Useful links to feed the soul

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Useful links to feed the soul

Post#1 » Fri May 13, 2005 3:10 pm


1. After the Flood — the Early Post-Flood History of Europe, by Bill Cooper. Why did polytheists and atheists alike gravitate toward monotheism in ancient times? Did dinosaurs exist as recently as two hundred years ago? Did the Vikings really trace their genealogies back to Noah?

2. [External] Commandments of YHWH website. What are the immediate benefits of obeying Jehovah's old testament laws?

3. Ezekiel, in the correct order. When Ezekiel was put in book form, the scrolls were jumbled out of order. It makes more sense when you read it as it was written.

4. Ezekiel's Temple — Pre-Christian? Zionist? Millennial?, by Thomas H. Whitehouse. Is the temple in Jerusalem going to be rebuilt? This article argues it was a historical might-have-been, a covenant rejected by Israel.

5. Faith on the March, by A.H. MacMillan. Inside account of the earliest days of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Reveals what makes this militant Anabaptist group tick.

6. Health and the Mosaic Law, by Thomas H. Nelson. After reading this, you'll never want to eat swine flesh again.

7. God's Food Laws in Today's World, by Jonathan Walther. You've taken the Pepsi challenge. Are you ready to take the Leviticus 11 challenge? You won't have to give up anything tasty.

8. Islam Promotes Homosexual Child Abuse, by Denise Caster. What every Muslim hopes you don't find out about his religion.

9. The Dispensational Millenium Heresy. Anonymous author debunks the Scofield crowd.

10. Whom Did Moses Marry?, by Bertrand Comparet. Is the Hebrew word "Cushi" the same thing as "Ethiopian"?

11. Mount Moriah, by Lambert Dolphin. True or false, Solomon built the Temple on Mount Zion?

12. On the Jews and Their Lies, by Martin Luther. Jews don't believe in Jesus. The father of the Protestant Reformation exposes their faulty reasoning.

13. The Other End Of The World, by Roger Rusk. A sound introduction to the correct interpretation of prophecy. Its careful examination of the terms, conditions, and fine print of the covenants in the Bible is a model worthy of imitation by all students of the Word.

14. Ruth and Rahab, Who Were They?, by R.K. Phillips. Our Savior may not be descended from a Moabite or a harlot after all.

15. Spiritual Food or Spiritual Poison?, by Pam Dewey and Norman Edwards. What criteria do you use to decide which Bible teachers to learn from? Some solid guidelines, although the authors seem to have quite a way to go in their own spiritual journeys.

16. Sunday the First of Sabbaths, by Charles Wesley Ewing. Does the original Greek of the Gospels prove that Jesus changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday?

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