Spiegel", which have a huge, Germany-wide circulation, devoted in one issue four pages to Irving's case, including color photos.

Die semi-pornographic "Bild Zeitung", a working class, mass circulation [tabloid] - 4 million readers - carried a huge color photo reportage with pictures of Dr. Meinerzhagen, the legal team, and me saluting. It filled over half a page. Since it was surrounded by naked women in suggestive, crude poses, those German readers cannot have missed the story! Sex sells obviously in democratic Germany! Disgusting!

Ingrid reported that the search engine had 480,000 websites mentioning the Zündel case before it slowly fell to just below 250,000 websites, [due to Google censoring certain content]. Ingrid said she did a Google search by typing in "Zundel plus Meinerzhagen" and she came up with 451 websites mentioning the two names in stories together. Some were on important professional websites like "Jurist/Legal News and Research". Last November, after the court appearance, she typed in Zundel or Ernst Zündel and got 211,000 websites responding as having articles about the case. A friend in Texas typed in my name misspelled "Zundle" and got over 10,000 mentions even with the name misspelled!

That's what I mean by the erosion of the monolith of media control!

So you can certainly see from just these very few examples that at least in the Anglo-Saxon world there is a groundswell - and I am sure the ferment and the erosion of the once almost monolithic spin-doctor power block is in full swing overseas !

Not in the same way YET in Germany! Not yet! But we are on the right track. Patience is needed.

And, of course, we should not forget that the whole Moslem Crescent from Tangier to Malaysia is aflame with a raging debate about the forbidden topic - the results of which we cannot fathom! For the first time whole nations, presidents, spiritual leaders, parliaments like in Iran and Egypt, are passing resolutions and are taking sides and a determined stand! This was never the case!

Iran has 27 % of the world's natural gas, has contracts of $100 billion with China alone about energy development. Thus geopolitical, geostrategic considerations are for the first time entering the debate! 1.6 billion Moslems are catching on to the topic - what are 30 million Canadians and 82 million Germans, compared to those numbers ? A drop in the bucket!

This is a new phenomenon of the Global Village of instant communication. Thus, by my sacrifice, and of course those of the others, the forces of intellectual freedom are slowly pushing back the curtain of censorship - a new age is dawning!

We need only to keep the flame of intellectual freedom alive - and victory will be ours - IN TIME !

Ernst Zundel

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April 7th 2006 Zundel Holocaust Heresy Trial - Breaking stor

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** Zundel Holocaust Heresy Trial - Breaking story ... ***


Last night, I was already in bed when I remembered that I had not notified my cameraman to be in court today to document the hastily arranged resumption of the court. Blind as a bat, because I had already removed my contacts and can barely see anything without them, I typed and shipped an emergency SOS. And am I ever glad I did!

I hope and pray he got good footage of this dramatic storyŠ
I translated this hastily. If someone can do a better job, feel free!


Zündel-Anwältin wird aus Gerichtssaal getragen
Zundel's lady attorney is carried out of the courtroom

Mannheim (AP) Die frühere Verteidigerin des Holocaust-Leugners Ernst Zündel ist am Mittwoch aus dem Gerichtssaal in Mannheim getragen worden. Die Anwältin Sylvia Stolz war zuvor von dem Prozess ausgeschlossen worden, erschien aber trotzdem im Saal und wollte auch nach Aufforderung des Vorsitzenden Richters Ulrich Meinerzhagen nicht gehen. Sie wurde daraufhin von zwei Wachpolizistinnen herausgetragen.

On Wednesday, the one-time lady attorney of Holocaust Denier Ernst Zundel was carried out of the courtroom [today]. Attorney Sylvia Stolz had been excluded from the court , but she appeared in court and refused to obey the order of Judge Meinerzhagen. Thereupon, two female guards carried her out.

«Das deutsche Volk erhebt sich», rief Stolz dem Publikum zu.

"The German people are rising," Stolz called out to the public.

Der 66-jährige Zündel, der im Februar 2005 aus Kanada abgeschoben wurde und seitdem in Untersuchungshaft sitzt, steht wegen Volksverhetzung vor dem Landgericht. Er hatte den millionenfachen Mord an den Juden in deutschen Gaskammern als Geschichtsfälschung bezeichnet. Seine Ansichten hatte er unter anderem über eine Website verbreitet.

Sixty-six-year old Zundel, who was deported from Canada in February 2005 and has been in investigative detention ever since, is before the higher court for "incitement of the people." He called the mass murder in millions of Jews in German gas chambers a historical falsification. Among other things, he spread his opinions via a website.

Stolz begründete ihr Bleiben mit den Worten: «Seit 60 Jahren verzichtet das deutsche Volk auf seine Freiheit, sich selbst zu regieren. Diesem schlechten Beispiel folge ich nicht.» Richter Meinerzhagen stehe in der Tradition der Nürnberger Prozesse, «des Lynchens ohne Recht».

Stolz defended her presence in the court with these words: "For 60 years, the German people have resigned themselves to the fact that they did not have the freedom to rule themselves. I am not following that bad example." Judge Meinerzhagen functioned in the tradition of the Nuremberg Trials, "a lynching outside the law."

Vor dem Eklat kündigte Stolz rechtliche Schritte gegen ihren Ausschluss aus dem Verfahren an. «Es ist eine sofortige Beschwerde vorgesehen», sagte sie der AP vor der Fortsetzung des Prozesses. «Das wird nun der Bundesgerichtshof entscheiden.»

Before this incident happened, Stolz announced legal steps against her exclusion in this trial. "An immediate appeal is expected," she told AP before the trial resumed. That will be decided by [Germany's] highest court."

Das Karlsruher Oberlandesgericht hatte am vergangenen Freitag den Ausschluss der Anwältin verfügt, die in dem Prozess selbst mit strafbaren nationalsozialistischen Äußerungen aufgefallen war und im November vergeblich versucht hatte, den Ex-NPD-Anwalt Horst Mahler als Assistenten der Verteidigung Zündels hinzuzuziehen.

The Higher Court, Karlsruhe, ruled in favor of the lady attorney's exclusion, since she had made herself noted for punishable opinions and had tried unsuccessfully in November to have the ex-NPD attorney Horst Mahler be her assistant in the defense of Ernst Zundel.

Der Karlsruher Gerichtsbeschluss ist allerdings noch nicht rechtskräftig. Mahler war am Mittwoch ebenso anwesend wie zahlreiche Sympathisanten aus der rechten Szene.

However, the Karlsruhe Court's ruling is not yet binding. Mahler was in court on Wednesday, as were numerous supporters from the Right.

«Ich gratuliere ihnen zu ihrer Tapferkeit», sagte einer von ihnen zu Stolz.

"I congratulate you for your courage," one of them said to Stolz.

© 2006 The Associated Press. Alle Rechte Vorbehalten - All Rights Reserved

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What this world needs are more of the 3 Bs.




A lot of the evil would shrivel and die.

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Ernst Zundel's Wife 'Invited' To Testify In Germany 'Safe Co

Post#20 » Mon Apr 24, 2006 11:04 pm

If ingrid goes, she is F-ing Nutz.
They will imprison her just as fast as they have done to any other truther about the holyhaux.

Ernst Zundel's Wife 'Invited' To Testify In Germany 'Safe Conduct'?
From Ingrid Rimland

Every single response to my tentative announcement that I was considering going to Germany to testify in Ernst's trial as to the ownership of the Zundelsite has been a horrified: FOR HEAVEN'S SAKES, DON'T GO!!!

The best response, I think, came from a supporter who simply wrote on a white sheet of paper: "Come into my parlor," the spider said to the fly ---"

So don't worry - I won't do anything foolish or reckless. Which does not mean this invitation can't be turned around and used to our advantage.

At any rate, especially for those of you who have had legal training, here is the letter I received. Your feedback is sought and invited.


Certified translation from German into English language

Landgericht Mannheim
[Mannheim Regional Court]

Case Number: 6 KLs 503 Js 4/96

Criminal proceedings against Ernst Zundel
on suspicion of incitement to hatred and violence against segments of the population [Volksverhetzung] and other [penal provisions]

Dear Dr. Rimland:

The Mannheim Regional Court is considering examining you as a witness in the criminal proceedings against your husband, Ernst Zundel. The primary facts in issue are the setup and ongoing operation of the Internet site "" As an American citizen, you are certainly not obligated to appear following a summons from a German court in Germany. Moreover, no coercive measures may be imposed upon you. The court may, however, attempt to achieve your summons or your examination through officials in the USA by means of judicial assistance.

I should like to inform you in advance, however, that pursuant to § 1 No 2 of the German Code of Criminal Procedure [Strafprozeßordnung (StPO)], as the wife of the accused you have the right to refuse to testify anyway. In other words, even if you were examined by American officials by means of judicial assistance, you would not need to give any testimony in the matter. Pursuant to § 55 Para. 1 StPO, you also have the right to refuse to respond to such questions if answering them would place either yourself, a family member, or your husband in danger of prosecution for a criminal act. Based upon suspicion of your joint responsibility for the "" Web site, the Mannheim Public Prosecutor's Office is also currently conducting investigative proceedings against you on suspicion of incitement to hatred and violence against segments of the population, according to a notice from the Mannheim Public Prosecutor's Office. Given the current state of affairs, it is hard to conceive of questions to which a response would not place you or your husband in danger of criminal prosecution (primarily on suspicion of incitement to hatred and violence against segments of the population pursuant to § 130 of the German penal code [Strafgesetzbuch (StGB)]. You would therefore be fully entitled to refuse to give testimony pursuant to § 55 StPO.

In the present criminal proceedings against your husband, therefore, you could be examined in the matter only if you are prepared to give testimony. The court therefore requests that you notify it as to whether you are prepared to give testimony as a witness in the present criminal proceedings against your husband, or whether you are invoking your right as a witness to avoid self-incrimination pursuant to § 52 StPO or your right to refuse to divulge information pursuant to § 55 StPO. In this case, all further attempts to obtain testimony from you would be pointless.

If you are prepared to testify, however, then an examination in the main proceedings before the Mannheim Regional Court at a date to be determined would be the first option. The court would insure your safe conduct for this purpose, i.e. you would not be in danger of being arrested or otherwise bothered in relation to the aforementioned investigative proceedings by the Mannheim Public Prosecutor's Office. The expenses of your travel and accommodation would be reimbursed.

