Some useful tips Health and other

Post useful information that you yourself have tried. Treatments that arent part of the Medical Death Cartel Monopoly. Treatment centers that offer real hope.... Healthy Foods, vitamins, minerals... sources for them etc....
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Some useful tips Health and other

Post#1 » Fri May 13, 2005 3:13 pm


1. Cancer Caused by Diet Deficiency? Laetrile and Vitamin B-17, by Joe Vialls. An interesting thesis, worth investigating.

2. Diesel Therapy, from Totse. If you think American law forbids torture, find out what happened to a popular Congressman who tackled corruption in the IRS.

3. Dental Health, by Gerard F. Judd, Ph.D. Chemist reveals real causes of tooth cavities and gum problems, and extremely simple ways to prevent them.

4. Driver Licensing vs. The Right To Travel is a legal brief claiming that it is illegal and unconstitutional for the state to require a drivers license.

5. How To Have A Number One The Easy Way, by the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, otherwise known as the JAMS, also known as the Timelords and the KLF, in which they describe how to make a number one hit single on the pop music charts. ... e-hit.html

6. Mead Making Handbook, by Jace Crouch. The authoritative guide to making alcohol from honey.

7. Reversing Shampoo, by Makoli. How shampoo harms your hair, safe alternatives, and how marketing has hidden the truth for decades.

8. Roberts Rules of Order, by General Henry M. Robert, 1915 edition.

9. The Ultimate Feminist Lifestyle, by Elizabeth Joseph.

10. The Weidner Method, by H. Hammond. Proven techniques for coping in courtrooms filled with corrupt judges and lawyers. Dynamite material for anyone who wants to represent themselves in court.

11. What To Do If You Get Stopped By The Police contains some civics knowledge they don't teach you in school, but should.

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