Kabbala, Judaism as Organized Satanism

As more scientists come around to the creation side, more and more facts are coming out that destroy the myth of Evolution. Did you know man and Dinosaur walked the earth at the same time? What was the canopy made out of that protected the earth before the deluge??
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Kabbala, Judaism as Organized Satanism

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The remnant of the Isrealites that came back from Babylonian captivity brought back with them two of the most Satanic filled garbage books ever to befall mankind. It was the first time the term 'JEW" was ever used. Look it up in 2nd kings. Up until then all 12 tribes were reffered to as Israelites.

Kabbala, Judaism as Organized Satanism
Relations: Judaism - Opposing Views
Synopsis: Modern Judaism Demonstrably the religion of Satanism
Published: January 1, 2001 Author:
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So, is the religion behind that Talmud/Kabbala mask of humanist scientism really the religion of Satanism masked as "science"? Three facts stand out: 1) This religion is anti Bible Genesis Creationism; 2) It is anti- Christ, and; 3) It is anti-New Testament of the Bible. Do these make it Satanic? Well, if the whole Bible is the inspired word of the Sovereign Creator God of the universe as it claims (II Tim. 3:16,17), as billions have believed, and as mountainous evidence points to, then Talmud/ Kabbala-dependent Phariseeism/Judaism is indeed demonstrably the religion of Satanism."



Occult Religion & Spurious Science Declare:

Six Days And 15 Billion Years

Are The Same Time Frame

As should have become clear in Parts I through V, the divide between the God of Biblical Christianity and the G-d of Talmudic/Kabbalic Judaism is fundamentally unbridgeable.

Oh, to be sure, the clever doctrinal twisting about "end time" matters has succeeded in turning a good percentage of Christian Fundamentalist Evangelicals into synthetic Zionist Pharisees (HERE). But that is a bridge that was engineered to self-destruct when no longer needed, so its success is only a temporary phenomenon.

Then, of course, there is the Vatican-led ecumenical siren call that has now abandoned all pretense of being Scripturally motivated. Rather, it smilingly proffers its "let’s all get under one umbrella" message to Protestants ("separated brethren"), Moslems, Judahites, Hindus, Druids, whatever.... But again, this is an illusory bridge building operation designed to unite disparate groups in something "religious"...with minimal regard for what the Bible says. This cosy "unity" concept will keep folk’s minds off of challenging the evolutionary nonsense with which Rome and practically everybody else has compromised. This will prevent anybody from discovering the demonstrable root cause of the hostile takeover of Christianity by the g-d of the Talmud/Kabbala operating through a False Science Establishment.

The agenda of this new breed of cautiously overt Talmud/ Kabbala-based Theoretical Scientists is to finalize a deal with Bible Christians which is designed to bridge the unbridgeable gap that prohibits a rapprochement--much less marriage-- between the two. As with the hijacking and Kabbalaising of much of Fundamentalist Christendom by joining it at the theological hip with Zionist/Kabbalist Dispensationalist Millennialism (HERE), this other attempt to appease Bible Creationists--by claiming to accept as Biblical both a six day Creation and one that has simultaneously taken over 15 billion years--is the slickest bridge-building hornswoggle of all...and one that will be recognized for what it is as we proceed....

Parenthetically though, before that, I would like to link to two bridge building concepts that can go very far toward not only crippling this agenda, but actually reversing the flow of traffic. That is to say: Instead of Christians and Jews both being led lemming-like into the Talmudist/Kabbalist Trap, these proposed concepts open a sturdy bridge of understanding for traffic from Kabbalism/Talmudism back through Biblically Orthodox Judaism and ultimately into the Christian Camp where they are welcome (Rom. 11:28-32). Indeed, since two of the biggest and most immovable stumbling blocks between Judaism and Christianity are the same stumbling blocks that exist between Islam and Christianity, these proposed doctrinal clarifications simultaneously open a bridge to every Moslem with a heart and a desire to serve God in Truth. I’m talking about doctrinal clarification on the concepts of the Trinity--i.e., the three in one Godhead concept in Christianity: HERE & HERE--and the Salvation through Jesus Only concept HERE. Incredibly, but truly, there is a simple and fully Scriptural understanding of these concepts that can make them attractive to both their supporters and their detractors. But for now:

