IBOGAINE - Freedom from Addiction

Post useful information that you yourself have tried. Treatments that arent part of the Medical Death Cartel Monopoly. Treatment centers that offer real hope.... Healthy Foods, vitamins, minerals... sources for them etc....
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IBOGAINE - Freedom from Addiction

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Ibogaine is use to treat heroin,methadone, prescription meds,cocaine, meth, cigarettes, and alcohol. In just two treatments Ibogaine eliminates dependence without withdrawls!!! Tabernanthe Iboga is a shrub that yeilds small flowers and sometimes fruit. The psycho- active alkaliods are concentrated in the root bark. Ibogaine resets the brain to it`s pre-addiction modality. For more info on this amazing gift from GOD. contact Cures Not Wars !-212 677-7180 :D Yours in Health Rich Valentin N.C.M.T. PEACE

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