If you are not prepared to appear for examination in person before the Mannheim Regional Court, examination via a videoconference link would also be possible. You would then travel to an as yet undetermined location in the USA, such as a German consulate in your vicinity, and the sound and image of your testimony would be transmitted to the courtroom. If you are not prepared to do this, then there is the final option of having a consular official conduct your examination on commission. Your personal testimony in Mannheim or examination via videoconference link would be preferable, however, because the participants in the proceedings, including your husband, would then have the opportunity to address questions directly to you.

In conclusion, I therefore request your response to the following questions:

1. Are you prepared to give testimony in the criminal proceedings against your husband before the Mannheim Regional Court on suspicion of incitement to hatred and violence against segments of the population [Volksverhetzung] and other penal provisions, or do you refuse to give testimony based upon the aforementioned rights und § 52 and § 55 StPO ?

2. If you are prepared to give testimony,

a. are you prepared to appear as a witness (with a guarantee of safe conduct) before the Mannheim Regional Court at a date to be determined, and to give testimony as a witness in the matter?
b. Are you otherwise prepared to participate in an examination via videoconference link and to give testimony as a witness in the matter?
c. Are you otherwise prepared to have a German official in the USA conduct your examination on commission and to give testimony as a witness in the matter?

I would like to point out that you are not obligated to answer these questions. In the interest of expeditious handling of the present criminal proceedings against your husband, which would surely also be important for you since your husband is in pretrial detention, the court would be very thankful if you would show your cooperation by answering the questions listed above. Otherwise the court must consider an attempt to approach you through officials in the USA by means of judicial assistance.


Dr. Meinerzhagen
Presiding Judge of the Landgericht [Regional Court]

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5-2-6 Update On The Zundel Mannheim Holocaust Heresy Trial

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Update On The Zundel Mannheim Holocaust Heresy Trial
By Ingrid Rimland Zundel

To our friends around the world...

We have entered a very interesting and, in some ways, scary stage in our struggle to bring truth to the world via reporting on the Mannheim Holocaust Heresy Trial. On April 26, there was yet another scheduled hearing. From the few scattered reports I received, it was an extraordinary day! Please take this as a partial summary because I don't know what it means and can only speculate.

Here is what I was told:

Ernst was represented by Dr. Schaller and Attorney Bock. Jürgen Rieger was not present. The two public defenders, who are on stand-by, so to speak, were present, as were Sylvia Stolz and Horst Mahler - the latter two in the audience. Again, many spectators filled the court room, but the security forces had been reduced in numbers. Ernst was described as "looking good, self-assured and vigorous." The prosecutor, Mr. Grossmann, was not present; a substitute sat in for him.

Dr. Meinerzhagen started by playing a brief ZDF video clip that had been produced by a German television team sometime in 1999, as I remember it. I lived at that time in San Diego; Ernst was still in Canada. The reporters were a husband-wife couple, nice and very open-minded, so I thought. After they filmed me, they went on to interview Ernst at the Toronto Zundel-Haus, and Ernst told me afterwards that the extended interview went very well indeed. Apparently, when it was finally shown all over Germany, it was just a sound byte and had become the usual tripe - the theme being "Neo-Nazis on the Net" with voice-overs on just how "dangerously" the Zundelsite was by hiding behind Freedom of Speech. Many of our supporters saw it at the time, but it came and went, and there was absolutely no fallout. I saw it as one of those "Let's scare the unwary..." productions. I remember the reporters asking me about connections with the "skinheads" and I told them that in my entire life I had never personally met a skinhead. I told them skinhead were fabrications of a compliant media.

This clip was now played in the courtroom by having it projected against a white wall. One spectator called it "nasty", two others thought it was the old, insignificant baloney meant to scare the gullible.

This was followed in the courtroom by a broadcast that Ernst had done several years ago via a Russian radio station from what used to be Königsberg, now called Kaliningrad. I remember this story vaguely. Ernst had negotiated broadcast time with the Russian owners and had been assured that the contract would hold, but as it turned out, he was only allowed to broadcast twice before the Holocaust Lobby aficionados leaned on the Russkys, twisted some arms - and the contract was canceled on the spot. Dr. Meinerzhagen now allowed to play one of these broadcasts in full - apparently lasting almost an hour. I have never heard it, but it was described to me by three different people in the courtroom as "simply fabulous" and "Ernst as his best." Ernst addressed himself to the German people and explained to them that their government system that passed itself off as a "democracy" was, in fact, still a post-war occupation force brainwashing the public with a false history and controlling every entity that mattered - including the judiciary. One of the spectators, who had been in the courtroom said to me: "I have no explanation. It was as though Judge Meinerzhagen wanted to exonerate Ernst, rather than sentence him... Why else would he have played it?"

Next, without comment, Judge Meinerzhagen read my Open Letter, dated February 8, 2006. Refresh your memory - I published it in a previous Power Letter. We had had plans for Sylvia Stolz to read this letter into the record, and we were prepared that the Judge would not allow it to be read. Instead, to our great surprise, he read it himself - and with emphasis and feeling!

I am very proud of that letter; I wrote and polished it for an entire week. In it, I called a spade a spade. I feel I wrote respectfully but clearly. Ernst thought that it was "very moving." Judge Meinerzhagen read it now, and when he was through, he left without further comments, and the hearing was over for the day.

I have absolutely no idea what this means. Does Dr. Meinerz-hagen want to juxtapose the distorted persona of Ernst Zundel in the mainstream media with the real Ernst Zundel that we know? One of the attorneys thought that I was too gullible to think that; that it was a sinister ploy. According to his interpretation, the idea is to link Ernst and myself as working in concert and in tandem, and thus, by linking us, trying to criminalize not only Ernst but also the Zundelsite and, indirectly, me that way. He thinks that the idea is to not only have people but whole (EU?) countries gang up on my website! In other words, censorship of an American website through the back door!

(See German Embassy Press Release dated April 18, 2006 below.)

Meanwhile, I am still facing the question as to what to do with Dr. Meinerzhagen's invitation to come to Germany to testify. Ernst always chides me for being too trusting and for having difficulty seeing the evil design of our political enemies' actions, and he may have a point. At first, when I received that letter, I reacted predictably and even joyfully, true to my nature - I thought this was a golden opportunity to go to Germany and relieve some of the pressure on Ernst by clarifying the facts of the ownership and operation of the website. But when I put out the question on the Net and asked for input as to what I should do, I received such a tsunami of horrified voices telling me it was a trap and not to go, that I changed my mind and began to distrust my own judgment. The consensus is firm that I absolutely should not take the risk and walk into a prison situation! And I know I will not do a video conference if I can help it - I have done hundreds of video shows in the early years of my literary career, and I hated every one of them with a passion! I get rattled and nervous and fiery red in the face having a camera focused on me. I dislike it intensely - I know I am much better in expressing my thoughts if I can do so in contemplative writing.

What will happen in the end is still open, but I do have competent legal counsel, and I have instructed one of my attorneys to draft a response stressing that I am an American citizen protected by the Constitution and the First Amendment, and that I consider the laws and conventions of Germany of no relevance to me. But I must tell you that I am between a rock and a hard place - I fear that if I refuse to answer at all, it will be construed as some "guilt" on my part, and if I testify, I yield jurisdiction to Germany which I don't need to do, even according to Dr. Meinerzhagen's letter. It may well be that I won't have a choice, because according to a press release that you can double-check on the US-based German Embassy website, dated 18 April 2006 (!), we now get this - imagine!


German Minister of Justice Zypries and US Attorney General Gonzales Sign Bilateral Agreements for Mutual Legal Assistance

German Minister of Justice Brigitte Zypries and US Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales met today, April 18, for bilateral talks on German-US judicial cooperation. Within the scope of those talks, they signed two supplementary treaties to the German-US extradition treaty of 1978 and to the bilateral mutual legal assistance treaty of 2003.

"German and US authorities have been working closely together in criminal prosecution for many years in an atmosphere of mutual trust. Regrettably, the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 have clearly underscored the necessity for close cooperation among criminal prosecution authorities. At the same time, we must continue to be able to build upon a reliable legal foundation which allows both sides to shape cooperation consistent with their constitutional law princi-ples," said Federal Minister of Justice Brigitte Zypries.

The supplementary treaties signed today complement the existing bilateral agreements with regulations that had been agreed upon by the EU Justice Ministers and are the subject of two agreements concluded between the EU and the USA. The aim of these agreements is to create harmonized contract-ual foundations for cooperation in criminal matters between the USA and the Member States of the European Union, and thereby modernize the existing bilateral agreements with a view toward meeting the challenges of fighting terrorism and cross-border organized crime.

Minister Zypries said: "With the supplementary treaties signed today, we are creating the conditions for allowing the agreements on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters and extradition concluded between the European Union and the USA to take effect in relations between Germany and the USA as well."

Extradition Treaty

An extradition treaty has been in effect between Germany and the USA since 1978. For both countries, it forms the foundation for the extradition of individuals sought by the judicial authorities of the other country for the purpose of criminal prosecution or enforcement of sentence. The supplementary treaty signed today complements this treaty - for example, with regulations involving protection of privacy. Unchanged in the amended extradition treaty is that no individual sought will be extradited from Germany to the USA if he is threatened there with the death penalty. A precondition for every extradition is that the criminal offence concerned is subject to criminal penalties both pursuant to the law of the requested and the requesting state, and is subject to deprivation of liberty for a minimum period of at least one year. Additionally, the supplementary treaty simplifies the procedure for notarization and forwarding of extradition documents, which has thus far been quite complicated.

Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement

Germany and the USA have also been cooperating intensively for many years on other mutual assistance matters. This might involve, for example, the examination of witnesses, the seizure of evidence, or the service of summons and other documents at the request of the other state. The German judicial authorities have been able to provide this type of legal assist-ance even without a contractual basis; this is based upon the Act on International Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters. The German-American Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty signed in October 2003 by Germany and the USA places this cooperation onto a foundation which is binding under international law.

The supplementary treaty signed today complements the bilateral treaty, among other aspects with regulations on the formation of joint investigation teams, the possibility of video examination of witnesses and experts, as well as the investi-gation of holders of certain bank accounts. These regulations are also oriented to the agreement concluded between the European Union and the USA.