It’s Time To Put The Spotlight On The Ultimate

Snake In The Grass Theology; The One That

Declares That The Biblical Creation Week Can

Simultaneously Be Six Literal Days & 15 Billion Years

A more accurate title for physicist G. L. Schroeder’s recent book The Science of God would be The Science of Kabbala. From start to finish, the "science" that is counted as factual is derived root and branch from the Kabbala.

That "science" constitutes the backbone of modern cosmological explanations for the Origin of the Universe and all that is in it, including the earth, all plant and animal life, and mankind. Relativity, the Big Bang, an Expanding Universe, all become scientific facts in the early pages, and are treated as such from then on. As the author points out repeatedly, all three of these essential components of modern man’s "factual" basis for the Origin of all that exists are found in the Kabbala.

By all indications, a nice and very bright man, Dr. Schroeder sets about to demonstrate that the Six Day Creation in Genesis, Chapter I of the Bible can also be the 15+ billion year Big Bang "Origins Scenario" found in textbooks worldwide. The conclusion of that effort--called "science" instead of "religion" mind you (even though it admittedly comes straight out of the Kabbala)--has been summarized HERE & HERE. It declares with a physicist’s straight face that the first morning and evening day of Genesis I equals 8 billion years and goes on from there to get everything evolved--including thee and me and Dr. S.--in 15.75 billion years.

Having seen--almost exclusively from friendly Jewish sources--a pretty thorough description of Kabbalism in Parts I through V, we needn’t elaborate much more on that. The focus in Part VI is, rather, to highlight the kinds of things one must accept as believers and supporters of the Kabbala-inspired Big Bang Cosmology.

One must first understand and accept that this Cosmology is the cornerstone of a "creation scenario" about the Origin of all that exists. One must then understand that this Cosmology is also the capstone of several centuries of unrelenting effort to replace the literal Biblical "Origins Scenario" with the Kabbalic "Origins Scenario". And, upon the success of that replacement by a Theoretical Science Establishment, the whole fabric of modern man’s concept of "knowledge" has been erected (HERE).

This is a pretty good trick, considering that it is basically the fulfillment of century’s old commentaries of a few Talmudist/Kabbalist Pharisee Rabbis!!

Anyway, what are the components of this foundational Origins "knowledge" that are evident throughout Dr. S’s book, components that lead him to the essentially dogmatic conclusion that the Biblical 24 hour creation days can also be 15+ billions of years IF one goes to the higher level of interpretation reached by a few Kabbala sages? Let’s see some of what goes with this package of beliefs:

1) We must believe in evolutionism as a fact of "science". Any of these pages in Dr. S’s book will confirm that assertion: 11, 18, 27-29, 32, 36,37, 51, 79, 92, 116, 129, 177, 184....

2) Yet, I don’t think one can find anywhere a more devastating demolition of the whole Darwinian, neo-Darwinian evolutionary paradigm than what Dr. S presents on these pages: 8-10, 16, 83-85, 87,88, 92,94, 95,102,112,120,124,187,188.... (I mean, his destruction of Darwinism as an explanation for the Origin of life on Earth is brilliant! It reminds me of the same kind of expert demolition done by Astrophysicist Evolutionist Dr. Wickramasinghe’s testimony before the Arkansas Supreme Court in 1981 where he did the same thing: HERE, pp.2-4).

