Dr Schulzs Super Tonic to combat colds

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Dr Schulzs Super Tonic to combat colds

Post#1 » Fri Mar 12, 2004 8:26 pm

PF are not doctors. We only offer this as information. We have found that some folks have found out something that works, and we are only passing this down the line to those that are sick and tired of the Medical Death Cartels poisons (guaranteed by the FDA. poisons that kill more folks then we know)

Dr. Schulzs Super Tonic formula dictated to me

by Dana Grohman, Steve Grohmans wife from the http://www.creationseminar.net
(To combat colds and other ailments...)

1 horseradish root 5" long clean and peeled if possible
(cut into small chunks should fill a cup up.)
1 piece of ginger root 4" clean
(cut into small chunks should fill a cup up.)
2 whole onions
1 cup of peppers (jalapeno or habanero, the hottest that you can deal with
2 bulbs of garlic

this should be juiced in your juice man junior and make a 1/2 a quart

empty this half a quart evenly into 2 empty 1-Qt mason jars
then add to each apple cider vinegar till it fills the Qt container up

Store in a dark place/lunch bag. Doesnt need to be refrigerated

DOSE: 1 ounce shot in the morning. twice if already sick. They only take it
when they are around sick folks. But daily use is OK.

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