What do you read into this press release? It sounds to me that any EU country could request my extradition if somebody, some country or some individual within the EU countries decides that the content of the Zundelsite is "criminal." And here I am, having lived on the American Continent since I was 24 years old and never ever having been in conflict with the law! I don't want to think that yet another hit squad could come racing up my hill with their hands on their guns and kidnap me as they kidnapped my husband - but these liars and con-men are desperate as their lies unravel before the world's very eyes, and anything is possible.

Again, I ask for your input. What do you make of this latest?

Ingrid Zundel

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Letters from Ernst Zündel

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April 25, 2006

Just a short sign of life from Mannheim one day after my third birthday in prison with no end in sight.

Tomorrow is another half-day court appearance, I have no idea what awaits me, since the procedural “free for all,” leaves me confused and perplexed. Four hundred and eighty pages of ‘material,’ will be presented more or less “in camera,” meaning behind closed doors, but unusually enough, at least this time, in full view of the public. Doesn’t that sound contradictory? Well, allow me to explain.

They have something here known as a “self reading process.” This is where a few documents are selected from a mountain of documents by the presiding judge. These documents are then copied and given to the three judges [professional judges] and two “jury members,” selected from a pool of people, who might be of any sex, ethnicity, etc… There is no jury selection process as in America , there is no way to reject certain jurors. The system is faulty - last year, some jurors were found not to have even been German citizens, in some cases unable to speak German! Given all of this, one even longs for the so called “justice system,” in Canada , which as you know is anything but fair. One longs for the “Due Process,” in America , or British Common Law. I can now more fully appreciate why Americans fought a bloody revolution, to rid themselves of the whims of a corrupt system. Once they realized that not even the Constitution could protect them from power seeking maniacs they instituted the Bill of Rights as a corrective measure and on top of that passed Amendments to their own Constitution when necessary.

What the American forefathers developed shows a degree of sophistication and an understanding of the concept of LIBERTY, one anchored firmly in reality, that I believe is probably unparalleled in history. It fills me with satisfaction that I should have had the privilege to escape from this torn and tormented country of shattered, compromised, traumatized psychies and to have lived and worked and breathed the individual freedoms then still largely existing in North America . Now unfortunately the confusion, erosion of values, lack of understanding – thanks to the dumbing down effects of the “modern educational system,” – and that idiot box that continuously vomits its poisonous fare into living rooms across America and Canada – society has been thoroughly eroded, deformed, we can see the dire results everywhere!

Look at the looting that took place after hurricane Katrina. The looting of stores, of ones own neighborhood, even the homes of the elderly! This looting spree was preceded by a far more pernicious and devastating crime, the looting spree by the managerial/executive class in America, typified by Enron, World Com, the Ivan Boesky’s, and Michael Milken’s, the looting of the S&L’s, HUD, Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security, the Pentagon, looting by the very people we have entrusted to safeguard these institutions. In reality, this dissolution has been in full swing for some time now, decades in fact. The Dot.Com excesses were only the tip of the iceberg. They are after the “Hedge Funds,” today, and they’ll get those too – time to shear a new herd of sheeple.

Truly, compared to the vastness of the troubles lying ahead, my troubles here in prison seem quite insignificant, a mere “blip,” on the radar screen of life, at least historically speaking! To be sure they are painful and unpleasant to me, to Ingrid, and seem outrageous to a few friends – but let’s face it – we are mere road kill to these greedy people and their aspirations.

Still, from the remoteness and isolation of my prison cell in Mannheim Germany I can see that my powers of observation and analysis have not left me entirely. You will recall how I have warned for years of the coming energy crisis [FACT] created by way of competition with China , for oil and gas. You are my witness that I wrote in letter after letter, that we were headed for an energy availability crisis – which will inevitably be followed by “Energy Wars,” of one kind or another. The Europeans are far more vulnerable to this than most and for that reason are acutely aware and alert for what is about to come. This can readily be seen by Europe ’s lackluster support for America ’s wars in the Mid East – it is clear that the political, economic, industrial and military power structures of the planet are currently in realignment – might I say, even at a dizzying speed! China , India and other Asian nations are now freeing themselves from the American hegemon, they no longer need us; there is no need for them to maintain their post-colonial dependency and/or submissive world position. In another generation, perhaps even sooner, they will be our overlords, because they are far more conscious of the realities of ethnicity and religious orientation and their impact on politics and power than we are in the west. In a very real sense, we will be taken down by a very strange form of denial, one that has affected the masses in North America , and makes no real sense whatsoever. We have convinced ourselves of the so-called truth in the subjective concepts of “liberte, egalite, fraternite,” great concepts, but facile and naïve. The Chinese momentum won’t be burdened or slowed by such infantile notions.

We in the west are ill equipped mentally and emotionally to meet the future – we’re saddled with immature notions like “turn the other cheek,” and similar ideas of meekness – we aren’t prepared to meet the “teaming masses,” now saddling up for the next century of bloody conflict, pandemic disease, mass starvation on a scale that would dwarf Biblical accounts. There are so many looming disasters at present that most never make the headlines, as an example, after the floods in Europe, one never heard a word about Bird Flu, despite the fact that the floods themselves would have increased the likelihood of animal to human transmission exponentially, in the sense that animal feces would have been literally everywhere, spread by the floodwaters – and we know the virus is spread via feces. No news network reported this increased risk, because they were focused elsewhere, on the floods themselves, on Iran’s alleged nuclear program, on Putin’s supposed disregard for democratic values, on Anna Nicole Smith’s Supreme Court case, etc… etc… you know what I mean.

Despite what most North Americans might believe, just because the media isn’t reporting these stories, it does not mean they have gone away. The problems continue like an unobserved prairie fire – they will pop up again in the least expected locals, countries, continents.

I have been describing the danger of nuclear technology in the hands of certain nations for several years now – I can still vividly recall what happened at Three Mile Island and the near “melt down,” that occurred there in the 1970s. I distinctly remember reading a study that if a melt down had occurred as many as sixty five million Americans could have suffered a similar fate as those around Chernobyl in the mid 1980s. The media here in Germany is full of stories about the various atomic disasters in the former Soviet Union and the associated “fall out,” and its effects on the population of the former Soviet Union , as well as Europe . I consider myself pretty well versed on these issues, but I wasn’t aware of what the German press is now saying about some of these accidents, i.e. that the fall out and associated ill effects were felt as far away as North America. According to these reports, there is a place in Siberia , where 200 villages had to be evacuated forty-eight years ago because of a nuclear accident. Apparently the area is still highly contaminated today, fish, fowl, deer, reindeer, etc… that wander into the area quickly become sick and die. According to these stories humans that currently live just on the outside of the evacuation zones suffer from strange deformities and this is the third generation after the fact. Apparently one town was cynically [deliberately] not evacuated by Soviet authorities so that they might have a living model/experiment so to speak on the effects of long term radiation exposure. Apparently this was done to get an idea of what a post nuclear exchange world might be like, or rather what people might look like in such a world.

I recently bought a television which is wired into German cable television, which has programs in Russian, Serbian, French, Italian, Ukrainian, Polish, Spanish, even Algerian. The East European and German programming is saturated with programs on Chernobyl and related issues. There is a debate similar to the forbidden topic [The holocaust] where the numbers of deaths are deliberately played down by the Soviets and their successors who now say that only 50 people actually died as a result of the accident at Chernobyl . Consider though that 6000 Soviet Red Army soldiers and 40,000 special Chemical Warfare Troops were employed in the clean up without any “radiation protective equipment,” a town of some 39,000 people was evacuated, but not before occupants were exposed to the fallout for 3-4 days first. Some Russian dissident scientists are now talking about 100,000 having actually died already as a result of Chernobyl and some 500,000 have experienced illness directly related to the accident. Despite all this, there is currently a strong push to build these reactors all over Europe , Eastern Europe , Central Asia , China , India ; it is madness! Stop the world I want to get off!

All the best to you and your children,

Ernst Zündel


6, April, 2006

I was given your January 24 letter only on Monday, the 3rd, April, 06 and want to respond briefly and include two photocopies which show the type of cell I was housed in, in Thorold and Toronto West. The German text describes, describes the treatment the prisoners at Gitmo [Guantanamo Bay] received, and for all intents and purposes, it is similar to what I was subjected to, the 24 hour lights on, extreme cold, loud ventilators designed to keep one awake with their insufferable noise.

One prisoner even describes how attack dogs were used to terrorize prisoners at Gitmo, just like at Abu Ghraib and in Blount County jail where I was incarcerated. At Blount County jail, we too were terrorized by a mysterious black clad, gender integrated, masked paratrooper types wearing flak jackets! The women were provocatively clad in skin tight black garb as well, looming over us, menacingly, while we were handcuffed Israeli style, with plastic ties, being videotaped the entire time. I saw grown men weeping, shaking like leaves on a tree, as their guard dogs barked and growled with a fury that bordered on the hysterical. I could feel one of the dogs drool all over my arm and neck as it threatened me from its position above me, as I lay prostrate on the floor.

Strangely enough I was absolutely calm during this entire exercise – studying the faces, the voices, and body language of these sadistic men and women, thinking the entire time about that experiment conducted at Stanford University back in the 1970s I believe known today as the Stanford-Prison experiment. Apparently we didn’t learn anything from that research – or possibly we learned all too well. Another thing that came to mind was that Hollywood propagandistic nightmare from the seventies as well called “Ilse, She Wolf of the SS.” As you imagine, it was just another film designed to denigrate the German in the eyes of those who watched the film.

The scene at Blount County jail was something to behold – it took place on February 8, 2006 and again on February 15, 2006 . I was finally, illegally and unconstitutionally railroaded out of the United States a couple of days later on February 17, 2006 , Presidents day! It was really a typical rendition under extraordinary circumstances – I was flown out by airplane where most are handled as fairly normal immigration cases, i.e. bussed out on a Greyhound. When Canada deported me, they did it by privately chartered aircraft at a cost of $50,000 to the Canadian taxpayer. God forbid should Ernst Zündel talk with someone about the way he was being treated in a so-called western style democracy!

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to translate these two article I am sending you, but you might try to get the actual color photos off of the Frankfurter Rundschau [21, September, 2005] website! It is truly uncanny to see those photos having experienced that type of environment as I have, up close! Close enough where I can still remember what that dog’s foul breath still smells like. Bruce Leichty wanted to depose those Blount County officials, they ran to the federal Court and got a blanket restraining order – quashing our request for the moment – but trust me, the case is alive and I intend to follow through on it, for myself as well as the dozens of other prisoners subjected to their sadistic techniques. Sooner or later those people are going to face the music. I must close now.