3) So, what we’ve got now is this: a) We must believe in evolution, BUT: b) We are not to believe that the Darwinian concept can explain how life got started on earth (lightening striking the mud or some such), therefore: c) We are to believe in another mechanism that allegedly got evolution going not only on Earth, but all over the Universe. The Bottom line on this method--this mechanism--is that it promotes extraterrestrial evolutionism so much better than the old Darwin stuff did. What then is this wondrous mechanism? Why shoot, Partner; it’s simple: We believe that there’s bacteria everywhere "out there". It gets in Comets (huh?), is nurtured there, and then drops out all over the universe as they make their rounds. In nice environments like the Earth, for example, those little dudes can evolve into people in 3800 million years...give or take a few weeks. Dr. S doesn’t ride this goofy replacement-for-Darwinism too hard, but it’s all he--or any evolutionist!--has to keep their show on the road, i.e., the show that fits with the Big Bang paradigm and the extraterrestrial boogy-man stuff. (pp. 27,86,89,184. See also: "Panspermia" HERE.)

4) Once that science-fiction has sunk in and we’re all conditioned real good by Hollywood, TV, videos, etc., it’s just a baby step to accepting the Bible crunching belief that fossil finds from trilobites to dinosaurs to Neanderthal Man establish billions of years of evolution on earth...even if Comet-Poop did have to kick start it.

But that’s only the little picture that Kabbalist Dr. S. presents. The bigger picture can be seen in what you will find on these pages: 117,125-127, 140,141,143,146,163. That picture tells us that the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon fossils (allegedly after 3,800,000,000 years of evolution...A bald-faced lie: HERE, pp.18,19) are from Golems, i.e, pre-Adamic evolved humanoids (of the genus frankensteinicus). Having seen a couple of examples from the Talmud (HERE, p. 5 , and others HERE, p. 4) which speak of non-Jews as stupid sub-human animals, the Kabbala doctrine of sub-human golems before Adam fits the evolutionary mythology very neatly, gradually working its way up to the Adamic race "the chosen people"(?) in 15.75 billion years. (Play this on out. You may get another slant on the real origin of evolution mythology!)

5) "The laws of nature allow the creation of the universe without the need for a creator," Dr. S. assures us (p.23). A 747, a door bell, a mud pie...all require a creator, as even a Ph.D. knows with certainty when the subject is given two minutes thought. The Bible says there is no excuse for denying a creator of all that is (Rom. 1:18-24). "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and to four-footed beasts, and creeping things...." But Dr. S. thinks maybe "quantum mechanics" allows a creator to be expelled from the process. This is very curious. Since Einstein is canonized throughout by Dr. S., he must know that Big Al himself said: "It is not for me to lecture about quantum theory; however hard I tried, I never fully understood it." (The Earth is Not Moving, p.117). But, of course, Big Al was an avid Zionist, and like Maimonides and other Kabbalists "...did not believe in a life after death" (ibid, p. 127)--which wouldn’t be the main reason he was lionized in such an extraordinary way...and ultimately selected to be the most important man of the 20th century, would it? Nah; surely not....

So, what kind of g-d is it that the Kabbalist Creation Scenario now in control of Origins "Science "has bequeathed to all of us as a replacement for the God of the Biblical Creation Scenario?

We’ve seen that Judaism--with very few exceptions--is a composite of beliefs from a host of divergent sects (HERE). Of the ones who would profess to believe in God at all, there is virtual agreement that--with Maimonides, Einstein, etc.--there is no afterlife offered by this g-d for either good or evil people. Hassidic and some other Kabbalists believe in reincarnation, as we’ve seen, but that’s about the extent of it. Also, the idea that there is a personal God who is available and eager to interact with anyone who seeks Him is an idea totally foreign to Judaism according to most of their top spokesmen.

Such concepts about g-d are, of course, diametrically opposed to those of the Bible, the New Covenant particularly. As such, those concepts are intrinsically irreconcilable, no matter who says otherwise. Dr. S. et al promote the idea that their Kabbalist Cosmology and Biblical Cosmology are not mutually exclusive, but they know better. Biblical Cosmology declares: a) No evolution of the heavens nor earth nor life. God spoke it all into full-blown existence in six days with no "time- dilation" magic needed. b) There was no death before Adam and thus no pre-Adamic humanoids; c) There was a global, not a local, Noahic Flood (which accounts for all fossils, etc.); d) That there is A Sovereign God with a Written Plan offering an eternal paradise on a New Earth for those who seek Him and His Plan.

