As more scientists come around to the creation side, more and more facts are coming out that destroy the myth of Evolution. Did you know man and Dinosaur walked the earth at the same time? What was the canopy made out of that protected the earth before the deluge??
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The hour has struck for archaeology to impact on your

This is why today I am writing this serious letter to

But first, a big THANKYOU. Of the 3,100 people who
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Now back to todasy's topic.

But first - an exciting discovery...


As you know, all things that we can see – living or
non-living – are composed of atoms.

But these atoms are also made up of smaller particles,
sub-atomic particles, called quanta.

One of the basic rules of quantum mechanics is that
everything is made up of little, microscopic particles.
So it is that

* quantum particles (or light particle

“ wave packets” as science now calls them) form

* Atoms form molecules.

* Molecules form objects.(living and non-living).

Therefore, all material objects are made up of invisible
“particles”. We do not fully understand how they operate.
But we now know this: that everything that we can see is
made up of things that we cannot see.


And were you aware, that this is precisely what an amazing
old book known as the Bible said 2,000 years ago. It claims
this: “The things which are seen were not made of things
which are visible.” (Hebrews 11:3)

Not only are all material objects made up of “particles”,
but also they are made up of forces that keep those
particles and objects together.

We now know from our understanding of quantum mechanics
that the force which keeps electrons tied to the nuclei
of atoms is LIGHT.

So light ties the particles together to form atoms.
And atoms are tied together to make molecules.
And then, finally, objects.

Only in the last century have we discovered that all forms
of matter are, in fact, SOLIDIFIED LIGHT!

The biblical book of Genesis claims that in the beginning
the Creator of the universe said, “Let there be light.”
(Genesis 1:3)

It says that the very first thing God made was LIGHT.
Genesis says that the Creator made light before He made any
material thing. It insists that He made light before He made
the sun and the moon.

Does that sound crazy, or what?

I used to ask, “How could light exist before the sun

But now, through our new understanding of quantum mechanics,
we realise that nothing can exist until light first exists!
Our sun, and every other object in the universe, living or
non-living, is made up of LIGHT!

You ask, How could the writer of Genesis have known such a
deep and mysterious truth? Could it be that the Creator of
light and of quantum mechanics revealed it to him?

So, thousands of years before we discovered the truth of
quantum mechanics,
the Bible had already revealed that:
1. Light was created first.
2. Nothing could be made without light.
3. Everything is made up of “unseen” particles.

I am asked, do any other “holy books” contain such information?

With respect, and in raw honesty, I must state that neither the
Koran or ANY other “holy book” contains such startling truths.
NOT ANY other book anywhere! Not one!!

From first hand research as a front line field scientist over
43 years, I have been driven to this conclusion: The Bible was
right before science was. The Bible is never catching up to
truth. Rather, truth is forever catching up to the Bible!

And other archaeologists who know their job will agree with

It is indeed a remarkable and unique document. And its book of
Genesis is now turning out to be so cool. It's a book who's
time has come!


It is turning the scientific world up-side-down!

Scientists are coming back to the Bible in droves. Those who
fight it are hard pressed to answer the new evidence.


Just this morning I received an email from a guy who probably
honestly believed what he was saying, that "most of the Bible
is wrong."

I don't blame him. That's precisely what so many people are
telling us. But that's about the biggest lie of all.

And where do we get this mis-information from? No less than
critics of 150 years ago, who made that claim BEFORE the
discoveries of archaeology were made.

Archaeology has knocked that charge to pieces.

Yet, with a considerable show of learning, critics still follow
one another like sheep, glibly regurgitating old theories of the
last century and earlier, which they have not allowed to be
corrected by factual discoveries.

Those who claim to be modern critics are often the most resistant
to modern discoveries.

They talk about cover-ups of the truth. The only cover-up seems
to be by these critics. Kenneth Kitchen, Professor of Egyptology
in the School of Archaeology and Oriental studies, University of
Liverpool, hits it on the head.

He laments that “scientific and archaeological research is not
getting through to young people in schools and colleges –
particularly all the evidence supporting the reliability of the

“In some circles there even seems to be a deliberate withholding
of such information, yet it is the fruit of leading scholars…
known for their restrained, moderate, factual presentation of
their researches.” (Forward to Victor Pearce’s book Evidence For
Truth: Archaeology, 2nd edition)

Ignoring this research, the critics persist in trying to make us
believe that Genesis is a patchwork of myths tossed together as
late as the 6th century BC. You’ve got to laugh, really.

While the earlier critics concocted some of the most stupid tales
by which to discredit Genesis, their modern equivalents are doing
their best to match them.

Did you know that no reputable archaeoligist who faces the facts
doubts the truth of the Bible any longer?

Here is a book compiled 3,500 years ago from even earlier
eyewitness documents 6,000 years before us – yet it is as modern
as tomorrow.


It informs us that:

1. The first skyscraper was built 4,100 years before the
Empire State Building of New York.

2. Iron was smelted 1,500 years before the Iron Age.

3. Light must first exist before matter can exist.

4. Earth’s foundation rocks were formed rapidly in just
(not over millions of years, which we have been misled
to believe). Amazing scientific discovery which
substantiates this beyond any rational doubt: primary
polonium haloes in the foundation granite rocks of our

5. All living things were created by words (hence the
genetic language making up our bodies, composed of
programmed letters and words).

6. No living organism evolves into another, but reproduces
“after its kind” (diversifying no further than the
boundaries of its own “basic type”). Scientists are
expressing astonishment at this discovery, which
falsifies the evolution theory.

7. The human body is composed of the same elements as your
back garden soil.

8. A complete human being can be formed from a portion of
another (hence modern cloning).

9. All races on earth are descended from the same single
original mother.

If you want knowledge - truth - instead of opinions, this
information is all in the ancient book of Genesis. And 21st
century science has now confirmed every one of them as
absolutely correct.

Yes, I know. In this year 2010, these claims will still be
challenged – but only by one who is either

(a) unaware of the latest scientific evidence, or
(b) lying.

As a scientific investigator, I shall now share with you a
trade secret:

No scientist on this planet is in a position to refute any of
the above facts. Many, confronted with this evidence, express
shock at discovering they are only catching up with the ancient
book of Genesis.

Then, have you heard this news?: Thousands of scientists are
now turning back to the book of Genesis, recognising it as an
authority par excellence.

You may ask, why is this fact suppressed? The answer is in the
title of my powerful new book, The Weapon The Globalists

I could be shot for some of the things I reveal in this book.
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And archaeology reveals why they fear that this Genesis
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Also there's a host of religious myths about Genesis,
which are confusing lots of people. So we'll explore
some extra questions like these:

* Who were the “sons of God” that intermarried with
the “daughters of men” before the Flood? Were they
extraterrestrials, angels, humans or what?
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* Was there really a total world wipe-out?

This information will blow your mind – guaranteed!

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Best wishes
Jonathan Gray

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