Hebrew Inscriptions of Israel's Caucasian Migrations

Where did they go... assyria and babylon... Where did they disappear to? Who lays claim to lost tribe heritage. Are the modern day Western Europeans direct descendants of the 10 Northeran tribes...
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Hebrew Inscriptions of Israel's Caucasian Migrations

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Hebrew Inscriptions of Israel's Caucasian Migrations
http://www.israelect.com/reference/Will ... ROOF-1.htm
The Migration Series, Part 1

"The Marks of Israel," by Willie Martin

Friends, as a follow-up to my radio interview of Evangelist William Smith on the subject of the migrations of the Tribes of Israel, I am providing documentation of my statement that these migrating Israelites left Hebrew inscriptions on monuments in the Crimea and other places along the migration trails that took them north and west.

Here is a quote lifted from the article by Willie Martin which is linked below:

Archaeological excavations in the Middle East have uncovered vast graveyards
full of mounds or vaults with stone monuments and gravestones that speak of
dispersed Israel and bear witness to the fidelity of the Bible narratives of the
time of Hosea the king.
One such cemetery was found in the Crimea on a high and dry ridge lying east of
Sebastopol on the road from Balaclava to Batshiseral. It is in close proximity
to a stronghold or fortification called “Tschu-fut-kaleh” or “Israel’s
fortress.” The entrance to this sacred spot still bears the name of “the valley
of Jehoshaphat.” All the inscriptions in this cemetery strikingly resemble in
form and in construction many of those found in the East.
The Hebrew inscriptions on one gravestone translates as follows: “I am Jehudi,
the son of Moses, the son of Jehuda the mighty, a man of the tribe of Naphtali
of the family of Shimli, which was carried captive in the captivity of Hosea,
king of Israel, with tribe of Simeon, together with other tribes of Israel which
were carried away by the prince Shalmaneser from Samaria. They were carried to
Halah, to Habor, which is Cabool, to Gozan, and to Khorsoneses (the Crimea);
Khorsori was built by the father of Cyrus and afterwards destroyed and again
rebuilt and called Crim.”
In another tombstone taken to St. Petersburg, now Leningrad, we find the
following words: “I am one of the faithful in Israel, Abraham-ben-mar-Sinchad of
Kertsch...The descendants of the ten tribes under the kings of Media, Cyrus, and
Cambysea obtained possession of the Crimea and settled there and thus the exiles
of Shalmaneser and of Nebuchadnezzar were mingled together in one people.” This
inscription confirms the Biblical account that the majority of the house of
Judah were also take captive to Assyria.[1]
Another inscription read: “This is the grave of Buki, the son of Isaac, the
priest, may his rest be in Eden at the time of the deliverance of Israel. He
died 702 of our captivity.” This would be bout 19 B.C. In many of the Crimea
cemetery monuments we find frequent reference to the house of Omri, Khomri, Kymri, Gamera, and Cimmerian. The same names are found in Assyrian and Greek writings
and always spoken of as connected with the captivity of Israel.
An example is an Assyrian tablet of Esarhaddon (681 B.C.) That bears the name of
“Teuspa the Cimmerian,” whom it was said was the leader of the tribe form Israel
who loved freedom more than life. This mode of expression of ancestry familiar
in ancient Hebrew family records (“which was the son of Abraham, which was the son
of Thara, which was the son of Nacor,” etc.), we find on marble headstones in
cemeteries stretching from the Crimea westward to Ireland. Some 2600 years ago
in Western Asia, a great restless, energetic people were carried away into
captivity and lost to themselves and to other nations. They were the children of
Abraham, heirs of the covenant, and of the promises. Among them were many
thousands of young women with beautiful complexions, “Purer than snow, whiter
than milk” and an immense number of stalwart young men, middle-aged men and
mothers with children. Among them were orators, poets, musicians, warriors, and
administrators. What was their ultimate fate?
One nineteenth-century historian (Dr. Freeman) noted, “All history shows us that
there must have been some great ‘hive’ somewhere in the middle of Western Asia,
which was constantly sending swarms of people for the most part westward, and
they came somehow by design, as if they knew they had a mission to perform, and
a hand to guide them. As one swarm came and pushed them farther on from the old
cradle or hive, and another century passed and we find another swarm, then
another until we had at least five swarms of people from Armenai, or Media,
precisely the same country to which the ten tribes (Israel) were led, as they
left their own country.”
It is reasonable to conclude that the successive waves of people that swept over
Europe sometimes called Celts, Scythians, Gauls, Gaels, the Gatae, the Belgae,
the Angles, Jutes, Danes, Saxons, Normans and other Germanic peoples were
Israelites. [Indeed! -- Eli] These same people became the progenitors of Western Europe, Britain and the Commonwealth, and America. Their roots can be traced by their language, laws, religion, customs, institutions, ethnological character, present condition and future prospects. [Not to mention HERALDRY, the family coats of arms which almost always bear Israelite symbols! The Jews have no such traditions, folks! -- Eli] These peoples have been and are now being blessed as the Lord promised to bless His Israel, with a multiplicity of increase as many as the stars in heaven, or sands on the ocean shores; with control of the oceans and the possession of the islands; with blessings of harvest and minerals; with wealth and treasure to send to all other nations, and with too much independence to borrow of any; and with a Bible which is above all price. Today it is the spade of the archaeologist that is literally clearing away the sands of time, unearthing the authentic relics of the past, bringing forgotten languages to life and causing the “dead to speak.”

It is simply undeniable historical truth that the Anglo-Saxons emerged from the Exiled Israelites of the Dispersion, ie, the Assyrian Captivity and forced evacuation of Samaria beginning in 745 BC and lasting until 715 BC. The entire northern House of Israel was taken captive and nearly all of the people of the House of Judah except for the fortress city of Jerusalem itself, thus leaving the king and his court intact. The orthodox history books would have us believe that these Caucasians simply appeared out of nowhere and that their origin is both unknown and untraceable. Do you hear me laughing? Can you see me rolling on the floor? These Jewish-paid "historians" don't know anything about the Caucasian people because they also hate the Bible and refuse to use it a sourcebook for true history. I have nothing but contempt for these blowhard, know-nothing academics, who, like the Jews themselves, refuse to look at the evidence.

You will most certainly enjoy this thoroughly documented study by Willie Martin!

Pastor Eli James

(NOTE; This is a very large file that will freeze up your computer if you try to copy any of it. It has built-in protection to prevent that. Please foward this article to your skeptical friends and relatives.)

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