Kabbalic Cosmology flatly contradicts all of this, having erected one factless assumption upon another beginning with the mythematical Copernican Model (See Part VII: HERE).

Since it is understood amongst the Rabbis and Rebbes that the Talmud and Kabbala/Zohar are always counted superior to the Bible, it can never be anything but the most transparent chicanery for Judaizers to pretend to respect the Bible and cooperate with those to whom the Bible is inerrant as it stands. Forcing the acceptance of Kabbalic Cosmology...Kabbalic pre-Adamic evolved humanoids...a local Flood...an impersonal clockwinder g-d...no heaven...the rejection of the New Covenant and the grossest calumniation of Jesus, etc., all speak of capitulation and unconditional surrender to Pharisaic Judaism, not simply a minor concession to a "scientific" necessity offered as a gesture of good will and peaceful compromise by a Kabbalist physicist! No Christian with a half-pint of the Holy Spirit in him /her will take a bite of that apple! Indeed, no Christian or Old Linw Orthodox Jew should forget this: Kabbalistic Cosmology--with its culmination in Big Bang Mythology--has several goals, the two most prominent being: a) The destruction of Biblical Christianity and: b) The destruction of the Old Line Orthodox Judaism which venerated Moses’ inspired account of the six day creation and the rest of the Pentateuch.

Just stepping back and considering the incredible and fantastic devices that have gone into destroying the Biblical God of Love illustrated through the Ministry of Jesus, one must ask "Why"? Why is the Talmudic/Kabbalic g-d who offers nothing in the present life nor any hope for eternal life a better deal for Jews or anybody else?? ...But it’s more realistic and reasonable, someone says. Bull. A g-d who is counted able to create everything even over 15 billion years and cares nothing for his creation... mankind in particular is, realistically and reasonably speaking, worthy of no honor or worship or even acknowledgment. Except for one thing, such a g-d is of no realistic or reasonable use or benefit to mankind whatsoever! That one thing is a license to live without moral restraint, to be one’s own judge and god. This was not the God of the Hebrew Fathers and it is not the God of Christians.

Yet, therein, lies the real goal and agenda of Talmudism/Kabbalism, viz., to rid the mind of man of any thought that the Loving God of the Bible Who offers an eternal heaven on a New Earth is truly a reasonable expectation for rational mankind.

You don’t want your life to be regulated by that old Biblical God, the Talmud/Kabbala g-d says. He’s so intolerant! You want to be a homosexual? He says that’s wrong and you can change...and He will help you change if you want to be in His Eternal Kingdom. But our Talmud/Kabbala g-d is not like that! He encourages homosexuality and any other sex you can imagine, because he’s tolerant. If you want to steal stuff or screw people over in and out of court, it’s all right; just don’t do it to Jews, ok? Many of them believe in this tolerant g-d and want to rid the world of that intolerant One, especially that Jesus impostor. May he "boil in excrement in hell forever for mocking the Rabbis"(as the tolerant g-d of the Talmud teaches: Gittin 56b).

What then? Is this Talmud/Kabbala "do what you want" g-d--who is the exact antithesis of everything Jesus said and stood for--to be declared the victor in this ancient warfare between the Biblical God and the Talmud/Kabbala g-d of the Pharisees, both then and now? It looks that way, doesn’t it? Consider these facts:

