Where did they go... assyria and babylon... Where did they disappear to? Who lays claim to lost tribe heritage. Are the modern day Western Europeans direct descendants of the 10 Northeran tribes...
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Truly amazing and marvelous is our Time in history. The Holy Spirit of YHVH is moving among His Jacob-Israelite people in America and around the globe. While seemingly few in the United States have studied the Israelite-Identity documentation and, so, are uninformed on the modern location of the tribe of Benjamin as being mainly in Iceland, and Benjamin's primary role as "Light-Bearer", it cannot be denied that the political rumblings that are now happening on that island have the potential to propagate a world-wide Quake for Freedom.

On yesterday's Alex Jones Show, a leading member of the Icelandic Parliament, Birgitta Jonsdottir, was interviewed about her country's ongoing efforts to free itself from the strangling grip of the International Bankers. For the past year, Iceland's populations have been participating in large, wide-spread protests against their nation's economic collapse. The Icelanders have become increasingly insistent that their parliament and the entire country make their refusal to pay the $6 billion which has been attempted to be extorted from them by the British and Netherlands governments with help from the International Monetary Fund made plainly known through a national referendum. The support for such defiance of the International Banking Leeches has been so great, the invasion of government buildings by the people and the burning down of a tree gift from the Netherlands making-up just some of the signs, that the IMF has dramatically backed-down from
its demands by now saying that, miraculously, Iceland only owes a third of the original amount. Imagine that. (Curiously, has yet to post a story about this very important interview.)

This rising up of the people of Iceland against the International Edomite Banking Cabal represents a(n) historic sea change, an epic bell weather event that very well may be seen years from now as having been the beginning of the end of the age-long hegemonic control of earth by the parasitic house of Esau. Even as Americans are beginning to find the courage and anger to demand that the federal reserve be audited and then replaced with an honest monetary system, let us also now rally to the aid of the people of Iceland in their heroic, leading campaign to defy the International Crime-Banking Syndicate and their efforts to put an end to the Monsters' domination over them, and, also, eventually, over us.

Though I don't normally quote from historically classic Israel-Identity works in my emails, I will make an exception in this case due to its powerfully prophetic commentary in light of recent news. The book is "ICELAND'S GREAT INHERITANCE" by Adam Rutherford, world-famous historical and archaeological scholar. The book was published in 1937 and is highly recommended.

From the Preface:

"Iceland is one of the most remarkable countries in the world, and the following pages contain the evidence that this little nation has yet a wonderful and honoured part to perform in the great scheme of things, in the near future. It is the author's conviction that this great destiny of Iceland will prove to be a blessing not only to the Icelanders themselves but also to the kindred Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon and Celtic peoples.

"May this little volume be of some service in helping to prepare the Icelandic people to enter into their great inheritance.

"Adam Rutherford, London, May, 1937."

While most of Rutherford's book deals with the archaeological and historical evidences establishing the identity of the people of Iceland to be that of the racial, genetic, lineal descendants of the ancient, Israelite tribe of Benjamin, some general, poignant statements were made as well. The following quotations serve as typical examples and alerting signals for our Time.

From pages 13 and 14:

"The black clouds of trouble are gathering fast over the nations of Continental Europe and Asia and it is but a short time till the terrible holocaust foretold will be precipitated, but Iceland will be 'the bright spot' on Earth, for the Creator has arranged for Iceland to be free from militarism and from religious controversies in order that this little nation may be a Christian example to the great nations of the World. Through the deliverance of Iceland the Almighty will demonstrate to the World His great love and care over a defenseless nation who worship Him in sincerity and truth. Let the Icelandic people therefore cleanse themselves from everything which is known to be displeasing to God in order that they may give the great witness for Him that He desires. O Iceland! what an honour is yours! Let every soul from Kolbeinsey to Geirfuglasker put forth every effort to raise the spiritual life of the Icelandic nation to the highest possible

"What a contrast there will be between the happy worship of God in Iceland as voiced in Isaiah 24:14-16 and the simultaneous shattering of those great materialistic nations of the Continent, as described by the prophet in the same chapter, declaring: 'The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall and not rise again. The earth mourneth and fadeth away, the world languisheth and fadeth away, the haughty people of earth do languish. The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved.'

"When this utter collapse of the social earth, which has been based upon material standards, takes place, Iceland will lead the way, by higher, Christian standards, into a new and better age, to be inaugurated by Christ. Then the nations 'shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.' (Micah 4:1-5; Isaiah 2:1-4) But Iceland has already reached that stage, and this is a necessary preliminary if Iceland is to be the 'light-bearer' to the nations and the 'fore-runner' of the new age.

"The more we examine this marvelous matter the more evident it becomes that Iceland is God's 'Benjamin' today, 'Beloved of YHVH!' In fact, on investigation we even find that a large proportion of the Icelanders at the present day are actual descendants of Benjamin of old time."