All the best to you.

Ernst Zündel

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5-11-6 Ingrid Declines 'Safe Conduct' Invitation

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Ingrid Declines 'Safe Conduct' Invitation
By German Court

May 10, 2006
Dr. Meinerzhagen
Presiding Judge Landgericht Mannheim
68169 Mannheim,
Germany Telefax (06 21) 292-1314

Re: Zundel v. Gonzales, No. 3:03-CV-105,United States District Court,Eastern District of Tennessee
Zundel v. Gonzales, Chertoff, No. 05-5287,United States Court of Appealsfor the Sixth Circuit
Criminal proceedings against Ernst Zundel for Suspicion of stirring up hatred against national, ethnic, racial or religious groups and other offenses, Regional Court of Mannheim,6 KLs 503 Js 4/96

Dear Dr. Meinerzhagen:

I am writing to you on behalf of my client Ingrid Rimland Zundel ("Dr. Rimland"), in response to your letter of April 4, 2006.
This letter should not be construed as a recognition of any sort of jurisdiction by the Landgericht Mannheim or any other German authority over the person of Dr. Rimland.

After due consideration, and notwithstanding the fact that she would very much like to see and help her husband, Dr. Rimland hereby declines your request that she appear as a witness on her own volition in the Landgericht Mannheim.

Without waiver, she finds it unnecessary under these terms to assert any privilege provided for under German law.

She states in the strongest terms possible her objection to the assertion of jurisdiction of the Landgericht Mannheim over her husband, Ernst Zundel, and over the criminal charges that have been filed against her husband because of his speech, the criminalization of which is completely unknown in the United States and would be regarded as a scandal by the vast majority of the American populace.

Dr. Rimland, a citizen of the United States of America, finds it deplorable as well that the Mannheim Public Prosecutor's Office is conducting an investigation of her on similar allegations.

Dr. Rimland considers it an insult and an imposition that her testimony would be sought by a country which wishes to criminalize her for conduct that is not criminal in her own country.

Here in the United States, we are free to comment critically about persons and movements of any ethnic group or heritage or religion, and free to act nonviolently and politically to persuade others of our views, without running the risk that we will be prosecuted for "hate," and this is a form of legal protection that has long helped insure us against great imbalances of power, discontents, deceits and treacheries, and oligarchy and demagoguery, and we commend it to the court and to the German people. We submit that German laws which, by criminalizing speech, purport to protect Germany's citizenry against the forces and causes which led to World War II are camouflaging a deceptive political agenda.

Dr. Rimland likewise declines to provide testimony or respond to questions via a videoconference link.

Dr. Rimland similarly declines to be examined by a consular official or other official by commission, whether at a German consulate or any other location in the United States. She finds it particularly offensive that officials of any German consulate should examine her in light of her conclusion that German consular officials colluded with Canadian and U.S. authorities for years to try to snare Mr. Zundel in an extrajudicial rendition, which she bases on familiarity with German- and English-language documents released by the prosecutor's office in the case in which you are presiding.

Dr. Rimland does reiterate, however, that she has always been the owner and operator of "the Zundelsite," the website referenced in your letter, and I understand that you have already read in open court a statement she sent to you so indicating.

If the court wishes to submit a list of questions to Dr. Rimland regarding her statement, she would consider providing written responses.

Request is also made that you advise me consistent with Germany's international law obligations of any and all measures of "judicial assistance" by the United States that the Landgericht Mannheim or Mannheim prosecutor's office or any counsel appointed for Herr Zundel may invoke, intends to invoke, will invoke, does invoke, or attempts to invoke, in order to try to obtain Dr. Rimland's testimony.

Finally, and on another subject, note is made "for the record" of the inaccuracy and impropriety of your adverse Decision on the issue of my status as legal counsel to Mr. Zundel, authored by you and incorporating the inaccurate international law analysis delegated to Dr. Hans-Georg Koch of the Max Planck Institute, which was the subject of your last correspondence to me. As you should know, Dr. Koch could reach the conclusion he reached only by arbitrarily disregarding the plain meaning of "legal counsel" and then by impermissibly limiting the definition of what is a restraint on Ernst Zundel's liberty. Dr. Koch was prepared, in the service of an illicit agenda, to recognize only the restraint that Ernst Zundel is currently suffering in a German prison as a restriction on his liberty, notwithstanding the fact that Dr. Koch went on to acknowledge that in the United States, the habeas corpus remedy being prosecuted by the undersigned for Mr. Zundel is a classic protection of a liberty interest and is a remedy that remains available to him. The deplorable analysis adopted by the Court has not served to increase my already-diminished confidence or the confidence of my client in the German judicial system.

Thank you for your attention to these matters, and if I can clarify any of the above points, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bruce Leichty

cc: Ingrid Rimland Zundel
Ernst Zundel

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I am happy with this very wise decision on the part of the good Doctor. In light of all the deception by corrupt officials in Canada, Germany and the US, her freedom would have been in grave peril. These alleged people cannot be trusted, and she must have felt the same way.

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7-6-6 Latest Ernst Zundel Update

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Summary of the last three hearing days in the Zundel Holocaust Heresy Trial

Zgram - To our supporters around the world -

For the past two months, I have had to deal with a very serious
family emergency, and my reports, even about Ernst's trial, have been
erratic and less than detailed. I am sorry about that - but there
are times when you can do only so much!

Below, I am summarizing the last three hearing dates of the
Mannheim-based Holocaust Heresy Trial. Unfortunately, these days
were less than dramatic - which may, of course, be part of the
prosecution strategy, after our more flamboyant duo, Horst Mahler and
Sylvia Stolz, were "legally" hatcheted and brutally dismissed.

What we are getting now is traditional "Paragraph 130" fare - that
is, an almost pathological avoidance of substance. Sometimes I
really wonder: Why even carry on? Why not let things catch up with
our tormentors? After all, there are larger political panoramas to
observe than (non)testimony about a touted Holocaust that wasn't.

Time and again I get well-meant suggestions from readers: "Try this
strategy, that strategy. It's foolproof and airtight, believe me!"
Sure. In a fair, just world based on the majesty of law, sane
strategies would work. But in a country such as the "German"
Bundesrepublik that calls itself "democracy" while grinding more than
100,000 people through a controlled, hamstrung legal system for
"thought crimes", you might as well take a deep breath and spit
against the wind!

At any rate, here goes:

Report - July 23, 2006

The Zundel hearings are now caught in minutiae details that are
described by one of our supporters as "stink-langweilig" - stinkingly
boring. No doubt that is a telling prosecution strategy to avoid
touching on substantive matters while, at the same time, discouraging
attendance by Zundel supporters, many of whom come from great
distances at considerable effort and expense.

At this low-intensity hearing, there were only about 16 largely
elderly visitors present, but garnished by an equal number of macho
police. Can you imagine a greater absurdity? As if there is, or
ever has been, the slightest possibility of violence at any of the
Zundel trials!

But of course the show must go on! If villainy is lacking, why not
help out a bit - and suggest it might be lurking somewhere?

On this day, the attendees as well as the defense team were treated
to yet another BKA Kriminalkommissar, this one by name of
Stucki-Pinsdorf, a middle-aged woman whose task it was to sniff out
villainy in German language publications such as the monthly Zundel
letter "Germania", in print for almost twenty years. "Incriminating"
passages were read aloud, including revelations such as, for
instance, "� only half of the recipients of "Germania" were in the
habit of contributing" toward the Zundel effort.

Compared to whom? To what?

In one of my statistics classes in college, I learned that a 2%
response to an average fundraising pitch is considered gratifying.

Toward the end of this amazing censor-scrutinizing exercise, two
confiscated recent Zundel letters were read aloud, whose content,
according to my source, "had nothing to do with the charges for which
Ernst Zundel is allegedly imprisoned." That's like a doctor checking
your ears or your toenails if he suspects your heart.

Defense attorney Dr. Schaller objected, but it was explained to him
that these specific passages might shed some light on the danger of
Holocaust Denial recidivism. Adds my source, bitterly: "All that
is needed now is to point out that this heretic regrets nothing!"

Meanwhile, thanks to more recent censorship activity, there are now
39 big, fat binders that hold the evidence of Mr. Zundel's heresy
misdeeds. There is no index for those binders, and those who wish to
find their way through reams of Zundel sins have a hard time, believe


Report of July 30, 2006

At this hearing there was again a mildly encouraging increase in the
number of Zundel supporters who rose to a man when Ernst appeared in
the courtroom, since applause is no longer allowed.

I had sent a set of my DVD documentary to the judge to facilitate a
comprehensive overview of Ernst's activism over the decades. Judge
Meinerzhagen apparently watched it. He announced that he had made
copies to give to the defense. (I had already supplied them a copy
each myself�) Ernst did not receive his own copy, even though he is
the silent star of this grotesque show trial in the Stalinist mode,
and I had specifically asked that he be allowed to preview at leisure
what I had done, and that in a gesture of cooperation, if Dr.
Meinerzhagen would allow it, I would even send him a small pocket
player that ran on batteries. I am now waiting for a response, but
from all I can gather, I doubt I will see a green light.

Next, the judge announced that certain documents had, after all,
arrived in court - I am not sure which ones - even though it had been
claimed at first that those specific documents, which had been made
available to the BKA under a cover name were not available.
Apparently it wasn't all that hard to locate the government's snitch
by his real name and address.

Defense attorneys Bock and Rieger then asked if there had been sound
legal grounds for Ernst's deportation from Canada, and if it might
not have been possible for him to go to a broad-minded country where
Holocaust Denial was okay. This question, phrased as a verbal
motion, as I understand it, was curtly disallowed, even though it had
been proven - even admitted during previous hearing by the
prosecution - that the so-called "trial" in Canada had been a sham of
a disgraceful kind that had nothing to do with the most elementary
principles of justice.

No luck with this one, either. The court insisted that Ernst's
alleged contacts to the "White Supremacy Movement" had been the
reason for the Canadian deportation and not the Holy Holocaust, the
focus now in Germany. In other words, this ruling steals from Ernst
two years of his life that will NOT be counted against the expected
harsh sentence in Mannheim.

