True Jewish roots... where did they come from

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True Jewish roots... where did they come from

Post#1 » Sun Dec 12, 2010 10:39 pm

Just because a satanically-corrupted group of Judahites pose
themselves as the whole of the Israelite tribes today does not make it so.


Good rebuttal, Paul. Another explanation for the corruption of Hebrewism into Judaism is
that the modern day Jew is the result of the forced conversion of the Edomites by John
Hyrcanus during the second Macabean revolt in the second century BC. That can be
confirmed in the works of Josephus of which I have a copy. Both Herods were Edomites
which indicates how far the Edomite takeover had progressed at the time of Christ. The
Edomites, as you should know from scripture were bad folks. Here's one on it sent to me
from an Identity group at headed by William Finck;

"From Greek and Roman records, we can see that from the Hellenistic period all of the
southern portions of the land once known as Judah and Israel were called Idumaea, after
the Edomites. Strabo, the early first century Greek geographer, attests that the
Idumaeans were "mixed up" with the Judaeans, and that they "shared in the same customs
with them" (Book 16). From Josephus it can be determined that shortly before 130 BC, the
reigning Maccabean high priest (who had all the authority of a king), John Hyrcanus,
decided to conquer all of the surrounding cities of ancient Israel inhabited at that time
by Edomites and Canaanites, and to either convert them to the religion of Judaea (first
called "Judaism" by the Greeks) or to let them leave the land, or to be slain. (Maccabee
was a name given to the Asamonean dynasty of high priests who ruled Jerusalem from about
150 BC down to about 36 BC, when the last of them was slain by Herod.) Josephus states
that from this poin
t these Edomites became "none other than Judaeans" (Antiquities, 13.9.1 et al.).
Therefore we see with certainty the fulfillment of Ezekiel 35.'

"Judaea from 130 BC forward was a multiracial polyglot of a nation. The first Herod, an
Idumaean by race who usurped power from the Maccabees, bribed the Romans for the kingship
and from that time the temple priesthood at Jerusalem was used as a political tool. Both
Josephus and the ecclesiastical historian Eusebius admit that many of the priests were
not worthy of the distinction under the former Levitical traditions, and the veracity of
Malachi's prophecy becomes quite clear with their testimony. The usurpation of political
control in Jerusalem is the primary reason for all of the division recorded in the New
Testament. "

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