Historians were already calling the last decade or so of the 20th century the Post-Christian Era.
Humanistic anti-Christ Talmud/Kabbalism (i.e., Phariseeism/Judaism) controls the Physical Sciences, the Natural Sciences, the Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Arts, and even most of the evangelical wing of Biblical Christianity. (HERE - HERE)
That means what even a modest research effort will confirm, namely, that academia and all major media outlets, print and otherwise, are avid proselytizers of anti-Christ Phariseeism...most without the foggiest idea of what they are doing.
That since the Rothschilds in the 17th century started loaning money to Governments, control of global economic power has come to rest in an inordinate measure in the hands of an elite within the tiny Jewish population.
Likewise--since the excesses of the French Revolution--the march toward Global political control has manifested itself in socialism, communism, and the more warm and fuzzy "humanism". All of these politico-economic philosophies are atheistic or agnostic at bottom. Thus they are totally dependent upon the Bible-bashing success of Kabbalistic "science" which led Nietzsche to opine as early as the mid 1880’s: "God is dead. We have killed him with our science."
In lockstep with the Global Control aspirations of the Secret Societies of Kabbalism and Talmudism are numerous other Secret Societies. Some examples are: Freemasonry, the Vatican II Cabal, Rosicrucianism, the Templars, the Club of Rome, Scientology, the Bohemian Club. the Tavistok Institute, a host of UN surrogates, the Bilderburgers, the Cheeseburgers, etc., etc. ALL secret societies are conspiratorial. Else, why secret?? By contrast, Jesus stressed: " I have done nothing in secret..." (John: 18-20). There is not a one of these secret societies that isn’t dependent on Kabbalistic Cosmology to silence the Biblical God and pave the way for the One World Government now barking at the door.... Not one. You know the Government in question. It’s that Global Government prophesied in the Bible over 1900 years ago, the one which has its humanist mask ripped off, the one which then drops all pretense and leads its followers in overt Satan worship and blasphemy of the Bible God of Love and Truth they so hate.
So, is the religion behind that Talmud/Kabbala mask of humanist scientism really the religion of Satanism masked as "science"? Three facts stand out: 1) This religion is anti Bible Genesis Creationism; 2) It is anti- Christ, and; 3) It is anti-New Testament of the Bible. Do these make it Satanic? Well, if the whole Bible is the inspired word of the Sovereign Creator God of the universe as it claims (II Tim. 3:16,17), as billions have believed, and as mountainous evidence points to, then Talmud/ Kabbala-dependent Phariseeism/Judaism is indeed demonstrably the religion of Satanism.

The explanation is simple: As seen in Part III, p.3 the dominant Judaic concept of a "Messianic Age" is merely a time when the Jews rule the world from Jerusalem. Talmudic/Kabbalic Pharisees have been trying to bring such a rule to pass since the Babylonian Captivity. It is a wonderful thing in their view, and nearly consummated.

At the same time, the Bible also speaks plainly of such a world rule. But the Bible declares that it is Satan controlled (Rev. 13:4), that it is revealed to be so (Rev. 18:4), and that this revelation forces it to drop its mask (Rev. 18:2) and openly embrace the worship of Satan (Rev. 13:4) under the temporary leadership of the world’s most prominent religious leader (II Thess: 2:3,4) called "The Man of Sin", The Son of Perdition", and "The Beast" (Rev. 13:3b, 4, 5; 17:13). Full cooperation is rendered to the "Beast" by like-minded leaders of secret organizations such as those listed above who all have the same "New World Order" agenda (Rev. 17:12-14) . That agenda involves first and foremost ridding the world of Bible-based Christianity. Is that Satan’s agenda??

Anyway, either way you go, Rabbinic or Biblical, a World Rule is in the short range forecast. It comes to power looking good, with all sorts of utopian propaganda, and with the vigorous support of duped Christian Zionists (HERE HERE)... plus a host of equally duped liberal secularists soaked to the last brain cell in evolutionary mythology. I’ve been there an done that and know whereof I speak! That evolutionary underpinning is at once the reason for the approaching triumph of this Satan-led New World Order and the reason for its sudden, total, and irreversible unmasking. The warning being sounded here is not being given so that people --Jew and Gentile alike--can shape up and stop all this from happening. Oh no! We can all forget that! It is going to happen and nothing is going to stop it!