So this is the reality. After they kidnap you in the US to punish
you for decades worth of "Holocaust Denial", not yet a "crime" in
the US or Canada - they criminalize you first in Canada by
fabricating out of thinnest air an interim excuse so as to ship you
off to Germany where you must still do penance for "Holocaust Denial"
from scratch!

It was also requested by the defense to elicit a psychological Zundel
profile that would determine whether or not Ernst really believes in
the claims that he made, or whether he only likes to argue. This,
too, was rejected as irrelevant since, 1) the judge and his
co-judges/jurors are sure that they are capable of settling that
issue themselves, and 2), why should it even matter - it is enough
that Mr. Zundel practiced Holocaust Denial in publications like
"Germania" and doesn't even bother to deny or to retract it, adding
insult to injury.

Another BKA liaison, a man named J�rgen Maurer stationed in
Washington, D.C., was briefly on the witness stand as well. Even
though our defense team members have in their possession at least a
hundred copies of faxes and letters, all written by Irene, Ernst's
second wife of 15 months, who turned state's evidence in 1997 to
please the Wiesenthalers and B'nai Brith, not much was reported to me
about Maurer whose job had been to channel said letters to the
appropriate authorities in Germany. These letters, we may safely
assume, are now gracing the Mannheimer courtroom somewhere in those
39 aforementioned binders.

Writes my good internet reporter: "There seems to have been a closer
[than one might surmise] relationship [between J�rgen and Irene] whom
she described [in one of her letters] as "my favorite cop" - a phrase
which, mispronounced in court, sounded a bit salacious and triggered


Report of July 3, 2006

It was observed that, as Ernst Zundel entered the court room and his
supporters rose in unison to offer their respect, so did one of the
policemen! It's catching, folks! Oy vey!

Judge Meinerzhagen harkened back to two additional binders of Ernst's
"Germania" letters with the announced intent of wanting to understand
the mindset of the accused. Dr. Schaller objected, arguing that a
defendant's mindset was not a relevant terrain to scrutinize, but
that argument did him no good whatsoever. The judge disagreed.

Almost the rest of the hearing was taken up with arguments - by now
irrelevant since this matter has since been resolved in favor of
bilingualism - if Zundel ought to be writing only in German or not.
This led into biographical data - his three marriages, his two sons,
his two stepsons, his five siblings - what was the family proficiency
as far as languages in which to write one's letters?

Big problem to settle! His first wife spoke French and English, his
second wife only English, and his third wife - me! - English "and
very little German", even though I was born into a German-speaking
Mennonite family in the Ukraine and, via [Spanish-speaking] Paraguay,
ended up in Canada and then in the U.S. Ernst's sons speak only
English, his siblings only German. Such fascinating stuff!

Further, Ernst's 20-year-ban and a possible fine of up to $250,000
was mentioned, should he have the audacity to return to the US after
having "missed a meeting", as the US deportation papers claim. A
letter by our US-attorney, Bruce Leichty, was also read in court. It
did a better job - it detailed and traced the illegal arrest and
proved it to be what it was - an "extrajudicial rendition" or,
plainly, a brazen political abduction!

It was further kindly pointed out that the Zundelsite has links not
only to like-minded patriots but also to its enemies. That finished
off the day.


What does Ernst think of it all? Of course, he is not allowed to
speak of court matters directly, or mention the Big H., or someone
will wash out his mouth with soap.

In a recent letter to me, he wrote this, referring to a comment I had
made that even former leftists, plain horrified by what is going on
in Germany, are switching over to our side in somewhat timid ways:

"That's how low-level terrorism works, by creating visible examples,
whipping boys. That's what our 'road kill/collateral damage" status
is already working.

Remember, I used to say, "There will be waves of arrests" - that they
would pick up people, seemingly at random, one at a time, making it
look innocuous, giving the excuses of not complying with bureaucratic
protocol - but now people can begin to see the emerging patterns.
There will be others, Ingrid.

Regarding the analysis of my/our situation by that leftist website -
they are on target but miss the point because, once again, they will
not utter the three letter word. (�)

What's going on is only a milder, more sophisticated policy Lenin and
Stalin used with their purge trials of the 1930s. (�) Look at it
carefully. The words are more Orwellian, the tactics far more
sophisticated, less brazen - but look at our fate. You are exactly
like your mother was after they snatched your father and took him
away to Siberia. Of course you could squawk, put expensive ads in
the paper, visit congressmen, even go to court to seek relief, try to
sue our tormentors - with what result? You are still in your
mother's shoes, You are, in fact, like the millions of German women
who had to fend for themselves during the absence of their husbands
during the war - but since this is an undeclared war, you are even
robbed of public sympathy.

Had it not been for our list of friends and my decades of high
visibility, I would have been entombed alive much sooner. (�) Laws
and constitutions, to these people, mean nothing. They flaunt them
at will and with impunity in every country, even their own.

On July 20, there will be yet another hearing in Mannheim, 9:00 A.M.
sharp. Be there if possible. My cross-examination in 1997 by the
Canadian Justice Department attorneys regarding website ownership
will be the focus of that hearing, as well as a partial showing of my
Zundel DVD.

Therefore, come any, come all - the drama has barely begun!

Ingrid Zundel

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Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

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Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Remember how Judge Meinerzhagen objected to the German anthem being
sung in a Zundel hearing in Mannheim not all that long ago in honor
of Ernst's Holocaust debunking efforts? I have been told it upset
the judge to no end. He thought it was improper and showed
"disrespect" for what was being said and done in Germany's Holocaust
Heresy Trial.

Against that backdrop, consider the following, stitched together from
various letters I received during the month of June from my husband:


I promised in the previous letters to illuminate some evolving and, I
believe, historically significant stations of the cross on the way to
German freedom via self-liberation. Soccer, or Football, as the
English like to call it, is perceived to be a safe area, not as
dangerous an area as the political arena. Ingrid, my dear wife - at
some point in life everything becomes political up to a point! Thus,
valuable lessons can and will be learned.

German people, it seems, are in a football euphoria - a state of mind
I can relate to, since I, too, had my first real bonding with what
this essence is that ties one to one's Volk. There is a best-selling
book and a blockbuster film out about an historic event, referred to
as the "Miracle of Bern", when nine years after World War II the
Germans shook off at least the worst of the trauma of the defeat and
began to reassert themselves in the family of European nations.
Eighty to ninety millions of Germans spread all over the European
heartland felt relieved, as if a stone had been lifted off their
chests. It was a wonderfully uplifting feeling, almost like a
"having been born again" feeling must be for Christians.

The soccer world was then purely European. Other nations had not yet
been [caught] by the football fever. This world championship was
held in Bern, where Germany's national "eleven" met the equally
qualifying Hungarians for the World Championship. My schoolmates and
I fevered along with the rest of the nation. At the time, we German
children played amongst the devastation and ruins of our fatherland.
The ruins were our stage set.

I have discussed that period with many thousands of Germans all
around the world, and all who were old enough to feel and think for
themselves about national issues - all, to a man, and even we, who
were youths at the time - felt the same. Something in our psyche had
changed! One 90-minute soccer game had accomplished what the
writers, poets, singers - and, even more so, what the
Allied-appointed and beholden politicians had not even come near to
achieving: A soccer game gave the German nation and its traumatized
people back their self-confidence.

Ingrid, as strange as it may seem to others soul-wise, maybe even to
you 5,000 km away from all this action, today we may well be
experiencing an almost tectonic shift similar to the one I described
to you above, because this feeling is only the outward expression of
something going on at a much deeper level - deep, deep down inside
the bowels of this churning, rumbling German soul volcano. Volcanos
are interesting spectacles, mainly observed and studied by geologists
and volcanologists equipped with their seismographic devices that are
capable of detecting, mapping and interpreting these tremors and
cataloguing their behavior patterns. Because of their specialized
training and knowledge, they can see things and predict what will
most likely happen within a certain time period to a long-dormant

We, the knowing, who have specialized expertise acquired over decades
of intensive study and relying on a roadmap of this specific German
volcano called "historical events" - Ingrid, we are like these
scientist who are climbing all over the mountain slopes or are flying
over its gas-and-ashes-venting, cauldron-like peak. What we see
taking place is what percolates to the top, and for the moment at
least vents only as harmless gas with a whiff of noxious fumes and
some bothersome ashes that settle over the German political
landscape. We see many things and detect even more with our
soul-detecting instruments what the German political volcano is up
to. We, in fact, are ideally suited for this job. We understand our
volcano because we are an intimate and integral part of it. That's
why our predictions and projections, our intrinsic insights, are of a
quality for which intelligence agency employ highly priced
intelligence assessment and evaluation teams.

Ingrid, I believe our volcano is active, deep down, because the
internal pressure of these primeval forces that have been building
for decades have to vent, have to find some form of release - and if
it is not to explode in a violent fury one more time, it would be
better to allow it to vent steam, gases, and even some lava along
harmless secondary eruption channels in order not to blow its whole
peak, like Mount St. Helens did over 20 years ago.

This soccer world championship is allowing the Germans [to vent]
collectively and individually as shouting, dancing and screaming
spectators wearing the new, harmless uniform of identity - an endless
sea of T-shirts with German flags and patriotic slogans shouted very
often in English, if you can imagine that scenario. These mostly
younger Germans, many of them girls, are letting off steam and
pressure that built for a long time.

These young soccer players were born while I was struggling in my
court cases. One very young 22-23 year old defended the players who
had draped their arms over each other's shoulders as they sang the
national anthem, which one TV commentator mentioned to the former
Leftist Interior Minister Schily - undoubtedly responsible, in part,
for my fate! - that he had never before heard the whole stadium erupt
in such a loud rendering of the national anthem, which Schily sourly
acknowledged and took credit for because of the generation of 1968
[of which he was a part], their immigration reforms etc.

Even mainstream commentators are now detecting [this venting]. One
of them said it succinctly: "The German are no longer uptight."
They are liberating themselves for the moment in a seemingly
innocuous way, by means of T-shirts with patriotic slogans or with
shawls with sentences from the German national anthem on it - to be
safe! Others signal their patriotism with buttons, by dyeing their
hair in black-red-gold, even painting their faces and soccer boots.

