Hemp Oil Cures Cancer

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Hemp Oil Cures Cancer

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Big Medicine Jewry put Royal Raymond Rife out of business in the 1930s-40s because he and his frequency machines were killing cancers left and right

Hemp Oil Cures Cancer
To: Dxxxxxx Nxxxxxxx

Nova Scotian, Rick Simpson, discovered that concentrated hemp oil of a
specific hemp plant cures cancer - all types of cancer. This article
is from his home page.

Rick is now living in exile in Amsterdam because he can not grow and
use hemp oil in Canada. In fact, Canada is now trying to extradite
him and impose criminal charges against him which could result in him
being jailed.

Check out his website for his 58 minute documentary on hemp oil cures
and how to make hemp oil. It's a real eye opener.



Hemperor Jack Herer is Laid to Rest (Photos) - Click Here

My name is Rick Simpson.

Throughout man's history hemp has always been known as the most
medicinal plant in the world. Even with this knowledge hemp has always
been used as a political and religious football.


Hemp Medicine´s Emperor´s Political Exile in Europe
- a message from Rick Simpson

On November 25th, 2009, one day before I was crowned the Freedom
Fighter of the Year 2009 at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, I received
a word that I have been raided again by the RCMP. I contacted Tim
Hunter at the Amherst attachment and asked I was being charged. Of
course, he refused to give me straight answer. All he would say was
that the RCMP wanted to talk to me.

After openly growing hemp in my backyard this past summer and
announcing this fact to the public on tom Young´s open line talk show
in June, how could the RCMP not be aware of my activities? The truth
is they knew exactly what I was doing. RCMP officers were even sending
people that needed help to me. I can only surmise that the purpose of
this raid was to keep me from returning to Canada.

If I return home, I will be arrested and put in jail without
bail or medicine. I am not afraid of their jails but I cannot go
without my medicine, the system has nothing that could help me with my
conditions. So for me to return to Canada would be like committing
suicide. I would be thrown in jail and denied my medicine and a short
time later you would hear in the news that Rick Simpson died of
natural causes. I cannot tell the people of Canada who are depending
on my presence to help their medical conditions how sorry I am. But it
was not me who caused this situation.

It seems the goal is to keep me from returning home and they
succeeded. But to what end? All hemp magazines on this planet are now
telling their readers how to heal themselves with this wonderful
medicine. If governments want to live in denial, it will be
short-lived. We are gaining tens of thousands of followers every day.
You cannot stop the truth.

For me, going to the Cannabis Cup was a great adventure and I
would like to thank Greenhouse Seeds for making this trip possible. To
stand before hundreds of people and being crowned as the Freedom
Fighter of the Year was a great honour. But it is an honour that
comes with a price. Most people who have worn the tricorn hat have
gone to jail for spreading the truth.

To have this honour bestowed on me and to join the ranks of
people like Jack Herer and Eddy Lepp has given my life even more

Jack Herer believed as I do that the key to hemp´s complete
legalisation is in the magnificent medicine this plant can produce.
Once the public becomes aware of the fact that properly made hemp
medicine can cure or control practically any medical condition, who is
going to stand against the use of hemp?

I must also mention the great work done by Steve Hagar and High
Times magazine. Cannabis cures cancer right on their cover. It is so
refreshing to know that the system has no control over hemp
publications. What a shame are so-called free press and news media
refuse to print the truth.

I must also tip my tricorn hat to the Weed World out of the UK.
They were the first hemp magazine to cover my work. They even released
a special edition in September 2009 featuring a number of articles
that I wrote about hemp medicine and other aspects of the hemp
movement. I must also acknowledge the great work done by Bayer & Romsy
Hemp Cosmetics and Konoptikum hemp magazine of the Czech Republic.
This publication has also done much to spread the truth about hemp in

Presently, I am staying with friends in Europe but it saddens me
to be unable to be with my family and loved ones during Christmas. For
the time being, it seems I will be seeking asylum in Europe. This may
not be a bad thing since seminars about hemp oil are being arranged in
many countries. I hate to go begging but if anyone out there has an
extra few dollars they can donate to us, it would greatly ease the
burden on me. Of course it costs money to live in Europe and we are
expending a great deal putting on seminars and spreading the word. So
any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

They say everything happens for a reason, so I will simply put
my head down and continue forward. To anyone in Canada or the US
requiring help, simply follow the information we provided at
www.phoenixtears.ca. Almost anyone can produce this medicine without
difficulty, if they follow the instructions. Again, I apologize to
everyone for not returning. But as you can see, my hands are tied.