From pages 19 and 20:

"But in Iceland the matter is altogether different. The Vikings who settled there have not mixed with any other people, or been absorbed into any other race; and no other races have ever settled and remained in Iceland. (9) The origin of the Icelandic people is indisputable, for as the well-known Icelander, Dr. Jon Stefansson says: 'We possess the records and genealogies of many hundreds of the most prominent of these settlers, in the Book of Land-takes (Land-namabok). No other nation possesses so full and detailed records of its beginnings.' Iceland is the most isolated country in Europe, and Icelandic intermarriages with other nationalities have been very rare. The present population of Iceland is almost exclusively Icelandic, the number of foreigners being exceedingly few. Consequently, the proportion of Benjamin blood in Icelanders today is as high as it was in the veins of the first settlers who came to the island more than a thousand years ago.
Even those Vikings of Dacian descent who remained on the Norwegian coasts have now intermarried with other people of Gothic origin that the Benjamin element can hardly be said to predominate. Iceland is therefore the only nation today who can be said to represent Benjamin.

"After Iceland, the Benjamin element is next strongest in the population of the four small groups of islands between Iceland and Great Britain, viz., the Faroe Islands, and the Scottish Isles of Shetland, Orkney and the Outer Hebrides, and these are doubtless included in the prophecy of Isaiah 24:14-16. These islands are like giant 'stepping stones' between Iceland and Scotland and are as a connecting link between the Icelanders and the British. It is worthy of note, too, that until comparatively recently (end of the 18th Century) the language spoken in the outlying Scottish island of Foula was neither Gaelic nor English, but Norse, ie., practically the same as the language of Iceland, which has remained almost unchanged for a thousand years. 'Even today, where the Scots speech differs from ordinary English in the pronunciation of a word, it is identical with that of Icelandic.' (Chambers' Encyclopedia) While Benjamite blood is thus by no
means exclusively confined to Iceland, nevertheless, it is definitely strongest and purest there. Benjamin is therefore centered in Iceland."

From page 26:

"The great call to the Icelandic nation at the present time, therefore, is a call to repentance and righteousness, in preparation for the sublime destiny that is theirs. Never before in the history of the World has any nation been called upon to play quite such a glorious part as that which will be Iceland's honour in the very near future. The Church of Iceland is already a good example to the World, but let all Iceland unite in assisting their highly respected Bishop and ministers to raise the spirituality of the nation still higher. God has separated Iceland from the nations and preserved them in seclusion for a thousand years for a high and noble purpose, and the Lord will undoubtedly expect a high standard from His people in the Land of the Sagas. O Iceland, arise to your high and wonderful calling!"

From page 27:

"How the 'Light' of Benjamin shone in the days of Christ, when all the Twelve Disciples (except for one, poster's note) were chosen from the Tribe of Benjamin, and Jesus said to them 'Ye are the light of the world!' Truly, Benjamin was the Light-Bearer of the Tribes of Israel."

From pages 38 and 39:

"How high, therefore, is Iceland's calling and how great her inheritance! God is not going to use simply a few Icelanders, but the whole nation - men, women and children. This is a day of great movements, but Iceland, under Divine guidance, is soon to inaugurate the greatest spiritual movement of modern times, one which will lead all the British and Scandinavian peoples into a new epoch of their history. The time is now at hand for the removal of the blindness of the Israel nations to their identity and inheritance. Iceland will be the first of all the Israel nations to recognize that she is part of God's great Israel, through whom the Almighty has promised to bless and uplift the whole world, because Iceland is Benjamin the Divinely chosen light-bearer to the other Israel nations. This awakening, beginning in Iceland, will gradually spread over the British Isles, Scandinavia, United States of America, and the British Dominions and territories beyond
the seas.

"God is also going to demonstrate to the world, through Iceland, that spiritual standards are higher and ultimately more powerful than material ones. He will prove to mankind the truth of His Holy Word, which says: 'Righteousness exalteth a nation.' (Proverbs 14:34) Through Iceland the Almighty will show that a Christian nation which truly turns to righteousness, even though they do not possess a single gun to defend themselves, will not only be Divinely protected but will be exalted. This explains why the 24th chapter of Isaiah's prophecy predicts Iceland securely singing praises of thanksgiving to God in the midst of a world gone mad with war. (see also chapter 34 of the same prophecy) The Divine protection ensuring the happy security of Benjamin-Iceland is beautifully expressed in the prophecy of Deuteronomy 33:12 uttered by Moses: 'And of Benjamin he said, The beloved of YHVH shall dwell in safety by him; and YHVH shall cover him all the day
long, and he shall dwell between his shoulders.'"

[ A couple of additional, interesting passages foretold of Benjamin-Iceland's future days of wild excursions as the Vikings and Benjamin-Iceland's ultimate role of "Light-Bearer" to the power leadership of true Israel. "Benjamin shall ravin as a wolf: in the morning he shall devour the prey, and at night he shall divide the spoil." Genesis 49:27. "And unto his son will I give one tribe, that David my servant may have a light alway before me in JerUSAlem, the city which I have chosen me to put my name there." I Kings 11:36. ]

May the Icelanders continue to take an uncompromising, stalwart stand against the tares of economic and physical tyranny and increase their stand for Truth and righteousness as a beacon of hope and an example of courage to the entire world in these epic days.


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