Claudia Schiffer, hardly a champion of German virtues and
nationalism, recently appeared in England in a Brigitte Bardot type
public appearance photo shoot, draped only in a German flag. People
are coming off the fences, as it were. There is something in the
air, and I am not alone feeling it and commenting on these definite
seismic shifts in the public stance of Germans. It is not just the
identification with that flag - that alone for a German of that
generation is an unheard-of, almot career suicide step - but what she
said just about knocked me for a loop.

"It's time to clear out the cliches about Germany."

Ingrid, in press conference after press conference, Germany's
national trainer, J�rgen Klinsmann, a former national champion of
great acclaim who lives with his wife and children in Malibu,
California, recounts how Americans also celebrate their Day of
Independence [the Fourth of July] with gusto, [honoring] their Stars
and Stripes. He explains how on the 4th of July in America everybody
hangs out their flags, drapes their cars, drives around waving the
Stars and Stripes - joyfully and absolutely naturally! He says it's
the most logical thing to do! And he repeats this in Swabian-tinged
English for the interviewers from the BBC, CNN etc. Can you see the
dynamic at work? Not only are 80 million Germans hearing common
sense explanations from the trainer of the national team - the rest
of the world hears it also! When Klinsmann decided to strike a
patriotic pose, he told a foreign reporter how he joined in [an
American 4th of July celebration] by raising the German flag! And
this German with a Swabian accent spoke to an audience of over 500
million soccer fans around the world of the need for [a healthy
national identity].

Klinsman said, according to one of Germany's largest newspapers,
S�ddeutsche Zeitung: "Young players and aggressive tactics are going
to get us in our own land the world championship. We want to show
the world who we are." Ingrid, he sounds like a football
revisionist. That is the gospel of self-liberation.


This world championship started subdued enough, with the customary
German masochistic demeanor which had spread over the nation's psyche
like a World War I poison gas cloud. Everybody played down any
patriotic notions. It was a sad spectacle to observe for an
intuitive type like myself.

Then came the criticism leveled against Klinsmann - the Swabian from
California. That was the acid mood, tangible to those who can detect
and feel nuances of human behavior. Ingrid, I know you don't follow
sports, but Klinsmann was the team captain under Franz Beckenbauer,
who was and is the legendary figure in German soccer, its former team
captain, then national trainer of German soccer of almost three
decades. That's why they call him "Der Kaiser" - the Emperor of
German soccer.

Beckenbauer, too, had escaped to America because the football
establishment was overly bureaucratic, hidebound in traditions, and
ailing - he was called back, or should I say lured back to German
with promises of lots of money and a free hand at doing things his
way, not unlike Klinsmann was to be lured back from sunny California
where he has lived for the last eight years on the beach of Malibu
with his wife, Debby, and his children.

Ingrid, how often have I written and talked about this beneficial mix
of American largesse and yet simplicity in doing things and tackling
problems that might seem to the Germans living in Germany
insurmountable because of their induced fear of daring to soar with
the eagles instead of being stuck with the turkeys in the barnyard.
I am pleased to show you that with all my scholastic limitations and
handicaps I was right - and sensing what was missing and is still a
stumbling block, namely the willingness to be free in spirit, to
shake off centuries of limiting conventions, unwritten rules, taboos
- to challenge long pass� dogmas which are the curse of the
establishment. These limitations are like mental handcuffs for a
people and its state institutions. Germany, my dear Ingrid, is the
classic case.

One of the reporters wanted to know what all this new-found
"togetherness" was all about, and Klinsman said defiantly, staring
into the world media's cameras, "� a dash of patriotism is good and
can never hurt!" Ingrid, in 60 years I have only heard such words
from the mouths of [those believed to be out of touch]!

I promised you some images of how the new generation is trying to
normalize their soul-condition. They may not have exactly the
in-your-face courage to assert themselves in an organized way
politically. The system has devised the ways and means to prevent
that so far, but look at the ages and the faces - the "released"

Ingrid, as I write these lines I am watching the NTV 5 p.m. news on
Sunday, 18 June and the patriotism debate - "�it is dangerous to show
so much releasing flag waving" and "is German nationalism rising?"
where one young, 25-year-old German says, "We have much to catch up
on as regards patriotism.." That's against the background of a sea of
waving flags filling the TV screen and as far as the cameras can
focus - hundreds of thousands of young Germans "showing their flag,"
umembarrassed, as you can see even from these few photos.

Look at the girl in the center, Ingrid - she is of the "generations
yet unborn" for which I undertook that arduous task when I told
American and Canadian interviewers in answer to the question, "Why do
you subject yourself to all this vilification, these dangers, this
painstaking effort?" My answer always was, "I do it for the wartime
generation who have no advocate, no one to protect them, no one to
speak for them - and I do it for the generations yet unborn!" Here
is that generation - then not yet born! This girl was born around
the time of my arrest, her parents during the time of my first trials
and tribulations. That's history in the making!

First, they will free themselves emotionally, and as they mature
politically, those who can still think, from which the new generation
of leaders will come, will draw the proper conclusions. This is the
information age, as I have stated a thousand times, that will break
the stranglehold of the hidden censors, the lobbyists in key
positions, via the democratization of information.

That age is now upon us. It is, of course, different from what some
of us, and the chattering political classes, have expected. History
does not ever repeat itself in exactly the same way. But consider
this: German T-shirt and flag makers have had to start nightshifts
to fill the demand! This is, in fact, a street revolution which has
taken everybody by surprise. It is no repeat from our father's
methods and ways. It is more innocent, and less threatening to those
who need to fear replacement. That is the way it should be.
Patriotic feelings should be positive feeling - just like America's,
celebrating the Fourth of July.

The Mannheimer Morgen of June 9 quotes the World Soccer Federation
President, Joseph Blatter, aying that 32 Billion viewers will watch
these world championships. 180 countries are involved and organized
in this association. Ingrid, this is the most important sports event
ever! That's why the imagery is important - and the transformation
of these young Germans will start an image change. Every game where
the German team can hang in here will mean that more firmly the new
images and feelings will be embedded in people's minds.

Even if the German team, coached by this American Swabian Klinsmann,
should be knocked out of the competition along the way, the far more
significant victory, politically speaking, has already been achieved
- and that is that Klinsmann's unconventional ways, his questioning
of old habits and dogmas, of importing the almost na�ve, boyish
self-confidence of youth has achieved [a transformation] of the
German football mythology that will be strengthened and heightened
with every game this young team can hang on to. Every game, even the
most insignificant games against teams which are given little chance,
are important to this process now at work, which is the release of
the German Volk psyche - the relaxing, the freeing of the collective
psychic cramps which have held the German national spirit in a
straitjacket for almost three generations. One has to see and watch
this process unfold like a filmed time lapse sequence in one of
those science films about blossoms opening after a desert rain shower
- the faces of those boys and girls, adorned with the ever-present
T-shirt and jeans, clothing geared to exuberance, carefreeness. It is
the unmistakeable thumb print of the "American way".

A kind of fashion streamlining has taken place which turns, by the
message it carries, into an instant political statement or
mini-billboard. Since these soccer championships are watched by
billions of viewers, an incredible propaganda value is achieved
because TV needs close-ups to be effective in communicating passion,
joy, exhuberance - that is the quality which has been already
achieved: the voluntary identification with one's team and one's
national colors, its symbols and one's Volk.

Thus are idols born! Liberators of the spirit! Klinsmann's soccer
team is a tool for German self-liberation. Our young people are
declaring their innocence and are dancing their way to a new tomorrow
- one soccer game at a time! Ingrid, this is the defining image
which kicked off the patriotism debate. That's how they sang the
national anthem in the stadium. I spent 30 years being virtually the
only one in the English speaking world saying that at every
opportunity. And now photo models and actresses are saying it
publicly at press conferences.

A new generation is taking over. No telling what this generation
will talk about at press conferences and on talk shows. This being a
censored letter, I will leave it at that.

Ernst Zundel

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7-23-6 Summary Zundel Holocaust Thought Crime Trial

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Summary Zundel Holocaust Thought Crime Trial
From Ingrid Rimland

As you will remember, applause for Ernst Zundel is verboten as part of Germanys strict enforcement of the Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt not doubt the Holocaust or any single part of it. Therefore, when Ernst appeared in the courtroom, most of the audience rose, thus by their silence showing their respect.

On the agenda was the weighty question as to how the BKA, the equivalent of America's FBI, was alerted to a censorship problem of Ernst's "Germania" publications - a freebie letter sent to supporters each month for the past twenty-plus years. I don't think that the question was settled - because who would want to know?

Next, a BKA bureaucrat named Mandel - not known to me - was announced as a witness against Ernst, to appear to give testimony in September. Before he takes the witness stand, it will be someone by the name of Hoelsch's turn - a name I well remember for his eager beaver willingness to railroad a Canadian/American based dissident right into prison to please the Bundesrepublik's ruling elite - so they can please their handlers. The evidence sits snugly in my file cabinet - literally hundreds of faxes!

Also scheduled to appear before the summer's gone will be the now-retired German head honcho bureaucrat Hans-Heiko Klein, a particularly nasty fellow whose specialty has been for years and years to run down Holocaust Deniers. He brags about it in the papers. Not too surprisingly, Klein was the one who led the Telekom calvary charge against the Zundelsite in 1996, thus triggering the first ever war in cyberspace - which he lost utterly, I am so pleased to say!

Next, the court visitors were treated to some judicial palaver about some documents parked on the Zundelsite for some 12 years already, deemed harmful to Germany's youth. These documents, not written by me or by my husband, are classic ABC-type documents to introduce revisionism to the unwashed, unwary masses. I have never had a single readership complaint about these documents, not even a peep, not even from our enemies. However, the BRD censors, in their inscrutable wisdom, had "indexed" them already in 1996 and have recently renewed this procedure - a procedure for which the Catholic Church in the Dark Ages was known.

Some pace picked up when a part of my Zundel DVD was played that I had sent to the judge in my own eagerness to let him know that Ernst was not that fire-breathing demon the world has come to believe. As most of you know, this DVD is long and comprehensive, and I had produced it explicitly to be played in Ernst's hearings to offset some of that demonization. It covers 20 years of Zundel activism - and it shows scenes of escalating violence cause BY his Jewish detractors - AGAINST him!

These parts were not played, nor was the story of the Auschwitz expedition that led to the Leuchter Report.

What was played were two segments - translated competently, I am told. I must say I am not altogether that unhappy about this peculiar selection. Judge Meinerzhagen's choice was a segment of an interview that Ernst did with a Jewish radio host, Max Lipson, and his first two interviews with me. I believe that if censor he must, Judge Meinerzhagen censored wisely.