We are at the dawn of new age in medicine and a new day for
mankind. Not only can hemp save the world, it can eliminate a great
deal of human suffering and can even put an end to starvation. What
are we waiting for? Join with me and let us put an end to this
madness. It can only survive if we continue to sit on our backsides
and do nothing. Stand up and be counted and let us give ourselves a
chance to heal.

Best wishes,
Rick Simpson

The current restrictions against hemp were put in place and
maintained, not because hemp is evil or harmful, but for big money to
make more big money, while we suffer and die needlessly. Look at a
proposal such as this; if we were allowed to grow hemp in our back
yards and cure our own illnesses, what do you think the reaction of
the pharmaceutical industry would be to such a plan? Many large
pharmaceutical companies that still exist today sold hemp based
medicines in the 1800's and early 1900's. They knew then what I have
recently found out. Hemp oil if produced properly is a cure-all that
the pharmaceutical industry can't patent.

Two years a go I contacted the Liberals, the Conservatives and
the New Democratic Party about this situation. I also provided them
with evidence to backup what I was saying. No one lifted a finger, in
most cases I was lucky to get a reply. I contacted the R.C.M.P. along
with many other organizations and Public Interest TV shows, with
little or no response.

Why are all these people trying to avoid such a simple truth? If
I am in some way wrong in what I have been saying then I invite the
system to come and prove it. I would be happy to put on a public
demonstration of what this oil can do. That would answer this question
for the Canadian public once and for all. It seems unbelievable that
we have a law in Canada that will not allow us to cure our own
diseases with a natural herbal remedy.

While much of the evidence for the effectiveness of Hemp is
reports from patients and doctors, it is important to realize that
this reporting leads to restrictions of drugs and their withdrawal
from the market. Such was the case with doctors reporting the birth
defects from Thalidomide and heart problems with the Fen-Phen
combination of drugs. Further reports led to new uses for Thalidomide
as a drug to treat leprosy rather than morning sickness. Anecdotal
evidence (reports and observation by patients or doctors) usually
indicates to a doctor that a treatment or drug should be altered,
discontinued or changed.

In addition to the evidence, much research has been done and a
list of a few of the researchers and their papers or publications is
here. [Penicillin was approved for use with less experience and data
than is available on the effectiveness of Hemp - only six patients].

The results of the cases can be readily replicated by any
practitioner, medical or otherwise, anywhere, to cure malignant
melanomas and more importantly, save lives. The topical application of
hemp oil salves or balms helps to control or cure various skin
conditions. Taken orally, the oil tends to seek out and destroy cancer
cells in the body, but as with any drug, too much can cause side
effects; most notable with hemp oil is drowsiness. Unlike opiates and
their derivatives, hemp oil is not addictive.

For those who may find it incredible that the medical
establishment would ignore or even disdain such research we remind the
reader that the history of the medical establishment includes examples
of mule-like stubbornness, incompetence, mediocrity, greed, arrogance,
and stupidity. Consider the case of Dr. Ignas Semmelweis:

In 1847, Dr. Semmelweis, a respected Hungarian physician who was
concerned about the high mortality rate of women giving birth in
hospital, instituted a procedure at one hospital whereby doctors
washed and disinfected their hands before delivering babies.
Immediately, the mortality rate dropped from THIRTY percent to near
zero. Seven other hospitals followed suit with similar results.

The European medical establishment recognized Dr. Semmelweis's
achievement by blocking his applications for further research funds,
vilifying and ostracizing him, and, ultimately, causing him to lose
his prestigious positions at maternity hospitals. In America, the
newly formed American Medical Association added insult to injury by
threatening to revoke the license of any doctor caught washing his
hands. Dr. Semmelweis was so distressed that women continued to die
that he suffered a mental breakdown that eventually led to his death
in 1865.

Don't expect a doctor working inside the system to buck the
system. The risks are still too great!
The advice she or he offers you is controlled by the large
medical industry that makes its money from expensive cancer fighting
drugs and treatments. It is an industry that doesn't look favorably on
natural supplements or other cancer treatments that they cannot patent
or make a large profit from. Years from now the current conventional
cancer treatments used by doctors will on the whole be viewed in the
same light that we view the old medical practice of blood letting to
cure illnesses.

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