New Warnings About Fluoride

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New Warnings About Fluoride

Post#1 » Mon Jul 24, 2006 3:52 pm

By the Staff
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New Warnings About Fluoride

For a long while, the medical and health establishment brushed off claims that fluoridation of drinking water posed any danger to humans.

Not any more.

In a cover story in the August edition of Prevention magazine, the respected publication headlines "New Research: Is Your Water Safe to Drink?”

The article notes that for over fifty years, adding fluoride to drinking water has been seen as a magic bullet to conquer tooth decay. In fact, in 1999, the Centers for Disease Control named the fluoridation of drinking supplies as one of the twentieth century’s top ten advancements in public health.

But some scientists spent years questioning fluoride’s safety and believed Americans could be ingesting toxic levels. Despite fluoride’s obvious benefits as a cavity fighter, it is, nevertheless, a poison. In fact, before its discovery as a decay-fighting superhero, it was mainly used as a rat and insect poison!

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To understand the dangers of fluoride, Prevention says simply look at a tube of toothpaste and read its warning: "Keep out of reach of children 6 years of age. If more than is used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.”

Best of Intentions

The reasoning behind adding fluoride to America’s drinking water seemed logical. In the early years of the twentieth century, most Americans had lost all or most of their teeth by the age of forty. Once fluoride was added to drinking water, cavity rates plummeted.

A 1962 study of Newburgh, New York, one of the first cities to add fluoride to its water supply, found that in fifteen years, cavities dropped by a whopping 70 percent.

But in March of this year, a group of dentists, toxicologists and epidemiologists determined that current fluoride levels, calculated in the days when water was the main source of fluoride, are too high.

The panel, assembled by the National Research Council (NRC), recommended that the acceptable upper limit be lowered.

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"Fluoride should be abandoned,” Hardy Limeback, PhD, DDS, and head of preventative dentistry at the University of Toronto, told Prevention. Limeback also was a member of the NRC panel. He added that fluoride "could turn out to be one of the top ten mistakes of the 21st century.”

Too Much of a Bad Thing

Scientists know that too much fluoride stains and discolors teeth, a condition called dental fluorosis. But some disturbing studies, while not offering conclusive proof, have linked fluoride to serious adverse health effects including bone cancer and osteoporosis.

Several Chinese studies found links between high fluoride levels and lower IQs.

Dr. Russell Blaylock, a respected neurosurgeon and editor of the Blaylock Wellness Report (published by NewsMax,), warns that fluoride may be linked to neurological impairment, brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, male impotence and infertility, sleep impairment, retardation in children, and numerous cancers. (Read Dr. Blaylock’s full report – Go Here Now).

Even fluoridated water’s reputation as a cavity-fighter extraordinaire is coming under fire. When National Institutes of Health researchers compared the dental records of a group of 16,000 children, in which half drank fluoridated water and the other half did not, they found only 18 percent less tooth decay in the fluoridated group.

The CDC’s estimates the average American gets between 1mg/L and 3mg/L of fluoride daily and has set a goal of 1mg/L.

However, even that low level may increase health risks. One study showed that elderly men whose water only had 1mg/L had a 41 percent increase in the risk of hip fractures.

Editor’s Notes:
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A huge list of communities that have rejected fluoride

Post#2 » Fri Mar 09, 2007 2:00 am

A huge list of communities that have rejected fluoride

remember to write your local governments they are now REALLY paying attention to those letters. every one helps.