These segments show what matters to Ernst and to me. They show us as civilized, caring human beings under siege by a viciously aggressive cabal cloaking itself in so-called "human rights." We, too, have a story to tell.

I am eager to read how Ernst judged the showing of those clips. To my knowledge, he has not yet been permitted to view the entire DVD, as I had fervently hoped - and pleaded!

(I should mention also that a full German translation of this video now exists, done by my volunteers, and we are working furiously on the dialogue dubbing part, which will be an expensive but necessary undertaking. More about that at the right time...)

Parts of a letter written by our immigration attorney, Bruce Leichty, dated May 5, 2006, were also read into the record. In it, Bruce gives a his cogent reasons why a German court that sits in judgment of my husband has no jurisdiction whatsoever compelling me, a U.S. citizen, to testify.

Thereupon it was announced that the court will not seek what they had formerly threatened to seek - namely international and/or FBI and/or consular "assistance" to compel me. I was pleased to know that this request has been dropped. It should never have been made of a U.S. citizen in the first place by a German-based Stalinist court!

However, parts of my ("voluntary") deposition in Canada at the beginning of the Human Rights Tribunal Hearings in 1996-97 is going to be read into the records shortly. I don't mind in the least. I said then what I say now - that Ernst never ever had any direct say or hands-on part of what was posted on the Zundelsite! He gave advice when I asked. He couldn't make me do what I refused to do.

Another witness who appeared to testify this time was someone by the name of Mohr. What triggered his involvement some years back was a woman who pressed charges over a small, two inch sticky that carried the heading "Did Gas Chambers in Auschwitz Exist?" Among three revisionist websites listed on that sticky was your venerable Zundelsite URL. I have never seen that sticky, nor was I (or for that matter, Ernst) advised of the existence of this offending tidbit exercise of Freedom of Speech on the Net!

The burning general question is, and remains, how much of the "guilt" to assign to Mr. Zundel about those postings on the Zundelsite - did he, or did he not, "control" Ingrid Rimland, at the time some 3000 miles away, living in another country, and jealously guarding her password! (Ernst asked for it once, and I refused to give it to him, meany that I am ...)

Some interesting questions now came forth by one of the co-judges, a stocky, feisty fellow named Hamm, described to me as the "Einpeitscher" - meaning the one who carries and uses the whip if the hearing should stray off of the beaten path. This man, I must confess, irks me a lot because, horror of horrors, his name is a Mennonite name! How's that for irony?

(When I enquired about him and his curious last name, I was told by my eagle-eyed inside sources that there is little doubt that he, in fact, belongs to the Tribe, as does the Prosecutor, Grossmann. Now who would say a thing like that? I don't know how Hamm came in the possession of a name that is as good as an apartheid trademark belonging to my very clannish, entirely Protestand Christian ancestry folk. Somebody ought to do a genealogy search on the name and see if there is something iffy...)

But let me not stray from my topic. The story continues this way, as it was told to me:

Co-Judge Hamm asks Witness Mohr: Have there ever been charges against either the Zundelsite or Germania, as posted on the Zundelsite?

Herr Mohr does not recall. The only thing that he remembers is that the then-recently privatized Deutsche Telekom, a communications giant [bought up by a Jewish concern] tried to block access to the Zundelsite - but was defeated. Utterly!

Had there ever been advertising on behalf of the Zundelsite in Germany?

Herr Mohr does not recall.

Defense Attorney Bock: Is it your opinion that gas chambers existed?

Herr Mohr: Ja.

Defense Attorney Bock: How do you know?

Herr Mohr: Because of my knowledge of history.

Defense Attorney Bock: Who was (Ernst Moritz von) Arndt?

(Clue: A very well known German dissident poet who lived during Napoleon's times. Every Junior High kid learns about him in his history class.)

Herr Mohr: No idea.

Defense Attorney Bock: What is the cut-off point for Holocaust Denial prosecution, numbers-wise?

Herr Mohr: I can't answer that. That is for the prosecutor's office to decide.

Defense Attorney Bock: What is meant by Extremism of the Right?

Herr Mohr: People who are part of the Right.

After further questioning:

"Those who run afoul of Paragraph 130...

[Clue: also known as the Holocaust Protection Paragraph]

Defense Attourney Bock: Is the Leuchter Report incorrect?

Herr Mohr: I don't know.

Defense Attorney Bock: What did you mean by "Terrorist Book" and "Big Book"?

Squirming. Avoidance. No definite reply.

Defense Attorney Bock points out to the court that this witness has opinions, not to be confused with facts. This leads to some verbal fireworks between various participants of the court and the defense, because Ernst's attorneys object to the sly introduction of alleged "ties" to violent groups, even though the witness himself had testified that there were no links on the Zundelsite to factions known to be engaged in violence.


That's all that I can tell you today. Again, I would like to point out that I am stitching this report together from various sources, the most important information of which was sent to me by Günther Deckert, who himself spent five years in a German prison for Holocaust Denial. The content of this report is not a transcript. It is an approximation of what I understand occurred.

The next hearing will be July 28. Be there if at all possible!

Final arguments are scheduled to start on September 22 and are anticipated to spill over to September 29. It is anticipated that on that date the court will have decided on a verdict.

It's now been 17 months in German jail for Ernst - for what?! The world now knows that in the current system, he has not been allowed a defense based on facts. It was more or less like "... what do you have to say for yourself before we shoot you?"

Ernst takes it for granted that the verdict against him will be brutal. Not me! Not for one minute will I surrender my hope that fairness must win over Talmudic vengeance. Our enemies should be so foolish - when all around them the system is crackling with tension, already throwing sparks.

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latest Report about the Zundel Hearing October 4, 2006

Post#28 » Thu Oct 12, 2006 4:29 pm

The snakes are running for cover. They cant stand one little bit of the truth from coming out. Zundel has them by the balls. TRUTH WILL NOT BE KEPT IN THE DARK MUCH LONGER. The Sabbatian jews and all there little minions cant stand for the common folks to wake up to the LIE that the holohaux has been sold to the world.

Did 150,000 jews die of many causes in the camps. Yes. But not in any remote fashion as has been programmed into the sheoples head.

Time to wake the fuck up, and move on. Israel has no right to extort ANY MORE MONEY FROM ANYONE.

Report about the Zundel Hearing October 4, 2006

Up-front, please let me apologize for not using correct trial
vocabulary since court protocol is very different in Germany from
hearings on this continent. Also, since trial transcripts are
verboten, what little information I get is second-hand and, of
necessity, subjective. With this report, I am doing the best that I

I was told that this October 4 hearing was going to be a brief,
insignificant session of a couple of hours only, dealing with
administrative matters. Dr. Schaller, one of the defense attorneys
who had submitted a detailed summary September 29 of the geopolitical
significance of Zundel's lifelong quest for truth - " - to get to the
bottom of what the heck happened at Auschwitz", as Ernst himself put
it in his documentary DVD - was not going to be at this hearing,
since he has to travel from Austria, an eight-hour trip each way. I
did not even announce the date on the Internet, since I did not want
Zundel supporters travel long distances at great expense and
inconvenience to them, only to be disappointed.

As it turned out, this hearing was one of the most significant and
dramatic events as yet that played in the courtroom in Mannheim. It
seems that the prosecution, with Judge Meinerzhagen as its designated
bottleneck, dropped all pretenses in near riotous outbursts that can
only be described as bizarre, hysterical panic to keep the historical
truth from coming uncorked!

Prior to this hearing, Defense Attorney Rieger had submitted a number
of extensive "requests" to the court - pardon the imprecise term -
asking in clear language that forensic and documentary evidence be
allowed, as well as the testimony of prominent expert witnesses. I
will not go into the details because the copies that I saw were in
German and it is too complicated to give you a feel for what these
papers summarized, other than to say that this was the first time, to
my knowledge, that the defense dropped all hesitation and went on the
offensive in a forceful and decisive way - a courageous strategy
indeed in the wake of explicit threats to them to be charged with the
same "offense" as Ernst Zundel. After all, the court intoned over
and over, the Holocaust could not be anything but "self-evident" and
should not, could not, and would not be put to the test!

Specifically, in reference to expert witnesses, the Zundel defense
team had requested that both the President of Iran, Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad, as well as Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, be
permitted to testify as to the harmful consequences of keeping the
world in the dark by pretending the Holocaust was what it purported
to be - a "fact of history" - now contested by this obstreperous
Swabian in Mannheim. Several other potential expert witnesses' names
were submitted who would shed light where darkness reigned, among
them Fred Leuchter, the chief investigator of the dreaded "gas
chambers" of Auschwitz and other major Third Reich concentration
camps. One of the interesting and unknown items, for me, was a
document listed that showed that Jewish factions had aborted an
investigation years ago that would have more precisely determined the
number of "Holocaust" victims. Another document that Attorney Rieger
had either submitted previously or tried to submit at this hearing
was an Open Letter by the Iranian President to Germany's Chancellor,
Angela Merkel, in which the Iranian head of state shamed the German
government for imprisoning Holocaust researchers in order to prevent
the truth from coming out. Ahmadinejad is reported to have said,
according to an interview in Germany's Der Spiegel in May of this

"The extortion and blackmail continue, and people are not allowed to
think about or even question the source of this extortion, otherwise
they face imprisonment. When will this situation end? Sixty years,
one hundred years or one thousand years, when?"

I have read President Ahmadinejad's letter in both German and English
translations - it is widely available on the Net and, naturally, on
the Zundelsite ( - but to my knowledge it was
utterly stonewalled by Germany's mainstream press, and Chancellor
Merkel had called it a "scandalous" letter she would, of course,

One of the most dramatic moments in this hearing came when Ernst
Zundel decided to break his self-imposed silence and let them have
it, Zundel-fashion, for the first time in more than 18 months. I
never understood and was never given an adequate explanation of why
he chose to remain silent for so long, but I utterly trust Ernst's
political judgment - he must have had his reasons. This day, it
seems, he had his fill - he stood up, dug in his heels, accused the
court of shamelessly running a secret political show trial where only
written submissions were allowed, to be read by the court at the
exclusion of both public and press, and proceeded to read President
Ahmadinejad's Open Letter right into Judge Meinerzhagen's horrified

At that point, pandemonium!

