What do I believe is heresy?

What Bible do you use? Ever hear of the Strongs Concordance the Bible dictionary, or How about the Greens Interlinear Bible... Who do you study with? What do you believe is heresy today that is taught as legitimate ie... RAPTURE etc...
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What do I believe is heresy?

Post#1 » Tue Feb 11, 2003 12:45 pm

I stared at this for awhile and came up with a simple answer, organized religion. Really! According to the Catholics the Baptists are going to hell, and according to the Baptists everyone else is going to hell. Where do they draw the line? How come there are so many religions that supposedly worship the same God, use the same book to teach from, have the same basic principals (love thy neighbor, etc...) and they can't get along or find a common ground.
As a general rule I do not talk religion as it is a very touchy area and can kill friendships and the like rather easily and quickly. So if anyone wonders about my affiliation after my first statement, I am non denominational period. I love God, I love Jesus, I believe the bible to be the truth, I don't think the bible needs interpretation. If it says thou shalt not kill then thats what it means. This is why the country is in such a mess as it is, everybody feels the need to find hidden meanings in everything. The bible is the word not the cryptographic message.
Thanks for your time and you will probably not see many more posts in this particular part of the forums from me as I value friendships too much. As far as what I read, the bible and the Golden Bough and a few others are all I really need.

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You have nailed a major ONE...

Post#2 » Tue Feb 11, 2003 3:38 pm

Remember, the greatest amount damage that Satan/the Devil/Luciifer/ the dragon etc.... is in a church. When the Shepherd doesnt feed his flock the WORD in a concise and easily to understand way, then the flock is open to fleecing, and usually by the man-god on the pulpit.

Now dont get me wrong, there are some very good, usually smaller individual churches that are rooted in good study of the WORD of GOD.

What happens is that the system of church or as i like to call them CHURCHIANITY, Religion INC. or Bureacracy of the SOUL, gets polluted with man-made traditions that has nothing to do with Gods teaching, and what God wants from us. Nothing new today that Christ didnt have to deal with in his day ie... the pharisees and the saducees..

Nothing new under the sun...

Go find yourself a good Bible expositor and get a group of really good friends to meet consistently at least weekly, Father will bless you like nothing else.

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Well Said

Post#3 » Fri Feb 28, 2003 12:02 am

When we meet the FATHER on judgement day, we will not be able to use the excuse of listening to our false preachers. God gave us a book to read, and we need to read it. It is a manual for our lives.


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