Mt Desert Water District, Maine March 5, 2007
Martin County, Florida December 19, 2006
Juneau, Alaska December 11, 2006
Ashland, Oregon November 21, 2006
Page, Arizona November 7, 2006
Lincoln, Maine November 7, 2006
Rockford, Iowa January 12, 2006
Golden, British Columbia, Canada November 19, 2005
Lafayette, Tennessee November 9, 2005
Bellingham, Washington State November 8, 2005
Springfield, Ohio November 8, 2005
Xenia, Ohio November 8, 2005
Tooele, Utah November 8, 2005
Mammoth Lakes, California November 8, 2005
Homer, New York November 1, 2005
Hood River, Oregon May 2005
Neosho, Missouri April 5, 2005
Pagosa Springs, Colorado March 2005
Snohomish, Washington State January 2005
Lancaster, Ohio November 2, 2004
Hutchinson, Kansas November 2, 2004
Clarksdale, Mississippi October 25, 2004
Milton, Washington State September 20, 2004
Telluride, Colorado September 2004
Sumner, Washington State August 2, 2004
South Blount Water District, Tennessee June 2004
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin April 2004
Honolulu, Hawaii January 28, 2004
Lancaster, Ohio January 12, 2004
Burns Lake, British Columbia, Canada June 25, 2003
Dutton-Dunwich, Ontario, Canada June 2003
West Elgin, Ontario, Canada June 2003
Sequim, Washington State May 7, 2003
York, Nebraska May 6, 2003
Columbiana, Alabama May 2003
Canton, New York February 18, 2003
Shaler, Pennsylvania February 11, 2003
Billings, Montana November 5, 2002
Kalispell, Montana November 5, 2002
Washoe County, Nevada November 5, 2002
Methuen, Massachusetts November 5, 2002
Redding, California November 5, 2002
Watsonville, California November 5, 2002
Texarkana, Arkansas November 5, 2002
Ashdown, Arkansas November 5, 2002
Oneida, New York August 6, 2002
Franklin, North Carolina May 2002
Plainville, Massachusetts April 1, 2002
Monroe, Louisiana February 26, 2002
Colorado Springs, Colorado January16, 2002
Kennewick, Washington January 15, 2002
Benninton, Vermont January 8, 2002
Lanai, Hawaii January 2002
Cobalt, Ontario, Canada December 11, 2001
Erie, Colorado November 2001
Modesto, California November 7, 2001
Worcester, Massachusetts November 7, 2001
Flagstaff, Arizona November 7, 2001
Sutherlin, Oregon November 7, 2001
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada October 13, 2001
White Salmon, Washington September 2001
Goldendale, Washington September 2001
Bishopville, South Carolina June 2001
Harper, Kansas May 31, 2001
Brewster, Massachusetts May 15, 2001
McPherson, Kansas April 3, 2001
Norridgewock, Maine May 5, 2001
Blue River, Wisconsin February 2001
Willamina, Oregon January 2001
Ithaca, New York November 7, 2000
Spokane, Washington November 7, 2000
Brattleboro, Vermont November 7, 2000
Wenatchee, Washington November 7, 2000
Shawano, Wisconsin November 7, 2000
Nibly City, Utah November 7, 2000
Hyrum City, Utah November 7, 2000
Providence City, Utah November 7, 2000
Smithfield City, Utah November 7, 2000
Logan City, Utah November 7, 2000
River Heights, Utah November 7, 2000
Pequannock, New Jersey November 7, 2000
Ozark, Missouri November 7, 2000
Wooster, Ohio November 7, 2000
Squamish, British Columbia, Canada October 16, 2000
Woodside, California September 2000
Ste. Genevieve, Missouri August 8, 2000
Winfield, Kansas March 6, 2000
Wilmington, Massachusetts February 15, 2000
Santa Barbara, California November 23, 1999
Johnstown, New York November 19, 1999
Wichita, Kansas October 26, 1999
Boca Raton, Florida October 25, 1999
El Carjon, California April 27, 1999
Escondido, California April 7, 1999
Helix Water District, California April 7, 1999
Lakeside Water District, California April 6, 1999
Hutchinson, Kansas March 30, 1999
Riverview Water District, California March 24, 1999
La Mesa, California March 9, 1999
Santa Cruz, California March 4, 1999 ...banned
Bremerton, California February 2, 1999
Olympia, Washington December 15, 1999
Seward, Nebraska November 3, 1998
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada July 28, 1998... quit after 30 years
Grand Island, Nebraska May 13, 1998... quit
Norfolk, Nebraksa May 13, 1998
North Platte, Nebraska May 13, 1998
Washington, Missouri April 7, 1998
Kitmat, British Columbia, Canada, Canada March 1998... quit
Hot Springs, Arkansas February 1998
Ridgefield, Oregon December 22, 1997
Largo, Florida July 15, 1997
Clearwater, Florida July 15, 1997
North Redington Beach, Florida July 15, 1997
Amsterdam, New York May 21, 1997
Suisun City, California May 1, 1997
Yardly, Pennsylvannia April 16, 1997
Village of Orfordville, Wisconsin December 9, 1996
Western Nassau County, New York November 21, 1996... quit after 23 years
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada November 16, 1996... quit after 42 years
Gothenberg, Nebraska December 1996
Bloomer, Wisconsin November 6, 1996
Kodiak, Alaska July 12, 1996
Carle Place, New York February 1, 1996... quit
Winter Springs, Florida January 10, 1996
Pasco, Florida December 14, 1995
York, Pennsylvannia July 29, 1995
Thurmont, Maryland February 3, 1994
Albany, New York December 8, 1994
Middletown, Maryland November 1993... quit
Barnstable, (Cape Cod) Massachusetts November 4, 1993
Wagoner, Oklahoma June 17, 1993
Redwood Valley, California February 6, 1993
Los Altos Hills (Purissima) California 1993
Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada April 1993... quit after 33 years
Port Hardy, British Columbia, Canada November 1993... quit after 19 years
Squamish, British Columbia, Canada November 1993... quit after 20 years
Fort Smith, Arkansas November 3, 1992
Milltown, Wisconsin October 17, 1992
Bellingham, Washington May 19, 1992
Comox/Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada February 1992
Palm Beach County, Florida October 22, 1991
Ketchikan, Alaska October 2, 1991
Suffolk County, New York August 15, 1991
Davis, California December 14, 1990... 5th rejection
Morgan Hill, California March 7, 1990... quit

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