Judge Meinerzhagen simply lost it - and started to scream, his hands
shaking and his face distorted with fury, that this was an
"impertinence" - in German, "eine Frechheit!" - that the defense was
trying to pull the wool over his eyes by making the defendant the
messenger of what, precisely, he had forbidden the attorneys to
submit at risk of their own welfare! It seems that the verbal
confrontation that ensued was the Mother of all Shouting Matches - it
even worried the armed police at one point! Apparently it looked
like it would come to blows!

Folks, please take this as an incomplete report that I am writing in
the middle of the night, a continent away. I look at this newest
twist in the dramatic Zundel Saga with both dread and elation. I
will not even attempt to interpret what all this could possibly mean
- let's simply say that finally it looks to me as though the German
government, on its knees before Zion for more than sixty years, has
lost its grip before the precipice and broadcast its own terror - of
the inexorable Power of the Truth!

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E-mail Rights Group on behalf of Zundel

Post#29 » Tue Oct 24, 2006 2:48 pm

E-mail Rights Group on behalf of Zundel

The Hoffman Wire
Dedicated to Freedom of the Press, Investigative Reporting and Revisionist History

Michael A. Hoffman II, Editor


1. E-mail Human Rights Group on behalf of Zundel, Irving and Rudolf

2. Israel Shamir replies to yesterday's Hoffman Wire

3. How a Hoffman Wire Sleuth got the goods on the "Jewish War Veteran"


This week "Reporters without Borders" based in France, issued its "World
Press Freedom Index" (

The e-mail address of this group is

If you are able, please e-mail a courteous, obscenity-free protest to
them. I enclose my own note as a sample which you are welcome to use, or
compose one yourself.

Subject: World Press Freedom Index is a Fraud

To: Reporters without Borders (

CC:,,,,, africa,

In your latest report, "Worldwide Press Freedom Index" on the repression
of journalists, writers and artists, you lament the attack on artists
and writers in Denmark with regard to the satirical Muhammad cartoons,
but you have not one word of protest against Austria for imprisoning
historian David Irving, or Germany for imprisoning scientist Germar
Rudolf and writer Ernst Zundel. In fact, you even praise Austria and
rank it and Germany high on the list of nations allegedly possessed of
an admirable level of "press freedom."

Muslims throughout the world know that the European campaign for freedom
of the press is completely bogus when it comes to writers who criticize

In Europe, Auschwitz is sacred, Muhammad is not.

Shame on you for your hypocrisy and double standards!



On Oct 23, 2006, at 22:01, Israel Shamir wrote:

Dear Michael Hoffman, thank you for spreading my piece. As for Kabbalah,
I used its tools against some Judaic ideas in "Pardes"
( ... 1419606018). Kabbalah is
a Gnostic system which drew heavily on Christian Gnosis. It is not a
system of beliefs, rather a system of tools. By using them, I return
them home into Christian weaponry.

No doubt, it's dangerous tools, and I do not advice novices to deal with
it overmuch; but we should not be shy of using enemy's ideas against him
- that is the core of oriental martial arts.

I hope this last comparison will seal my doom as a syncretist :-) By the
way, I could quote Vladimir Solovyev - but probably Kabbalah is better
known to our readers, and Solovyev was influenced by Judaic ideas

Regards, Shamir

Dear Mr. Israel Shamir

Thank you for your note in reply to the HOFFMAN WIRE column of Oct. 23.
Your latest statements about Kabbalah reflect the disinformation of the
Renaissance Catholic humanists such as Pico Mirandola, Marcilio Ficino
and Johannes Reuchlin, everyone of them a rabbinic agent, who promoted
the deception you are repeating, that there is a Christian root to

The Kabbalah is a survival of the sorcery of ancient Egypt and Babylon.
These mental viruses were given new life in the traditions of the
rabbis. They have absolutely no connection whatsoever to Jesus Christ or
the Gospel. There is no "Gnostic" Christianity. Christianity is rooted
in the Old Testament, the Yahweh system inimical to every form of
paganism, magic, soothsaying and divination; contrary to the rabbinic
system which is steeped in it.

You are deceiving yourself with your own intellectual cleverness when
you talk of Oriental martial arts as justification for resorting to what
you imagine are mere "tools" of Kabbalistic methodology. I am all for
turning the tables on our enemies, but resorting to their sinkhole of
rabbinic superstition in allegedly working toward that goal, is to fall
into one of the traps which they have prepared for intellectuals such as

If you are a baptized Christian Israelite, you ought to recognize that
there is no fellowship between Christ and Anti-Christ, between light and

History shows that the attempt to use the Kabbalah as a supposedly
Christian tool is doomed to catastrophe. Keep yourself free of these
ontological traps and the New Age chicanery that fronts for them, or you
will be doing more harm than good by calling yourself a Christian and
promoting these deceptions in Christian circles.

Sincerely, Michael A. Hoffman II



I copied "Ben's" e-mail, and posted it
in Advanced Google, in the second box:
and found a lot of info on "Ben."

I just did another Google, this time on Harvey Bloom. I came up with a
song called Shine on Harvey Bloom, a parody: and also:;si ... 3445;cid=8

BTW, Google can also find much if you submit a telephone number, much
the same as an e-mail address. Try it on yourself. Also, try Reverse
Telephone Numbers with AnyWho:

I was able to nail the culprit who phoned me with death threats this
way. I got the FBI on his Kosher ass, and he left for parts unknown.

Y'all have fun now, and be careful out there.

Ed Toner
Hoffman Wire reader and supporter

The HOFFMAN WIRE is a public service of Independent History and Research, Box 849, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816 USA

24 Hour Revisionist News Bureau:


Disclaimer: The Hoffman Wire is a controversial and politically incorrect e-mail letter intended only for those who have requested it. We have a strict anti-spamming policy. The views expressed in the Hoffman Wire are the sole responsibility of the author(s) and do not reflect the views of advertisers or the transmitter.

Freedom of the Press: A hallowed right.
Responsible Dissent: A contribution to understanding and dialogue.

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12/4/6 Another Zundel Letter to a young Texas friend:

Post#30 » Tue Dec 26, 2006 2:42 pm

Another Zundel Letter to a young Texas friend:


December 4, 2006

My fourth Christmas behind bars is here. This week I will attend the
second Christmas party organized by our prison chaplain. He is a
local/regional man, a real Martin Luther type in looks and in his
down-to-earth approach to things. That party last year was attended
by the usual types - double murderers, drug dealers, common wife
beaters, child abusers, pickpockets, check and credit card fraud
artists, gamblers, and one lone historical revisionist.

The prison staff, the social workers, the prison shrink, some
security staff were all genuinely nice and humane - a far cut above
what I experienced in the U.S.A. and Canada. The worst were the
Tennesseans, I am sad to report. They were big brutes of men,
ill-bred, obese, nasty, ignorant, cold-hearted. In their
button-popping, stretched-to-the-limits uniforms, they looked like
the bottom of the barrel from some central casting office for a cheap
1960s anti-Nazi, "Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS" type of film. You know
how Hollywood portrays the Germans.

This was in contrast to some of the giant, blond haired, blue eyed
Batavians in the area of Attica I met while temporarily imprisoned in
New York state en route to Canada. That whole region south of Lake
Ontario was settled and pioneered by Germans, Hessians and
Pennsylvania Deutsch [not Dutch]. These men were open-faced,
uncomplicated, kind and human - well, what can I say? They were

Now on to world news. Unfortunately I have very few sources of
information - I am reduced to depending on the mainstream media and
the necessity to read between the lines. Because of the judge's
ruling, I generally do not receive, nor can I send, much in the way
of thoughts or ideas. This includes art, science, health care and
related medical topics - these are redacted from letters without
mercy. Imagine that - in the 21st Century no less!

Last week I received a letter sent to me by a supporter - in Munich
on August 2, 2005! The same day I also received another letter mailed
on July 6, 2006 and several others from July. So don't be
disheartened if you do not hear from me for months - it means someone
is holding up the mail. Ingrid sometimes gets no mail from me for six
to eight weeks, worries like crazy, only to be handed nine letters in
one day. My oldest son was handed three letters on the same day,
months ago. It makes me ill to think that these same people prattle
on all the time about the superiority of their system and their
humanity when compared to former regimes.

Can you believe the embarrassment Bush and his clique must be
suffering from in relationship to their trouncing in the polls? I was
on a high for a week. Ingrid described my letters as euphoric. There
are of course reasons to be overjoyed. I have said to Ingrid and
others for a long time that what befell America on 9-11 would come
back to haunt the true perpetrators - and, no, I don't mean the
alleged nineteen Arabs the media keep shoving in our faces. Bush Sr.
and his circle of "old money Republicans" are doing their best to
save the Bush dynasty's reputation. I doubt it will work this time,
Bush no longer commands much respect anywhere in the world.

I was overjoyed to see the GOP lose so badly, because many of them
have defiled American values for decades. Finally they have been
subjected to a modicum of exposure. Many of them did their best to
ignore my case and Ingrid's appeals, while at the same time being
highlighted in the press as alleged champions of American traditions,
i.e. free speech etc. Swift Karma was done! CNN news with Larry King
announced this morning at about 11 AM local time that Bill Frist of
Tennessee, who was once touted as a future Presidential contender,
decided that it would be better not to run for President than to
reveal all of his financial dealings over the last several years.

Despite all of the machinations, despite all the lies and innuendo,
Ingrid and I are not disgraced, because most people can see through
the lies. They realize that the media and government have no
credibility. It doesn't take people long to then conclude that these
same individuals and entities might also be lying about many other

This nightmare will be over one day - the guilty will be exposed,
charged and convicted. The night that the Republicans were driven out
of office signaled the beginnings of a change - now [others] have the
power to issue subpoenas. We'll soon see if they have any intention
of using this power. If not, no matter - they'll be exposed in short
order as well.

I am afraid there is a great deal of bad karma [coming] - too many
Americans have been mistreated by the powerful and well-connected.
How that will play out remains to be seen. We now have the means to
reach virtually every man, woman and child on this planet via the
Internet - the truth can't be suppressed forever, and judging by the
speed of world events, I'd say it can't be suppressed much longer.
Americans appear to be quickly tiring of the lies and deceit.

Perhaps we'll all have ringside seats to watch the ushering in of a
new era? It won't all happen immediately. It will take more than a
few years - but it seems inevitable at this point.


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