What I am trying to do is isolate Biblically defined and fact-denying lies that uphold Satan’s Kingdom of Babylon in the world and in the churches. The Biblical God has written that He will call His People from everywhere and every belief out of the maze of Babylonish confusion that grips the world (Rev. 18:4). He has written that this Judgment on Satan’s lies that blanket man’s knowledge today will begin in the Christian Churches (HERE). He has written that the Truth about the Origins of all that exists is the wrecking ball that brings Babylon down (Rev. 14:6-8; Rom. 1:20-25). As an explanation for how life started on Earth, Darwinism is dead, as even the most devout evolutionists--Drs. Schroeder, Wickramasinghe, Hoyle, etc. all--certify. As the "scientific" explanation for the Origin of life on Earth, Darwinism is passé. Forget it. Extra-terrestrial evolutionism is the name of the Origins game now (HERE), and that game is 100% reliant upon acceptance of Kabbalic Big Bang Cosmology which, in turn, is 100% reliant upon the continued acceptance of the rotating, Sun-orbiting heliocentricity model of the Earth!

Kabbalic Big Bang Evolutionary Cosmology kills Bible Credibility about the Origins of the Universe, Earth, and Man, no matter how much Dr. S. et al would have you believe otherwise. His Talmud/Kabbala g-d is the g-d that he and his system advocate, and that g-d and that system are on afterburners to destroy Bible Christianity based on the New Testament of Jesus Christ. Coming as "an angel of light" whispering sweet nothings about all a Global Utopia can achieve, the real agenda of destroying Bible Christianity is not publicized, of course.

There are notes enough beside me relating to Dr. Schroeder’s book to go into specifics for fifty pages without slowing down. But, I demure. Besides, I kinda like the guy. The God of the Bible has a plan for grafting honest-hearted Jews back into the olive tree right at the end of the 6th Trumpet time frame in the book of The Revelation (Rev. 11:13). I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in that crowd. I hope so. Why follow Rambam and Raban and a couple of other Kabbala Thumpers who think they have outsmarted God anyway? Their g-d offers only oblivion. Their goal is to instill disdain and hatred for that other Rabbi, Jesus, who revealed a God of Love and salvation to eternal life.

What kind of goal is that? Godly or Satanic?

Meanwhile, as decision time on all this approaches at warp speed, get ready for the supernatural exposure of today’s Kabbalic Origins Scenario and the whole Cosmology built upon it (Rev. 14:6,7;17:14). "Known unto God are all His works from the beginning of the world" (Acts:15:18; Eph. 1:4; Matt. 25:34; Rev. 13:8...). The universal rise and fall of the deception of mystical, mythical Kabbalic Kosmology is one of those works that will serve as an eternal lesson on the Bible-promised eternal New Earth (Isaiah 14:15-17: 66:22-24;Ezek. 28:17; Rev. 22:15).

So next, in Part VII, the final essay in the Kabbala Series, it will be time to demonstrate that this false Cosmology was made possible by the success of the Copernican lie (which was secretly advocated in the Kabbala some 300 years before Copernicus gave it mathematical respectability...but no proof...). AND, beyond that, it will be time to underscore the Seven Assumptions that make up the Copernican Heliocentricity Model (HERE), and then to contrast that contra-scientific methodology with the Biblical Model of a moving Sun and a non-moving Earth which requires no assumptions.

With the utter spuriousness of the Helio Model’s claims of being scientific unmasked in Part VII, and the even more egregiously spurious claims of the Big Bang Paradigm admitted to be absolutely dependent on preserving that vulnerable Helio Model intact, it will be time to demonstrate that the universe is no more than one light day thick--if that much!--and just two days older than Mr. and Mrs. Adam. That demonstration is progressing well and should be ready for the June Bulletin. But for now, check out "Kabbala VII" (HERE) and:

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World Church of Noahism

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Click on this link to have your eyes opened to the truth that
Judaism really is.

Christs age Phariseeism = Modern Judaism = Communism

One World Religion

the Satanic

"World Church of Noahism"

Part 5

of the One world Order, Olam Ha Ba of the One World Despot

of the "Chosen" Master Race, who say in "Their Laws" they are gods. Who crucified the SON OF GOD.

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some more great links on this subject

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